– [Narrator] Dogumentary TV, producing the best breed
documentaries on YouTube. (dog bark) (slow hip hop music) – My name’s Treavor Frost, and I’m the owner of the Real King Frances. He’s a European Doberman Pinscher. The Doberman Pincher is man’s best friend, not only for protection,
but also for loyalty. You will not find that
in any other dog breed. He’s always there for me no matter what. Whether it’s protection work, playing, going to the store, going
to the bathroom with me, he always wants to be
everywhere that I’m at. And for that reason, he’s my best friend. I think the fact that Dobermans were bred to be a personal protection dog has a lot to do with how they
interact with their humans. They like to be around
more, they pay attention to their owner or their
handler a lot more than some dogs that I see out in public, who could care less what’s happening with the owner or what the owner’s doing. My dog wants to know everything
that I’m doing every second. The day I told my mom I was
getting a Doberman Pinscher (laughs), the first thing
out of her mouth is, no you’re not getting a
Doberman Pinscher (laughs). And, like all boys do,
I went against the grain and booked a flight up to
West Coast Doberman Ranch and had a dog within
the next six months, so. But, after all the training and after all the stuff that I’ve done with my dog, I think my mom is probably the biggest Doberman Pinscher fan out there. (upbeat drum tune) My mom came up to me one day, when I was going to get my dog, and she goes, what about King Frances? And I said, wow. There are so many dog names
that people wanna name, they throw around names that are masculine or feminine or trendy at the time, I named my dog after a person that was a big part of my life, and
her name was Frances King, and when I got a male dog, and flipped it backwards, and here we are. (upbeat drum tune) I got King Frances May 5th of 2016. And he’ll be three years old on April 1st. First dog that I’ve had in my adult life, I grew up with dogs but
they were never really mine. So my relationship with
my dog is the world to me. (soft chime tune) (laughs) We’re getting deep (laughs). Before I got my dog I was faced with a traumatic life experience. I suffer from PTSD and depression. I wouldn’t be here if
it wasn’t for my dog. I would be inside my house,
not engaging in public. I wouldn’t be doing anything
if it wasn’t for this dog, so, the fact that the dog has
got me out into public and engaging back with humans really, really means the world to me. It’s something that I didn’t wanna do, I shut myself down from a lot
of people that were around me. I surrounded myself with people
that I shouldn’t be around, and he’s really helped
me regain my confidence, and facing my fears and getting out there and being healthy and
being a productive person. (long synth tune) I originally got my dog as a pet, I really wasn’t interested
in making my dog a service animal because
I had PTSD and depression, it was more of I got the
dog ’cause I needed a buddy, I really needed a buddy
at the time, and then, through watching all,
documentaries about the breed, everything there is to
know about the breed, it led us on a journey
through protection sports and through agility
work and basic obedience up to advanced obedience,
these dogs constantly want to be loved and
working and doing more to unlock what’s going
on inside their brain. I think it’s very important
that, when you have a Doberman, you are unlocking all those capabilities that lay beneath them, the dog. After I got King Frances, things definitely took a
quick turn around, I would say having a high-drive dog,
having a working dog, having a dog that wants to be in action, I had to really get involved quick, I had to get involved quick in the community and do my research, find out his strengths, not all dogs are gonna
be a protection dog, not all dogs wanna bite,
not all dogs wanna work. Something that we found in him was that he wanted to do everything
and just wanted to keep going, so he was basically, I would say, the propellant in getting me to engage in those things that I never thought I would be doing, so I would say he was pushing me just as much as I was pushing him. The emotional connection that we have is, I would say, super deep. Anytime that I’m feeling
sad or I’m not all there, he’s always there every morning, he’s putting his head on
me, he’s, I would say, is very in tune with how I’m thinking, whether it be anger or
depression, he’s always there. You can see (laughs) right now, I get a little choked
up, he wants to stand up, he can’t be over there, off in the bushes, he’s right next to me all the
time, and it’s comforting. (bright chime tune) Our Instagram is really taking off. I do basic to advanced dog training, so we have a couple dogs that
I’ve been taking care of, and I’m doing some boarding and training, weekly workouts with the dog,
for a lot of older people that can’t really get out with their dogs, so just engaging in the dog community and trying to help people
out, make people smile. That’s what we really
try to do with our page, we don’t ever, I don’t like
to show a lot of bite work, and I don’t like to show a
lot of our advanced obedience because I think it steers
people in the wrong direction, getting their dogs to do
stuff when they really shouldn’t be getting their dog to sit in the middle of an intersection and wave while cars are going
by to get a great shot. It’s stupid, and so many
people do this kinda stuff. So we just go with more fashion, showing strong poses, in cool
areas with lots of color. A lot of people are
influenced about what they see on the Internet and I
think it has a downside. When I saw the Dogumentary TV video where the dog saved my
life with Dave Mullican at Real Deal Dog Training,
it was an excellent video, and it was very real when I saw that, I saw that and I was like wow, that dog was in tune to his surroundings and saved Dave’s life that day. But my dog saves my life
everyday, that’s for sure, everyday I wake up, he’s there, everyday I come home, he’s there, he’s with me 24 hours a day, and this dog has been with me 24 hours a
day for almost three years. So I’m Treavor Frost, the
owner of the Real King Frances, you can follow us on our Instagram page, The Real King Frances, and we love to hear from you
guys, thank you very much. (upbeat hip hop song) ♪ There’s a sparkle in your eyes ♪ ♪ I feel the warmth of your skin ♪ ♪ Just the touch of your hand ♪ ♪ Makes me tremble within ♪


