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I don’t usually make a habit of going to subreddits that make me- A B S O L U T E L Y L I V I D …But… I just so happened to come across a subreddit that really… …”Tickled my Fancy(TM)”… Really caused me to “OoH’ just jovial with joy, You know one that just like makes you like gets you right on the butt cheeks and makes you just feel like… “oOH!1” “I Hate That!(TM)” …and that’s when I came across this subreddit, Now before I get into the subreddit itself, I need to preface this… I’m a big proponent of, “To Each Their Own” like if you like something that’s fine. If you don’t like something that’s also fine. If it goes to an extreme, though… That’s when I start to have a problem with it. So keep that in mind as we go through the subreddit appropriately called… ‘Dog Free’ Now ‘Dog Free’ sounds like a wonderful park where dogs can run and roam and jump and play all day In the flowers and the grass pooping, peeing all over each other, just having a great time getting disgusting in the mud. Oh, what a joyous day it is for those free dogs! N O UH UH nUH uH nOoOuh “NuNUnUnUouuH(TM)” Dog free is a subreddit about people who hate dogs… In summary- *Reads the summary* With that being said I’m not gonna join the conversation but I am gonna try to have a fair impartial thing and I’m gonna try to look at what you got for the memes …that you have and not necessarily to criticize you harshly, and I don’t want anybody- …attacking anybody on this because like I said before, “To Each Their Own” I’m only gonna be critical of things that cross the line! and just because this video may or may not be called, ‘The World’s Worst Subreddit”… Does NOT mean I’m making any pretensive of judgment here. I’m just a rabid clickbaiter! I always clickbait all the time I gotta get the views-(serious mode activate) I gotta get the views somehow so I’m gonna do whatever it takes to get the views(serious mode de-activate) alright without further- “aDeauUaHh(TM)” I’m gonna try to look at some of their posts I’m right now at their top all-time posts, which only dates back to about eight months ago So this is a relatively new subreddit. Alright, “Woke up to this in my Facebook newsfeed I was surprised by the sanity.” “Dogs are not better than people, you are just extremely antisocial and lack the empathy it takes to love something that isn’t bred specifically to please you.” c l a p Alright you started off so great. You started off so good *mark giggle* You started off so good with dogs are not better than people, which I’m fine with That’s a fair statement. That is totally fair. ‘You’re just extremely antisocial and lack the empathy it takes to love something that isn’t bred specifically to please you.’ Now that’s – see that’s the line here, that’s jumping the line. You’re lumping all of dog ownership into this one weird group where somehow we’re all anti-social basement dwellers. It’s that weird logic where anybody that disagrees with you must be subhuman Here we’ve got the glorious race of the dog haters. Up here, we don’t like dog! And then the dog lovers down here just in a cesspool of dog shit and dog fur. Being slobbered on, forced to feed these animals for the rest of eternity so That’s where I have a little bit of a problem. ‘Heroic pit bull swims five miles out to sea to bite a child.’ Posted by Uneeda_Biscuit. ‘fuck dogs’ Didn’t know I didn’t know you’re so open about your your pastimes there I I glanced over it and I kind of got the impression that this subreddit doesn’t like pit bulls very much Which is very very uncool because pit bulls are so fucking sweet “Why is this so true?” ‘hard to swallow pills: Owning a pet does not make you a mother raising children does today is not your holiday dog moms.” That’s fine. I get that That’s fine Totally legitimate having a dog doesn’t make you a parent. Me having Chica doesn’t make me a parent in any way shape or form. I know that! I still love that dog and I care for that dog, but it is not the same as raising a human Fair point. Not a hard pill to swallow; I get that entirely I think that this subreddit really targets a very specific demographic of ‘dog mom’ Like those that- like my mom! My mom is a hundred percent a dog mom. My mom loves her dogs. She has four of them. Lucy is her princess Lucy is a fucking huge great pyrenees That’s an awesome dog. A little tuggy on the leash, but she does her best. Uh-huh. She does her best She’s a good dog. Actually- actually I’m pretty sure- I’m pretty sure this subreddit would hate my mom. And I’m opening up a whole can of worms there by Animalisticly gathering all of you guys cuz I’m declaring “THIS SUBREDDIT HATES MY MOM!! AND I WILL NOT STAND FOR THAT! THEY ATTACK MY DOG, THEY ATTACK MY MOM, I WILL NOT HAVE THIS!” Again, this is not about attacking anyone here I don’t want to be- I don’t want to be attacking anybody just because they believe something differently That is not what we’re here for. “True enough” Matt Walsh: “I don’t understand people who say we don’t deserve dogs We wait on their hands and foot we feed them walk them clean up their poop if any side is failing to carry their weight In the relationship, it isn’t the human side.” That is a FUCKING lie the one thing that makes feeding them, waiting on them, walking them, cleaning up their poop, all- so worth it- and you’re acting like that’s just like 90% of the day It makes me what, like 15 minutes to walk my dog, which is a pleasant walk for me It takes me another minute to pick up their poop another two minutes to scoop their food and water. That’s all it takes That’s what, a few minutes out of my day? I walk her few times a day. One in the morning, one in the evening. Two walks a day thirty minutes and some time to feed. But