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are you doing welcome back welcome back
to day and we’re starting off with a bang we have a sick daughter at home who
is not having a good day out of it so and then her mother is a tough cookie
cause she had a big day yesterday and then was up most of the night with her
last night man he always forgets a nice just or great mums are when they jump
into action but yeah so welcome it’s Monday check our promo video and have been here
from the beginning waiting for us to start maybe you have noticed that we
have changed our colors yep it’s time to give things a new look and something
been wanting to do for a little bit we both can want to do for a little bit
yeah I keep saying and there’s never time like everything else so today
finally got some time we’ve been looking on it so I think we’re going in the
right direction so yeah we are changing colors and I as you see
in the honor of color blue color on me today the same is our new colors yeah
the gold is taking a back seat and where those blue the Blue Ridge group you know
it’s spring good summer so it’s time to rejuvenate as well yeah so if you don’t
see the orange color anymore but we’re still there for blue yeah yeah
Cullen was a tribute almost to our old wall in a bit I guess I also get more
gold I guess but the girl the graphic designers with the collar my bitch first
oh yeah no I know it’s like that dress it was circulating last year I think
around Christmastime where some people were seeing it this gold color and some
people not a clue I would have in research dresses in a while and usual
but the viral dresses yeah or they had some bull weight was one dress actually
one dress and some people from actually knew that it was blue and people
definitely knew well it sounds to me like there’s first time I’ve ever had a
hoax on you maybe that’s what I’m gonna start doing tonight
it seems yeah a blue dress that I can wear it tomorrow
did you all diamond ball like some little cartoon with this caught inside
of it out thank you you know I specialize when
sexy sexy oh I told you I’m working at the way well Donna called us see we have
some new names am I just looking through them and I just want to fix that because
there’s too many Grey’s here as you can see in our title tonight in
our preview blue wrench group means that everybody here we’re all equals we all
leave arcane colors at the door are we all here just to enjoy our time so on
the deal adventures so I see in a while ago in the chat you are a moderator six
in the mix which is kind of a cool name also from there you are now a modern era
let’s go down this sexy list of sexy new people here to our already sex it sexy
recurrence to Tuesday adventures good to see you remember you as well you’re a
monitor you get a wrench driver family looks you’re a moderator as well
definitely remember you I think I’ve gotten everybody I’m just going back
through it if I missed you the next time I hear hear hear hear
PR fam TV ad moderator there you go and they’re showing you got that and raised
on oh there’s another one from today 0 J 9 plays if you’re wondering why do we
have a recent gang hashtag in because usually we leave all our affiliations
behind today we are having an amazing game that’s right that’s right
fighting for peace and justice in the world banding together for all that’s
good and watchable on YouTube so later on tonight
those are their family their internet family your supporters and beeps so
please be friendly and welcoming always our copter live stream guys it was a
hoot I mean they’re right on all with it yeah ya know cause he actually buddy
yeah is well stocked because it was a costume change every couple of minutes
there this guy got it goin on when it comes to the headgear and some good look
in the hair at the end – oh yeah it kind of looked like a one point it was like
it looked like a groupie from the Eagles or something like that but he was roller
pool roll call this okay guys I want to give a disclaimer tonight okay cuz this
is very important I need to listen to loud and clear I love my wife dearly she
grew up in Latvia she spoke English she’s been learning since about the age
of three and she does it very well until she gets tired so there might be a few
either twist in some old phrases that we know and love and and if you listen
really carefully really carefully guys through the night you might just hear
some that she makes up on the fly and if it’s something you hear to being
instance of a when the toaster fly south make sure that the garage door isn’t
laughing at you those are the ones of the catch drivers
family love she passed her husband and wife team based in Montreal in Canada we
make videos and photos for the day that’s our business and at the same time
we’re getting up close and personal with YouTube creators from all around the
world every night from Monday to Saturday that’s six times a week at a
p.m. Eastern we are here on the live with faux show that blue ranch
bulliraju group without special gifts and awesome
jewel in the chart and there let’s see who are there in the chat today let’s
see so lots of new pieces as well welcome welcome
Oh Jason 9 plays welcome uh to to OC adventures 6 in the mix that sounds like
a big family I’m not sure what to do yeah I’ve seen them on the chat guys
also tonight side note if any of your new and you’ve joined us or do join us
tonight please leave a comment so I can go check us out as soon as the
livestream is over yeah and welcoming and friendly that’s right if somebody
decides to subscribe to you that’s great that’s just a nice side bonus so to say
but that’s not that way I care so a tth travels beauty and amber yes
bottle caps BR fam TV oh and by the way don’t mind ball caps he keeps us
chuckling around yeah Donny shot show pirate adventure bobbin epic welcome
back did you ran to the store do you have everything
are you ready today Juliet Miranda when a flowerpot is top 200 podcasts on
iTunes which Sun was amazing flask with her very much done to it we are in the
process Andrew got the the Shelf yeah the Shelf is ready now we just have to
put it on there to display all the amazing I can’t believe I’m gonna come
in now generous you guys are videos here that also have who you want
they sent us shirts as soon as everything implies you the code the
tickets the the the tickets you want from the 1892 World Fair yeah I’m
working on to it I want to make some pretty pictures for them and I’m sending
them back to the Cristi canine michael McReynolds welcome
back yes we’re glad to see that you’re enjoying our streams North American
trains on video adventures Philip Cockrum course what are you cooking
tonight Carol they’re original that’s right
first the original runner and this time around travel log hello and other stuff
and for those of you hiding behind the chat just come in and say hi if you can
and if not that’s fine as well Jim apples in here we were saying about
vodka Jim apples couldn’t is come very good he’s actually coming really good Oh housekeeping okay this is going guys weary now hold on dear hedgehogs
well last week on Tuesday we did summer vacation tag yes yeah all right yes we
did a summer vacation tag and we ten questions about summer vacation and at
the end you have to tag some other youtubers to do the challenge as well so
we went and tag em there’s our tweet about that you can check as so the
rabbit down the rabbit hole touring taste buds Mountain survival and
Joey happy Canadian are too morbid ball caps will by the way I don’t know where
is your Twitter channel anymore and J Mapple of course since he’s here
decided to – yeah oh okay we call them out to do a summer vacation
tag as well yep and this we have a first challenge
done first I wouldn’t say comedian
and if his livestream but he was answering questions from summer vacation
tag and at the end for those of you who don’t live in Canada discriminate all
Canadians he’s doing a little contest and you can win some nice Canadian
Living prizes so there is his stream right there go and check it out
after you watch ours just open to the new tab and put it on pause so you get
to know about his vacation plans his favourite travel spots and maybe win a
prize look and yeah and we’re still waiting for the others to join in we
will retweet your video of course and and now we’re gonna join me as I get my
phone from the nightly ritual that I always forget to do go so that’s done
and Donnie is not Donnie tonight he’s Donna the bearded lady he’s just an
officer with the green dress so there’s a little update for you solve an ad just
broke nine hundred excellent congratulations boys you’ve been working
out so good for you I’m happy excited for you too awesome Channel so much fun
onto it and it’s cool they send us the shirts and Kym Andy’s wife they do
paranormal studies and its really well done it’s not like woo scary it’s really
investigations they travel through different locations and they both work
for the school system and his lovely wife is a biology teacher and he
believes and she wants to believe so they have two shirts for their channel
and once it’s believed and I want to believe so they sent us two shirts and
because I am like his wife and my wife is like him in our beliefs they sent
they sent us one I’d say I like to thank custom-made for us oh yeah yeah it was
so cool oh you do Oh excellent so cool okay so I think this one was yours
yeah there we go yeah and we got some and this one was mine I believe since
our personalities yeah so they are amazing channel by the way they’re
having their investigation no live stream so to say about true
crimes and paranormal activities on Thursday at 10:00 interesting thank you
and Kathy is in sorry if I missed you coming in yes
don’t end up Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip today was a crazy David what so
going on thank you for sending me about your video I have not forgotten I
haven’t opened up in that window you did write to send it to us as soon as I’m
making mental note and remembering as soon as we’re done we want to check it
out Phillip is an amazing guy I love his videos and looking so forward to
watching it so scissors word I’m gonna watch it then I will write a big
write-up and I haven’t seen it yet and I want to give you a full props because I
always know you put up great work so not a question nothing to worry about there
ba BC – hi nice to see you welcome welcome yeah your honor there are the
only ones of t-shirts apparently no Marianne was saying yeah one of a kind I
wasn’t sure if she was Julia that is so awesome you guys are so I mean I like
guys anybody new here there because no one’s were same as the game here tonight
we have that in common this is what a gang was just there for
you watches your videos supports everybody in a right way wants to grow
together and I’m glad users are all coming together tonight with some new
people to meet these oh because you’re honestly all cut from the same cloth
when it comes to that I got to see some of the videos today really going through
them seeing you guys read always commenting on each one of them same with
our guys here that you haven’t met yet anybody here with a blue wrench she
can’t go wrong mingling together so I’m glad to see is all getting connected
because this is definitely where we celebrate the cream of the crop is in
these kind of gels in these kinda chats our our such teams are very friendly and
very drama-free and stress-free just chilling yet yeah again a drink a coffee
or something stronger or whatever you would like and sit back and watch us or
even just listen some people have started also to listen up to us on their
headphones while they are doing some other things so I’m still in the mid so
I haven’t done much lately but hopefully this we’re gonna be turning more of them
into podcasts and so when I get that all set up and some of you were lucky enough
last week to hear our intro yeah I’m excited about the podcast I never
thought you but then again we never thought we’d do live streams and look
we’re here so yes definitely well after talking with helos and Keith casters I’m
inspired by them with their suggestions guys before we get anything else going
on io is a great big thank you everybody that’s been coming here so far and also
to anybody who’s here tonight and hopefully you can come back a business
again in under era well a little over 60 days because tonight is you can see is
number 58 in our live stream something we said we would never do we weren’t
interested in – we’re always behind the lens and everybody new here please go
back and check out her cinematography from before we started the live stream
is we did put a lot of work and those well that’s what’s got us here but with
that said in 60 days roughly we got 200,000 watch minutes 200,000 watch
minutes guys you guys are so incredible and I can’t
thank you enough it means the world to me we started this
in February with 42 subscribers and tonight we’re at 60 118 roughly and I
can’t thank yous from the bottom of my heart you guys are absolutely phenomenal
I gave up on it because I just put 20 30 40 hours into editing for nobody to see
it and they it’s it’s it’s unreal and yes I’m
gonna monetize I said from the beginning and you know the main reason why is we
have a business outside of here and I want I believe once you’re monetized
YouTube does push you harder but our number one goal is to earn money through
our day to day with pushes Studios as a business that we do do but this is what
helps to get notice more and it’s I we could have never done without you guys
and I know there’s people I don’t live in any dreamland all of us gotta come to
that realization not everybody’s gonna come to watch video some are just coming
to watch and go and as much as it sucks let them go to keep their number and
just run with it and stick with the people who really care about what you do
and you guys have given some of the greatest comments on our videos not just
our live streams but the ones past and I know people actually do appreciate what
we do and I want to thank you it means the world to me cuz I didn’t care about
my youtube channel anymore until February came around and gave it one
last kick after that Peter McKinnon video and you know what because you guys
you made it worthwhile you made a believer out of me when I didn’t believe
in it anymore so I guess early is a really really big things you are all
awesome thank you and Donnie when we get to an amount that
we can roll into this is not retirement money we’re talking no one’s are doing
this to get rich off and to get pushed into Montreal or Canadian YouTube’s of
the same war but we do these live streams for fun and you know six times a
week every day with that gifts every day except for Tuesday and we’ve done that
from the beginning we did a live stream we tried to find a way we could do it
they have as much integrity as we put into the videos but I wouldn’t waste you
guys this time and you wouldn’t feel ripped off and share your time and the
place he’s not like parody right we know can’t do nothing else but we
wanted to welcome nature bound yeah got in local fine sisters welcome welcome
then bring family blogs as well doll web dad thank you thank you
Kali and Jordan squad Benjamin fashion guy hmm
man I’m self that smells good looks good cheer welcome welcome
if I missed somebody just call it out and been asked a question yeah it’s a
plan for the future just stick with the live streams and talk shows I I don’t
think it’s going anywhere we’re refining it now a little bit more probably get so
we want to get a bit better equipment to do it I didn’t want to spend I’m not
gonna go broke there’s one of those things that people do they something
starts to go you know a little hint of well and they go and break the bank
buying stuff now we’re still not making money on we’re still I’m not gonna go
and spend $4,000 in studio equipment on to it it’s not gonna love you guys
because we have a great thing going well that’s just the way we are but I would
like to get a bit better microphones stands a little a few things like yes
right uh so we don’t want to lose that feel as for live streams probably in the
summer there’s gonna be some occasional changes there we all travel and we want
traveling so we’re gonna try our best to maintain what we have and do you have
not do something else instead so you can continue following the content and
September love it we enjoy it we are so you know as under said I haven’t slept
her a lot of time but I was still excited to go on live stream today yeah
no matter how is true you know tired we get it’s about getting to know people