  • This just shows that it don’t matter what you’re going through or how bad you got it, that a DOG can and will get you through it. Mans best friend.

  • Hope hes feeding it a food thats trial tested so he won't have a greater risk of DCM since thats already such a killer in dobies

  • King is thick but he cut the wind. Great velcro boy. I miss mine. Once you go Dobe you never go back. They read their human like a book.

  • What a beautiful boy. I feel you brother, my Dobbie was everything to me too. They help us and compliment our lives so much. We are better because of them and our life is enhanced through them.
    God bless 👍🏽

  • Always have been my favorite breed. I used to compete in Schutzhund many years ago and always had a Doberman. We are down to one lap dog now as health no longer allows me to own and properly train and give a Doberman what it deserves. Congratulations on King Frances and your relationship with him. I have had many, many different breeds of dogs and Dobermans are still my favorite. Stick with European lines if you want a Doberman that is more like the original dogs that Louis Von Doberman created. The American lines have become way too fine and the protection and working drives are slowly being removed from many American bred Dobermans. Great video, best wishes.

  • I absolutely fucken live these dogs and the breeders that work hard to keep them what they are, however I just can not agree with the ear and tail mutilation. Sorry

  • Give glory to the Most High (GOD) for providing you with an outlet to help uplift your spirit. The dog is a means to an end rather the source of your happiness. Peace and blessings

  • Amazing video man! And a great example of a doberman (even with the slightly long dock :P)! Thanks for what you do!

  • Great video. Beautiful dog who is helping a beautiful spirit.
    Completely understand your break down, as I, myself are in a similar situation. I walk with my dogs daily and it helps in such a huge way.
    Great video, Sir.

  • Nothing quite like the dobie as an awesome buddy. They like other people but really their world revolves around their humans. They have a much different mentality than a typical pet breed.

  • Some people who own dogs of other breeds are super jealous of the Doberman. They wish it was their chosen breed that had the story of the Doberman. They wish their chosen breed was comprised of so many impressive dog breeds.

    Doberman lovers don't approach Pitbull owners and tell them that their Doberman can outfight or fight just as good as a Pit. Dobie owners don't approach German Shepherd owners and claim that the Doberman can herd sheep just as good as their Shepherd can do.

    But some owners of these breeds love to insist that their dog has the same qualities of the Doberman. It isn't so and if it was true then Karl Dobermann would have simply put a leash on a German Shepherd or a Rott and went on his tax collecting rounds.

    The Doberman is the dog of choice and that is made obvious by the claims of others to have a dog that is just like a Doberman. Those dogs are not as fast, alert or obedient as a good Doberman.


  • You could not pick a better breed for your situation and I am so happy to hear about your incredible bond. I adopted a Dobie from a horrible situation some time ago and after only being with me for less than two months, she proved amazing loyalty to me (even though she was initially distrusting of humans due to her prior 'owners'). When I adopted her, I already had a German Shepherd along with a Great Dane and one night, my front door blew open because the latch failed and a strong storm blew it open. I woke up at two in the morning because I could hear the trees blowing loudly outside. I jumped out of bed in a panic once I realized that the door was open and I frantically called my dogs to make sure they were still in the house. The Shepherd and the Dane took the opportunity to go out the door but the Doberman stayed right by my bed. I jumped into my car and found the other two dogs about 15 minutes later. They were 3/4 of a mile away when I located them. The Doberman was remarkable to stay by my side and not follow the other two out of the door. I will never forget that. Dobermans are wonderful dogs.