all that aside, all the waiting on dog’s hand and foot… The one benefit.. of what causes it to be not a one-sided relationship is the amount of love That that dog gives to me and you can debate for years about “oh, is it really love?” I don’t care I get the privilege of being around Chica every day of my life I get the privilege and the honor of being around Henry every day of my life I get the privilege of having that companion by my side so loyal Unshakable faith in me as a person that is inspiring every single day. You cannot pay for that You cannot give time for that you cannot get that anywhere else But with a pet that loves you that much and just for me that is a dog That’s my dog. That’s Chica Pica That’s 100% Chica Pica I’ll clean her poop. I’ll clean up her poop with my bare hands I don’t give a fuck so long as I get one more day with that dog. I would trade anything You used to Maul me on my *Wheeze* *Gigglyplier* *dying of laughter* That’s really funny but horrible It seems like a lot of their grievances come from poorly trained dogs and bad dogs in general because just like there are shitty humans., there are shitty dogs That is a fact there’s no denying that there are some shitty shitty dogs that are either poorly trained or their behavior is just completely wrong. And that’s no good at all And totally understandable. That does NOT mean that that is the norm. It- there seems to be a lot of misconception on this subreddit that this is somehow the norm of what dog behavior is. Dog behavior is not like this across the board There are the majority of people with dogs that are good dog owners. There are some shitty dog owners, too Just like there are shitty parents, there are shitty dog owners. And when I say shitty, I mean there are some SHITTY dog owners I’ve encountered them myself. I think that they’re bad to owning dogs- they’re- I think they give a bad reputation to owning dogs in general, but that doesn’t mean that across the board you can just make blanket sweep statements because there are some pit bulls out there- or “American Staffordshire” Which their actual name is. And some of those dogs are the sweetest dogs I’ve ever known in my entire life So back the fuck off “Tumblr poses a good question” “why are dog lovers so hateful like you meet a cat lover and they’re like Oh, I love dogs a lot too! I just prefer cats! But dog lovers are always like my entire family was murdered by a cat a cat stole my girlfriend Burned my house down took my job and keyed up my car” That last one isn’t as bad as the other ones there That’s-it’s like keying a car is not that bad comparatively. I mean, it’s bad, but not that *mumbles* bad comparatively… I have got no problem with cats. I don’t- I don’t think that many dog owners have that problem with cats. I think it’s just like a playful banter between cat owners and dog owners Like this isn’t really something that you can use fuel for it because then you open up the can of orbs with cats Do you hate cats? Does this subreddit hate cats? Is there a cat’s free? Oh god. Is there a cat free? Oh! No, you know that’s weird. There isn’t a subreddit called cat free. Hmm Ah. That’s odd! “Anyone else sick of having half of the front page of Reddit pictures of dogs, like come on I get it if there’s one or two pictures a day, but every day it’s a guarantee There will be at least 10 post making to the front page about dogs I want to get informed and find interesting threads not be reminded of how perfect your doggo is.” Let’s go to the front page of Reddit. Shout when you see a dog! *Intermission music* Cat! *sped up indistinguishable talking* Oh! There we go! Dog. Rufus is a good boy- *Laughter* So the first one was- was a, was a video game dog of Rufus who very obviously is a good boy That is a good boy. Rufus is indeed a good boy. And that was all the way up here now I’m not saying this is all the time because I’ve gone to the front page of Reddit and I’ve seen dogs before but you know What happens when I do? I smile because it’s a cute dog!! I wouldn’t be surprised if someone posted a cute baby and it got up to the top, but it just so happens There’s a lot of people that like dogs! They like seeing dogs. When I see my dog’s face, that adds years to my life! Scientifically proven! That adds years to my life! I’m gonna live longer because I got that dog!! Anyway, there’s some ugly dogs out there. But even the ugly ones are cute. Even the ugly ones are cute. “Thank you Wegmans” No animals allowed except service animals. Means certified dogs or miniature horses only.” I want to know what-what-what’s allowing miniature horses in grocery stores, because that’s amazing. But also this is not NEW. this is fine. I have no problem with this no animals, except service animals And I have a BIG problem with people buying “service animal harnesses” for their dog when they are very clearly not a service animal. That’s not okay, very not okay. Service animals are a special breed of dogs and/or other animals that give great care and Provide a service to help their owner. That is very important and they must be with them all the time and they are Incredibly well trained to be specifically for those tasks of which they are required. This I have no problem with. I don’t want dogs crawling around the grocery store either if they don’t need to be there because Yeah, their paws are a little dirty. Yeah, I don’t want them getting all over the food. That’s no good! I don’t want them breathing on the food. I don’t want them licking the food. That’s no good at all! I’m okay with this! This is fine. Doesn’t mean I hate dogs! “when you upvote every non-dog on r/aw and downvote every dog” “I’m doing my part.” This isn’t even the gif of this I can barely read that. I’ve got this