The Return of Superman | 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 – Ep.115 (2016.02.07)

Early morning at the twins’ house… (Seojun wakes up) (They’re all asleep) (He can reach the light!) Wake up. Seoeon, wake up. Wake up. – Who turned on the light? / – I did. Seoeon, wake up. Wake up. Come on. He’s sleeping. I’ll go out with you. No. Seoeon. – Seoeon is more fun? / – Yeah. Seoeon. Seoeon had a nightmare late at night. So he woke up. Wow. What is this? (Seoeon wakes up while Hwijae and Seojun play) (Where is everyone?) (Get’s up) Seoeon woke up late. He looks for his dad and brother. (Seoeon quietly walks with his belly out) Power! You startled me. Seoeon woke up. Ah. – What is this? / – Food. (Eats 10 seconds after waking up) (Half asleep) You startled me. Seoeon, you startled me. I thought someone came from next door. You startled me. Look at this, Seoeon. Not that. It’s dirty. Look at this, Seoeon. You play with it too. This? – Try it out once and give it back. / – Okay. – You have to give me this too. / – Okay. (What will happen to the twins today?) I’m going to take the boys to a ventriloquism class. I’ve jokingly done it with a dinosaur toy… Go to bed. Look. Nemo. Nemo. Are you asleep? Yes, I am. – Wow, did you hear that? / – Yeah. You did, right? I’m so sleepy. I’m exhausted. He’s sleeping. Seoeon, you got to bed too… – And play with him tomorrow. / – Yes. I want to learn it properly and use it to play with the boys and as a teaching tool. (A nearby lecture hall for the ventriloquism class) – Hello? / – Hello. – Nice to talk to you. / – Yes. This is a shoot. Do a cheer for me. Hello? Hello? So you can make sounds like that. But for the kids, rather than a technique like that make the dummy come alive through movement. You can move your lips a little. What’s important is proper pronunciation. Open the dummy’s mouth wide. Make sure the first and last words are in sync. Hi. Hi. What’s your name? What’s your name? The kids are starting to focus. Are you Seoeon? I’m sure you all need practice. Seoeon, I’ll try. Who are you? Lips! What? What was that? I’m Seoeon and Seojun’s dad. Don’t kiss me… Bad lips! Do not kiss me. Sorry. Who do you like? Lee Seoeon. No! I’m upset. I’m not playing. But I like you, Seoeon. – Seoeon, let’s kiss. / – No! (Seoeon totally fell for it) Who put this here? What’s that? – Seoeon, did you put that there? / – Yes. – This is yours, Seoeon? / – Yes. When did you put this here, Seoeon? What is this? It’s a white board. What should I draw? Tyranno! – Tyrannosaurus. / – Tyranno! – Tyrannosaurus? / – Yes. How about someone a lot more handsome like your dad? Very good. Eyebrows. This side too. (Is this the expression?) A great drawing of dad is finished! (But the eyes are moving…) (Looking around) Dad’s face… – Dad’s face… / – Here! Here! – Here! / – What? – Here! / – What are you saying? (Amazed) – Here? / – Yes. (The eyes stop when the teacher looks!) Don’t lie! They’re not moving! They’re moving. Here! They’re really moving? Drawings don’t move… Drawings… – What? You startled me. / – It moved! Drawings stay still. It’s moving… – Have… / – A seat. It’s good to sit down. I want to shout… You want to shout… With the kids. – Is your voice loud? / – Yes! You startled me. – Kids, do you have loud voices? / – Yes! The kids are louder. I’m louder! Go ahead then. (The drawing is competitive) If the kids are louder… You can erase me. – Erase you? / – Yeah. – Kids, you can be louder, right? / – Yes! Start! (This is a lion’s roar) Dad! Dad! Dad! (Cringing!) You kids were louder, right? Seoeon. Seoeon? Seoeon, can you make a loud voice? I’m scared. Seoeon, what’s wrong? Lightning power! Lightning power! So scary. No, no… (Something is behind the teacher!) (What’s that?) Guess who? Frog! – Who am I? / – Frog! You wanted to tell something to the kids, right? A secret. You have a secret? Yeah. So we can’t all be together? Yeah. – Who do you want to tell first? / – Me! Seojun. – Seojun first? / – Yeah. Seojun goes to share secrets with the frog. What secret will Seojun share? – It’s just us two talking. / – Yes. – Got it? / – Yes. – Want something yummy? / – Yes. Have this. Enjoy. (What a kind frog) How old are you, Seojun? – 4 years old. / – 4? Yes. You like dinosaurs, right? Dinosaurs… You like that, right? Dinosaur that lives in the sea. – The sea? / – Yeah. What dinosaur is that? Brachiosaurus. Do you really like that? Seojun… Who do you like the most? Dad. I see. Why? Dad is more fun to play with. What do you do for fun? We play and have fun. – You just play and have fun? / – Yeah. Wow. I want to play too. Do you know what your dad does? At the TV studio… At the TV studio… He works in TV. Seojun, what do you want to be when you grow up? I’ll go out to dad and ask him. – You don’t know yet? / – Yeah. I see. Do you want to become a dad? No. – No? / – Yeah. I don’t want to become a dad. – You don’t want to become a dad? / – Yeah. Why not? Because of Seoeon. Because of Seoeon? – You want to keep playing with him? / – Yeah. I see. Do you like Seoeon? I like him. You do? – How much? / – A lot. Wow! – You like him that much? / – Yeah. Why do you like him? It’s fun when he plays with me. – So he’s fun too. / – Yeah. Wow, lucky you! If Seoeon wasn’t around… You’d be sad. If Seoeon wasn’t around… Wouldn’t you be sad? Why? (Shakes head) – You want Seoeon around? / – Yes. – You always want him around? / – Yes. How do you like to play with Seoeon? With toys. Oh, toys? What’s your favorite toy? My card toy. Can I borrow that? Frog, you have a lot of toys at home. I don’t. Can you let me borrow Seoeon’s toy? Not yours. Seoeon’s toy. No, I can’t. Why not? It’s not yours. No! You like Seoeon that much? I love him. (What a good kid!) Seojun used to envy Seoeon’s stuff. – Dad, dad. / – Wait. – Sorry. / – Sorry. (Kiss) And sometimes he doesn’t like his older brother… Seoeon. Food. Food. He always looks after Seoeon. Food, food… Seoeon. Let’s go. Dad is that way. He always looks for Seoeon first. Seoeon, be careful as you eat that. Seoeon, it’s not scary anymore, right? It’s not scary. Cheers. Cheers. (We’re close twins) Good. We found out that Seojun actually really loves his brother. Seojun. What did you talk about with the frog? You go ask. – I should go ask the frog? / – Yes. – Did you tell secrets? / – Yes. Can’t you tell me? (Hwijae heard what Seojun said to the frog) I feel good. I’m moved whenever Seojun goes, “Where’s Seoeon?” He’s just a kid when he whines or throws a tantrum. But seeing the way he looks after Seoeon, my wife and myself… I don’t think he’s a baby anymore. I didn’t talk much with my dad as I was