Tiny Baby Otter Ventures Outside Its Nest: ZooBorns

COMM: Earlier this year, Taronga Zoo, welcomed a new Oriental small-clawed otter pup. COMM: This little otter was one of three who had been born through emergency caesarean
to mother Pia after she was unable to give birth naturally. COMM: Tragically, the other two pups didn’t make it, but this little one held on. COMM: And after ten weeks in the nest box, the youngster made its first exploration into its outdoors enclosure, closely guarded by its mother. COMM: They have named this new otter Intan, which means ‘diamond’ in Indonesian. COMM: This type of otter is the smallest in the world and due to pollution and habitat
loss, it has been listed as vulnerable on the Endangered Species List. COMM: Intan is the first of his breed to be born at the zoo for over 15 years, so the
zookeepers are delighted at this adorable pup’s progress.

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