zoomed in and that’s still blurry! *trying to read* “ap during Murr Purrt!”, okay- I’m just judging you on the fact that you can’t get a good image for this So I guess I’ve got no argument here. “Now this is disgusting.” “Two dead horses You have killed two horses here by throwing your dog poo bags over the hedge into this field the first horse died of a couple Months back and the autopsy showed her full of poop bags The second died last week and the vet said it was probably the same thing horses are attracted to the smell of the cereal content of dog poo now a foal has been left without his mother because you couldn’t be bothered to take the poo bag home or put It in the bin.” Now this is bad. This is bad. I am against bad dog owners I don’t get how hard it is to pick up after your dog I carry dog poop bags wherever I go. My dog poops, I pick it up. It’s that easy! If you don’t like it, don’t have a dog!! That’s just the same, see there is common ground here There is common ground here I don’t think that everybody should have a dog because I don’t think that Everybody should be responsible enough for the ownership of a dog. That’s fine. However herherherherher The very next post- “pitbulls for the win” “when you hear a strange sound or someone moves too quickly, so you rip out the throat of a small child” *laughs* I’m sorry, I shouldn’t be laughing at that It’s just because of the sunglasses. The cool guy face! So this is not- this is not helpful this is not helpful, not helpful at all. “Dogs: Is this offspring? Married Millennials.” “The answer is no” fair enough “Want to start yoga? start by bending over and picking up your dog shit known as the downward dog position then put it in A bin” Very good. I like it. Ha ha *Applause* Excellent, I love it. “Basically this entire sub in a nutshell” “I don’t really like dogs to be honest, and that’s an unpopular ass opinion If ever there was one. Like I love animals, but dogs kind of suck. They’re overrated as hell” CHOKE, DIE-” *Laughing* You gotta-you gotta understand it’s not cool but that’s funny that is really funny *Giggle* It’s not cool just to spray hate on someone for not liking something. And that’s what I want to make sure is very clear about This subreddit, it’s fine to not like dogs. I don’t care if you don’t like dogs, that’s fine Not everyone is a dog person. How in is the ever! (meaning however) You-you gotta know what you’re getting yourself into There are some people whose only source of joy in life Much like the first post at the very top “some people whose only joy in life Comes from the dogs that they have” that is their ONLY source of joy That is the one true source of companionship that they have. I’m not saying that’s a healthy thing I’m not saying that’s healthy at all But understand if you attack the ONE THING that that person LOVES more than ANYTHING ELSE in the WORLD They are going to attack YOU You think that pitbulls going after kids? You should see a dog mom COME AFTER YOU! That’s unhealthy But it’s just like-everything in moderation I hate to compare this to heroin or something, you know something that you should have in moderation, you know Just a little bit of heroin to even out the day. I hate to compare this to something like sugar It’s- that’s better sugar. Not heroin, sugar or cocaine or mAriJUaNa Like but everything in moderation like you gotta be- you gotta have things responsibly You gotta have a dog responsibility. You got to take care of a dog. You gotta- you gotta work through the dogs problems You gotta train the dog. You got to spend time training the dog You gotta spend time with the dog to know what the dogs going to do You have to understand the dog to know its behaviors in different situations You have to introduce it to new things and see how that dog is going to train or respond to it And then train it accordingly of what it needs to do. A dog is a blank slate much like a child You wouldn’t just let a child roam free without any Education or training in any way shape or form that child is going to turn out to be a shit child, which we know occurs Gratuitously in society today and that’s just comes down to parenting and ownership. Not- Parenting for the kids ownership for the dogs not ownership for the kids and parenting for the dog Very clear very distinct lines going on here. I also accidentally took the best photo of my puppy heh Yeah The “He Won’t Bite Starter Pack!?” He just wants to play Trust me i’m a good owner Just let him smell you dude *Gigglyplier 2: The Giggling* God that’s hilarious. Okay, this- this picture right here. This is my mom But imagine my mom as being slightly shorter than this man here and this dog being twice the size And that’s because the only way to walk Lucy is with both hands and both feet firmly planted. Even me, Lucy- It’s just like this. BUT, knowing Lucy, cuz we know Lucy and we worked on Lucy. I have not worked on Lucy’s behavior I wish I could but because my mom has worked on Lucy behavior, my mom knows *Slap* “Ya better stay away from this dog!” Not that she’s dangerous in any way, but this dog is powerful This dog is excitable This is not the type of dog that you would just come up Casually and say hi to and this is not the dog that you take your eyes off for a single second my mom knows this My mom is a responsible dog owner for that dog Because that dog is a specific type of dog that needs a specific type of care. The other little dogs that she has, little yippy bastards, those- those are fine. This one’s called “What the hell is wrong with some folks??” Oh God AHHHH EUGHHHH AAAAAAAAAA What the fuck? All right. I think we can all agree Okay, if everyone on this subreddit is just trying to single out that specific type of dog owner then I think we’re all on board