growing up. I want to be able to talk to my sons about everything. I want to talk to them more than now and listen to them. The Return of Superman. Chapter 115. “Don’t Worry, Dad.” Boys, go to the mart and buy soy sauce and salt. Okay. Yeah. Guys, follow me! Mister. We want to buy soy sauce and salt. Where do we go? – Soy sauce and salt? / – Yes. Here it is. Will they successfully buy soy sauce and salt? (Is it over here?) Soy sauce and salt… (Does Daehan see the soy sauce?) (He just passes by…) Soy sauce and salt… Daehan! The soy sauce is right in front of you. I’m going to find something now. There! There! (Did he find salt?) (Manse finds a spot next to a display) (Why did Manse stop here?) (He keeps looking at something) Wow, what is this? Manse stopped over some jelly. He promised his dad that he’d just get soy sauce and salt. (There’s only one way to buy this…) Minguk! Daehan! (Manse is calling) Minguk! Daehan! There you are, Daehan. Daehan. I was going to ask you. What is this? What is this? This jell… (I almost gave myself away) Should we buy this? (Of course we should buy it) No, no. (Dad will yell at us…) Daehan, hurry. Let’s buy this. Daehan, hurry. Let’s buy this. Hurry. Hurry. Hurry. Hurry and buy this. I bet it tastes great. (Should I buy some jelly?) (He should take the bait by now…) (But then!) (I made my decision!) Hurry and buy this. Manse… Let’s buy all of these. Let’s buy all of these. (While Manse takes 1) (Daehan quickly grabs 3) Boys, you’re going to buy all of that? (I think I have less…) Daehan, can I get one? I’ll smell it. (Yum, jelly smell) Guys, did you find the salt? No salt or soy sauce. We bought this instead. Salt and soy sauce… Meanwhile, Ilkook is making dinner totally unaware of what’s going on. The first thing he makes is fish cake soup. He skewers some fish cakes. Now he cuts up the ingredients for his second dish which is summer rolls. Now all he needs is soy sauce and salt for seasoning. (The food is almost ready but the boys aren’t here) Oh, no. I’d better go get them. These little rascals… (Let’s find the salt and soy sauce now) Manse, the salt… Where did you find the salt and rice? Here? This? Here? This? What is this? Let’s take a look. (Sugar) Found the salt. Found the salt! It’s salt! Found the salt! We found the salt. Found the salt. Daehan, this is too heavy. We found the salt. We found it… (Taking all the sugar) Manse, you take this. (I can’t lift this alone) 3 for Manse. This is for Manse. This is also for Manse. This is for me. There, all done. It’s still heavy. Mine is heavy. Heave! (The triplets forgot about the soy sauce) (He hums even though it’s heavy) – We’d like to pay. / – We’d like to pay. We have a lot of these. This too. Minguk, are you supposed to buy this many? It’s because we bought a lot. What are these rascals doing? (Daehan gets water now) (1 bottle of water is reasonable!) I’d better take water because I’m thirsty. (He took a ton of water too!) (Daehan is the big spender of Songdo) Since I’m thirsty. I should take rice since we need to cook rice. (We have a big family) Rice… (So heavy) Daehan, you got that much? I brought some rice. We need it for cooked rice. We need rice. Why’d they get so much stuff? (Disbelief) Those little brats… This is dad’s chocolate. Hey! Father! Hey! Father! I found the rice! Father! I told you to buy salt and soy sauce. Where’s the salt? I bought jelly! – Jelly! / – Why’d you get sugar? I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Hey! The sugar… You took all the sugar? Well? (Ilkook cleans up after them!) Gosh, you brats… Hey. You didn’t get the salt I told you to… Father, I brought water in case we’d get thirsty. Good, good… – In case we get thirsty. / – We need water. Good. In case we get thirsty. Good job. – In case we get thirsty. / – Sugar in here too? You boys took all the sugar. It’d take you longer than a lifetime to eat all this. (Things did seem to be going too well today…) Where’s the soy sauce? Here it is. This is soy sauce. Look. It says soy sauce. – One bottle of soy sauce. / – Got soy sauce. – Where’s the salt? / – Where’s the salt? Salt. This is the salt. This is all we need. Now take out the money. Here you go. With two hands. Good. Daehan, come here. You carry this. Minguk, carry this. It’s heavy. It’s not. – Follow me. / – Dad, it’s heavy! It’s not. Follow me. It’s not heavy. Carry it. Say thank you. Father, we’re not big yet… – So it’s heavy. / – It’s not. It is not heavy. You can lift it. Come here. – Thank you. / – Dad… This mission was a total failure. They failed because they couldn’t tell the difference between sugar and salt. But it was so cute and nice to see them work together to get something done. I hope they continue to grow up healthy. Now the fish cake soup just has to boil. Father, you have to add soy sauce for our food to taste better? Yes, I have to add soy sauce for the food to taste good. Daehan, let’s wait over there while dad cooks. – Dad, give me food. / – Yeah. Fish cake soup made with Ilkook’s love and summer rolls which is a first for the triplets. Dinner is ready. Look. I’ll teach you how to eat it. Look. What is this? Touch it. What is it? (That looks unique) What is it? Daehan, try touching one. What is it? From yesterday… The meat guy gave us this. Daehan must be thinking of the tortillas from the kebabs they got earlier. This is how you eat this. Dip it in water. Look. Father. (Manse tries too) Like this. (Soft) It became soap. I want to wash it more. I want to wash it more. Watch. You add one of these here… – This too… / – Father… Father, hurry. Father… After you add everything you roll it up. Look. – I’m doing it now. / – Father, ours… Minguk, say ah. Ah. Eat it like a dumpling. Got it? I want more. (Manse tries to make a roll) (He adds all the ingredients) Now I roll it up… Like this… Father, I… Father, why are you using a bigger one? (The the ingredients fall out…) Should I try it now? Father, why isn’t this working? Let me see. Why isn’t this working? That’s good. (We thought he was doing well…) (A ton of radish shoots) (Even more perilla leaf) (Why won’t this roll?) – Father, how do you eat this? / – Roll it up. (I can’t…) Roll it up. – Daehan, you packed too much. / – Yeah. Manse and Daehan struggle with the summer rolls. But what about Minguk? Like this… (Wets the rice paper with his small hands!) Daehan, watch me. Father… Minguk makes the summer rolls well on his own. Daehan, do this. Daehan, do this. (He thoroughly makes a roll) Father, I made it like a dumpling. Father, I made it like a chick dumpling. A chick dumpling. (I should eat this roll now) He eats all his rolls in