behind the channels it gets so excited is the sorry hum I was reading out of
the question do that because easily we have something else we have
patreon no I mean not something maybe done the future I mean we’re not sure
yet and I don’t want I want to make sure there’s something running good before we
do anything like that we’ve thought about maybe t-shirts and stuff like that
maybe a selling some prints that we do yeah please you longer asked about Pay
Pal before but I really it really doesn’t feel right right now and as I
suggested you if you want to donate it to us right now give it to somebody in
your community that really needs and that’s gonna be appreciate them you know
eventually we’re gonna get out something more substantial and dull because we
gotta bring our guests to dole web dad asked are you aware of interested on
stream below be as obvious it’s funny I am not doing it already because I’m that
type of person likes to go full in both feet we just had a when we started this
was a very crazy time in our real life as well we’re getting into the busy
season for our work we had a lot of things going on outside a lot of things
out of our control so unfortunately you know it’s one of those things I just
wanted to get into and I just haven’t had the time I know it’s not gonna be a
big big issue I figure that’s not gonna be doing more over the summer
you never know the one anyway just might pop on here and have it but it is coming
for sure well you can always order any of my pictures as a friend I have done
single prints out you know but there will always be something build up the
channel but we’re not like beg to get rich and we’re not no we’re not gonna be
doing like rice gum stuff on here so that’s what they could get together and
get our new microphone Oh you better so that’s the core you are
really so sweet absolutely love your livestream because you guys care about
the community and that’s what it’s all about like we always said when we
started our live streams you know is to get up folks and personal with people
with channels behind it like with people behind the channels are something but
there were people was much more story to it than what you can see in the channel
and if you looks to our past lives with the channels like for example
yeah beauty channel that we had Brenda’s beauty blogs reveal to us that she has
do you know that the soft and entertaining beauty brand the beauty
blogs anybody’s got a sever is got a story miss Katherine I love your live
streams and getting to know all of your guests so fun to interact and become
better acquainted today the same fun and stress free relaxing stream with our
guests at the new recent vlog conflict a tgh says we are going to live stream
every Sunday night at 6 p.m. Eastern for the foreseeable future is there awesome
and your awesome as well and I love you guys are doing that good for you guys I
love you guys it’s like kilos in panic tea yeah kilos sometimes you gotta bring
our poor guests on my god they’ve been patient it’s 8:30 to I didn’t realize
the time sorry for the we had a late start and so many people in here this
nice it’s really good that such a good mix of everybody yeah you have a
question to us or to our guests later on please try and put either hashtag push
videos or a Jewish videos in your sentence so I can better see it and if I
don’t just copy paste it again in case I miss it well I see a face papa
Hey I apologize in advance for the wig hey
this is a for all your all your people don’t ever bet people it’s just a bad
idea yeah I don’t know I think it’s a good
marketing giving I think it’s working well you’re favored by foreign market I
thought the same thing I think it’s a win-win anyway if I win my friend gets
to shave his head bald if I win if I lose people gonna laugh at you do you brought the wig right that
you had on a while ago yeah I did I have so many um I just bought them and I
ordered her to pay 2% eternities I didn’t want to take the tag off this one
what was the bet by the way that’s a good question um the bet was with my
friend 22-ounce adventurist they’re like one of our new friends that we got and
um they’re awesome and um put the date heat me see I’m a Houston Rockets fan
and he’s a warrior’s fan he’s from Cali uh-huh and I he bet me on his on his
channel me hitting here I post that video and then it was like Josh I have a
little wager with you if if the Warriors win you got to wear a wig for the whole
entire week but if the Warriors loose I have to shave my head and I was like
done let’s do this oh I had no faith rocket I know it’s bad
to say I just I was gonna say hats off to you but actually I guess hats on
would be a better and I was gonna come I was gonna sneak in here and not wear it
but he’s like I’m watching you and I know he’s in Elijah and then like we
just looked at a kid’s place we just went to the Crayola Factory and I’m
walking around with this like hair in my face I had this one wig on and oh man it
was brutal you are dedicated to it most people trying to get out of that stuff
like you go into full force even out you’ll do it so I hey that’s people like
that okay when we start vlogging you know like we
used to be like really barracks like whoa whoa keep it low keep it low but
like we just put it out there in front of people’s faces and we just got I
think that’s so honorable that is them to me the most terrifying thing in the
world like even this we were terrified we
never want to be in front of a camera ever like under no circle the might
sound cute or for numbers no we hated it never wanted to never know what to say
in this was a big job yeah exactly my dream easier than what you guys are
doing vlogging I don’t know how he’s doing yeah how are you doing it yeah
your mindset when you get ready when the camera turns on you’re looking at a lens
how do you make it happen if like it was crazy in the beginning because if you
watch them don’t watch it please don’t watch it are very first of all I don’t
want you guys to watch it we use like I can’t leave the phone and everything
else I wanted I’m literally like hey guys I don’t even know what I’m doing
right now it’s just so weird talking to a camera I don’t know who’s listening
like that’s how it felt but then we broke the ice add to God like month
month it got better and better and then and she broke really like she’s my
favorite word to say on camera was um like oh no idea what I was doing what I
was saying yeah and now I feel way more comfortable on camera yes I would be the
UM person that’s why I just a side note I would become and that’s why we asked
you but because we didn’t watch your first video and we’ve seen how quickly
you guys have really jumped into it it’s unbelievable you’re so comfortable
there’s a camera there yeah I love it I love it because it’s like a skate for us
because like people who really don’t know all about us but if they watch your
videos they can kind of get sort of what’s going on and we’re very open to
everybody I just told somebody on her watching that I have a mole in my belly
boy does that who does that uh but um so basically like people don’t know it’s
like I skate for us too because I mean like we’ve had such a
life both of us mm-hmm we have nobody on our side
we literally have our YouTube family and we have like our grandmom and that’s a
wrap and my brother um it’s just like a skate like we can come here be silly be
ourselves and then people just watch us now it’s kind of cool and it were stick
they would they worry about us a message us hey how are you doing I was just sick
and everybody was sending all these messages like are you feeling better a
beautiful name really that felt great so actually now that we have like people
who cared about us I remember them asking a while ago because you said you
were better you’re good something about your grammar
I forget now sorry there was something about you and my sickness yes that’s
right yeah I gave her the stomach bug yeah well that’s what happens in love we
get everything right that’s this yeah and you guys know as parents you know it
goes in a circle you can’t get rid of that we were five minutes late because
our daughter is really sick tonight she’s been sick since last night Nicks
and he’s been up all night with her plus the long day so she’s had all camera
everyone is up all night and all the science her turn that’s exactly that’s
exactly the remote all those kind of sympathetic talks like that actually
yeah yeah and I’ll be sitting there like babe games on everything’s gonna be fine
don’t work yeah do me in the morning well it’s wrong really uh yeah it is
yellow I think you know we’re just born as Neanderthals guys we just exactly I’m
not saying I don’t do anything but I mean like Kate is 100% the rock I think
she is I don’t know what would happen I don’t know what would be like I’m Oh
sometimes I vlog alone like the last vlog one of the vlogs
I I didn’t have her in it and I felt like I say I was like I don’t know what
to do and people probably like no waking Josh I know you can do a vlog and I know
it’s weird I’m like I don’t know what to say
next and shoal she’ll stop me from things fake Josh don’t do that I’m like
okay by the way Kathy Melissa we were taught just a brief conversation in the
chat is it’s easier to vlog in a public when there are to you yes absolutely
when there’s two of us yes because I can be like huh it was played on her and
then when people look at me they look at all the good parts of this talking have
the whole story out there and then turn it to me I’m like well what’s there left
to say it some of our videos I will tell her asked her random questions we edited
out sometimes most the time we go she’s like why do you do that to me I’ll be
like what do you think Eddie I gotta know what you’re doing I can’t read our
phrase like boom no pressure write something radio Facebook I don’t
know the same boom but it’s so much easier at like with angles to like being
able to prop sure everything when there’s more than one person there from
you guys when a photo sorry about this I have it on just the kids and I won’t
show myself at all sorry occasionally I’ll pop myself in there it’s just like
a little selfie that’s it the kids are there that had the hair
change real quick cuz that one is so itchy and I guess dad’s not the one you
had on earlier tonight yes the Crayola factory one he put his head in front he
talked slowly like this it was such a Kurt Cobain moment is like right now
about I’m doing a video like that Eddie um when my friend tweet wants adventures
um we were thinking about doing something like that now anyway he’s like
we should do something like you guys just go on now and yet such amazing
thing that you only started in like say you have such good chemistry going oh
thank you Nick you know it’s as my I want you guys feeding off
of each other and without even talking you’re kind of like you can feel the
waves going between each other like to where to go next and although uh carry
on you finish each other sentences kind of thing and stuff like that I just said
we try we actually tried to do it one vide were like can you finish but we
couldn’t do it I was like no there’s no like to eat bacon in them and it
couldn’t work it feels like seems like I don’t know what you’re thinking about it
yeah yeah exactly when it doesn’t happen where’s like me where’s it Ramona it’s
right over there right how was Lady powers yeah she’s over there exactly yeah we always have a running
joke because I was married before and there wasn’t much of an age gap and now
with eggs any and I were actually 10 years apart and I always we always have
the right joke that she’s my retirement fund Oh home longer do all my thinking
for not everybody we started listening you guys we like we love you guys too
because like she uh really loves your accent yeah I think she told you before
she’s like I love her accents so beautiful
and oh we started watching you guys and we thought the same thing you’re like
your chemistry between each other it’s insane like we watch you or like they Li
literally know exactly what to do like if she gives him the eyes like don’t do
it and he gives it all like I’m doing it and it’s like no hey I’m doing it babies
like no you’re not stop right now tapping your leg you’re telling longer
story ah yeah that’s kind of like when I don’t look up at the camera in the right
spot I’ll be like yes yes exactly yep yeah I’m doing it right now
I think I’m looking right at there are big red little screening boy and it’s up
here and I’m like I’m like yeah so what’s up yeah we’re the merest family
and um and it’s up here and it’s like yeah I haven’t looked up there one time
that’s why I’m staying at myself I’m like man this hair looks good the more
you see it with you it’s like almost kind of natural I don’t think it was
funny because I put a beanie on too on top of it cuz I was really embarrassed
of it yeah at the factory only and people they name you look at me nobody
looked at him weird until he took the wig off yeah that was the problem that
the cats out of the bag literally I guess yeah we stopped the recording and
all that baby this needs to come off and I flopping it off people Oh got a love
shark their favorite yeah that’s what gets the numbers yeah we have jumped in
this so quickly we haven’t even had a chance to hear do you guys or anything
but so many people know you guys already we have a question we asked each time
it’s kind of open-ended you touch on it lightly at the beginning I want to go
back and it’s as back as far as you guys feel comfortable starting because
everybody has their own points they don’t want to mention but a point back
in each of your lives that you want to start from a kind of work ourselves up
to the present day I’ve like maybe where you grow up a bit about childhood or if
you don’t want to touch them that you can start in high school call it
wherever you guys feel comfortable in starting a world yeah the floor is your
guys Clem wherever you feel like starving so where do we start like see
this is the wife thing react she’d explain to me second listen Josh listen
listen so we’re gonna start off by saying that we met on MySpace on the
Internet yo my first friend Tom forever yeah one inch my DMS I was like hey what
are you doing I did I did you know I think she got like a really
messed up um missed idea who I was um because I was like baby I’m like five
nine I got nice hair and like you know and then when we first met I was like
five three like I’m really short and I’m bald he’s like that’s like not what I
found out but yeah so and I had these magic insoles that make me taller and
like I was so insecure about my I bought these it’s those online that
made me like I was like don’t want to be like a six-foot do want to be like five
nine I think five nine is kind of believable so I made myself like five
nine I’m sorry I’m so it was so insecure about myself before I met her because
now I’m like I don’t have to try anymore you know yeah we met on MySpace and I
think I kind of catfished her a little bit I was at seminary college from New
Jersey and then I was at Lock Haven and so when I first met her I was you know
you got serious and I was like I’m gonna transfer her schools and she thought it
was crazy I said and that monster years our dog he’s like going nuts right now he’s part of the cast Yeah right um so
yeah so I transferred schools to her yes and kind of went like on from there but
besides talking on MySpace we’ve lived in the same town it’s not he
was only like a couple blocks away down the street so I was up at like even
where his best friend actually went to college and he was gonna go to Lock
Haven first before set Neri I got a free turn can I go there yeah
and I was up at Lock Haven he transferred up and then I was like wait
you’re from my town which I won’t name or anything but we grew up in the same
town and I it was just so crazy that the kids that we used to play with same
house he was at that same house when I was like seven or eight years old and I
never believed in face before but like and I’m not trying to get cheesy right
now but it have to be faith like it huh yeah and we first met people like
opposites attract I don’t I don’t know if that I believe that as much in my
opinion because we’re like the same people we understand struggles and like
I feel like it makes us so much stronger as parents yeah because everything that
we’ve been through with our our family dynamic we want the total opposite for
our children that’s what we’re trying to do for them and we’re like making like a
video diary of how we are happy and trying to make other people happy
well technically sometimes we don’t feel it