That’s-that is not right. “Am I right or what?” “hard to swallow pills: Showing me a picture of your shit bull laying around with your baby doesn’t mean it couldn’t snap at any moment and rip that child’s arms and legs off” Why do you think that pit bulls, or American Staffordshire’s, are just these ticking time bombs! Every one of them, a ticking time bomb! Can’t be stopped! Must hold the sanity in check at every moment The dog in its mind is just like “Is that a leg of a baby, or is that a TASTY LEG OF A BABY!? I CANT QUITE TELL” *ravenous eating noises* Alright hold up- back up everybody. Hold on back up, back up, back up, back up, back up here, back up here right now Listen to me. DON’T go to this subreddit- I’m very serious about this- don’t go to the subreddit. Don’t stir up shit. Don’t confront people just because they don’t like dogs. That’s not the point of this video. The point of this video is to say there is a right way to go about not liking dogs. Because there are some people that don’t like dogs and that’s FINE. It’s not a problem that you don’t like dogs. I, a dog owner, don’t have a problem if you don’t like dogs, that’s fine. I don’t like people that are irresponsible dog owners. I don’t like bad dogs. I don’t like people that push their dog in everybody’s faces. Even if I’m one of those people, sometimes. But what I DO want to put across here is there is a WRONG way to dislike dogs. Just spouting hate for the sake of hate, lumping all dogs into a category. Lumping all owners into a category, That’s not an appropriate way to hate. That’s not good dialogue. You’re not practicing what you’re preaching. No one’s gonna come here and debate you anything because you’re obviously not trying to debate anything. You’re trying to entrench your opinion in that ‘all dogs are bad’ Which they aren’t. Dogs are wonderful. When they’re properly trained, when they’re properly cared for, when they’re properly given to the right family, when the right owner comes along for a dog, that relationship is beautiful That relationship is fulfilling, that relationship is awesome, that relationship provides like, things both ways It may not be One-sided, it absolutely may not, I have to provide for this entire creature for the rest of its natural life And I’m fine with that, because the companionship that that dog gives me is Totally worth it for me. That doesn’t mean it’s totally worth it for anybody. But for me, that’s a no-brainer. I would give anything for Chica. I would go to the ends of the earth for that dog Because I make that choice, and if people don’t want to make that choice, that’s fine, too I don’t care doesn’t affect me at all But as soon as you get in my face and tell me that I’m a bad person for owning a dog Then we have a problem. So let’s just leave it at that Sound good, so I’m not gonna link this Subreddit in the description because I am NOT trying to stir shit up here and I again and clickbait title May it be or not. I just wanted to make a video and look at your funny memes because some of them just really, really, really, really….. For some weird reason some of them really do make me laugh and I don’t know what that says about me but this one… These- these- these ones are quite funny. I’m gonna look up some more, do they have any more? It’s time to go Was I a good boy? NO. “You ate a baby and mauled an old woman you going straight down to Hell” “Showing pictures of your ugly shit bull is not going to change anyone’s mind.” Okay those dogs are fucking beautiful Those are amazing. I love every one of those. Those are such good dogs. I love them forever *Mark laughs immensely for a very long amount of time* I just love the guy- The guy in this column, just DOG, it’s just (mark laughs) Oh, God What is that? It’s adorable (mark laughs profusely) I love it! I’m the problem here. I love that dog. That dog (is) so cute. I love that dog, I’m red in the face cuz I love that dog so much. Okay Yeah, need to calm down here. I’ve got too much love in my face for that dog. That dog is horrible But also I love it. “So sweet, so gentle, Reddit meet Cupcake the goodest good boye ever” Oh god, that’s hilarious. Okay, I’m done okay, I’m done I’m done I could browse memes all day But I’m not going to so all I’m saying right now is there’s a right way and there’s a wrong way There’s trying to paint something as something it’s not And then there’s looking at it objectively from a truthful standpoint this with this subreddit doesn’t do it doesn’t look at anything from an objective standpoint it tries to find people that are like-minded and then entrench further by going to extremes of What “The Truth” really is, but at the same time, like I said, it’s okay to not like dogs It’s okay to never have a dog in your entire life It’s okay to want to be as far away from dogs as possible. That’s fine. Just don’t be a dick about it. That’s my general rule about life. Just don’t be a dick. So that’s all for this video Thank you everybody so much for watching. Let me know what you think down in the comments below Maybe you’ve got an opinion about this. Maybe you’ve got a dog that you love. I’ve got a dog that I love So what I’m gonna do after this video is I’m gonna go pet that dog In fact, the end of this video is just going to be a video of me petting my dog because that’s what I like So I’m gonna do that. So thank you everybody so much for watching. And as always I’ll see you in the next video. Bye-Bye! (Mark boops chica’s nose and continually says boop, boop boop boop and so forth. (honestly this goes on for a while)) (Mark back at it again with the chica nose boops) (Even more boops) (Thought it was over, not yet. More boops occur) (Mark boops more until Chica adorably barks twice then Mark says good girl 🙂

