The Puffins’ Mating Ground | Wild Nordic

to the north are an annual summer retreat for
one of the strangest creatures in the Arctic. [birds chirping] Around 160,000 puffins vacation
here for a couple of months every year. [flapping] Summer is the puffins’
breeding season, when they get to know each other. They build nests
in rock crevices and in holes among the stones. [orchestral music] And, of course, fill up on fish. They are capable fliers
and even better swimmers. And puffins are one of the few
birds that can hold many fish in their beaks at once. Their raspy tongues give them
just the right kind of grip, so they can bring back
fresh fish for their young. Puffins usually mate for
life, and both parents will share the responsibility
of caring for the young. Similar to penguins,
the flightless birds of the other pole. But despite their similar
colors, they are not related. The puffins’ bright-colored
bills match their feet, but only during
the mating season. Before summer is done, they’ll
shed that colorful outer layer and head back out to sea with
smaller dung-colored beaks. While they don’t mind chatting
up a storm now, once at sea, they remain perfectly silent.

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