one bite. (Minguk seems so cool) (This is the kind of kid I am…) Auntie, give us food please! Give us food please! Auntie, give us food please! Give me rice! (He’s been working at this since an early age) (Faster than everyone!) (That way he can eat more!) That’s it. You know how to enjoy it, Minguk. Minguk is definitely not a picky eater. What a good boy. (Get it now?) (Once I start eating) (I don’t stop until it’s over) That’s good, Minguk. (I am the eating star of this neighborhood) Now we’ll check on the youngest baby Rohui. (Grunt) (What is this sound in the house?) (What is this?) (Wow!) Hot-body Taeyoung is working out. (To protect the two fairies) (Taeyoung’s home training system) (Rohui! I’ll protect you!) I feel like I’m weaker now. Because I was out of energy, holding and looking after the baby… I felt like I couldn’t keep up with Rohui’s energy. That’s why I decided to work out and get in shape. I’m trying to increase my stamina. Meanwhile, Rohui wakes up. (Who are you?) (She approaches the plush duck) (I’m hungry) (Sniff) (Cringes) (I feel like this will taste good) (Let me try the duck foot first) (Nom!) (Why are you so tough?) (I want to eat… I want to eat…) Daddy’s here. Why’d you wake up, Rohui? You’re smiling? You’re smiling for daddy? (What will Taeyoung do for Rohui now?) (He’ll make baby food for Rohui) I make your baby food. I try to make you something different every meal. I tried too hard and your intestines started getting a bit too active and you got diarrhea. That was hard on you. I’m sorry about that. You understand, right? I’m making mid-term baby food. I added a lot of water in the early stage but I don’t add as much water now. I’ll blend in a moderate amount. You pick things up as you go. Wow, he’s an expert. He seems better than mothers. I’ll be making the broth out of the water I boiled the meat in. It’ll be very savory and tasty. There are many ways to make this. I like to add the veggies later. That way, the nutrients aren’t destroyed… And as long as the size is small enough for the baby’s age… I don’t think there’s one right answer. If baby food is made with a mother’s love… Of course it’ll taste good. I fill mine with a father’s love. Who are you talking to? When there are cameras, I think there are people watching me. It feels like I have someone to talk to. It’s not like I can just remain silent. That’s why I talked. Actually, I don’t talk that much. It gets boring if I don’t. (Rohui looks at the camera) (Who are you?) (Is this food?) (Sniff) (It’s not!) (I’m hungry) Goodness! Alright, alright. Rohui. Okay, Rohui. (Taeyoung puts on his baby belt) My daughter… (Seats her safely and goes to the kitchen) Look at this. What is that? Baby food. But it’s hot so you shouldn’t get close. Never get close. Beef and cauliflower baby food made with Taeyoung’s baby knowledge. Time to eat. Ah. (Nom!) Mash it with your tongue and the roof of your mouth. Ah. Good. That’s it. Mash it up. (Let me try this too) Ah. Ah, Rohui. Good girl. Rohui… Like this. Don’t spill. Rohui. Ah. Rohui enjoys the food as it was made with her dad’s love. Good girl. Rohui, say it’s good. It’s good. Rohui. (Make Rohui laugh) (I still won’t laugh) (Looks at her longingly) (She laughed!) (Becomes a fool in front of his daughter) Mom… Did you just say mom? Mommy will love that. (I miss you, Rohui) (She even smiles at the photo) Rohui. Want to see mommy? Yeah, mom. Mom… You want to see mom. Want to see mom? I’ll show you mom. (Taeyoung changes the channel) (Mom’s there?) (Back when Eugene was called a fairy) It’s mommy. From back in the day. Do you think mommy back then could’ve imagined us together now? I feel weird looking at mommy from back then. I feel strange… (Are you crying, dad?) There’s mommy! It’s mommy. (Really focused) (Looks like something is about to happen) (Totally focused) (About to cry) Mommy is crying. (Don’t cry) (Eugene leaves in tears) Alright. Rohui. Want to go to mommy? To mommy? It’s mommy again. (Where’d you go, mom?) (Seeing Eugene makes her sad) (She freezes when the screen changes) (Who is that guy?) Rohui, do you see that handsome guy? What do you think of him, Rohui? People say we look alike. Do you think so? I don’t think we look alike. Don’t you think? (You look alike) (They prepare to go out) If you go out like this, people might think you’re a boy again. That’s why I’ll put a pretty hair band on you. What would be good? Hold on… With this outfit… (A matching blue flower hair band) Ta-da. (A girlish pink flower hair band) This will make you look like a princess. My princess. (Do I look pretty?) No good? Pink is nice and girlish. (“The Little Match Girl” look for the winter) Pink? (Buy some matches) Rohui, this is adorable! This is adorable. Rohui… Rohui, you look pretty in anything. (Rohui and Taeyoung go out) Rohui, where is this? Rohui, where is this place? Goodness… Wow… Rohui. So many nifty things here. (A play room?) (A toy rental place?) (A children’s library?) (A childcare support center with all these things) – Hello. / – Hello. So many neat things here. Just show us your ID and pay $10 for the yearly fee and we give you a card. Really? – For 14 days? / – Yes. Wow. (Since I live in this area too) There you go. (Kim Yongu is his real name) Here’s your card. Thank you. Thank you. (Time to play now?) Hold this. Rohui checks out the play room now. Gallop, gallop… No, you don’t eat this. (Goes on a slide for the first time) (Shows off her cute behind) You went on a slide. (Kiss) Gosh, you kissed it. (You look tasty) No, no. It’s not food. A friend! Look at that smile! – You smiled. / – You smiled. – You like me. / – You smiled. He’s quite a big one too. – How much does he weigh? / – 10kg. – He’s 10kg now? / – 10kg at 4 months of age. – 10kg at 4 months? / – Yes. He’s a big baby. This is the first time seeing a baby bigger than mine. My first time… Wow… Can I hold him? Uncle is going to hold you. Can I hold you? – Uncle is going to hold you. / – I know… Sons and daughters have to be different. (Heavy) You’re really 4 months old? Did you lie for TV? Boys have different bones. Does he resemble his dad? – Just like him. / – I bet your husband is so happy. I do feel a bit bad that my daughter resembles me… But I love it too. How much does he weigh? His 19 months old and 10kg. So he weighed less than 10kg before his first birthday. 