The Story of Jensen | Colonic fistula in Rottweiler Puppy | Embrace Pet Insurance

My name is Lauren and I have a
one-year-old Rottweiler, Jensen. We took Jensen in for a routine procedure. Everything was fine until a couple of days after the fact. He was starting to
be really not like himself – really lethargic. We could tell that something
was wrong with him so we ended up taking him to the emergency vet’s office to
get checked out, where they found out that he had some type of infection. Over
the next two months we were at the vet quite often with Jensen. He was being
treated for this infection so they were trying different things to get rid of it,
which included different antibiotics and several drains. He would seem to get
better and then he would crash and be really sick again. We decided to go to a
specialist to see if they could help us figure out what the source of Jensen’s
infection was. They suggested that we try an exploratory surgery to see if they
could find the root cause of this infection. They were able to find that he
had a colonic fistula and go in right away and do surgeries and fix it. Because
Jensen had Embrace, we didn’t have to worry about the cost of anything. We
could just worry about getting Jensen better. We were reimbursed within a couple of days of submitted the claims. We’re
really happy with the whole experience. Today, Jensen is a happy and healthy dog. We are so thankful that he is still here with us and e couldn’t imagine our lifes without him.

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