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  • Think of it this way. There was once a man called Adolf Hitler. He was a human (debatable). He did unspeakable, horrific stuff. Now, I don't like Adolf Hitler because he was a very bad man. Thus, all humans must be Adolf Hitler and have or will do what he did, including but not limited to mass genocide and sending soldiers to certain death. Because Hitler was a human, all humans must be Hitler.
    What, life doesn't work like that? But these certain guys on Reddit said it does. If a dog is bad, all dogs must be bad. Well, that means because Hitler was a bad human, all humans are bad, including YOU. You can't pick and choose, either all dogs are bad and all humans are Hitler, or only certain dogs are bad and there was only one Hitler. Are you Hitler? Make your move.
    Before you spew hate about this being an inappropriate comparison, it was well documented and is one of the world's most horrific occurrences. It's so bad we made laws about denying the Holocaust. Just like Hitler did so many horrifically gruesome things, some dogs have ripped children to bits.

  • Nah mark youre wrong. Dog lovers the benchmark that ive seen over and over again is talking shit about cats and people who prefer them for sure

  • I have been attack by a pit bull about 7 years ago but and didn’t get stitches but the next couple of years and they got around 50 to 70 stitches but the other dog was so lovable. And now today guess what type of dog I have now. A pit bull. XD

  • 14:54 last night me and my mom argued, but when she kicked my ps4 and would have continued if I didnt put my arm up against her to hold her back to keep her from breaking one of the few things that actually made my happy, that was my breaking point

  • I spend hours every day trying to comprehend why so many people are so crazy for these creatures who stink, bark, lick their balls, drool, sniff other dogs' butts, and eat shit. I am so tired of the phrase "unconditional love" which these doofuses think is what they're getting from creatures who would love a Hitler, a Mussolini, a Donald Trump if the person fed it.

  • I hate certain dumb dogs something about an animal that's so dependent and stupid and sneaky makes me want to hurt and torture it.

  • When he was talking about the one sided thing between human and dogs. his speech he gave brought tears to my eye. Like literally that was beautiful

  • I'd get on that airplane and be cheering into the crash with every last one of those other passengers.

    Also, for the record, all of their serious complaints about dogs are literally all jabs at bad dog owners, not even the dogs themselves. Including the pitbull situation. Bad owners train their pitbulls to be mean, to fight, that's why we HAVE so many bad pitbulls and why they're so stigmatized, but I personally know plenty of pitbulls that are amazing. Hilariously? I've found a Queensland Heeler to be the most vicious dog I've ever own, it's attacked multiple other dogs and multiple people, and the worst part is, THAT situation isn't even bad ownership, it's literally an issue where the dog has actual tempermental and mental health issues – people actually think dogs aren't capable of having mental health problems, but they are and it shows in all dogs, and in some more severely, just like in people – the "fear-biter" complex, for example.

  • I don't really understand why people seem so zealous when it comes to loving dogs; sure they're cute, but why do many value dogs more than humans? I won't ever understand in spite of my psychiatric, psychotherapeutic aspiration. I also don't understand why I love birds. I could stop complaining, but then I wouldn't live up to my name as a waste of space.