8kg? – How many years apart are they? / – 4 years. I see. – We plan on having another kid too. / – Really? We wanted to have one soon but it takes 1.5 to 2 years for the mother to fully heal from giving birth. So we’re thinking of having another baby in 2017. You don’t care whether it’s a boy or girl? That doesn’t matter at all. She’s raised them well. (You talk the most out of all the Superman dads!) This isn’t what I imagined. I get chatty when I talk about kids. I guess I talked a lot. I forgot the question. I’ll try to talk less. I’m confused now too. You don’t even know. We were just talking… You and I have to talk separately with the cameras off. We have to talk about child-rearing at a nearby cafe somewhere. – I think we should. / – Yes. Sarang and Sunghoon went to KBS last chapter. (Sarang’s first radio recording) (Does the mic work?) That’s it. Talk into it like that later. Welcome, welcome, welcome! Hello, everyone. This is DJ G-PARK Park Myeongsu! (We’re finally starting) It’s the last day but it’s time for… Our regular segment. Today’s sensitive introduction of a job… You can hear a baby now. I have a special guest here. The special fighter and our pride. Choo…. Choo Sunghoon, hello. Hello, I’m Choo Sunghoon. Hey! She’s more popular than Sunghoon. Our cutie and Korea’s daughter… It’s Sarang. Hi, Sarang! Hello. Goodness! Nice to meet you. Sarang, why is your headphone over your mouth? – Why? / – Why are you wearing it like this? – Why is it on your mouth? / – It’s fun. It’s fun? I see. She saw me do it earlier and now she’s copying me. Be careful of what you teach children. It’s like she’s protesting. Like she’s not going to talk anymore. – First… Sunghoon. / – Yes. – So good to see you. / – Good to see you. I just have to ask you this question. Sunghoon, how much do you make a month? I make around $10 million a month. I see. Moving on… I think you’re lying… Sunghoon just lied. I know that’s not true. Your wife Shiho Yano is also very popular. I heard from her on “Happy Together.” I heard Shiho wanted to be set up with you in the beginning. That’s right. So here’s a slightly different question. Were there many Japanese actresses that wanted to be set up with you? Many Japanese models… Many female Japanese celebrities… When MMA was really big in Japan… There were many instances of that happening. There were many instances of that happening. So there were many actresses that wanted to be set up with you. – Yes, many actresses. / – Yet… You didn’t meet them and only dated Shiho Yano. – And then you married her. / – Yes. Alright, I’ll wrap that up here. But you did have many interested women. What about a song? – Later. / – He told us that… Sunghoon, when I’m at home… – I dance in front of my wife… / – Really? And try to make her laugh when she’s upset. Sunghoon, do you dance or act funny when you’re alone with your wife? No, I’ve never done that… – You don’t do that? / – I don’t. – I’ve never done that. / – What if you wife gets mad? How do you cheer her up? – When it’s the next day… / – Yes. My wife has forgotten everything. So… So you guys go to bed after a fight? – Your wife forgets after sleeping. / – Yes… Sarang, have your parents ever fought? – Did mom and I fight? / – Did your parents fight? No? – No? / – We don’t fight in front of you. – We don’t fight in front of you. / – She said no. Sunghoon just told her… “We don’t fight in front of you.” When you’re not around. Not in front of you. I see. Sarang. Who do you want to marry in the future? Secret. – Secret. / – It’s a secret? Why? Then, Sarang… – Do you have a boyfriend? / – Secret! – That’s a secret too? / – Yes. Really? – Secret, secret, secret. / – All right. This kid sure has a lot of secrets. Then… We’ll listen to a song now. Play it please. – Play it please. / – Give it to me. Give it to me. – Play it please. / – Play it please. – Hurry. / – Hurry! Why are you copying me? What? Why did you cover your ears when I sang? Sarang, you know this song too. Start. Sarang is good at singing too. She’s pretty and talented like her mom. She can kick like her dad too. She won’t ever get beaten up, that’s for sure. She looks just like her dad. What will you do as a grown up, Sarang? – Be like dad? / – Cook… – What? / – Cook. – Cook? Oh, cook. / – Cook? You want to be a chef? She knows the hat trends. Yes. Oh, you mean hot. – Hot. / – Yeah, hot. Yes. Sarang, how does it feel to be on radio? Is it fun? – Is it fun? / – It’s fun. It’s fun? Sunghoon. Say a New Year’s greeting for the listeners to finish up. – Hands together. / – Hands together. Happy New Year. Happy New Year. – Happy New Year, everyone. / – Yes. Happy New Year. Goodness, thank you! – Sarang, have a happy New Year too. / – Yes. Thank you. Thank you. – Bye, Sarang. / – Bye. – Bye. / – Bye. (Off air) Good work. – Good work. / – Good work. Thank you. Thank you. Sarang. Want me to buy you some yummy cocoa? – Buy me something yummy. / – What do you want? – I’ll buy you something. / – Chocolate. Chocolate? Have chocolate after you eat. – Let’s go. / – Let’s go, let’s go. (The Choos and G-PARK go for a snack) I’ll hold this. Why’d you hit me? Why’d you hit me? Why are you so strong? Why are you so strong? (His overacting is good enough for Hollywood) You’re like your dad. (I’m my dad’s daughter) Have a seat. Let’s arm wrestle. Arm wrestle. Start. (Tickling) (As expected of a father of a daughter) (He’s good at playing with her) What about the calendar? – Oh, that? / – Yeah. You’ll buy a gift? Last time… We made calendars. – Give one to Mr. Park. / – This is for me? Thank you. You’re in this, Sarang? – You’re in the calendar? / – My mom too. Your mom too? – Eat this. / – Mom too… – Mom too… / – Sarang, do you like mom or dad? – My mom. / – You like your mom more? Your dad is right there. How could you say that? – You like mom more? / – Yeah. Where do you throw this out? Does this belong in the trash can or not? Please throw this away. She must be taught. – Throw it away. / – It’s over there, Sarang. Over there. – There’s the trash can. / – I’ll go with you. – Good girl. That’s it. / – Good. Good. Trash belongs in the trash can. Good. Draw his face, Sarang. – Father… / – Look at him. Draw his face. What color? You didn’t draw any hair. Hair? Why’d you have to mention hair? – He has no hair. / – Hair… (Since I have no hair) It’s gone. It’s a hat! (How’s this then?) (Big forehead) (Got it) (Look forward to it) Wow, this is good. It kind of looks like him. It really does kind of look like him. You can’t fool the eyes of a child. I’ll show you all. It looks like him. – It looks like him. / – Sarang, is this an alien? Is this an alien? I don’t think you drew a normal person. Sarang. Draw a heart here. – Here. / – Draw a heart here. Don’t joke around this time. Draw it properly. – Draw a heart. / – I’m going to take this home… (Focused) (Finishes a heart) That’s really good! – That was great. / – You