Things You Didn’t Know About Can Yaman

The new series of Star TV was the life curiosity
of Can Yaman, Erkenci Kuş. Hi there! Thanks for watching RM’s Entertainment
It’s time for another Amazing video. Things you didn’t know about Can Yaman. Currently, we are counting down the things,
you didn’t know about, Turkish TV serial stars. We’re about to make, a complete list of them. If you want to see, your favorite one, let
us know in the comment section. Yaman was born in Istanbul, Turkey. His grandfather is an Al-banian immigrant
whose roots are based in Kosovo. His grandmother is a Macedonian immigrant. He is the nephew of football coach Fuat Yaman. He is also known for Inadina Ask(2015), Dolunay(2017)
and Erkenci Kus (2018). Nowadays he is not only Turkish heartthrob
but also an international dashing actor. That’s enough for the background info. So, let’s dive into the things, you didn’t
know about him. He was the only child in his family. But when the boy was only five years old,
his parents divorced. Yaman studied at Bilfen Koleji for first and
middle school, then studied at the Italian High School, where he finished as a top student. He went to America under the student exchange
program and graduated from the Law Department of Yeditepe University in 2012. For a year he passed an internship at the
well-known corporation “PricewaterhouseCoopers”. Then he worked for six months as a lawyer. After earning a law degree and spending some
time practicing, he eventually gained success in modeling competitions which ultimately
led to his acting career. Turkish television actor is most well known
for the roles of Bedir in 2014’s Gönül Isleri and Yalin Aras in 2015’s Inadina Ask. On the set of “Inadina ask” series”, Can Yaman
became close with his partner, Acelya Topaloglu, who played the role of Defne. Their romantic relationships were so passionate
that the couple did not hold back their emotions even on the screens. The kiss of Yalin and Defne blew up the social
network and became the most discussed one among the fans of their talent. Until recently he dated with actress Bestemsu
Ozdemir. The star talks a lot about his work but does
not say anything about his personal life. In the meantime, his ex-girlfriend never concealed
her happiness with Can. Actors Can and Bestemsu dated for about eight
months, but in December 2017 the actress announced that they broke up. As our records, he is dating with fashion
designer Rabia Yaman. But Demet Özdemir and Can Yaman, the lead
actors of the series ‘Early Bird’, were often referred to – by love gossip, but the couple
consistently rejected allegations. Yaman has a massive fan base. When he was a younger student, he disliked
German philosophers. He highly admires Irvin D. Yalom books and
interpretations. He is a full Brad Pitt fan as an actor. He admires all the characters he has entered
into all his films. He also likes Mel Gibson. He is also a fan of Michael Jordan. His dashing good looks have earned him a massive
social media following on Instagram where he has gained upwards of 2.8 million dedicated
fans. We can say that the hobbies of this talented
actor are still really diverse. He is fluent in English, German, Italian and
Turkish of course. He likes to play musical instruments like
piano and guitar. The uncle of this young actor was the coach
of the Basketball team, which is why Can is an excellent player in football and basketball. By the way, in the institute, he even received
an advanced scholarship for an excellent game in the student basketball team. Can is fond of basketball, table tennis, rafting,
badminton. Now he has a personal fitness program, and
he does not apply any food additives for muscle building. He has done boxing and CrossFit five days
a week. But he likes to eat delicious food. Lastly, we would like to say – Being a Turkish
star as well as the international heartthrob, he always keeps himself stylish and fashionable. We wish him all the luck for his series as
well as his career ahead. That’s it for this video hope you enjoyed
it and if you did then please give it a thumbs up or leave a comment below. Hope to see you back soon for more. See you next time on RM’s Entertainment.

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