we actually these that we’re actually down-and-out or the DS that people are
smiling the most at at us with us you know which makes us happy right now and
like lately um I mean like when we when we kind of in college we went like four
years college I didn’t graduate I did she did um we got pregnant in college
her last year so it kind of worked out but she got pregnant our last year we
had a miscarriage so we felt like you know so young our age like we’re like 21
years old 22 yeah anyone what do you want we’re so young um we didn’t know
how to take that and it was really rough for us as like I feel like I’m really
emotional I think she’s not that emotional but no I am an emotional
person she’s rough yeah we were so nervous about it and I was so nervous to
tell my grandma who is actually the person who was taking care of me because
of my my family dynamic and where my mom and dad is which I could get into what
is up to you whatever you want to talk about it was difficult because when we
had the miscarriage was snowing it was around what movie was that they reminded
me about it happy Valentine’s Day no it was like a blue blue Valentine it was
like it’s actually really good movie but yeah it was a great movie but it was
snowing and it just reminded me of the whole it was like a blizzard and shit it
was like really up in the mouth when you’re up that high up like Penn State
because that’s where we were like Penn State up in there when it snows it
doesn’t just no it’s like a blizzard of that yeah the two of us and and that’s
when I’m noticing our whole time it’s just the two of us our best Thanksgiving
at my college dorm was the two of us sitting on our on our floors floor with
KFC like chicken bowl potatoes and like eat up corn from the microwave but
they’re like our best memories like all these struggles like lead us to this
family yeah and it’s amazing cuz people think like you know they think we’re
really funny and everything but like we do like want people to know like you
know this is us I mean which we kind of hide a lot of stuff yeah
a lot of stuff people know in our videos like my mom was just in prison her dad
has been in prison for all my whole life and he’s actually going to be coming
home in November I haven’t seen him since I was like 10 Oh to be actually
hold him and so forth like that but yeah and I think that people did they see us
and they’re like I don’t know how that like they’re that person on camera when
they’re that happy and then they they have all this stuff in the bag we try to
put it in the background we don’t want you guys seeing a lot of that mm-hmm
but like you it’ll come out in our videos trust me like I guess like some
of that learning that they do I just broke down and cried I mean like it was
rough did you get hurt by one people yeah I want people to see that I want
people to know that this we are like who we are relatable you know to show you
like we’re going through the same things as many other people out there watching
us so if they need to reach out on Twitter or Instagram or anything about
one of the topics we may bring up at some point we could be there for them
you know for how people weren’t there for us we could potentially be that
person for them and I love that you guys do that because I think especially those
because we know there’s so many different spell I call them specialty
channels and you guys fit into the family dynamic one I think it’s a lot of
pressure and a lot of the family channels to try and put on this Disney
style happy Channel all the time I think they think that’s the way they got to
get to where they’re going is only by doing that and that’s what I the
research we did what cuz we do that once we finally you guys are coming on we
really have much more seeing that you guys really do do that that it is happy
that you’re right to celebrate but it’s not like something unattainable for
anybody there is a real life going on it’s not I don’t think it’s crying
because you’ve done 22 takes to try and make them look like they’re holding
stuff in the rain we’ve got this coffee to back up for a sports trip hey make
sure you get them in the background hey you I’m never staying to this anymore
do you want to make it big on YouTube do you want to exactly yeah you’re the
conversations going on you know as you’re watching it but you guys don’t do
that and that’s why it’s so sincere and that’s why people can relate and I think
that’s why you have a strong group that follow you you do that integrity does
what in this day in age and inspirations oh yeah we’re saying it kind of kind of
relief for you so to say we logs as well in the channel in general you know to
brighten up your life and days and get off get you know the background for a
moment and it inspires a lot of people to it’ll goes maybe through similar
things as you are some people are just waiting for a family like you to come
along to tell them that things can be better yeah yeah this like it really can
like I never thought I never thought that would um I was a little bit weird
like I had a plan like I mean like what guy has a plan I know plan I was like
wanting to get married by 23 I was like that like watching clueless in my room
like oh my god I want to get married by 23 I won’t know why I want to have kids
and that’s like literally how I wanted because I was thriving there it’s a kind
of a funny thing but like I was thriving that when I was younger like all I
wanted to do when I was younger is be like a father and like cuz I saw my
father never saw my father so all I wanted to do in life was his had a
family I guess all I wanted and I finally got it and it was like
unbelievable think it was almost like kind of not true like in my head I was
like this can’t be real like so like right away astron me like marry me now
seriously right now I want you to tell that story because I know from your
videos that happened more than once yes yes yeah yes um
man you want oh well the first time he asked me was in my dorm room we were
actually just laying down to go to bed and he just kind of just said it’s me
know where was we I actually met her – man I was I was cool it was like a
couple weeks and talking and so forth but we did it for a full month online
before actually we were serious online so you know I don’t know but so he asked
me the first time in our dorm room the second time was with his grandma who is
like his pride and joy yeah my grandma so he gave her ring to him and said give
her something special so he gave me his grandma’s ring which I knew was
something that something to him because of how much she
means to him yeah my grandma raised me loosen and then he would see his little
gold ring on me and he would be like I just want to get you your own ring yeah
we have like we don’t have that much money so it’s not like well we when we
were younger even then like I mean I got her this ring I wanted to be different I
would try to be like a little bit different cuz I think I’m like unique
I’m really not but like yes I tried to get like a heart ring I was like min I
see all these diamonds baby I’m getting a heart ring because it’s cheaper
because I’ve been you because it’s so unique and that’s one no because it’s
cheaper and that’s why I’m getting for you baby and then like yeah she first so
then um that’s exactly what I did it was like $1.99 that’s done got me the heart
ring but he had all these ideas like to propose to me okay was just a chance
this is like and when we’re trying to record like my finger like elbow in the
back like uh daddy I think he’s touched by the story to that’s what he’s a great
deal you had so many ideas to propose the correct way he finally wanted to do
it because he knew that was I bought all those YouTube videos my wife is always
on YouTube watching she’s like who you marry music from a plane it was
definitely cool it’s like oh my god so one of his ideas was to put these little
messages in the fortune cookie from Chinese food oh it was brutal and he had
all of them and he was ready to slide the message in one and his younger
brother Alex smashing all of them you a full wreck-it Ralph for me and I was
like what are you doing wreck-it Ralph what are you doing Oh I just got down on my knees so we went
to a restaurant and he asked me there officially and then it almost didn’t go
well because I’ll take babe you need to use a bathroom because I went to write
on the receipt you know I guess that’s romantic so I went to write it on
receipt at Burger King nice I wasn’t pretty but I wasn’t right
on the on the receipt like will you marry me when it comes to I don’t have
to go to bathroom why are you being so weird I’m like big come on don’t you
gotta go to the bathroom we just had some chili hi guys Oh yell at him later yes she was
joke I’m using him under the tea or guys I miss mommy nothing eat chili I’m the
one who eats all of chili and it shows um so then I went to write to see it all
every see initially I don’t have to go to the bathroom Josh relax and I’m like
alright so that was like maybe I gotta go to the bathroom maybe I’ll make her
go right I’m like well I gotta go and when I was in the restaurant I don’t
know why but these people were drunk like peeing on the walls like this is
like the what maybe it’s a sign not the merriest woman like I don’t know what’s
good cuz the guy was like boy I had such a crazy night last night I’m like
naughty urinal dude you’re like one the was like this it’s a bad sign and so I
went back and I just got though my knee and just in front of me like another 20
times so I was like is this like the official time I was like baby I got you
a ring right here from Zales oh it was another ring another heart ring yeah I
gotta pick up great so I’m gonna fight it off in like six years but got a baby and the story is amazing I can barely
keep myself together I guess it is I guess like my kids won’t care but I
guess I want to later on like when they’re like how did you guys mean like
you haven’t you have like a all day open cuz it’s gonna be a while
so little guy named Josh write me like 5 foot 4 and then I can go on from there
and we really had short my still miss Kathy
says that’s funny that’s exactly how Chris proposed to me kept wanting me to
go to the bathroom women women listen to me now just go to the bathroom Oh as a side note you guys are table
meaning online I don’t know if you know that eggs Andy and I met online as well
we met in a video game called Second Life Wow oh hey secondly oh my god I
knew well a second like you can go on there like playing guitar like like it’s
like a little like minecraft not it was like Sims more like right no since the
Sims everything in the rear and you like like hey how are you you can like mess
at something like how are you how did I just play guitars like she was it a lot
feel we were 7,000 kilometers apart I was in Montreal she was in wide feet we
got dropped in the same spot and just stayed friends and we didn’t play the
game very long but stayed friends kept watch and it’s awesome
there was a long time ago as you said was quality online relationships yeah
yes with it with a seven hour time difference so whenever we like twinsies
right now we both miss wonder myself I was thinking about five minutes ago yeah
I’m glad just we’re meeting up tomorrow for coffee okay we’d love to get you
guys the Montreal sometime or vice versa I would love like I know listen do you
want to travel was from there yeah her favorite singer is from what you owe
know if you heard of her life she’s amazing she’s like electronic pop girl I
love her like Jenna’s gonna check that out definitely
she’s like exactly what we’re into like comic won’t me comics and like
electronic music we like all types of music but like I don’t even watch her
video it’s like if we do you saw but I’m like most of my editing is all like
eating a music yes I am you think in there I just like that I don’t know I
does I mean it’s such a versatile music in a kind of fits mood easy and that
it’s got like a good beat to it it’s it’s and I find it’s very good was set
your moods too and I spend like I know I edit like we
get videos up every day but like I literally will listen to music all day
long when I’m driving like in my headphone or my speakers and I want to
find that right one like I’ll listen and be like that’s it and I’ll save it in a
big I love that song I’m gonna put it in the video tonight
are you I used to work for a big music company here in Canada that’s what I
used to do and I was a drummer years ago I used to be in the thrash metal band a
staff hair done like almost my waist oh man we are 20 because I used to be in a
hard rock band no way that’s why I got from the drum magazine from Tama drums
in the 80s that was my first tattoo I got yeah yeah I don’t have any tattoos
in it is that like well you’re not missing much
I just remembered I had them the other day when we talked to been three months
sometimes when I’m shaving oh yeah those stupid things that’s all
around 87 tell us about your band where were you in it when you guys met yeah I
was and that’s that’s another horrible story guys um so basically I was like
babe I wrote you a song and she didn’t know what kinda music I was into I was
in a weird stage guys don’t judge me I was in a weird stage um so like listen
she’s like I may stop you and she’s like oh I can’t wait to hear it so I said
it’s like I don’t know that I can do this anymore
yeah if you use lyrics they’re all about you baby I don’t even know what you were
saying yeah that’s what happened to me um I do make music I not like screaming
music I made like a Houston music and all that stuff um I won’t show anybody
that music though I had like three albums out I will show nobody that
nobody’s gonna find it trust me it was really yeah it was like a cue stick
guitar and all that stuff but I’m not gonna play that all you guys are gonna
get it was like Drake parodies of coffee that’s all you’re gonna say in the next
six months I think it’s not bad though it’s all that’s you like it’s actually
really like I’m being conceited family it’s still family friendly like we are
always gonna be fairly friendly we won’t have a curse we all never do anything in
our video is that we don’t think our kids are gonna be proud of later on in
life like I don’t want our kids watching back like Josh what were you doing Thank
You dad when you were literally like running down the street naked for views
it’s like it’s just trying to get viral like I would never do something like
that I probably see guys all right 20 I want to give you one little bit of
fatherly advice do whatever you do they will be
embarrassed of you I guarantee you know how much you think you’ve tipped toward
the line how safe you thought you played that I guess Joshy enough for like a
whole day yeah Joshy notorious man I can already think in my head what she told
her kids are her friends at school because she tells everything at her
school I knew already saying my dad was a woman yesterday as a yeah he went the
target in everything I already told our teacher ahead of time
like it’s just not it’s not real life it’s just for fun yeah hear his stories
you know oh there’s the Manic Monday coming up again we had one playing music
instrument be nice to have you on when we have the next one that’s tonight can
I hop in guys yeah you take the hair that’s what it’s
my kind of shine now I don’t know I’m really nervous about are your words yeah
I’ll be real good you put like all the Toonami oh yeah have you ever seen a
movie called this a spinal tap no but that sounds really familiar yeah yeah
one of the guys that’s into him there are the voices from the Simpsons and
they did years ago and it was making fun of all the 80s rock documentaries and
they do a whole parody of it’s one of these cult classics and with the hair on
in the beard like you looking at afraid of jumping
should answer anytime guys meet me I’ll be over here
guitar kickin our lights are so bright and this is our window right here next
to us so everybody who’s driving on the street is probably seeing like I’m
wondering what the neighbors are thinking if he was walking a dog gross
lows like not a game on my lawn man you guys are live wires I love it the hell
of the energy I think he’s you guys are already live streaming today and numbers
are this like you guys are troopers we actually wanted to quit lifesteal yeah
yeah like a lot of work on top of the daily videos cuz we work total work and
then I think people think up we don’t work because they’re like how do you get
up videos every day like we both have full-time jobs yeah
so I’ll get home probably around like 3:10 3:15 and then he’ll be home around