  • Yk I absolutely love my dog. Dogs are great and they do great things. However I don't agree with the statement "we don't deserve dogs." For many, that isn't true and I hate seeing people say it, it's so pathetic and annoying

  • Omg like whatever floats your boat but I have a pitbull and she just whines all day because u wont let her lick ur face

  • No we anti dog lovers aren’t psychopaths, no we don’t condone violence against dogs, and half of us haven’t eaten a dog, we just find them overrated pets

  • TV guy here. I don't blame dogs, but the majority of dog owners that I encounter are horrible owners.

    Completely delusional about the capabilities of their pet. Ask them to put up their pet, and they get defensive 4 out of 5 times. You defend yourself when attacked by that same dog, owners behave like it was your fault.

    Every bite I've received, hasn't been from a bad dog. It's been due to stupid owners.

    1.) Leaving child in a car seat alone on a couch by the stairs. When I came down, puppers went into protecc mode. My bite was the result of negligent parents.

    2.) Husband put up dog, I went drilling to run coax. Wife came home and purposely let dog out. Doggo scared at noise and went to attack perceived danger. My bite was the result of owner negligence.

    3.) Not a bite story, but literally every urban home I go to in Montgomery, Alabama:
    Owners raise pitbulls to be guards by chaining them up. Aka the junkyard dog.
    I mean, come on.

    Again, it's not the dog. Its the damn dumbass owner that can't distinguish animal from human or wants to use a pet as a tool.

    And it's not all owners, just a majority that I've encountered.

  • You know a dog hater is special when they lump bull terriers and pit bulls together, especially since bull terriers are nanny dogs but hey ho.

  • 17:54

    The thing is though that subreddit thinks every dog owner is like that and that every dog in existence has killed multiple children.

  • Wow this is old

    Well anyway as a dog lover here’s my opinion.

    Imagine if that person was going through depression and highly loved their dog and praised them very much which gave them happiness they wouldn’t get from anyone else. Dogsfree kinda deserves the shit they get from what they post.

  • i dont like the dog airline because uts a 9/11 joke, and the person who made that SHOULD GO STRAIT TO HELL, my mom had a freind who had a mom who had a son at the age of 18-24 or something, which died in the towers, now is it funny to make a joke of a plane crashing into a tower thats super tall and almost looks like one of the twin towers, tell me what you think

  • I have a bias against dogs (because one killed my cat) but I won't go THIS far to show that. I like dogs, I just like cats better, and I also have a bias toward cats (I've had cats my entire life) but I don't think either are superior. I also don't think either are inferior to me. I personally think cats and dogs are better than humans because cats, dogs, and really any other animal don't destroy the planet we live on. Sure dogs chase and kill squirrels, and so do some cats, but that's because they cannot live without food. That's their survival instinct.
    I also believe that any animal that is kind enough to a human to let us pet it, we don't deserve. That animal is training itself not to murder us, and a long time ago, it would kill us on site. I'm sorry to all those who believe that animals are all inferior to humans, because that just isn't true. When we have a pet, we care for that pet, even if it isn't ours, even if it is just a stray, we care. That animal is trusting us and loving us, and lots of people don't get that. Animals who stay by our side and help us are the animals who love us. You can fight with me until I die, but those animals love us.
    Also , I do NOT think that if you have an animal you are a parent. Parenthood is much more difficult and time-consuming than animal raising. If you raise a dog, that dog can be left alone for hours, even DAYS on end, however, a child cannot be left alone for more than 3 hours, or else it will harm itself. A cat can be left alone for days or even WEEKS on end, and it will be absolutely fine. Sure it'll be a bit hungry, but it will be otherwise perfect.
    I respect you and your opinion, but I just do not have that same opinion and I will be open-minded and take your thoughts, but please don't heckle me for hating all who have a different opinion, because I don't.
    I know I'm going to end up writing an essay, because that's just the type of person I am, but if you took the time to read this and you're going to take anything away, please take this: Humans are no better than any animal, and we can hate them, but that doesn't mean we should shun others for hating them, or go to this length to show our hatred to these animals. We should also not shun others for loving them, because as Mark said, "To each their own." BTW thanks for reading! <3

  • I've been on YouTube long enough that I know I should stay away from the comments on certain videos, yet I can't help myself. When will I learn?

  • This proves the point that people only hate due to stereotypes because they only depict the extremes and negatives of the different party

  • Big regret coming back to this video-
    I had my dog put down back in March and you ranting about Chica made me be all like, AT 3 IN THE MORNING I MIGHT ADD, sad and reminiscent of my doggo because he was a German Shepard-Pit Bull mix. He was so adorable and I really loved him and watching you talk about your dog made me cri.
    it's too late for me to even be commenting, but like damn.
    hitting me in the feels in a bad year.
    I know I'm kind of a dog mom, but like… A dog is a child, in a way. Hitting a dog, will not let it learn faster, like a child (in some ways.) You have to teach it to stay and stuffs. HE WAS MY BBY ;^;

    I regret posting this but like aaaaaa.

    okay, yeah, bedtime for me before I vent out here.