  • One of the best dogumenturies I have seen. Its hard to find good Dobies now a day. They are such great dogs. Thanks for a video! 👍


  • Trevor…..Frances is gorgeous. That's coming from a Ch. Labradors show breeder….boy would I like to show him in the ring. Hes got a great top line, bone, neck and his head is perfect. Terrific Boy Terrific pair. Thnx

  • Sorry to see that ugly spikey collar.
    After basic training,it should be done with.
    He's not Really a "best friend " if he still has to wear it.
    It's a training tool , but then be done with it. Or it's shows the owner is insecure about their connection and RESPECT. Both ways.
    I raised German Shepherds, Both breeds are powerful dogs and very loyal and intelligent animals.
    My question is…. is necessary anymore.
    BLESSINGS to you guy .
    Thank you for your service ♡♡♡

  • Great job buddy! Be proud in your journey but please please don’t kid yourself in thinking your Dobe is a “real deal protection dog”. Protection sports is NOT the same as hardcore personal protection training or hardcore police K9 training. 99% of people just don’t get this reality. Your Dobe is a great therapy pet helping you with your PTSD. That is great! But ask yourself a honest question…… How would your dog handle a violent thug assailant beating the fuck out of your dog??? A REAL dog will unleash hell despite the cracked ribs, broken foreleg, teeth knocked out from nasty kicks. Those (K9handlers) that have experienced this know what I am talking about. Sport training does NOT train for reality!!

  • Good looking Dobe. Once you get a Dobe…Dobe for life. An absolutely amazing breed. Got lots of heart, fantastic with kids, super athletic and have a rugged sense of humor. He's so right, DON'T train a Dobe to be mean or aggressive rather teach him to control both and be confident. Best of luck with the PTSD, I am a Veteran (67th Combat Support), and I know how you feel and how recovery is essential with a Dog buddy by your side.

  • If you truly loved your dog why the hell would you put a pinch collar on it…. all these cause is pain and uncomfort…

  • Why people try put spandex and a red cape on the breed they like!He's a dog, every trait you value in him can be found in other breeds. Nice looking Dobe though.

  • Wow. Impressive Dobie man! Both in look/structure and smarts. Glad you found a companion who gives you purpose. You can tell he is all about you! Respect.

  • 1:53 dat laugh 😂😂
    When I will buy it my mother will have a very similar reaction
    At 4:48 —felt so bad ….. dogs can seriously help you overcome anything ❤️

  • I always wanted a doberman but i really don't think I can afford buying one 😭
    They are expensive

  • When he said about loyalty, "you will not find that in any other dog breed" , he probably should habe said in my opinion.

  • Zeke you spread hope…. You don't know how many lives you've changed…. I have terminal cancer and my Corso gives me hope & a reason to get up every day…

  • That dog is very handsome true to form perfect gait perfect example of dobermann however european dobermans are not as large, i think this is an american dobermann

  • Been binging on your videos. My wife says I'm obsessed lol.. I just love dogs can't wait to own some soon

  • something about your vids makes me feel that the doberman is the breed that best matches what im looking for in a dog…! great vids back to back as long as i've been subbed! keep up the great work!

  • wow…majestic dobie. i hav a 3 yr gal myself. i excatly know how u feel brother. she is my strength and is in tune with my highs and lows…remarkable selection.

  • Brother may Yahweh bless you always pray to the father and his name he will also help help you I have a doberman European red girl she is awesome and everything you said is correct 100% Yahweh bless you in Yahshua HALLYLU YAH

  • Very emotional video , great relationship , I m looking forward for a second dog along with my old akita inu female next year ,I had a doberman ,was perfect, but now I didn t decide yet between dobermann and presa canario

  • Heló yours dobermans ser very beautiful and they are a great dogs i have a one brown and i love he

  • Hi
    I saw your video with King FRANCES when you start crying it really made me cry because I was in a depression too and I went and got a Doberman myself to get out of the loneliness. I know how you feel,

  • truth? …losing a Dobermann hurts. More than once… the reaction I hear from Dobermann owners, if or when one dies is – "I don't want to get another one right now, maybe in a few years" – don't want to depend on anyone or any thing that much right away.

  • The fact that he can’t even imagine life without his dog is exactly how I felt when I would think about losing my pit bull she just recently died. I now have a 9 week old blue Doberman. As someone who suffers with depression also the only thing that keeps me going is my toddlers and my puppy.

  • Dobermans get a bad rep because of bad people who trained Dobermans to be vicious I've known plenty of Dobermans and they were all great lovable dogs

  • Was his tail docked improperly? Appears too long. Not a critique, just curious.

    Dogs are way beyond Man's Best Friend!

  • I've had Dobes too – and a Beauceron – the devotion of the Beauceron is the same – some believe that it was used in the breeding/development of the Dobe.

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