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I rehome the dogs that society doesn t want.
That no one else wants to take on. These are society s underdogs that have been thrown
out. Falcor was handed in to his local stray pound.
I think Falcor would have been put to sleep if he had been in a kennel-based rescue. We took him on when he was 6 months old. He
was completely emaciated, covered in urine stains. He had a deformed front leg, when
our vets first saw him they thought that it had been an injury, that it had been a trauma
that had caused it. Good boy, you re doing well.
He s not completely straightened out but he s almost two and we didn t think he would
live till he was one. Once they come to us, they go to kennels so
we can assess them and then we start to look for foster homes. They stay there until they
re adopted. These dogs come from horrific backgrounds.
We ve had dogs that have been stabbed, ears cut off, burned with cigarettes. We help them
recover from that, we give them time to recover and help them find homes. The abuse each year that we re seeing is getting
worse. Snowflake had been left in a flat, as far
as I m aware the man moved out and left her, she had really bad skin but I mean her skin
is great now she s brilliant. She saved my son s life. One night, Ryan had got into some difficulty
with his oxygen mask. Snowflake was barking at his door, she woke Stephanie up. If she hadn’t have let me know I don’t want
to think what could have happened to him. Lynsey’s brilliant she s 24/7 with the dogs.
If it wasn t for Lynsey I don t think all the dogs would be here or they d still be
on the streets or worse. Regardless of how much abuse we see them going
through, they love you unconditionally. The trust is there, you can get such an instant
bond with a dog, and they certainly have a lot to teach humans about being compassionate. Certainly seeing these dogs heading off for
their forever homes, that makes all the sleepless nights worthwhile.

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