Kong is about to meet his new sister Aria, who is right there Ay y’all Good Morning Logang what’s poppin’! I know what you guys are thinking Logan? Why do you look so good? Maybe you’re not thinking that but yo know maybe Brendan. Why do you look so good there? There is a reason; it’s because we haven’t slept that is a fact we went out to the club time *stutter* An hour ago, I think an hour ago Yeah, double fact, and if you look baby lock them doors and turn the lights down low we got the morning voices But now we have to head to the airport Rome. I just want to say te amo Italia a2a Bellissimo, I just combined languages, but hot damn I really am gonna miss this place. It’s beautiful. I’m also gonna miss you Hayden Sorry for waking you up Sorry There is no time to waste. We figure it would be better You just stay up through the night. Enjoy Rome have fun with the nightlife and then go right to the airport I have actually done this before which the OG lo gangsters might remember, but yeah, we’re gonna miss a plane What what we have to go now, bro. We gotta go now Italy how you bought the shove three savages in a small ass elevator You mean like today no oh you, bro, anyway good good good morning so yeah This is one of those very real vlog like I make this so when I’m like 50 years old I could come back and watch Him be like oh yeah, that’s what happened. Yeah. It’s the magic of the vlog life. That’s why I do it Yeah, if you were not a part of the logang make sure to subscribe. We are a family We’re changing the world every single day so hit the button for me imma wait. I’m away You hit the button you hit the button? Alright, dub-dub-dub, let’s go to the airport Yeah, oh, you know what I just remembered roommate evan has got a new dog literally there is an American I think it’s a pitbull terrier brand new puppy. What uh Brendon name name name, Aria, Aria, Aria There’s a baby puppy in my house. You can bet your ass I’m gonna use that for click bait and thumb nail also one question someone Please tell me who decided to put a snail Outside of the airport next to what is this a Lemur? the meerkat a meerkat, what next what is the fuck? I just don’t get it, but Italia I still love you Ciao I do it. Oh my gosh Are you in the lo game no forever, bro you can’t stop I Respect The low game is too strong no I’m wondering if the Italian police like Stamped my past or like put it in the system that like I’m not allowed to come back, and I like am I deported It’s like this is taking a bit longer than I had expected Milan straight through like no issues, dude. They like I’m I’m blacklisted Italy like I’m a Tiamo I said it before am I banned from my legal You’re not you’re not really. They said no really so there’s like I can assure you I’m a good, Ohio boy have great credit. I got a good family the low gang I got the hottest merch in the game. You don’t be a maverick local pawn You know oh We got a locator go with the line for like customs to get into the United States looks like that. No. This is not cool They let me up front because they recognize me, but I gotta split I’ll do as many splitters. I need come not waned in that we haven’t blogged this But no joke we’ve been walking for like two miles we two miles I’m gonna check my step counter on my life is engine, bro. This is like this whole airport everything is just maximize kind of like my Vince alright let’s one point Okay, it is official. Oh this is fun That’s a good time in case you want to get to know the person next to you. Oh, maybe she’s the babe who wants to? Make some cookies. Oh, I have officially been awake for 24 hours. That’s right Logan. I pulled an all-nighter We are in the spaceship section of the plane mama mia by the way Brendan. No good. Oh, this is my first time flying First wait wait wait actually. Oh my god. Call the first class this is business You a friend normally Logan puts me in the back of the plane yo listen budgets are tight. I’m just kidding, bro Y’all smooth to Mars man my boy can do business I don’t know where to get it, Logan Paul Cosmo, okay, so I called this time trap clearly? I’m I’m exhausted There’s a lot of things in my system that shouldn’t be in my system And I’m literally going to close my eyes in time travel to Los Angeles Where by the way, it’s gonna be like the same time as it is here now We let go back in time with time travel. Oh, yeah, she’ll be fun all right Back in Los Angeles, baby, that’s time cameraman Brendan. I gotta ask. How was your first class experience? We are both extremely tired anyways yeah straight-up time travel We slept the entire time, but we’re still both exhausted. We feel sick definitely sick definitely sit right look at my shoes, bro I’m the most wretched mother threat this Airport will ratchet in you Okay, also yo Brendan. I remembered during the play cuz I was laying on my back I got cut last night, dude, and do you remember I fell guys on the metal railings if he’s that bad That’s pretty bad yeah, okay, you should get that cleaned up. Okay, literally fell on the metal railing I probably need a tetanus shot who knows what kind of diseases? I have but I want to say G means get out of look And I was weird we okay look immediately. We are getting back to the grind or through emails and stuff right now We have a big week coming up like like a big week. Yo we get the yeti back tomorrow. Thank God Yeah, it’s been hot right. It’s like you mystified it, but I can’t sit in the backseat of your charge right now It’s a challenger. It’s a Dodge Challenger challenge. I know a plus bro imagine the driving with Evan segments in the Rap that thing is fixed because as you guys know the lady hit it and I decked it out like they’re like it’s not gonna Be the same car, but it’s a straight-up monster now then I’m gonna late night. Talk show later this week Oh, we do we get the cool bass back This thing is Insane might have to live in this soon. No no oh yeah that too We are gonna be homeless this week because as y’all know where you getting kicked out and we have not yet found a house Sick so that’s gonna be interesting. Also. We’re shooting a music video for a song you guys may remember It’s called out of my hair’s a lot of stuff. Okay. Let’s focus on right now. I miss my boy maverick I miss song the