The Puppy Trials

OK PUPS! ATTENTION! Time for work! Panda, get over here! Codi, Stop chewing on Mocha’s tail! Jodi…UGH. This is going to be a long night. Now pups, listen up. If, ahem, WHEN you get adopted, your owners
are going to expect you to pay attention and behave yourselves. Mo! I’m talking to you You must learn the basics. Does anyone know “sit”? Oh boy. They will expect you not to pee on everything
too. Goldie, are you following that rule? OK…long night of training. But it will be worth it. Hopefully. PUPPIES! Attention! Good pups! Now lay down! Mo! DOWN! OK, Roll over! Panda, roll over! All right, drop the toys. Drop it! NOW! Drop it! Well, it’s an improvement. Now…stay. Next…Come! Peanut, COME! Well, we gave it our best. Good luck out there, pups. Aw, look at all these sleepy puppies! They sure are calm…and so well-behaved! It’s so cute! I want it! Let’s get that one! Aww, can we please get, he’s so soft, and… It’s so cute! I want it, I want it, I want it! Peanut, come! Well done, pups! All that hard work has paid off. I’ll miss you, pups. I sure would like to have someone to keep
me company around the house. It’d be nice to have a dog around. This guy reminds me of my old partner on the
police force. I think I’d like to take this dog home with
me. So long animal shelter, hello new life.

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