    Not like ur gonna see this because I'm sure you have enough comments without me adding in-

    Enjoy your day/afternoon/night, Mark. <3

    please take that platonically because it's like 3:15 AM here and I have no input from my brain RN.
    okay, final goodbye.

  • Basically, your cat sucks. You are probably not using it for hunting rats or snakes, or as a companion animal to the elderly. It is your living, drinking, breathing, shitting, furniture destroying, uncaring, stinky, dirty teddybear that you insist others must love because "What kind of a person doesn't love cats??"

    Two can play this game, reddit, and drumming up the worst scenarios makes everyone look bad. People who own pets in general take good care of them, keeping them clean and developing coexistance that both actually wants. And if you can't accept that, then don't reply to thos comment. You will not change anyones mind, regardless of what animal they love.

    Also, kudos to the fluffy ducks and sweet snakes.

  • Once, when I was on the bus going home, a old woman sat next to me, and she had a dog of the smaller size, one that fits on your lap. I asked if I could pat the dog, and I could, and the next moment, it leaps into my lap and just lies down, looking happy. That sort of thing I have NEVER gotten from any cat, and to this dog I was a stranger, and I wasn't offering a damn thing other than affection.
    Also, a few times when I have felt sad or scared, and someones dog is around, it decided to just lie next to me, and I mean like, leaning against me, again, for no reasons.
    That's what I like about them, they have the ability to smell emotions, and unlike cats who aren't compelled by their nature to support others, dogs have that same wonderful flock instinct that we humans do but don't have the inhibitions holding them down.

    If you ever wonder why people gladly put in the extra effort to take care of them, that's why. Because they have the same capacity for caring that we do but don't require a lot to share and show it.

  • I'm a reptile keeper… so this argument doesn't really concern me. BUT dogs are alright, I don't hate them nor do I love them. Still love you Mark <3

  • There's absolutely nothing wrong with not liking dogs just like there's nothing wrong with me not liking cats, however I really feel like a good discussion would be good for people in this subreddit in order to get rid of a lot of the misconceptions they have

  • i'd prefer to get a cat- but im allergic- wait, Isnt that what Allergy medication is for ?

    IM BUYING CATS! ( i like cats because 1. they can be low maintenance and 2. Some cats can be adorably cuddly and for some reason im some sort of cat whisperer, one of my granparents most agressive cats loves me and scratches prety much everyone else)

  • 8:40 Mark talking about how sweet pitbulls can be, remind me of my uncle's pit bull. She was the sweetest pit bull I've ever met. My uncle got a second pit bull, but he was more on the violent and feisty side. With enough training from my uncle, the second pit bull became a lot nicer.

  • Ive lived with pitbulls all my life. Because of this I'm thinking about building a shelter to help get pitbulls a loving home 2 of my dogs were rescus strait off the streets.

  • I've had a pitbull, and I know many people with pitbulls. They were al lthe sweetest dogs I've ever met! The worst they ever got was when my aunts pitbull hopped up on my brothers lap and smacked his nuts. They can not know their own strength sometimes and knock someone over, but I've never seen a pitbull snap and bite anyone or anything in real life. These people are just taking stereotypes and fear mongering stories and turning their fear into hate. It's sad really.

  • Tbh, both sides make the same stupid arguments. I like dogs, not love, it's hard for me to love anything, but I like them. I have a friend though who got bitten by 5 dogs to blood in life and she's 16, so she's scared of dogs, but doesn't hate them. In part cause she's a sweetheart, but also cause everytime she dares to express some dislike for said animal, she gets berated by her peers. TL;DR she's just quiet now.

  • I'm not an animal person, mostly because I have no idea what they're thinking, so I have no idea what they'll do. (I mean I love cats to death, but THAT'S just cuz they're adorable XD Sheebs are cute too).
    But I've met cats I don't like. Cats that are loud, and shed a lot, and sometimes they drool, or they want TONS of attention ALL the TIME and I hate that. XD Like to me, most dogs are loud, or yappy, and they're gross cuz they drool, (and I'm just not about it.) But if you have a chill dog that'll mind its own business I can appreciate it from afar… XD Like huskies or chocolate labs… And yes, pitbulls re cute and sweet too~

  • My stepdad had a real bad experience with a pit. Sweetest, best trained, most amazing dog you could imagine and one day out of absolute nowhere she turned and ripped half her little girl's face off.