like 4:30 so we already have to have the idea in our head of what we’re doing you
have to get it out and finish within like an hour and a half and then he goes
to editing and then I go to dinner Bath’s homework and then then we go to
trying to promote it and watch other people’s videos and yeah we try to
support so many people it is so hard guys I’m like some people like you
haven’t watch my video yet and we will watch your video he says I get to them
it’s real hard like will be sitting in beds like 1 or 12 cottony morning just
watching people online doing what TV no more well yeah well elsewhere but around
the same I think pretty much in there in numbers and with numbers it’s hard to
follow everybody like I finally had to start using the heart a little bit you
know where I it’s always right you already watch another one right away but
let’s go back and comment keep the ball rolling yeah just rubbing other hours in
the day to do it anymore and I feel it’s all guilty but yeah we don’t do blow we
don’t do this Sunday we do it six days a week but the live stream is a lot of
work especially with guests because you know like we’re contacting people
they’re contacting us trying to get them both trying to get the you know pictures
biographies watch their videos to do research but
then comes the whole other part of watching what everybody else is doing to
make sure they don’t feel neglected you know a lot of guilt with it do you guys
get that sometimes I guess you’ve gotten bigger now like if you feel good you
can’t give what you want yeah I feel guilty in like a lot of different areas
not just on YouTube like I feel guilty with like the housework in the house
like keeping up with all of that because I’m a very like clean person you like
literally good if I throw pants on the ground like I get really overwhelmed
everything needs to have like a spot so like I let things kind to go a little
bit because we’re on YouTube we don’t watch like all of our shows and stuff
yeah we were getting some good show yeah what we met before we met YouTube yeah
um yeah we were like watching like he’s awesome sure like 9/11 mm-hmm the other
one a good doctor oh yeah so many good shows but then we
turned down good shows you like good doctor yes oh yeah I couldn’t get into
any new a like medical shows after a house house was my like all-time
favorite to medical TV show and after I attended I like putting the attendance
thing in but this kind of looks a little bit more similar to that oh yeah yeah I
next never saw us house is amazing like I mean obviously
it’s an older show but it’s amazing yeah we’ll check it out whenever we um yes
whenever we have like a whole week of yeah and then we we start ignoring each
other a little bit too because he’s over there editing and I’m over trying to get
back to people’s comments too so it’s like you feel guilty not showing each
other yet last night we I loved it because we got they literally just sit
down and watch a movie together yeah after the game works but then you know
after the game it was movie that it is hard like we had shows like we watched
like the the viewers in the Americans know I heard I know what you’re talking
about yeah I never like a girl of course cuz exactly grew up in there she was
like where she grew up glad for you was part of the Soviet Union the wall fell
when she was six she could remember the tank
coming into Latvia and the last stand all evening in a grandfather’s car
hiding in the backseat coming into the city so she was you know that was kind
of a definite show and I’m a huge Soviet time stuff so we got into that show but
we had to watch the last five episodes like what month after it ended you know
you feel guilty but not watching that 5up is there drunk man I’m lettin Mike
my showdown you got nothing you know nothing lefty you love what you’re doing
but there’s almost you feel like everything just falls by the wayside
something you never let fall by the wayside even those things recreational
things fall by the wayside yeah yeah exactly
um and in our in our in our channel too like we won’t ever let our kids like if
you don’t want to do something we won’t that’s why you see us sometimes only us
in our videos because our kids maybe they don’t wanna do me they just want to
go outside and play so we don’t wanna we don’t want it like literally forced I’m
like no you’re getting in this video and we’re smashing eggs on each other it’s
gonna be family-friendly you like it you’re not eating tonight if
you don’t do it it’s again no we like what we will ask them hey do you want to
play this challenge and if they’re like yeah daddy then we’ll do it and if we if
we don’t think a challenge or something is safe enough our kids too
we won’t do that either we won’t let them do that no well I mean that’s
that’s why I was saying a while go why your channel comes off the way it does
because you can notice but it doesn’t feel forced today away that way why have
the kids sit there like you know you can tell when a kid has just been crying or
they really feel uncomfortable with the cameras right on them so it’s not like
it can be hidden you know yeah you can’t hide that no editing can
I mean if there is me know cuz I kappa hair on my head but if there’s gonna be
a mask I think this mask right here maybe just
go up a little bit higher higher from my hairline but if there could be let me
know about it because that will get it will look back and he’ll availabe our
new merch we can solve that – yeah first of all how did you decided to start
doing it because there was a moment probably you know when you like what
what made you click okay let’s do this and and second question how do you
decide on what to blog about on an everyday basis
alright so like this is like true we don’t we didn’t we
knew like I’ve always known about YouTube like whatever since it’s been
open but I actually didn’t we both didn’t know that you could have a
YouTube channel and subscribe to somebody we thought that people would
just be like an uploader right and it will upload videos like up like stupid
stuff like you know like people jumping or running down naked there across here
like jumping off bridges into water oh we didn’t know about that stuff and um I
we’re like really big and fitness we’re flexible dieters I know if you ever
heard about that but we’re macro people like we check our facts are proteins
like our sugars our carbs lately like the last three months we’ve been way off
all that it’s always so bad but it’s because you do um but like um we started
watching some make bradley martyn favorite um liquor and um there was a
kid on there he was training him and I was a man this kid I wish he had like he
had like you know was he made videos and we didn’t make know that he actually was
a big youtuber and his name was Alex Bobby and it was like yeah check his
channel out another channel and I with his channel and it’s like make sure you
please subscribe you know do this hit the belt everything else I was like oh I
didn’t know about that yeah and like so we fell in love with
this kid Alex wasabi and ever since then we were like let’s make a channel yeah
we watched all his videos like every single night you’re just binging like
six episodes and watching the full length of them and like we feel like our
family was crazy enough and we’re like you know our family is like where does
an ordinary family yeah well I think people should see this like you know if
we just stop doing it and then um there’s another family call it I don’t
know if you know but you guys are you probably do these family’s family oh yeah so we saw them we’re like their
family vote that’s cool so then we started doing that and then
the whole family friendly thing just kind of came into her head like let’s
not do anything crazy cuz a lot of what we blog is what we would normally do on
our normal weekends like besides like egg and each other in the head that’s
nice with all the games and the challenges
some of them are a message to us separately like to try them out or they
want us to do it to do it where will descend up coming across them
and say this will be fun to do try it yeah that’s how yeah so we start off we
saw some guy named Alex a Saudi and then we followed him binge them in and we’re
like let’s make a channel yeah and we just did with our phones we started off
like I think at the first month month and a half yeah with the phones and you
could tell and I’ve never edited I never knew how to edit never knew how to do
any that stuff so I feel like I’m getting better as we go on but I’ve
never done anything editing wise I make beats music yeah but if you do beats it
helps those three quarters of the editing exactly it helped to me
yeah like would it help me because I could slice and know we’re slicing
everything else don’t think this works it does I that’s like most of my I don’t
know you guys remember some of my cinematic videos before I started doing
the live streams yeah they’re all timed out they’re like oh that’s right Suman I
want everything note for note half note I want it bang on the same as I would be
playing and yeah I study editing before but that’s what I use I always write my
most of my videos were always made with music before I had footage oh wow the
song writes everything like there’s a song a video I did she brought the 80s
back to Montreal’s one of my favorites it’s with my niece and that’s all made
out of b-roll footage of driving through Montreal my niece photoshoot that exam
you did with her but I had this song for six months I sang it in my head I’ve
played it like five thousand times I was just waiting for the right footage to
come along and that’s how you are with your music yeah that’s exactly how I was
great minds think alike right yeah it looks like develop yeah I literally like
I I love I blow I glow is work gloat gloat gloat gloat no no guys is gloat
the word babe husky yes I really like I really love love
when people say in my comment in our comments that they like great editing
and they might be lying they may just be saying that like great editing and I’d
be like no you don’t you’re very good at not overdoing it you do it when it’s
needed and that’s what people don’t realize everybody gets so caught in the
effects it’s like always number ten number ten number ten the maximum number
is that’s where we’re going and it’s like it’s just spice on top of the food
it’s not the ingredient like just little thing sometimes you can do it over the
top but it’s when it calls for it you know and I think you’re doing quite well
what are you use for editing by the way uh Final Cut Pro or yours in Final Cut
Pro yeah we start off with other programs that like I felt like we’re
really good but then I was like I heard like Alex rossabi my hair at YouTube
rest I heard him using this I was like gotta
be just like this guy man we got do it just like him he’s got ten million
subscribers let’s do it babe yeah so like that’s what happened and
but like I feel like when I’m editing now I’m trying to catch up like what
like I’m trying to get better at like the timing where like it’s like music is
like an EDM music you know the build ups and everything something I ought to get
better at that like you know build ups and then all sudden likes you know speed
everything up like that’s it better at that with the music I’m trying to get
cut perfectly with the music and everything else
why are you doing pretty good on usually what I do is I lay down the track and I
think cuz I use Adobe Premiere and I think I don’t cut in years but I because
I mostly PMP sea bass but usually what I do is the same with markers is like the
shortcut is em so I’ll put on the song and I’ll let it play like three times so
I get the loop really going in my head you know where there’s six teams where
it’s the fours and voila and then all the Denton tintin tintin
teach attendance and I’m hitting em all the time I’m putting all my markers down
sentence Denton I never thought of that I think you wanna hit the table she does
that when we type she doesn’t realize I usually get typing to people the judge
would be like it’s like hon hon hon hon camera shaking right
it sounds like a garage for the love of God nakatsu
yeah she’s even tight like that when were not on there for some reason over
here she goes into hyper noise yeah so you guys we’re learning about physics
and like now this is the moral you don’t want to move it hit it as hard as you
possibly can just a little side note for anybody taking notes out there let’s
take a really good tip I actually appreciate you saying that because as of
like you know you used to play drums you’re probably with way better timing
like that but as a guitar in like keyboard know stuff you get you have
that perfect timing and like I’m used to it so if I think about that now that
would be so perfect so I mean thank you for doubting me that just I’m literally
so now like it’s kind of weird cuz I’m like um I get crazy I got high from like
trying to do these edit videos like I can’t wait to edit the video I can’t
wait to get in there put this music to this find this effect to that effect and
figure it out and then I try to come up these little little ideas about us doing
different things like yeah we do commercial breaks like can we do that
yeah and that’s we try to do that little commercial breaks it in like we try to
she literally comes up with almost every idea I think people getting a wrong
impression on me they’re like Josh comes with this woman right here I come up
with ideas on the piano many ideas and that’s why we’re so good people people
think they’re like that was totally Josh’s idea no they do say that 100 said
this woman is like I have a great idea we could do with the kids today let’s go
to the park let’s do this let’s film here let’s have water gun fight it’s hot
out and then we do it and in its boom yeah and a Pete and I take the credit
for people like Jackie agree Mike stop that my woman’s gonna kill me man
yeah a video that he loves the most that he’s so proud of was our thousand
subscriber video we see solely after that one out and we were just like
giggling and laughing and like watching it over and over yet it was it
night though because that was the day that we found out about his mom going
into prison and so forth I feel of the scene yeah we are at the
highest point in our you tube I feel like at that moment we were so extremely
happy we’re like giggling and laughing like 3:00 a.m. really that video was so
awesome this is so fun and then all of a sudden like I get a phone call in the
morning that my mom is in prison and I’m like oh what happened yeah that’s kind
of shows like our life like we have whatever happens and we have that hi we
know that low as soon behind it because we just feel like we can never have that
high about that low we can’t you know stay consistent with those highs and I
can I tell you guys something and I don’t mean to cut into and this is not
to put on das Murray said I’ll go but I kind of like twins with that’s just the
more we’re talking the more are see our stories are intertwining so much it’s
unbelievable and that’s been kind of our life we’ve had a lot of like things go
happen like these really extreme things that people don’t you we lived a
lifetime when most people never lived you know in 40 years it seemed like we
covered in the first couple of years together and we had our daughter born in
the province of Saskatchewan I was I moved out there because it long story
short in Quebec it takes a long time to immigrate here even though it’s part of
Canada each promises their own quarters so you had ups I pick you up are you
eight will you Boyd out of the country – or like no I’m I was born in Quebec yeah
live my life from Montreal but Quebec they want more french-speaking people so
even though she had like a degree in three languages because she didn’t speak
French and would have taken about three years so I left that music company I was
talking about and I know I’m working this great exec not an executive but
pretty much higher middle class hired middle position excuse me I go and I
start driving truck again I haven’t done 11 years I’m Harlan oil in Saskatchewan
never been there right in the crude oil fields she’s pregnant and we go to cross
the border because she’d never been to the States we come back into Canada they
hold us the inner take in they take her in an interviewer for three hours they
won’t let us see each other they take my truck they tear it all apart
I have our other son sitting there ends up they were gonna let her back into
Canada because she applied for permanent residency but she was here on a visitor
status and that’s technically illegal to start a life so they were going to ship
