The Tablelands, Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland and Labrador

( ♪♪ ) Hi, my name is Sue Rendell and we’re on the
Tablelands right now which is a very interesting part of Gros Morne
National Park. It’s in the south
part of the park. And, uh, it’s
actually part of the Earth’s mantle. Woman:
The Tablelands are one of
the most interesting features in Gros Morne National Park. The geological significance
is that they were thrust up in a plate tectonic collision that happened about
500 million years ago. …and underneath
the crust we have…? Mantle, exactly. That’s constantly moving
in convection currents. Sue Rendell:
Probably the easiest
way to experience it, and I would say
what most people see, is on the guided walk
that Parks Canada does. Penny McIsaac:
You can hike the trail
with a guided tour, you can use a
hand-held GPS device, you can hike the trail
all on your own, or you can do a full day tour
to the top of the Tablelands for the more
adventurous types. You can come to the Tablelands and have a completely
beautiful experience just taking in the scenery. But then once you
start to understand
the geological story it changes that experience in a really significant
and profound way. I remember once, walking here, and I had a couple with me and I was talking
about the rocks, and really getting into
the geological story. And I could see
that, you know, that’s not what they
were looking for. So there’s this
particular couple,
we walked off the trail and went up where
the waterfall is. And it was just an amazing
experience for them to get lost in the landscape and really find themselves
in the landscape. (Chuckles) Sue Rendell:
You know, you get
out to the edge and you look down a
couple thousand feet and people are just in awe. And you actually look down and you look at the river
that you walked up and it’s just
a little trickle of water but in actual fact
it’s a fairly wide river. And it really puts
things in perspective. Penny McIsaac:
If you’re thinking about coming and doing this hike, just do it. Come out and explore something
that is completely unique. It’s found in other
places of the world, but here,
it’s at your fingertips. You can actually walk on what’s beneath the
surface of our Earth. It’s a pretty
special experience. ( ♪♪ )

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