  • Ok so, when they talked about dog owners hating cats, I have a friend that is more of a cat person and I'm ok with that. And it is 100,000% banter between us when I act like I hate cats.

  • The tragedy of pitbulls is– as sweet and wonderful as they can be and often are with their families, the subspecies specifically was initially bred by bad people for dogfighting, hence their far more common violent streak compared to every other dog breed. They amount for the vast majority of deaths by dog since they were bred to be very strong and for the purpose to attack, maul and kill other dogs. They are also much more susceptible to an irreversible disease that attacks the brain of the dog forcing them to forget their trusted loved ones, making them literally snap and attack violently. A type of dog dementia, very sad and can be extremely dangerous especially for young children or other pets.

    It's not the dogs fault, and they should never be abused for how they were initially bred, but ignoring these realities is irresponsible and can be dangerous for those around the dog who are ill prepared. In order to be responsible dog owners we need to be fully aware of the risk taken for certain dogs, especially pitbulls. Love your dogs, love your pitbulls, but don't blame other humans for not trusting your dog or them being upset that the very real risks are entirely ignored and mocked. Many previous pitbull owners have said they never could have imagined their dog would ever snap and attack someone, and refused to believe it until it actually happened. It's really sad, but it is a possibility that is often completely ignored by many well-meaning pitbull owners.

    Be responsible, be loving, be safe.

  • Dogs are quite the opposite of Bad

    No matter how hard it is to train, feed, or groom them…

    Who’s with me?

  • Ok idk if anyone remembers this, but there was a game that mark was raging at a game. He was yelling, he threw his chair, but chica came in, and checked on mark. I do really like cats, they are pretty chill to be around, but I doubt that my cats would check on me the same way that a dog would.

  • I had this truly adorable little rescue who was forcefully removed because he was extremely mistreated by these dog hoarders and we trained him and he got better so fast it was amazing (even though he's not the brightest dog in the world I must admit LOL) but he got dementia and forgot all his training, bit my brother, had to be put down. I love you Spyro I miss you! 😭

    Now we have two little puppies (Kelpie and Collie) so beautiful!! 🥰

  • Back when I was 11 my mom and her ex (who’s name I won’t state for personal reasons) adopted 2 pit bulls, paddington and mocha, they were the sweetest dogs I remember having.
    God I miss them

  • I've never met a pitbull that wasn't an absolute sweetheart.
    They actually don't make good guard dogs for this very reason, despite their "fearsome" appearance and reputation. Because they're too nice.

  • I almost died from a hunting dog who snapped when I was a baby and got scratched in the nards by a cat and had to go to the ER…i still fucken love cats and dogs they give affection I need

  • I hate dogs because THEY ARE EVERYWHERE in america you cant get away from them. I hate them because their owners are to fucking lazy to train their dogs much like how bad parents dont teach their kids what is socially acceptable behavior and dont give a shit what they do (running around in a store, yelling, screaming, destroying property). i would be trying to sleep only to hear my neighbor's dog moaning very loud and barking which then triggers other dogs in the area to also bark then to find yourself in a 3 hour barking war between all the other dogs in a 10 mile radius hoping the owners would grow a conscious and tell their stupid pets to shut the fuck up!

  • I don't trust anyone who doesn't like dogs and tries to avoid my dog. Full stop. If she refuses to approach someone, I don't approach that person either – I trust her instinct. She's a black dog, so people are for some reason afraid to be around her sometimes, but she is the sweetest girl. She is well trained, quiet, and approachable. PLEASE ask to pet my dog, she will love it.

    Let me be clear that if you don't want to have a dog in your personal life, that's fine. Just don't be an asshole to my dog just because you've met other "bad dogs".

  • Humans: (one thing goes wrong) EVERYTHING'S GONE TO SHIT!

    Some people shouldn't even have children let alone dogs, they just don't look after them properly

    You're worried about a pitbull attacking children? You clearly haven't seen mums when you hurt their children!

    It can be safely said, humans are scarier than dogs

  • The thing is, I am a dog owner, and I hate cats. THE THING IS, I'm allergic to cats and whenever I'm around them, i get scratched and then I am in a lot of pain. I think I'm allowed to hate cats. 🙂

  • Dog owners are 99.99% mentally ill, horrible people. "Dog culture" is a prime example of the decadence and emptiness of Western consumer culture.

  • It’s really sad; I went to my local SPCA, and almost all the dogs were pit bulls. One of them had been in dog fights, and was caught by the SPCA. All the pit bulls there were very happy to see you (when you saw them), and one of them even ran in circles when it saw me! Pit bulls are very stereotyped.

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