can do it! Awesome. So scary… You knew how to do it… You learned to draw a proper heart. (Pat, pat) My daughter is home on vacation. – I should rush home to play with her. / – Yes. – She’s on vacation from school. / – Really? She’s at home alone on winter vacation. I should take her out somewhere. Thanks for the calendar. – Sure. / – Sure. What’s with your eyes? – Father. / – Tell him you’ll see him again. – See you again. / – Okay. Happy New Year. – Happy New Year. / – Bow to him too. – Go ahead. / – Happy New Year. – Bye. / – Bye. How about the 5 siblings in Songdo? (Daebak recharges his energy with milk) (Gulp, gulp) (Gets up) (This is plenty) (Now what should I do?) – Daebak, is up. / – Huh? Did Daebak finish his milk? (I feel great!) Daebak finished his milk. – Dad. / – Daebak finished his milk. Daebak! (He follows his dad into the kitchen) (What’s in here?) No, no. Daebak, Daebak. Why are you in the trash can? Have some strawberries, Daebak. – I pooped. / – Thanks. – What? / – Poop. – You pooped? / – Yeah. – Let me see. / – I pooped. Sua… While I’m changing her, go play with Daebak, Sua. – Dad. / – Yeah? (Sua and Daebak are not in the living room) Wow, it’s here! Wow, it’s here! (Forget this bag!) (Wow, playing with bags) I’m a ghost. (Scary, right?) (Startled) (Spots something) (What is this?) (Finds sugar) What’s this? (Her hand naturally goes in) What is this? I want to eat a little of this. (To find the deeper taste) (That’s good) (Don’t do that, Sua) (Glare) Daebak. Where are you? Here. (Daebak is part of the neighborhood patrol) Daebak, is this where you were? Take the call. (This isn’t the time for this, Seola) (Stares) (Sigh) What do we do? I was eating this. – Seola, want some too? / – Yeah. Want to eat this? What’s this? Salt. Stop hitting me! (Seola tries some sugar) Making a mess. If we make a mess, Daebak will… (They can’t pass by the sweet temptation) (Want some sugar?) (The Beagle Sisters have a sugar party) (Uncle, do something about these girls) Daebak, you eat this. I’ll eat this. (Nom) – Seola, want some more? / – Yeah. You only get two. (These girls are causing big trouble) Just then… Donggook walks towards the kitchen. Seola and Daebak leave the scene of the crime. (Sua is still obsessed with the sugar) What’s this? (His sharp eyes spot sugar) What is this? Huh? (What will happen?) What is this? (He’s laid back because he’s been through this) (Sugar on her face) (You trouble makers) Close your eyes. (Brush, brush) It’s on my face, dad… Dad, it’s dirty here… What’s on my foot? That’s sugar. I’m going to take you just like that to the bathroom. Just like that. No, no! You wait over there! No, no! You wait over there! – Wait. / – Yeah. (Sua won’t just wait) (Runs) (Stops!) (I’m almost there) Just hold it right there. I’ll get your clothes off… Daebak, you should’ve stopped your sisters. Let’s go. You too, Daebak. I was startled. – Right? / – Yeah. – Take your clothes off. / – Yeah. (The 3 kids are bathed) (How refreshing) Close your eyes. It tickles. It tickles. It tickles. Wow… Done. Where do they go the next day? To a taekwondo studio. (Transformed into taekwondo girls!) (Pick) (My sisters look so cool) Attention. Hands on your tummy. – Hello. / – Hello. Have a seat now. Stretch your legs. Now lean forward. 1… Forward. 1… 2… – Wow, look at Seola. / – 3… 3… 4… 5… – Wow, good job. Applause. / – They’re good. (Why’d you go to a taekwondo studio?) First, it’s a dangerous world out there. Jaesi and Jaea learned taekwondo too. I thought that they should be able to protect themselves. And they teach you etiquette there too. Seola, you’ll walk on this now. – Seola, you’ll walk on this now. / – Go. Here goes Daebak too. Here goes Daebak too. Go. Go, Daebak. – Good. / – Good. Good. (In the way) (What will Seola do?) (Move it!) (Hey, sis…) Daebak… Sua, you’re next. Come here, Daebak. Seola did a good job, right? Clap. Sua, get ready. Go. (This time) (Daebak gets in the way again) Come here, Daebak. (Go away) (Daebak resists this time with his forehead) Come here. – Daebak, stop it. / – Come here, Daebak. – Daebak, come this way. / – Go to dad. – No? / – Come to me. Daebak, want to try? (Daebak will try the balance beam!) This is quite the challenge for young Daebak. To your sister. It’s scary. 1, 2, 1, 2… (Daebak is good) (Toddling) (Daebak moves fast) (Great, Daebak) Come here, Daebak. You wanted to try? That’s why you went out there? Go. Unlike Sua who tries very hard, Seola seems to be more interested in a boy. A little more. Heave-ho. Face forward. Heave-ho… Come here. (Let me go, dad) Come here. Let’s go back there. Use your foot. Kick it. That’s it. Good. Your foot… Goodness! Goodness! (I have a long way to go to become great at soccer) How many months old is he? – 15 months. / – 15 months? – So he was born in September? / – Yes. (Let’s play together, Daebak) His first friend his age… Your foot… Kick it with your foot. You won’t lose it? You won’t let him take it. You won’t. (Donggook finds head gear) (Puts it on Daebak) (Fighter Daebak) Bring it on. Fight me. Kick like this. Taekwondo… Taekwondo… (Daebak spots something) (The other baby took Daebak’s ball) (Roar) (Don’t I scare you?) (Let’s play together!) – Taekwon! / – Taekwon! Louder. Taekwondo! Taekwondo! Strike the tiger with your fist. Go ahead. Make the battle cry. Good job. Let’s go. Kick. Good. One more time. Good job. One more. Kick. Louder. Sion, come out first to break a board. Make a fist. Start! Good job. Make the battle cry. Start. Battle cry and then strike. Battle cry. (Seola just brings down her fist) Will Seola break her first board? (In one strike!) Good job. Does it hurt? It doesn’t? I think you’re just holding back the pain. You’re not? Make a loud battle cry. Good. Make the battle cry and strike hard. Start. One more time. Good job. Daebak. (Daebak will break a board too?) Go ahead. Go try, Daebak. (Dragging) Use your foot. (Break) (Breaks it easily) (The future soccer star) – Let’s go. / – Good job. Bow. – Bow. / – Thank you, teacher. – Good job. / – Let’s go. Was taekwondo fun? – Yes. / – Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes… Then stand up. Hands on your tummy! – Thank you! / – Thank you! (The triplets enjoy the winter) (They’re at a sledding slope this time) (Thrilling tube sleds!) You call can do a good job sledding, right? Let’s ride! Let’s go ride sleds! Father, that path is a scary path. It’s a scary path? A scary path… Daehan, that’s a slide. That’s right. – It’s a slide. / – Come here, Manse. Get off now. Get off. The 4 of us will ride in a sled. Look. They made a 4-person sled for us. Look. Let’s all go down. Let’s do a cheer. You too, Manse. 