The shepherd girl & the Chimney-sweep 1965 Pastushka i Trubochist EN Subs RU animation

Soyuzmultfilm THE SHEPHERD GIRL AND THE CHIMNEY-SWEEP written by Vladimir Suteyev
words (poems) Michael Volpin directed by Lev Atamanov art director Victor Nikitin music Andrey Babaev cameraman Michael Druyan
sound George Martynuk cutter Lidia Kyaksht
Scriptgirl R Fritsjinskaja assistents: artists Irina Svetlitsa, O. Ghemmerling Producer F Ivanov V Tjevkov, M Pisjin Animators: Marina Voskaniants, Violetta Kolesnikova
Renata Mirenkova, Elena Khludova
Voices N Bulsjeva, I Vlassov animators Alexander Davydov, V. Dolgikh, K. Chikin,
T. Pomerantseva, Nikolai Fedorov, Gennady Sokolsky,
Vladimir Krumin, Natalia Bogomolova, Galina Zolotovskaya, , Victor Shevkov voice artists Anatoly Papanov (Goat-legged), A. Shabarin,
Ludmila Gnilova, Michael Yanshin, Sergei Martinson,
Elena Ponsova (Mouse) , Nina Gulliver Good evening No doubt you heard of me I’m the sandman I’m the one who wishes you
sweet dreams every night I came here to tell you
a fascinating story Follow me! – In this town every house has
it’s own life, has its own story … But hush! Quiet! Over here are sleeping children… This old lantern, for instance,
has quit a history … … But that’s for an other day to tell. There, under that roof… …lives a poet … A young poet … with real poet problems… … And in that mansion… …has just started… A ball! But we better go on. – To the right here! Do not linger to long, come, come all! – Almost there! Follow me! Ouff! How my heart pounds now… but we practically arrived. The bakery,…the watchmaker… Yes, yes, here we are … …This is the house Just look at it, friends! This is Pillar, the oldest house
in the city … Now … is abandoned,… But it used to have a lot of life Come further! But walk carefully! Don’t sneeze Don’t sneeze or cough! Who knows what might happen! aahh
I told you we ought to be very careful.
Up! Keep with me! There are the heroes of the story: The Shepherd girl and the Chimney Sweep. It was 100 years ago… I fell in love with you! Then what should we do? You see… my grandfather
does not want this. I will ask for the hand
of his granddaughter. We love each other! Have pity! This is terrible, I want to marry that … horrible goat-legged, general,
captain, sergeant She will be… mine!! Here I have: Silver
Gold ..
… And my soldiers. Not to mention What I have hidden here. You wouldn’t come back on your word,
wouldn’t you? I don’t want to go to that dark closet! He says he keeps his other six wives
in there. You will be my seventh! See? There is the empty spot! The wedding will be at 12, 00 o’clock! Soon the wedding, soon the wedding,
soon the wedd … I beg you, my love. Save me! Calm down, dear! We can not stay here …
we should go out into wide world! You’re not repelled to be with me?
– No! Do you have an idea how wide the world is?
Hm. hm.Yep. But It think the most difficult
is to leave here and take the first step…out. let’s go!
– Let’s go! I know, let’s go up the chimney! The great….the great…. wedding!
Eh?! What! They fled…THEY FLED!! Alarm, Alarm! Alarm! Soldiers! In Pursuit! Hurry up and go look for them He who will bring back the fugitives
will be rewarded! Load canons, fire! The woke up grandfather! Grandfather fell down!
– Poor man!
– OH. Forwards…March!! Ay, ay, ay, I can not move away
from my closet! My china women, will all flee otherwise… … And I will be left behind
all alone, poor, abandoned, Ooh, Ooh! They are looking for us! We have been followed! Look, here we can hide! Oh? A theatre? That’s really interesting Oh, I love it, I love the theatre! Oh, okay! As if! Oh, how how that reminds me to own fate only she had two chivalrous
gentlemen desiring her. As if! Get them, soldiers! Flee dear, I hold them up! You again?!
Heyyyy! Forward!
March Get him! Hurry, hurry, Mummy is waiting! Oh, Ho, No, never, never
marry him, my daughter … Not with that tailless, starving, no good…. That does not even have a piece of cheese.
Never – Mummy, I love him … and The tail fell in a mousetrap accident. But, but doesn’t it look good on him,
almost a gentle-mouse! No tail?, And an almost severed ear …
He looks awful!!! OY! Oy! Your father will die of grief
if he finds out. Mommy love, the cat ripped of only
half of the ear … Mummy … he still has an ear. It
hardly shows I notice it!.
And it is awful in that colour! he’s dyed blue!!! … with an animal
like this …
you can not show yourself anywhere. So what? he could have gotten stained with soot …
It could have happened to everyone. It could have happened to everyone?!? Absolutely not. Beat it!, Get out of here! Even your
smell isn’t becoming! Well,..If he goes, I go with him! What did you say?! Go you miserable bugger,
before her father gets home! Goodbye, forever! A valiant matter, she did not
like my colour. – Cheer up, buddy! You have not
lost everything. I’ve lost everything, but I wish
you good luck. Good luck! Idiots, fools, look who you seized! My shepherd girl! – Dear chimney sweep! My dear Oh, you are cruel
You left me alone for so long Them again! We cannot go up there! we’d stain our uniforms Commando, forward! MARCH! Huff, How dark it is in here Look dear, our star, There you can overlook the wide world.
– Ha ha hatchie Oh, I’m choking in all this soot! Just look at the beautiful stars
shining above. Look how beautiful! – Look how ugly I look! How beautiful is it! – How awful! It’s a starry sky. My skirt has al this black spots … And my face … is full of soot! It is a sea of ​​clouds
– And my hat ruined Here you have the world at your feet!
And how will I cover myself now? It’s getting dawn The morning wakes the restless wind … It wakes up! And … fills the sails in order to
decorate the ocean You hear the sound of the anchor …
the ships are about to sail out! .And we will sail with them before
the wind … Just look, the world is at your feet
… the world!
– Hatchie Come! Can you see our white candle showing the way? …
… It will lead us.
– WHERE?!?! Where ever you want! Have you gone mad?
Where would I want to go… all stained with soot and with a cold? I do not even want to think about it! Travelling around the world without
rhyme or reason? I want to go home! Which home?
– The shelf. But we can not go back! Back to the shelf! – What you say?, Impossible! Back to your grandfather and the
goat-legged … And the general with troops.
– Nonsense! You do not love me, you just think
about yourself … I came into this “world at my feet…” … And now I want to go back. I never been more sure of anything. Are you coming? Well, as you wish! As you wish!
As you wish! As you wish! As you wish! We escaped! – We’re on our way to
the port And tomorrow we will journey to the sea! I wish you good journey!
Isn’t the world full of chances
and beautiful. So wonderful out there?, No, no … Besides … there are too many stars
and it has too much air. Let’s go!
– Let’s… Oh, my grandpa!
– What a pity!, He is beyond repair. I don’t think that bully
ever would notice we came back! He’s such a rude one! Oh, I feel so happy, dear. And you? And you? And you? – Ah, yes! Of course I’m happy! Of course I’m happy! When the grandfather got repaired
he looked again like brand new. Only, he could not move his head
any more… … And thus couldn’t answer
questions any more. And the shepard girl,
and The Chimney Sweep …? He followed her back on the shelf… …until that broke. The End
Translation & subs by Eus, Feb 2011

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