them that night to Minot and fly them back to Latvia and she would have been
banned in the country for five years wrong a gun master then our daughter was
born with no health care coverage because she wasn’t a permanent resident
yet so she had to go for five days in labor in a hotel and Estevan
Saskatchewan with a doctor no doctor even wanted us didn’t what she had no
pediatric coverage nothing yeah we had a doctor that gave her time and she had to
hide her inside the hospital one they had to make a fake room and give us the
key code to get into this hospital we had to sneak up the back entrance to
monitor for one night and we had to be out in the morning before the day shift
came in that is amazing like these kind of stuff and like her mom like she’s an
only child and her grandmother died three weeks her mother cried by 55 years
old and she was left an only child you know no more parents or my grandparents
nobody to go back home to 7,000 kilometres away and and I’m even just
turning the tippet you know and people dying in our family that was like over
malpractice by a doctor and has just been unbelievable I don’t even know what
the same of it that’s amazing no thank you for telling us that story because
that’s pretty awesome not awesome but like it’s awesome you guys open up to us
like that I appreciate that yeah I mean you guys I just was saying
like the more you talk the more thinking they’re like twins I think I just
honestly because I love when people will open up like that and that’s insane I’m
sorry about all that but thank you so much for like like telling us a story I
feel like I feel like we’re like people or like a family where you know yeah it
is I agree and it is you know that’s one thing we’ve said about these live
streams doing this nobody will ever look at your channel again after they get to
talk to you for an hour and a half or here you’re talking I mean they’ll
always answer you with more deeper you know they’ll be more connected to you
because it’s like first it’s like giving out a business card this is where we all
sit down for a business lunch and everybody gets to know each other better
yeah that’s insane I mean I don’t know to say about
Canadian health is good it’s just I wasn’t really Canadian and you know yet
and baby doesn’t count til it’s born the moment the baby was born Audrey was a
Canadian citizen but until the moment she was born it was we had Blue Cross
coverage but they went up to 31 weeks since I left I’ll just tell you quickly
what happened at the end finally that morning was fried eggs we lived 80
kilometers since what 50 miles we’ll say 40 miles from the heart from our
Hospital and we went to this hospital because we went to the other one in the
city of Regina was gonna cost another thousand dollars a day more to be there
plus it was like minus 50 and a snowstorm coming any yes December I was
considering tents yeah and then like kids going there are no midwives they’re
like here in general it’s just starting right no doulas no midwife so it’s like
I don’t care so he induced her and she’s she induced her and then four days she
was in labor at a hotel and that’s the van like this days in hotel and I would
go downstairs like to have a cigarette and stuff like that you know the father
paying she wouldn’t come down of course so everybody got to know me and
everybody’s asked me is she okay how she doing do you need anything and one night
at 2:00 in the morning I said she has a really sore back and this janitor we
don’t know from anybody because we don’t have any family out there we’d only been
there what a little over a year yeah and he drives about 20 minutes away back
home to get my wife a hot water bottle and bring it back so her back would have
some relief to the night and as continuous outpouring and people asking
and finally the morning came and we were just about to go home and then she went
into full-on contractions and by the way the doctor stayed most of the four days
at the heart at the hotel she was doing her paperwork honey not a penny from us to his day for
doing it one she was in a full labor and like what do we do what do we do and I
go down I’m like she’s going to labor do you have a wheelchair and they’re like
no we don’t have any so they gave us the office chair from the front reception I
take it upstairs put her in it she hasn’t Oakland so we
just wrap her in a blanket I’m pushing her down the hallway all the women that
work there are calling and crying behind me they’re so excited they’re just
crying and crying roll her out get her away part of the doctrine for the cry
seat how about the cry right now man where’s mode you guys they call it well
she had the baby we got there 10 minutes later our daughter was born and they’d
want they charged 2,300 dollars Canadian for the night and it wasn’t even by 24
hours if we stayed past midnight that we’re gonna charge another 2300 and we
had to leave by 7 o’clock the next morning they were discharging her so we
said well what’s the point so we brought her home and her first night with us was
at the hotel Estevan way in our room and that’s what they all got their money
together they got us like a duffel bag full of stuff already pre-washed for
anything that we would need for the just born baby you know like diapers and six
months worth exactly like six months supply of everything when they was over
there like people we never knew before Syrian people are Drew’s our Christmas
miracle because there was no room at the end it was a government thing you know
because she was born in December so I always say she was kind of approach yeah
yeah and when I Laura where I worked I had only been there a year and when they
was all done my son lived back here in Quebec and my oldest son because we
might have course him whose mom was separate
divorce and she said it was so manly and she sat
down and she wrote us a check for everything that cost us to have the baby
and then she said you should name your son for Christmas and she wrote us a
check and paid for our flights home to spend Christmas with her son yeah it was
a terrible year but sorry for the long story the darkest hurts you guys have a
way rougher life in us but I mean like it is like a it is like a roll cause I
see what you’re saying cuz it’s like up people do great things and it’s going
down and go back up you’re at high and it boom down again and it’s writing it
feels like everything and you’re craving something middle ground just for five
minutes just give me five minutes yeah you know yeah that’s what I wish like
just like maybe like a like a month straight
I’m nothing bad happening that’d be so nice it’s a dream that feels like you
and you look at other people you think why can’t why do they get it but really
nobody’s having but just some people have more peace than others but wait
yeah jack you don’t know what that person is actually gonna they’re you
think in your life like you think like they’re so perfect they drive a Lexus
and Bentley’s and everything else but in reality their life maybe it’s worse it
is you don’t know some of the most miserable lives are the ones that put on
the best face when they’re on here or even in day to day life you know Oh
everything’s happy at our hosts nobody’s happy every time all the time at anybody
so how do you manage you know it’s one of the things that you have gone through
and yes I watched some of the video so I I kind of a little bit know what you’re
talking about but yeah how do you manage to get
through those things and stay positive those struggles I mean like growing up
like growing up like when I was younger I don’t want to get like a petty I don’t
want people to see it feeling that bad for me or like you know but like when I
was younger my mom like she like had all these boyfriends you know we live I
literally lived in like every city in New Jersey my lip in hotel rooms nice
like stuff in hotel rooms for like a week and we move and we go to a
different state and then like you know all these times that work so hard for us
like when I look back and I think in my head like like when I was even in like
high school there’s some I’m not gonna explain what I was going through my head
but you can probably already know exactly it was to the extreme where I
was finally done and it’s just like all these struggles in your life it just
makes you so positive in the end because I mean like you if these things come
your way again you’re just gonna brush them off no you’re just gonna brush them
off he’s gonna keep going forward and you’re gonna have like just think about
how how my daughter’s gonna grow up and they’re gonna graduate and they’re gonna
get married and like that’s what I look forward to in the future like you know I
just can’t look back when I was sleeping in hotel rooms and my mom’s boyfriend
one time punched me so hard in the face it was insane it wasn’t my mom would
this Elena Georgia and her boyfriend literally attacked me like he literally
just hit me like in the face I over and over and like he went the jail um but
these these little these little moments like I’m saying like they make you so
much stronger in the feature like future now you can see like there’s nothing
worse than that it’s all bright ahead trust me these little stories that we
have it’s so much brightness ahead right yeah they really mold you into who you
are because my mom she has a handicap called cerebral palsy arena and my dad
my dad’s in prison so that it made me pick special education my mom side and
Social Work my dad side it and you know you try to keep a good head on your
shoulder for your children just not to break that cycle on what you were in and
you’re never all about breaking the cycle and you learn from those mistakes
you exhibited the exact opposite for your kids I have a friend that grew up
in the foster system like Tyler and I honestly believe that it either you
become the same as them or you become the polar opposite and make a new bridge
yeah um typhus actually came and took me from my mom because she didn’t know how
to um have those loving feelings towards me I should do something extreme so yeah
so my mom the whole time after my dad went to prison was trying to like take
her life and my brother right now is doing the same he’s actually in the
psych ward as we speak yeah they went from 100th out he went from $100,000 job
to he got fired and he like the last four years he’s lost just lost it like
have some I don’t know how that can happen to somebody but he literally
mm-hmm it’s like a movie like he just is not the person he used to be it’s insane
what happened yeah a tragic thing like that
that’s what modes people if you aren’t used to that like these little things by
you thus losing $100,000 job you can’t get through them because you never had
that adversity before yeah mortis yeah and that’s what we’re so positive it’s
like we have we have a lot of struggles but like it’s like we’ve seen a lot
worse than this stuff this right like the people like people like if they
don’t like us on YouTube or something like that or like these type of things I
don’t know why but uh uh um because we’re not like mean to anybody but it’s
just these things are easy to get by it’s not any harder than what we seem
like it you see so much war stuff guys are incredible you’re really incredible
I love you guys say yeah and you know what the most selfless thing you can do
is give your kids the life that you guys always want I think that yeah we get to
see it now we get to see enough like I’ve never seen up mom and the dead
besides all the people like my friends at stuffing if I never seen a mom and a
dad co-parent together and like you know actually love each other and actually
like you know carefree won each other who actually makes me coffee in the
morning and then like you know does these things for me and then like you
know I’ve never seen that like I’ve never seen like I’ve never seen
something like me say like have a great day I love you you know I’ve never seen
that at the very end like in the beginning my mom never she worked all
these jobs but like I’ve never seen I don’t know I’ve never seen that father
and mother thing yeah so it’s like I’ve always strived for it I’ve always wanted
that from each other how to do it yeah definitely yeah exactly yeah we did we
definitely learned and I wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for my grandma
taking me in she didn’t want to because her one son went to prison and her other
son did the extreme yeah myself and again yeah we don’t want to know she
felt it was her fault so she was very nervous to him and thinking it was her
parenting so when she took me she was like I don’t know about this you know
but they had a family lined up for me and she just didn’t she didn’t want it
to happen cuz I would have just disappeared from everybody which is kind
of what happened no one really is there besides her she lives right down the
street and I are grant I hurt Graham I called them to yeah our grandmum is like
the most amazing person in the world because she literally gave us life at
the end of this tunnel that we had and it’s like she actually helped us out she
didn’t like gave us money I’m just saying she literally you know helps out
watching our kids mom that’s a lot of money a week so that helped us out even
forward and her Graham was amazing seriously and it in the beginning to
like her grandma saved her and when I was younger my mom gave me to UM my
friend’s mom so I have a lot of respect for my friend’s mom Mike my friend Mike
his mom took me in when I was like 14 and like literally the best time of my
life when my mom left me for like you know gave him gave me to my friend’s mom
was like I don’t see were like that’s horrible it’s like no that was the best
time of my life because I finally was in one house I finally graduated college my
father I graduate high school went to college didn’t finish but I mean Dom it
doesn’t work yes I finally got the doing and then from that point on my life to
start switching around and the struggle is real little like you say the
shoulders are just little things that happen and that’s it so will you learn
like I’m it doesn’t matter who rate it doesn’t matter who gives birth to it’s
who raises you and who’s the important people anybody can take you under the
wing and make you an amazing person and secondly help from your grandmother
that’s amazing that’s what families do for each other and that’s how by doing
this has probably made her feel better about what happened in the past with her
children how much it’s you guys have like grown past all these things and
making that new branch it’s probably an honor for her to be a
part of it you know giving her some I’m just not closure but you know some
perspective reassurance yeah you know I think that’s what families do you guys
are doing what families do and that’s what’s a great part of over work in the
and we’re off like literally were all fight and my family said we’re all
fighting right now except from one one brother but about my whole mom thing
like brothers are burned a big fight we’re
not talking to each other it’s like that’s wrong
yeah and like my brother is like we grew up like three beds in one room like
we’re so close that she knows that we’re so close yeah
and it hurts my feelings that like my brother’s acne is I don’t stand for the
way he does you know he like treats women not so nicely and I don’t want him
around my kids with my daughters I don’t want them growing up to see their uncle
mm-hmm doing these things to women you know like moving on from one to another
and one from I don’t want them seeing that and I don’t want them growing up to
think that that’s okay uncle doesn’t you know I’m saying I don’t want them seeing
that I get that we’re fighting big time right now um I don’t know what okay
that’s the one thing with Parenthood always means there’s lots of hard
choices and they’re usually not fun choices and they’re usually not the ones
that make things feel happy because every part is thought this the rough
ones and there are lots of rough ones along the way and that’s what what polar
opposites man we’re like we like literally want to go by this book like
of teaching our kids the right way and we’re completely opposite of what we
lived in our life like we’re trying to literally just like rip that page
chapter out and start a brand new prelog to the end you know that’s not starting
or thinking about it you’re doing it you’re so well on your way I mean I see
your kids are happy they love their mom and dad it’s a whole family unit
everybody gets along and no not in the fake disney-style way as a true family
should be you guys have already done it there’s no turning back from this you