1, 2, 3. – Let’s go! / – Let’s go! That’s it. Let’s go down! It became 4. Yeah, that’s right. It became 4. Yeah, that’s right. What are you doing? (The triplets all get on the sled) – Should we go now? / – Yes. 3… 2… – 1! / – 1! Let’s go! (Here goes the Song sled!) (Zoom) (The triplets are excited) (Going fast) (Bump) (The sled goes really fast) (Minguk seems excited) (Mommy) (Save me) (He starts to smile again) (Manse is clutching the ropes tight) (Just frozen) (Daehan enjoys the cool breeze) (Scared) (What’s going on?) (The Song sled safely arrives) (Over already?) (That was scary but fun) I want to go on again. Yeah, let’s hurry. You boys should be able to ride alone. Boys, can you ride by yourselves now? – Yes! / – Yes! – You can ride by yourselves? / – Yes! Then let’s go! You boys really grew up. By yourselves now. Go. – All by themselves? / – Yes. Hey, I’ll go down first and I’ll be waiting. – Come down one at a time, okay? / – Yes. So this controls the speed. – It’s dangerous if it’s too fast. / – Dad. I’m trembling because I’m scared. Dad. Dad, I’m trembling because I’m scared. No, it’s not scary. I’ll go first now. Here I go! (So excited) (Jump!) Ilkook seems like he’s back in his childhood and Minguk goes down after him. (He comes down safely) (Minguk enjoys the speed) (This is fun) (Goes faster) (Giggling) (Aww, it’s already over) (Now Daehan goes down) (Hits the steep incline) (His face changes very quickly) (This is really fast) (Zoom) (Save me) (When he gets to the bottom) (He has a big smile) (Riding alone is fun too) Daehan, does it look fun now? Yeah, it doesn’t look scary anymore. Let’s go. (The sled spins) (It’s scary since it’s spinning) (Manse is frozen) (Manse arrives too) Manse, was it scary? – Manse, I bet you were scared. / – Yeah. – It wasn’t scary for me. / – Was it fun? – It was scary for me. / – It was scary? – It was fun for me! / – It was still fun, right? It was fun? It was scary, but fun. – It was fun? / – Dad. – Let’s ride again! / – Yes! – Let’s go! / – Yes! Let’s go! No, I don’t want to. – I don’t want to. / – We don’t want to anymore. No more? Minguk really enjoys going fast which worries me. That really worries me… Why does that worry you? What if he rides a motorcycle later? Boys, what do you want to eat? What should we get? Steamed bun. Steamed bun? What about you, Daehan? Steamed bun. You want a steamed bun too? Manse? I want a steamed bun. You too? – This comes with 3. Can you finish? / – Yeah. Really? – Yeah. / – Really? Alright. Steamed buns, dumplings and tempura udon. Steamed buns, dumplings and tempura udon. Steamed buns, steamed buns. – You’ll gives us steamed buns, right? / – Yes. – Steamed buns. / – I’ll give you steamed buns. Steamed buns. Goodness… Don’t worry. Steamed buns. Why are you crying? (I’m sad) You want to eat a lot of steamed buns? – You want to eat a lot of steamed buns? / – Yeah. – You’re worried they’ll only give us a little? / – Yes. Then tell them to give you a lot. Auntie, give us a lot of steamed buns. Say it loudly. – Auntie, give us a lot of steamed buns. / – Yeah. – I’ll give you a lot. / – Okay. She’ll give you a lot. Don’t worry. – If we eat a lot… / – Don’t cry. The triplets wait for their steamed buns. Father, I want steamed buns now. Auntie has to finish making them. Auntie, give me steamed buns please! – I’m hungry! / – I’m hungry! Steamed buns, steamed buns… Steamed buns, steamed buns… Steamed buns, steamed buns… Let’s go get the steamed buns. Hurry and get them. Steamed buns, steamed buns… Give us our steamed buns please! Give us our steamed buns please! Okay, here you go. Have one a piece. – You 3 carry this. / – Carry it carefully. – Carefully. / – Father, the dumplings… – Father… / – Hold it carefully. – That’s it. / – Father, the dumplings are here. We want to eat… We want to eat steamed buns. Careful, careful… That’s it. Good. Let’s eat steamed buns. Have one steamed bun each. Will one be enough though? – Father, are you going to eat dumplings? / – Yeah. – Want more steamed buns? / – Yes. We’d better order more steamed buns. Alright, I’ll go buy more. Father, bring more steamed buns this time. (A whole lot more!) (A big pile of steamed buns) Father, we have a ton of steamed buns now. (Yeah, let’s all eat a lot) I like eating steamed buns with pickled radish. (Me too!) How about eating it like this? (Steamed bun featuring pickled radish) (This is the stuff) You sure have strange eating habits. (A loud slurp) (Ilkook was hungry looking after the boys…) (Slurp) Man, that’s refreshing. Father, is the broth refreshing? Yeah, it’s refreshing. – Want to try? / – Yeah. Say, “That’s refreshing.” (How refreshing is it?) (Yikes) That’s hot. It’s hot? That’s hot. It’s hot? (That’s the hot taste of life…) (The triplets go back to their lodging) Here are… Dad and baby frogs… Baby frog hops… (Hop) (Minguk plays the hopping baby frog) Hi, frog. (Sniff) (Frog Minguk has a strong sense of smell) I smell something yummy. Something yummy is over there. Hi, dad. Where are you going? I’m going to get meat. Come with me to get meat, dad. I want to sleep more here. (The frog hops away) (He encounters someone unfamiliar…) (Huh? That’s…) Dad! Dad! Dad, I’m scared! What’s wrong, baby? A scary thing appeared. (Better be scared!) Who are you? Who are you? I’m the frog’s human friend. The frog’s human friend is here. (A happy ending in triplet theater) Taeyoung and Rohui go somewhere. It’s a baby fair where all good mothers go. He even goes to baby fairs? I always go to baby fairs. There are stuff for that season that’s needed. I can go see the products and buy them for cheap. This time I’m going to get Rohui a sippy cup and snacks. I want to see if they have dried vegetables. There are so many people here, Rohui. (They arrive at the snack stand) Is there snacks for an 8-month-old? (I have to taste what Rohui will eat) Try it. We have plenty of fruit. – I want to get veggie snacks. / – Really? If you get 5 bags of veggie snacks that’s $10 in cash. 5 is too many. Let me just get 2 bags. I can’t buy just 2? How many months old can the baby be? – Can they keep… / – She can keep eating this… After she turns 6 months. It expires in 1 year. I’ll take 5 bags then. – Just veggies? / – Yes. – Here you go. / – Thank you. (He picks out a hat this time…) How does that look? (A white one this time) (She’s even chic in a cute hat) This one has a really unique design. (I like it because it’s unique) (Some earmuffs) How’s this? Which one will Taeyoung choose? Let’s just get this. We want people to think you’re a girl. Let’s go. Thank you. Do you have a mesh