savage I miss my roommate Evan I sort of Miss Lydia Because she’s taking care of Kong. I purposely had lady. I take Kong away from my house. Oh my god Oh, this is a good sign, bro. I had Kong separate Kong from Evans new puppy aria What who did I say come what you hadn’t come separate comb I said I had Kong separate Kong yep It’s been a rough night. It’s to Peter. It’s been a rough day. I had Lydia separate cars from Aria We could get the meeting for the first time ever on camera No cos call cogs getting a new sister straight up except to be honest They’re probably getting probably not gonna be brother and sister feel that Kong’s good Definitely try to like hump her a lot so that would make them like husband and wife eventually I don’t know. We’ll see what happens. Let’s go see this puppy bro quit paws I told you guys we were getting right back to work. It’s my Business I know The Maverick Enterprise is no joke you know something you don’t know though. I don’t know a lot of things I’ve got a new dog in there right now. Yes, that’s what we’re going to I’m so happy Come out if you’re in the low gang don’t come out you’re not coming in He’s an adult now You know you’ve matured with them no no he gets a dog Okay Let’s go see this probably shouldn’t be yeah, I know for germs and bird flu and shit. I’ll be back No, I will be back wait. Where’s your dog Lydia has him? That’s some samurai Separated they’re gonna meet later. It’s gonna be epic click subscribe look at the shop Every bro, it’s good to see you, dude. I wish I could say the same. Oh, okay, it’s 4:15 right now. What’s doing that? I’m doing now Kevin you really outdone yourself, bro, we have another girl in the house officials. You know a girl in the house We get the legs bro. She’s posted up Just like a frog the question is are you gonna train her at the same time of training calm? I think called wall overdue for training. Yeah I’m saying, but you look like you’ve been training and like you’re follow the rules he’s not doing that. I don’t know I don’t follow You can’t meet or hang out with calls like another month Or a shot yet – she does meet poems she’d get a heart worm and killers. Yo this just got so depressing so quick Yo, I hate you don’t Levin you can’t what oh sweet oh Don’t Levin sucks we want Evan back. Where’s that? Who you want We want Evan yep You’ll see Brendan. It’ll be worth it neighbors like Logan bag It’s a little too big Rewind how do you? Say that he started the a before he finished the domain music Let’s go protests we want we want We want Evan we want Evan we want evidence we keep you though, we’ll keep our yeah, yeah Are you do you know where evidence why do you sound like ass what do I sound like ass yeah? Let me tell you about the night. We’ve had we didn’t sleep we got all right on the plane time traveled wrote like Brendan, and I are both a ratchet as You tell you’re gross both you guys. Thanks Wow Thanks, Jeff. Yo this puppies so cute. I do think Brendan. Yeah, we should get cleaned off, bro Okay, so you don’t live here. I don’t wait. I don’t know I Know we have probably don’t live here either in the very near future. I think you go home Okay Yeah, bro like you should just go home reset I’m gonna do that too, then we’ll rendezvous after our Jeff and I do some business There’s not really into the dab transitions today a look at me dude. I’ll clean this feels good yo, man My man Brendan is clean. It was good damn, bro. You’re a new man Yeah, so we’re both like we’re both super silly took a toll that is a fact Italians are no Joseph We’re waiting for Lydia right now I told her to come over She has calling who even though Evan said we probably shouldn’t introduce to sister aria is gonna Smell that another dog has been living in his house for the past week and bro his name is calling The Saboteur He don’t take that slightly he’s gonna. Be pissed at me so Evan actually left. He’s not there We just do it like we’re not gonna put him like next to each other or like on top of each other There’s another dog in the house so even like OPA aria indicate I know I’m much better than your dad. I know I know it is freaking little me q brother. You’re so cute well Yeah, I think we keep aria in the cage and then like just like show Kong Are you see how they interact and then we’ll do like a full-on like meetup for another vlog? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dog with eyes. No eyes right okay? You’re gonna meet your brother slash husband slash Boyfriend sue hey no Don’t hate me Because you ain’t me Washing my hands because I don’t want Kong to think I cheated on him by the way uh him in Lydia are outside I miss my boy Hi wow I’m gonna set Kong down let’s see if there’s any like suspicious activity see if he knows is another dog here Oh you hear that gong What’s that noise? Oh, No oh? I’ll call you here. Okay. Yo, I think I think that’s our cue I think we just do it Kong meets his new sister REO for the first time. Let’s do this. Oh my god Kahn’s not barking or anything this is like this is kind of magical you guys can’t interact it But you can look at each other okay? No, I think that’s good. I think we did Olli that was anticlimactic Yeah pretty calm he’s always calm What did you tell me cuz apparently you changed Yeah, because he’s not that everything I know Twice not the Kong. I know I think he was really happy at my place honestly Come on. No way, no one’s happy at your house I’m happy he’s happy Thank you guys for watching we are onto you Lydia We’re know you doing some fishing activities If you are not a part of the low gang make sure to subscribe row we live we pop Be a freaking maverick every day do something different change the world we can’t do that one day But you can sure as hell try And that’s what we do every single day by being different by not being afraid to follow our passion forgetting about what all the haters And naysayers think we are Mavericks, baby. That’s what the logo is that’s what it means copy yourself some maverick merch How does merch in the game looking ball that cop slash shop or link in description, okay? I love y’all I’ll see you tomorrow Oh, oh, oh the Eddie Tomorrow we’re kin big vlog, bro. I’m excited you hear that

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