guys have accomplished what you set out to do do you gonna fight yourselves on
the back for that I think it’s amazing I love what you guys are doing I after
telling me that more I have a hundred times more respect than I already had
for what you guys were doing like and I mean that yeah we got respect for you
now – I did not know in that background so thank you for dying I’m happy I’m
glad you know this thing is this so this is what’s so great about just saying I’m
talking to people what this thing I’m adopted and people used to ask me – I
said bother you a lot hell no I’m the luckiest person in the world I’m the one
who one out of all of it I got a great family rate that gave birth to me I wish
her all the best in life I don’t even want to find her because hey I don’t
need to be I don’t want to disrupt her family because I was born cannot like
because she wanted me raised like that was the only condition in the
adoption she was French Catholic 18 in a small town it doesn’t take a genius to
put together why I went up for adoption you still can’t even say it to this day
you know and I’m not bitter about it I got a great family you know I had no
they didn’t give birth to me but that doesn’t matter there’s still my moment I
don’t think of anybody else would be her mom is adopted yeah and my mom is
adopted yeah we’re twinsies guys we are we’re like we’re like throwing these
things that you like I think people in a galaxy the comments but like there’s the
saying that no hi my house it doesn’t my mom is adopted
my mom was given up for adoption because of her sir cerebral palsy they didn’t
want her because her disability and the people who took her in did something
called patterning her which was moving her arms and her legs 24/7 they
footprints every single day moving home the arms and the legs that she didn’t
end up in a wheelchair she can’t use one of her arms and she walks with this
stomp and she has like they call it mild retardation but she’s a lot smarter than
she actually tries to put off some that’s why you went to school for and
that’s why I went for special education I’m so cool that’s amazing I just want
to read Marianne from panicked II was saying you guys have done what I try to
tell my students all the time you have taken yourselves and used education and
strong friendships as an escape from the problems and issues that you worked out
yeah yeah we can’t see the comments yeah that’s amazing that thank you know she’s
a teacher so biology sausage and she’s their amazing person so yeah we love we
love our Mirza gay yeah I’m a second grade teacher and there’s certain kids
that are in my class that I couldn’t see their background relates to mine then I
take them in more you know I try to love them up and so um you know a better way
give her hope I pay it forward stories like that yeah it
is it is amazing that you can turn it around and then show with your own
example to somebody who are in the similar situation you know what you can
do it you know we have we have some we do get some messages like in our you
know the games I hate seeing that word it just it just sounds better after that
one song it just sounds bad now yes in our DMS we do get messages and
sometimes we actually posted one and it’s really nice to see these people
saying it um that they actually do look forward to our videos and then like you
know you guys I look at like I look forward to seeing your video all day
long he puts me in a great mood and like that’s amazing like we didn’t start like
that but like we didn’t thought that was gonna happen but like it’s like we’re so
strong like it’s my saying now showing how strong we get just one message a
month that’s all I need one person to say that like we got to keep going for
this kid like we gotta keep going that someone’s live and they were talking
about us and the things that they were saying I just like I couldn’t believe it
and then it turned into you know them talking about bullying and so forth yeah
that was brutal and you know a lot of people I find are bullied in our Channel
and you know you talk about bullying and so forth and they say that our channel
is their outlet and that they feel great coming to us you know and I really love
that yeah I think people think we’re just all giggle is sometimes and but
yeah most people do see oh we’re not all giggles like we do have partnerships
yeah but we want them to laugh we don’t want
them to feel that way you know yeah but you got a good mix going you got kind of
like a 70/30 80/20 and it’s that’s what’s keeping it all so real and I
think what makes people bond with you guys so much you know yes you’re doing
it right guys you really are like you’re nailing up that’s such a short amount of
time on top of that yes – yeah I don’t have the second job I had two jobs – we
were doing in the beginning first two months I always worked two jobs and um
it wasn’t the Ames series I were that restaurant actor I came my other job and
I would go there make like 100 hours a night and his best extras to bring home
you know that’s amazing stuff to bring home um but like he got rough
it did not just from YouTube but like from my other job how hard it is on my
body and then I couldn’t take any more it’s been like three years and I was
like I can’t do this no more it’s just too rough I just want to go sleep like
you know I just want to get home relax and go sleep it’s hard for dads I mean
mom has run through everything the unsung heroes dumb guys that we do that
with work we try to bury ourselves in this kind of like what’s expected for us
to feel important yeah yeah note and then we end up like you know like 40
years old and you know can barely like your brother you know sometimes it’s
happened a man cuz they they don’t just lose a job they lose all purpose yeah
yep yes exactly yeah that’s what happened to him that’s what women don’t
always I mean the women do commit suicide men have higher rates because we
have so much bundled up just into our work we’re women all my aunt still needs
me man the kids need me oh my god you know my cousin’s going through our time
they need men we care about everybody but it’s mostly through our work is the
way we do everything for our family yeah this girl works like six jobs at home
for sure Oh everything octopus couldn’t keep up
with a mother’s hundred percent I have so much respect for that because that is
insane I know what they do at home just I know right off the bat I know what
they’re doing at home you can look Raya somebody like yeah I know she does she’s
a super mom you know there’s someone and so on song but so appreciative there’s
like we working with business together yes but I mean she’s always done the
video photography I’ve always done the video then we started the livestream is
the first time we’ve ever like in all these years kind of crossed everything
into one so this we had a morning experience for us you guys were meant to
do this she had literally photography
videography boom well I studied two years ago I went to sit back to school I
was 26 I had a son that was a year now old and I was working forestry in
eastern Quebec and I grew up there my whole life and all of a sudden I took
analogy to spruce and I got worse and worse and worse like
I look like a lizard by the end like I was I was I would walk out in the rain
at 1 o’clock in the morning and these trailers are in the middle of nowhere it
was just like literally underwear on my arms in the air because my skin that no
elasticity left to it Hey and I couldn’t get laid off without getting laid off
you wouldn’t get unemployment and bla bla bla no care home so I kept working
that way and like 40 degrees celsius heat long pants on wool like the thick
wool for chainsaw pants the boots the gloves shirt it was a nightmare
nightmare hell on earth if anybody’s doesn’t believe howl exists I’ve seen it
my worst enemy description below where it’s at and then guys don’t UN don’t put
the link below analogy though I went back to school and I went that’s when I
studied graphic design more multimedia integration at the time because video
was still all new when I was the first person to ever do a commercial for the
Cadillac Escalade on the website of website awesome
I had my final that year in video and I had to do a project for a company and I
seen this commercial for Escalade and of course all the guys were doing local
stuff and I thought I was a go-getter and I wanted to go back to school then
because I quit college like you when I first went this was my second chance and
I went through and I finally got through to the the headquarters in Ontario and
they just released the Escalade that year it was still only like a couple of
months old and I told him I was doing and they finally sent me down the beef
footage it was on those beta cassettes and I had to go to new NAVADMIN and
actually play them and start transcribing them into digital cut them
up and then I made the commercial and then I showed it to them when I was done
I got a hundred percent and escalade liked it so much they showed on the
website Wow amazing yeah yeah I love them I love photography too I’m not good
at it but um I like I try to be one of those wannabe photographers I like to
have that the camera around my neck and like just do that like I try to take it
and then I get home and I’m like god it’s not good it’s like I try to fake
unique I’m like take it like these weird angle shots to the camera
I see it home and like it’s like when when we got the camera cuz I love taking
pictures to have so many on my phone when we got our camera I was taking
random shots and he was like you’re really good yeah she was really good I
liked her you know that she captured like I think like thunder lightning and
I’m like how do you do this like I’m trying I’m waiting for like out there
like next day I’m like I got this to him waiting for lightning huh
and it doesn’t happen and then you see a black screen oh my god you guys got some
nice photos up there oh yeah yeah we um we’re working our Instagram um yeah
we’re working on a nice camera think that the YouTube channel um she like
it’s really up on the Instagram on her social media me that’s usually getting
back to people but he does watch everything with oh yeah I watch
everything I just don’t know how to put it in words like I’ll be like babe to
squash this video like you know like I don’t know what to say and she was like
try to help me out I like her I don’t know how to say like I don’t want to say
the thing is I don’t want to come to so much channel and be like great video I’m
like you know I don’t do that how would it be like I love this when this
happened but I love that is so funny like I want to be able to like give an
actual description I’m like you know I love this like your angles on your shots
are amazing on the drones or something like that
cuz I’m I’m I love drones man I I won’t want so bad I want I love this angle is
that people get at all miss baby me get me so high when I think of there’s
things on my call man yeah like I love when seeing the ankle is from like
bridges and stuff on yeah love bridges oh my god oh my God we’re so much alike
that’s my favorite thing I’m shooting there like when we did the train videos
and that my son and I do those tunnel don’t keep me still no trains man oh man we rolling over here brother
yeah there’s those shots are amazing yeah I guess so John I see people would
buy a drone last year but the problem is Canada they just clamped down on them
and the laws now are insane like it’s I don’t even know what you’re
yeah who took me I somebody told me that I was like I want patron for the
boardwalk like when we’re walking I want the drone on the boardwalk where we live
we live in Jersey so it’s like you know see sighs yeah but they’re like you
can’t do that there they won’t allow that like really you can’t do it yeah
you’re pretty rigid know before bottle caps
oh yes bottle caps yes yes and bottle caps he always he gets angry because he
does some great drone stuff he doesn’t like when I say no Canada yeah we’re
just worried because here they have big fines for personal it’s $5,000 Canadian
and firm businesses up to $25,000 Canadian what Wow that is insane you’re
not allowed to shoot within nine kilometers so that’s about what four and
a half miles of any Airport which under okay that’s ridiculous but still but
you’re not allowed to shoot within nine kilometers of anywhere where a seaplane
could take off or a dirt runway or anywhere a plane so I guess I shouldn’t
buy a glowin not by drone well pretty well you guys a lot more Lima than us and there’s bottle caps keep sticking to
with that excuses good reason not to buy a drone I’m still thinking of buying one
bottle caps I think this summer it’s gonna happen yeah actually using it here
while we are kind of new that we go I’m going I like your bottle cap like in the
laws ice kid you not it says you’re not allowed to fly over animals so nobody
knows that that’s a skunk a bird an ant nobody even knows what the law says
literally and actually really weird because what if you do it on accident
you’re like I didn’t know that cat was down there it’s not my fault so you’re
getting a five grand ticket it doesn’t make any sense you know we these drones big-time our administer
transports in a nut case and he just went like with a blanket law until they
come up with something else amiss ridiculous you gave me a tree quiet
we might be listening this we love your federal make sense you’re the dog fly
with the 250 feet of a built-up area and a built-up area could be like two houses
and a burn Oh all these blanket laws with no
explanation of what they mean so that’s the confusing part in all of them that’s
sad because a lot people probably know about them from probably this kid like
he’s like yo guys just got this thing for Christmas this drone you know and
I’m not sending it off and you got like you get a bill in the mail you Johnny
little Johnny what are you doing going over an ad mark I don’t know at my
Christmas don’t know why it’s an advert from I like it has been the one that has
been most charged actually they actually have in three and four si ball caps gets
all after date that he has been have to businesses and still working on drones
but he’s in DC and in Quebec where we are they have given those the federal
law just in this area it seems like they’re enforcing it a lot heavier
that’s the sock so that’s enough about Canadians stupid dry Patsy was there
than you I don’t know you didn’t see any more but she was asking a question yeah
yeah yeah we know that you’ll again see does Chuck blush ever turn parties in
they all laughing I don’t want the hell it is I don’t know animals I’m like the
drôme laws there well was that the question from
Patsy was about you getting into a teddy bear oh that oh yeah so we saw this
difficult this is famous but like YouTube like this is like because you
know YouTube is like a copycat like you know it’s basic copycat thing like you
literally just got to put your stank on it you know I’m saying so you got do it
your way um the bear though here so we weren’t
gonna do it so we saw a goodwill the video before we did a goodwill thrift
shop challenge we’re trying clothes yeah and we saw this big bear like you
already know what’s gonna happen now yeah it’s like $3 like who are not gonna
buy this bear for $3 yeah I really we should do it and it we scared of kids
doing it and um they literally like make it so scared of these things man it’s so
funny movies difficult though because it’s so hot and all thanks you cannot
breathe and like how to do it the fur straight shot down our throat and we’re
like I just want this tickle get rid of it yeah that took like a week other god
a teddy bear stop coming up it was it went a challenge for real because it was
um we are really small people so it went for that bear but not for that bear it
was like every time you got up do you like stretch out like ripping it
every single time he got up and um because it was hot and you couldn’t
breathe we tried to put like a little air hole yeah which I’m your boy and
then he was like I still can’t breathe open it up and I just caught it away it
was really big so wooden like I had to sit down in the ground like real low
like yeah but it was hard because I was like I was like telling her I was like
hurry up get the kids tell them coming right now I can’t breathe babe hurry up
I’m like just waiting for the happen we had so many more ideas if the actual
bear costume fit but it’s not properly for all the other ideas I would
advise people if you have a big enough there yet do it but like it’s but it
does it it don’t say like it’s don’t have one of those open fairs around kids