scooper? Not in mesh… I need a mesh scooper… How much sodium is in this? This has 80mg. I’m looking for around 55mg. Taeyoung is a wise consumer and only buys what he needs after checking thoroughly. He’s been going around the fair for an hour. Rohui. Daddy… Is here to buy things you need. But what I need is something to drink. A cup of grape juice please. (Rohui has her eyes on the juice) (Dad, share some with me) This is mine. (Rohui gets some baby snacks) (Nom, nom) You don’t look at mine now that you have your own. (Yum) (This is the stuff!) (She shows her emotions with her eyebrows) (Then she becomes chic again) (Feeding room) Rohui, is it time for your milk? Let’s see the time. How many months is your baby? 7 months. I see. She’s 8 months. What a pretty friend. – She’s a girl, right? / – Yes. I thought so! She’s so pretty! You’re the first person to think she’s a girl. – Really? / – They all think she’s a boy… And call her handsome. She doesn’t have much hair either. Just like your baby. My baby’s hair grew a lot. Try rubbing some lotion on her head. The kind you rub on the baby’s body. Rubbing it on the head helps hair grow? A bit. There’s a difference. – So… / – I’d better try that. I rubbed oil on my baby’s head. Rohui, you’re tired? You’re tired? Rohui, it’s time for your milk. (I’ll make it good) (All he has to do is add water and mix up) What the… What the… What did I just do? What a terrible mistake. Sit here for a bit. I’m thankful that you can even sit. You don’t have to walk yet. I thought I that was milk on my jeans… I thought that was milk on my pants. (Rohui’s milk was delayed due to cleaning up) (Sucks as soon as it touches her lips) I didn’t even check the temperature. It’s okay, right? I bet you were thirsty. Rohui and Taeyoung come back home. Come here. Let’s go wash up. (Time to wash up for bed) (I’ll wash you up nice and clean) (Wets a towel) (Washes her face thoroughly) (What’s this yellow post-it on the mirror?) (What’s this?) What is this? Mommy left a note here? Eugene posted post-its filled with encouragement and requests all over the house the first morning. (Of course in the fridge too…) (Send me plenty of photos and video clips of Rohui) (Since I won’t see her for 48 hours! Please!) (Post-its all over the house) (Even in the bathroom…) (Please honey, do not ever get angry at Rohui!) (He didn’t see it on his first day…) (A post-it in the closet) (He didn’t see it when he got ready to go out) (Looks like Taeyoung was really busy for 2 days…) (I finally see this now…) I don’t get angry at Rohui. I’ll do my best. For our baby. It’s time for Rohui to go to bed. (Putting Rohui to sleep with white noise) (And of course Taeyoung’s trademark bounce) (But Rohui…) (Doesn’t look like she’ll fall asleep) How strange. So you don’t want to go to sleep. Am I forcing you to go to bed? No? ‘Let me take your temperature for now’ Let’s see. Ah. No fever. Strange… She’s never like this. I’ll turn the lights out. (Taeyoung is worried about Rohui) (He tries to put her to sleep again…) (He tries changing location…) (The white noise doesn’t seem to work) (He tries singing a lullaby…) (Times passes by) (It’s been almost 2 hours) Thankfully, Rohui fell asleep. Now Taeyoung can breathe easy. (He’s careful as Rohui might wake up) (Taeyoung goes to the kitchen afterwards) (He soaks the rice for tomorrow’s baby food) (Taeyoung looks back on the day) We should give her less milk… Taeyoung was confident in child-rearing. Mix in 200ml and leave out 20ml. But what you know and putting it to use is different. He learned a lot while Eugene wasn’t there and he was alone with Rohui. (Taeyoung lies down with the baby belt on again) (He falls asleep right away…) (3 a.m.) Late at night… That’s when he realized… That he forgot to eat dinner. (Just eats soup with rice in it without side dishes) That’s when Taeyoung finally got to eat something. (You’re inexperienced but don’t worry) (That’s all a part of becoming a parent) Let’s check on the twins now. Seoeon! Dog! Seoeon, come here. The kids’ cafe looks empty on a Saturday night. (It’s too quiet) Should I invite some kids? Seoeon, what do you say? – Would you like that? / – Yes. Seojun. Seojun. – Should I invite some neighborhood kids? / – Yes. – Should I? / – Yes. Seoeon. Look. – Yes. / – Look at me. Look here. 1, 2, 3. Click! (Why a photo?) (Focused) Looks like Hwijae wants to invite the twins’ friends. To all the fathers watching their kids this weekend, how about an impromptu get-together? We’ll keep it short and sweet and end at 9:30. To all dads that bring their kids, beverages on me. Post. It’s up. (How many fathers will come?) I just wanted to spend maybe 30 minutes to an hour with fathers like me that are alone watching their kids on the weekend and talk about child-rearing. (You think it’ll be a success?) I think there has to be at least 300 fathers watching their kids alone on the weekend. I got 153 likes already. It hasn’t even been a minute. What if… Like 10,000 people show up? Like a guerilla concert… “This is my first time I regret not being a father.” “Where’s the goofball?” I’d better get a picture of the goofball. Goofball. Get over here. Hey! Come on! It’s me! Dad! There. Done. I love you, goofball. (Chic) (Frowning) What do we do about your face? – Look, dad. / – Look at this. Look at your face. No. Seojun, how many people do you think will show? I don’t know. – You don’t know? / – I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. Seoeon. How many people do you wish will come? A lot. – You want a lot of people to come? / – Yes. Good boy. Will many people come as Seoeon hopes? (Did someone come?) (Quiet) It was nothing… (His SNS is blowing up with likes and comments) There are many dads that come alone on the weekends. There has to be a ton in this neighborhood. The twins seem excited and unaware of how anxious Hwijae is. (He reads each comment) (A hopeful comment) Someone wrote, “I’m coming now.” (Coming now?) But it’s a woman. A foreigner. (Sad) – Thank you. / – Wow, that looks good. Dad, what’s that? This is mine. Say ah. Dad, what is this? Strawberry smoothie. (Savors) It’s no good. I think it’s good. It’s bad. No, give me a lot. – A lot? / – Yes. (Big scoop) (But his expression) (So sour) (A bit tart?) (The strawberry smoothie makes him wink) Give that to me please. Seojun. Are you a dog? (Gets into his role) – Are you a Yorkshire Terrier? / – Dog. – Or are you a poodle? / – Dog. What are you doing? Doggy. Good. Are you a doggy? What are you? Sounds like a big dog. (I’m here too!) (Bark!) That’s scary. Right? That was a Chihuahua. That’s a poodle. I’m a German