because they don’t realize and they hop in there and they’re going to suffocate
because it’s so hot in there so we threw it out Wow yeah we put a bad boy out
real quick oh yeah it was me it was at somebody else’s house too so we didn’t
know yeah when to get rid of that thing right away yeah we know there’s any
senator boxer words in there like about that bugs and so forth and I was like
all right get rid of it we threw it out right away after that person commented a
yes but the video was funny though I think yeah thank you
that was a real yeah you guys really went above and beyond on that one yeah
we um we don’t like to do big Frank’s right good like for one thing pranks
like I’ve seen so many videos so I know what’s coming like if it starts is
getting real shady with her I know 100% it’s fake like I can tell what bet but
she actually got me so bad so bad the same as she i reaiiy thought 100% wasn’t
real she could she got a tattoo on her hand on her arm right here and huh it
was fake I have a thing about tattoos on each other names it’s just my thing if
you guys have it I’m not anybody out there I’m sorry but I have a jinx that
like if you write like Josh we’re gonna end our divorce like tomorrow I have
since she did it nothing babe don’t do that like that’s fake a hundred percent
cuz I thought it was fake a hundred percent but like for some reason I wiped
it you know like and she likes know what she did she was a smack through some it
was red right yeah there’s AG lazy looking I was like yeah and I can’t get
real babe like eat it and they’re like I like touch I wipe it off in a ding move
and I was like it took a while to get it off because I use black sharpie which
was probably a handy in permanent now I think it lasts a couple days yeah I
believe that one yeah that stuff doesn’t come off I wear long sleeves and like sweaters our
school has air conditioning and you yeah yeah dress code yeah but if it popped
out at all I know that they’ve probably been like yeah yeah it was it was it was
so rad I’m very sensitive so it was definitely it literally looked like she
chicas got a new and yes my cousin is a tattoo artist that lives like two
streets down we were talking about it on lives like two days prior so I was like
everything was kind of just adding up to it his brother has you know woman’s name
tattooed across his stomach Nikki but is but his name is Earl and so he started
telling people that his name was Nick after it was over that’s why he has the
Chive weird things like you know I don’t want it yeah I don’t know I was just
like oh I’m gonna get him so good because he said never have any name on
you I was like you don’t love it again I’m sorry for people that got their
names of they’re wiser than I apologize it’s just my preference I guess you can
tell why I’m filming him that I’m like anxious like oh I think I really upset
him every sighs Josh was in angry over here I was like there’s no room is it
and then like I saw the camera pointed on me and right away I knew I actually
said was so hard to prank me but I keep saying I feel like but she got you I was
like but she’s tried before it did not work before okay so like I said it’s all
I care about me I was like oh my god no that’s like what do you recorded I’m
like I gotta get her better I’m gonna get her back don’t worry about it it’s
gonna happen around like a bad bad one um yeah um we actually filmed it – um we
actually our very first Frank was our daughter loves this teddy bear his name
is bun bun this was his idea I did not want to do this is cruel oh so she
literally like one one maybe like four months old she’s had this bear it’s a
but it’s called bun bun um it’s a bunny that we bought for Mike hallmark or
something on yeah but like there she loves it she still say she’s
sleeping with a primary night right now so I went to like Marshalls and found
this teddy bear for like like six bucks it looks identical to it so happens our
dog likes to chew up things it’s like he’s not in her kiss cage when we leave
and she knows that because it’s happened before so I went upstairs and I was like yeah and that was going clean oh that
was awful doing that as she came up and some salt on the ground all ripped up
and all on the ground and she’s like no I don’t think maybe it’s fake it’s right
here it was only for like a minute and then she came up and was like playing
with all the fur and like you know yeah it was pretty brutal but I was just like
I don’t want to play like too hard of a prank cuz you know you see some of them
out there with like the fake you ink on the ground yeah yeah kids and then they
ended up losing their kids you know I gotta try to always think about you know
not taking it too far yes or no and I don’t want to upset my
children where they they hate us because we have a camera you know I want them to
think it’s fun one of our favorite videos of Zoey actually when we first
start at YouTube she was opening up hatch moles and talking about her
collection okay and she set the camera up it was like I’m just waiting for my
mom oh and she likes enjoyed it and it’s the cutest clip ever that’s her favorite
favorite clip of her you don’t see these moments though if you give your
videography you don’t have these moments like sometimes I catch angle is like on
like my daughters it’s smiling yeah I don’t know they’re happy someone like I
don’t know I don’t see it while I’m editing and I’m like oh my god your
babies they smiling right you’re so proud at our Easter egg hunt and if it
weren’t for the camera capturing those moments and those smiles we would have
lost it you know pictures don’t capture those smiles and those feelings right
and now we can look back on it and you know show my dad when he is home
for all the stuff that he’s been missing out on maybe I’ll do a huge montage like
a three-hour montage form you know wish me started sooner after starring we all
do that that’s everybody who ever starts filming that’s the first thing you think
why didn’t I but you know what you got what you got and no just keep the grow
as many memories as you can no yeah I have one of my daughter in the park eyes
she’s always our go to model whenever we need somebody it’s like come on Audrey
we’re going and I did want to her in the park and I still catch myself watching
it sometimes and remembering I just follow her for two hours I was trying
out my new camera and it’s not Steadicam so I’m following her we’re walking and
then I’m editing I catch myself I’m like grinning because my jaw started getting
sore I’m just wondering how much she was just enjoying that time where you’re
right when I’d be holding her hand and looking around and doing other things
but I really got a feel for what the part felt like to her at that moment
that time from her even like that meant a member like this wasn’t asked for corn
or anything but like you know Instagram and everything um we reported it like
it’s like I remember this video to day one it was like whenever we first kind
of met like a first couple weeks and weirdoes in the car singing and laughing
and like I look back at that one time is it man we’re so extremely happy back
there huh it’s just it’s like a two second clip
and it’s like I still think about it yeah all of our small Instagram clips oh
yeah and put it into a video to show everyone you may like them we have a lot
of them yeah that’s a great idea that’d be a nice montage yeah I do not montages
I love my montages so there you go see that would be a great thing to do though
I know people don’t like the montages a lot but like man do I love about Isis
yeah I just get right into Michael manse is great you got to do some stuff for
you to it can’t always be for everybody else like so it’s a good mix and yeah
yeah I have a question about your dreams for the future I know I’m in couple of
your videos you have mentioned about beach houses
living on a beach and that’s why I like the background today for your poster as
a beach houses yeah where does that come from and what about your vision well
when my grandma took me and they had a beach house that was my uncle’s house
and I had three jobs down at the beach and it was just like my best memories
was sitting on the beach in summertime and being with my grandparents and I had
my best friend that I met down there and then all of when I met Josh he was a
total beach guy and wanting the goal of down to the beach and you know we lived
down at the beach all all summer you can find us tried it just 45 minutes every
single weekend we just just go daily we’re like 2-3 hours even daily like we
might just go down I say if I get home at 5:00 we go down everything there are
six like 5:30 6:00 and we just sit down there with your kids and like we
literally will have like we’ll eat down there on the beach and like just the
smell of the air and like nothing the breeze you put on a hoodie on at
nighttime in Sundance it’s like a getaway and it’s so close
and it’s the getaway where we feel like we could reach it you know we want to go
to Disney World and all them other places but the beach you can you could
drive there and it is kind of like that get away that we need sometimes yeah we
can now riving away from the town we live in we cannot wait the vlog this
summer like we were we’ve already done like one like we did a live stream on
the boardwalk which was nuts it was crazy I was a bad idea because
like it was Memorial Day weekend it’s see size to Jersey Shore um there’s a
lot of F bombs sure they’re like you Oh mommy what’s up and like if we gotta go
we gotta get here and I’m the distract person if you see any of the cartridge
shots I’m always the one looking out the window
yes talking about dogs or like a random person on the side you guys are
always not on the camera like oh my god did you just see that
so that’s how I was on the boardwalk exhibit oh sorry leave it in yeah we
leave and we leave I love you I love you so random Ashly
look at that cute Dalmatian on my right that was that’s gold right there well everybody commented on to in that
video is me going okay big dog yeah that’s like exactly when she tells the
story it’s never just I went to the store while I went for a walk it was a
blade of grass I think was a grass but that rock was on the side no it wasn’t a
black rock it was a no I remember was kind of a wedge because the Sun was up
in the kid walked like a cake where these details I overlord sometimes from
all of it she knows everything going from you being a photographer uses all
them details yes when I when we started doing the videos
and we drove into Philly I noticed so much more artwork and like
was more appreciative of everything around having that camera right where we
pointing out so much more pick up the wrong things though maybe like a a weird
sculpture that has like gum all over it and like she look up beautiful mcvade
that’s a gum this get so tired they’re like right here and they’re like so
beautiful like given that the bubblicious bubblegum this is not yeah
she could have a guy that said here’s a million dollars and she said whoa I
wonder where he got these sneakers is like that he could from the story out of
all that was going on that’s what caught your eye because you know just getting
into photography obviously you’re trained on purpose looking different you
know noticing different shapes or things but
now it is like it’s not like your shitty let’s you are seeking the shot but yeah
is noticing more details sometimes I tell you all look at that
leg trey is like where oh my god yeah but you know but that’s exactly it’s you
know just and I but I love it because especially now I’m in the spring and in
the summer when when you can see here like the nature opening up everyday
sprint and all these little details to me that’s what makes the color of sites
like literally and yeah yeah you know yeah when I can smell the lilacs in the
evening or in the morning I can hear the new bird you know okay this is all this
is lovely this is lovely this sounds really nice that’s not what I’m talking
about I’m talking something so far off or I’ll tell her story I want the story
this guy pulled it in front of me and he almost hit me and all that stuff and
it’s like well what did you get at the stores like this is not what I’m talking
about this was not what the exclamation part was the guy almost hit me that
situation part that’s the one we should be talking she’s putting me in a home
secretly with the jokey about that for years slowly like taking my brain apart
yeah I can see that okay especially for you as a photographer
you’re probably like you see how beautiful that like you know that the
stream of light comes in and you’re like I don’t see nothing and then you take
the picture and then you show him like wow I did not see that like a magic
trick yeah because you know mine are stills and he’s our in motion he does
notice those different things but they are different they are more dynamic
things like I am more see like like a frozen kind of framed right huh and for
Andrew one key point that most that is more something dynamic more in motion
you know when I should I see in shapes almost like old 3d design programs so
that so say I was shooting like and I’ll go to just by train because it’s on my
mind right now but say I’m shooting one and the train is coming and there’s
trees by it well that’s one big long rectangle and then there’s a speeding
rectangle coming and I see things almost as shapes I don’t really notice in the
camera the details on anything or when I was shooting over medic I see people as
like blocks was Sir and triangles I know good tips this is
real good tips for me thank you like I was thinking about it like I’m
honestly like I’m taking it like a sponge I know because it’s like this is
kind of cool because it’s a great idea like what you’re talking about
how you gonna big inaudible panning shots in that and I you shoot with the
DJI Osmo I don’t know if you’ve ever seen it before but it’s basically a
drone head on a stick okay and it’s got a set axis so it’s made for
stabilization I don’t know what you can walk and run at a decent pace so there’s
no shake so I always shoot with pain it does there’s actually for the mobile
phone right now they have the DJI mobile and you can bind you just put your cell
phone in it’s like a Steadicam for your mobile it’s like I think States it’s
like what a hundred and some dollars down a rabbit hole has yeah they’re
using it a lot you just told her I was sticky got control with Sony with that
too like I’m telling you we’re so no with the cameras I want to get so much
into it like I love learning about it I love learning like when somebody would
say like a certain model or something like that I think I really know what
you’re talking about but I do know that camera like then you’re talking like I
kind of know but I don’t know yeah I know they’re like tell me about like
different frames and stuff I’m not sure of that so I’m trying to learn it on
YouTube torian’s like I’m learning more and more about the camera it’s just the
camera itself not about recording and if I just want to know more about what’s
going on to camera what’s like you know there’s net oh yeah yeah I did I have
seen that before there’s like an example of you image you’ll see the same thing
yeah like that so this is the extension onto it so off the box this goes up on
here alright and this is the extension the z-axis for when you’re walking in
that so when is this is here it’s literally about the size of a flashlight
and that’s the camera off the Xperia drone they just mounted onto it so you
need your phone to connect to it it’s a Wi-Fi connection because all the reason
side the camera is the microchip for recording is that camera good like a
decent camp oh yeah it’s a 4k itself the drone itself is what $2000 everything in
Canadian was twelve hundred bucks with extra batteries and everything Swift
does that access that would be what about 900 us I guess whatever that’s how
I roll yeah yeah with the phone one is the
phone one is amazing I need to get that even though I don’t shoot a lot with
foam do you guys so so as like you guys do you guys use alive different cameras
no I use this for I use mine for everything and eggs India’s one camera
for everything yeah I have tried different other ones and I just really
think that the equipment only can give you so far a really cool idea so you
have the controls just like mine that’s your thumb stick to pan left right up
and down record and there’s a trigger in front so if you’re moving around you tap
it twice it centers it you tap it three times it turns back to you and goes into
vlogging mode that’d be perfect for like logging see