Shepherd. (Bark!) – Ma’am. / – Yes. – Tomato and strawberry… / – Yes. – Banana and strawberry. / – Banana… Please give me one. Here you go. Thank you. Here. That’s your favorite. An hour passes by… (Startled) Someone came! (Finally) (Someone came?) I guess not. I guess not. – Is it the person next door? / – Person next door? Cut this please. Hold on. Chop. Cut this please. – Chop. / – Chop. Enjoy. Thank you. I… I want strawberry. I don’t think so. Even after an hour, none of the fathers have contacted Hwijae. (My kid is over 20. Can I still go?) What should I do? What is it, dad? – Dad. / – Yes. (Glances) Why do you look like that? – Why do you look like that? / – Huh? Why do I look like this? Because… I’m nervous. You’re nervous. Because… I invited the people in the neighborhood but nobody came. I think they’ll come soon. – You think so? / – Yeah. Thanks. Thanks for the kind words. We have 20 minutes left. Last ditch effort… I’ll post a video clip. Just one time… Seoeon, say, “Come quickly.” Say, “Come quickly.” – Come quickly! / – Good. You too, Seojun. Say, “Come quickly.” Come quickly. Thank you. Thank you. – Thank you. / – What’s with the thank you? Seoeon, say, “Come quickly.” – Come quickly! / – Good. Say, “Come quickly.” – Come quickly! / – Good. You too, Seojun. Say, “Come quickly.” Come quickly. (Nervous) (Please, just one group…) Time cruelly passes by… (Sigh…) (Worn out) – Dad, bye-bye. / – I… Okay, bye-bye. I… – Bye, dad. / – Okay, bye. I was delusional when I thought 10,000. Not even one person came. I got 153 likes already. What if… Like 10,000 people show up? (He regrets what he said) (I was too thoughtless…) (He reads the comments) Gosh. Goodness… (Time keeps passing by) (It’s over) Only 1 minute left until the meeting ends. (Walking) Unfortunately, that’s how the first event ended. Boys, let’s go! I’m going home! No! (Wait for us) Dad. – Can we play a little longer? / – Huh? (Tries to act happy) I hope your next event is a success. I think that parent’s that watch their kids don’t have time for SNS. And I think it was a bit late. Next time I try this I’ll set an earlier time so that more people can come. Dads watching their kids right now… Hang in there! Where are Sarang and Sunghoon? Goodness… Do you know where we are, Sarang? Show me. (Lift) (Kids Sarang’s age learning to swim) Grandma swims. You like swimming too. So you can learn here and show off your skills later. – You can put your head in the water. / – Yeah. Let’s go. Let’s get your bathing suit on. The teacher will be here soon. 1, 2, 3. Tell the teacher to be good to you. Got it? The teacher’s a former swimmer. – I want to go in now. / – Hold on. Say hello first. You have to say hello to your teacher. Here she is. – Who will be Sarang’s swimming teacher? / – Hello. Hi, Sarang. Sarang really loves the pool, swimming and the water. I took her to a pool but I never taught her how to swim properly. We just played in the water. That was fun and all but I asked Darae if she could teach Sarang. – 1, 2… / – No, no. 1, 2… Sarang, we’re at the pool! Your favorite place. Say hello. Hi. Hi. Sarang will learn to swim with kids her age. – We’re going to warm up. / – Warm up. 1, 2, 3, 4… 5, 6, 7, 8. – Spin. / – 1, 2, 3, 4… 5, 6, 7, 8. (Stretch) Very good. Sarang, sit here. You learn together. I’ll be over there. Sarang, can you do the backstroke? (Learn well, Sarang) Kicking. That’s it. Ready… Start. (Splash, splash) More, more, more. Harder, harder. (Motivated) (Darae starts to laugh) Why are you so strong? Sarang. You’re so good. 10 more times. Start. So where’s Sunghoon? While Sarang learns to swim, he enjoys some alone time. (Swimming while pushing off the ground) (Looks like he’s in a hot spring) (Darae, teach her well) Take one each. Put your goggles on. Kicking? I’ll teach you. Start. You kick like this. Start. Start. (Sarang does well despite it being her first time) Sarang. Sarang. (Trying hard) She’s never learned before… Sarang. Your kicking is great. Follow the other kids. They’re ahead of you. Sarang. (Proud) This time… You three will start at the same time. Ready… Put your goggles on. Ready… That’s cheating, Sarang. This is Sarang’s first time learning to swim. – Start! / – Will she do a good job? Who’s going to win 1st? Come this way. No cheating. Hurry if you want to win 1st. (Very close) (A close race in a tight space) (Let’s go, Sarang) (This won’t do) (Sarang slightly changes direction) Sarang, are you okay? Why are you coming this way? Faster, faster, faster. Harder, harder. Harder. Sarang is in 1st! Sarang is in 1st! Sarang is in 1st! Sarang is in 1st! Faster, faster, faster…. Sarang is in 1st! Sarang is in 1st! (Big smile) Sarang! That’s amazing, Sarang. (Proud) I was shocked when I saw that. That was her first time swimming with a kickboard. I saw her from the side and she was fast. And when I saw her win 1st, I was kind of happy. I actually felt really happy. I realized she takes after my mom. Next is running on buoys. Jump. (A pompous entrance) (And a pompous exit) Nice! (Sarang goes too) (Nervous) (Sunghoon messes around) What? (I’m scared) (It’s Sunghoon’s water park) (It starts as soon as it opens) Dads are always like this. Sarang, it’s okay. (You’re so mean, dad) (Sorry) Sorry, sorry. Sarang, don’t cry. Go up there. Sarang, you go up. Go up. Let’s go up. (Sunghoon backs off after making her cry) Sarang starts to have fun with the other kids and forgets she ever cried. Kids. A monster is coming from behind. (Scary) (Monster Choo advances at a scary pace) (Advancing Monster Choo) (Terrified) (Roar) (The kids all take the plunge) (Hehe) (Here I come again) (Here we come) (Monster Choo shows no mercy) (Let’s run away) (One kid is caught by Monster Choo) (Splash) (Nervous) (Monster Choo looks for his next target) I got you, Sarang! Sarang, I got you! (Throw) (Sarang cannonball) (Another fun day thanks to Sunghoon) In the next chapter, the Supermen are for hire. This has been years. The Superman dads hit the scene to help parents struggling with child-rearing. Thank you. – I’ll be back. / – Alright, bye. Will the Supermen succeed? I can do this. I can do this! Good. Good. Very good. Look at him. The kids even pitch in. And the final chapter for Song Ilkook and the triplets. I’m going to make mom’s rice with this. Yeah, we’ll make rice with that. This way. What’s your mom’s name? Jeong San. – Excuse me? / – Jeong San… The triplets have grown enough to express their love to their mom. See you next time! The Return of Superman. Chapter 116. “I Love You, I Love You, I Love You.” Don’t miss it.

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