we were gonna buy a drone oh you we don’t use their phone Billy that’s her
no see that’s what do you guys use actually that’s what’s gonna ask you Oh
either I use a sony a 5100 bought it for when we got married so that’s why she’s
been using that ever since so the only thing I don’t like about as big than
Mike but it’s not that bad like is it people really hate the mic but I don’t
think it’s that bad on top no we don’t there is none that’s the problem you
don’t you can’t there’s no you can’t do not know it’s pressing to nothing yeah
so that’s basically it how do you charge it with the USB yep yeah yeah you can
probably buy on Amazon the converter that you can attach the microphone
external microphones to some places getting rid of cameras you can always
upgrade to for a lot lower than buying new that’s what a lot of you we were
dumb about it yeah really NSA yeah we wanted to get
the GoPro so bad okay and I was just like look into it you know but he’s
there like quick I bought something so we went
the same day that he said he want it and we went and got it and I was they were
saying oh but you don’t have a zoom and him and the person were like who uses
zoom yes like you’re gonna want the zoom I love zoom like every day we easy him
all the time and he was like you’re so right about that zoom snow you know we
didn’t like the GoPro as much as we thought we were going to it’s a great
camera but it’s for people more so traveling with all the daughters stop
yeah we didn’t we didn’t like it for flogging yeah it’s not a good vlogging
camera it’s great for a lot of things but it’s not a vlogging camera I agree
with your honor the mic is I’m talking about the a 5100 people say mic is bad
for us that mike was real bad like if you listen to our old videos I get its
horns honk oh it’s so yeah it’s like I loved it for like the water thing like
you go I love that and I want to get another one now I got rid of it now
would like a dirty camera for that kind of stuff but it’s not a good primary a
lot of times it’s not the best to work with yeah mine doesn’t mine doesn’t zoom
either by the way okay but that’s the way you have to work
with though this one you shoot more like a lot of times I hold it my waist and do
like drone shots so that’s why you’ll see along my sinister fatalistic it’s
floating uh-huh so I get excited already says I love
what drone are you using cuz then I get to say up
thank you so much I’m gonna that’s all me baby
you’re exactly here you don’t say yes yeah and it’s got a selfie stick so I
can put it with on my arm stretch about nine feet in the air so I can film it
weddings I turn it upside down the camera pivots and I can go over the
crowd and make it look like a drone going over people but it’s just a that
you’re that tall yeah that’s pretty good what was a selfie stick doing a lot of
the work thanks for bragging it was coming out about a week after we bought
this one I needed for weddings next time we actually do
Tech Talk Tuesday every Tuesday we talk a little this long because tomorrow if
you guys don’t want to join we’re like everybody’s answering each other’s
questions about editing of different types of stuff cameras shooting
yeah we’re not like an expert mostly like I always say it we you and I have
questions you and I have answers meaning like we all like your chats and us
contribute to questions and answers you’ll be surprised what people actually
know it’s insane you’ll be able you wouldn’t even though they’re like me I’m
like an archaeologist that no I was like well on the team X actually was you know
and you’re like hey I didn’t know you knew how much about that and you just
started talking in there when you’re talking about what you’re like I don’t
know what camera to buy in all you didn’t know but you’re your friends your
family and on YouTube you’ll know all of that and my gosh you should get this
miss miss I’m like I didn’t know you knew that tapping into your resources
you know by the way I wanted to show you aren’t morbid that we have as a guest as
well he was talking about this little camera that he’s using they’re basically
the size of the hand so when you vlog and turns around you can see it’s right
that’s so small huh yeah his videos are really sharp Wow don’t give you an open
it’s too because nobody’s you’re out like two because they’re like oh they’re
just talking to me yeah well that sort of looks like it looks Li he’s blocking
the Sun of his eyes all the time that’s what he does because he lives in power
and he’s gonna tucked in and just walking like that lady’s blocking the
Sun what shoots 4k this guy already put it on Amazon before I got the one-click
I got that one dangerous click one yeah that’s it where it’s like one click buys
and you’re like it’s coming coming tomorrow
it’s called X I owe me why why I for K I’m
the name of it in the chat or yeah or in the Twitter if you want to see – um go
to our – morbid Channel and check his alike photography live Syria I will is
he here right now yeah right now it’s amazing the quality like I would never
think that a small thing can actually you know can you drop this link by sleep
can you drop his name in the art amor but yeah sure I’ve got it for you right
away or you can you get okay drop his name right there nom I might order
tonight yeah and this guy is really like a real artistic guy like Josh don’t do
it Josh am i nervous I can see the gun by the corner and that she’s like we’re
not doing that I’m still waiting on a toupee I’m gonna two pages Lacan oh my
God he’s so cheesy I like quiet like I know this is gonna happen guys squeeze
the nail in the hard oh it’s only Sony five guys babe clay can’t use like what
did you say that’s it but the guy the camera is amazing like I was blown away
by it especially this guy was so artistic to see what he’s doing with it
it was like mind-boggling how I got a question for you guys right cookie this
awkward we’ve gotten asked this question before um how awkward is it when your
friends find out that you’re doing YouTube mm-hmm I think of the live
streams we didn’t want to tell anybody at first too
I was worried with the live stream because you’re always worried there’s
gonna be that one friend who finds it that comes in and goes on like an idiot
yeah yes and then makes it you look bad in front of everybody you know so I was
never that’ll be that’ll be my brother that’s cute
I’m not the one I’m fighting with but my one brother I love my brother do death
yeah he’s little not he doesn’t know that it’s like we told him but he
doesn’t he’s not filter so it’s like holy dropping s bomb with this and
that’ll make not in my job do you not no no no yeah anybody so with it what that
people are we doing tomorrow bro and I’m like dropping me later Mike my sisters
kind of like that to pop in I’m like hey bro it’s like what’s he gonna say yeah I
love my brother I love my brother deaf no he’s always been my other brother I
fight with all the time I love him too but my one brother Chris has always been
there he’s always been there for me and he like literally helped me out and
sometimes and stuff like that he’s one brother just to stay with me no matter
what he doesn’t my job there there well that’s cool yes so I don’t know I always
wanted a brother I never had one so I was kind of jealous of anybody who did
of them that’s why I like my sons that they have each other as well as her
sisters she got jealous before that is what I try to always say it’s my
daughter it’s about being close and being sisters cuz they fight all the
time more so my over wrong with the younger one then I would say like how my
brother and I were growing up you know not my choice he just didn’t want
anything to do with me and I just say you have each other you guys are gonna
be best friends always stick up for each other you know I just kinda you know
make sure I’m a whole thing I got my theater wore off they don’t wear that I
wonder if rent they’re too young right now man they like pick over there you
think you got ice cream I wanted ice cream like their dumb fight we’ll be fighting but I think you yeah
telling them stop from the beginning that’s it works you know
yeah important I what you’re just saying now because you know family’s family no
matter what it’s still your sister your brother I didn’t have any I do the same
trying to our kids you know they’re gonna be the only ones to have you know
that closeness young offers from people would be my brother I got bottle caps
I didn’t even though I didn’t even ask I thought we were already brothers I mean
that’s kind of bro that’s kind of shot at me whatever man whatever go to bottle
caps I swear to God I was just coming up here all the time
Dexter Tang offer to be my brother you guys can’t be my brother no matter what
I mean whatever you guys in the chat want to deal I mean to send me up I got
that song ringing in my head right now well you got a friend who is that rainy
Newman yeah yeah I just don’t think I’m in this family guy all the time with
that song that I keep singing about everything that he sees know that we do
Guney I guess I don’t exactly it completely ruined Randy doing for me
because that’s all you’re bringing back to all the great memories you’re not
gonna be able to sleep tonight yeah you you were just
about the macro dieting yes yeah yeah yeah and I got really my curiosity what
is it macro dining is like um it’s like kinda
they’re not the exactly the same thing but it’s called like flexible dieting so
basically we get numbers we put our numbers together you find of numbers by
your body weight you your first find now I forget the actual term is the
calculator yeah you find out how much you burn is just like your body like so
you rough shape you sleep your daily things you there’s like a certain number
it’s not 100% accurate never is but it’s a good guesstimate of what it is and
then you find out how many calories you burn you do all this calculations and
then you find out he’s like how much weight you want to lose
how much you want intake and then finally break it down by dividing it oh
it’s not that hard people think it’s really hard there’s actually like online
calculators that do it you know yeah um but then you find out like how much fat
you should be eaten well how many calories so you break down
calories like 2,000 calories then you break it down divide it into like
proteins uh fast your your carbs and then that’s how you break it down and
that’s what we’ve been doing so you can eat anything you want yeah and
moderation Amar’e fixing your numbers fits in your macros and that’s what
flexible dieting so I gotta have pizza but like it’s got to make sure it hits
my carbs and my proteins and everything else and stays in that so in seven
months when I start it cuz I started yes so much January but the other January so
January – summertime I was 200 pounds and went to 135 by summertime yeah it
was I never looked 135 I was never a size 4 because of that huge change and
then going off because of you know multiple things you know like stress
everything with your family I started I got all my numbers they were failing
hours no you go up higher quicker faster because your body’s not used to but like
I would be eating like from me um I was trying to get like body fat I was 9
percent body fat um that was my goal I wouldn’t be a 10 percent body fat that
was it like fifty-five so when I was eating I was
eating a lot out eat like maybe like six meals at there oh yeah no much food out
eat like every two hours I would eat but I would hit my numbers like I would hit
my car’s my proteins but sugar is the big like it’s the culprit like it’s the
worst thing of course sugar yes like if you just limit yourself 30 grams of
sugar a day one week you lose like five pounds and drink a lot of water no
losing five pounds it’s not proteins so important yeah like I skipped meals and
so forth so when we start at this it was actually eating more than I actually did
I look at the chat real quick you look like Donna says I’m about 220 percent
body safer in a hunter and 60 pound person you’re supposed to be eating a
hundred and sixty grams of protein yeah people think it’s in think the easiest
number to figure out is what however your body pounds you are that’s the same
amount of green it’s a little awful yeah that’s why you can easy right about it
Oh random and people think it’s nuts so like if somebody’s let me try and lose
weight I’m not trying to shoot anybody and make fun of anybody but like say for
like 300 pounds and they’re like I need 300 grams of protein no it’s like no
that’s the number like you got to eat a lot of protein yeah we got make sure you
five accounts you want to be like like not be a little poop it’s all balanced
in the end really I guess is what you’re saying you know expensive buying all the
different groceries that because eating healthier is more expensive yeah it
should be cheaper than diet and we did enjoy a lot of the things that we were
eating found a great cereal that we would eat with almond milk great jelly
that was sugar free protein breath fiber in it
protein bread we had um we actually we’re gonna play that trick on our kids
we’re gonna be later on in one of our videos black bean brownies we love black
bean brownies and people are like yeah it’s like not a try that black baby
Browdy and you will not know that it’s John
that was a regular after having black we probably will
never I already have already like three brownies but yeah days ago
oh one is first better with panic dee was telling you oh well the first
brownies were made during the first world trade the 1890 Fair 1893 and they
were glazed jelly uh-huh I love Africa oh girl live stream about
the brownies they actually made them like that we created the first ever
brownies you know and the original recipe is attached there and there’s a
oh wow we actually eat um apricot jelly sugar free yeah we do sure a lot of
sugar free jellies and you wouldn’t even know that there should you really you
wouldn’t even know and we’re not we don’t we’re not into like it people like
a lot of people are into the ingredients really not into it we probably should
because we don’t know really what’s going in your body but like people like
yeah with that guy cook you’re drinking it’s got this and this in it I really
don’t care I just know that it doesn’t have does not have sugar in it and I
love 7s comment I would make protein pancakes with a protein powder and an
egg and then there was this syrup that was the best syrup ever it’s from Walden
Farms and there’s no calories there’s no sugars poor that you could drink you
drink it’s really the best tasting so check that out Walden launched arms Sara
I’m talking about it’ll be like the best syrup you had like it’s so good yes
don’t get their other stuff it’s gross and it just then the label says that
you’ll see 10,000 calories a year just from switching to Alden farms that may
not be true but you know I would not recommend them framer though except I
grew up in a maple syrup town where I grew up so I you guys and you guys right
no one knows maple like we do did you guys really people didn’t know this was
a maple a maple syrup heist here two years ago and they stole the tanker with
oh I those like eighty million dollars forty forty for the truck yeah they
bought the rights are making a Hollywood movie about us maple syrup iced I really
watch that but I’d be really interested I have my cousins my uncle excuse me had
a maple sugar lobbed it around my place and I remember growing up and doing all
years ago when it was with the buckets only before they ran all azuz and that
was a big thing every year was the maple syrup for like three weeks and it’s so
natural you know like there’s something about there you go city years ago guys
you guys want a hug it’s like patrols when they hug one time because so not to
live was 3,000 tons of maple syrup eighteen point seven million dollars
that’s an insane story they got I would so watch that out that sounds awesome
hot it’s so off the wall exactly this yeah yeah I don’t care about this other
movies right now Kevin maple selling I sold a syrup man I went big I was
thinking syrup in the beginning I think I was about the robbed beg forget the
money syrup is where we were talking about
sugar and they were teasing the Suzy channel because she does sugar good
reviews are all sage lentil business now on that stuff great you seen Susie well
this this is Susie became famous on our channel is for the for this video and
it’s because I watched her video and one night I seen this thing oh yeah yeah I
saw that with the thumbs yeah the thumb we’ve made her famous now
or it isn’t wait wait what she does the snow bomb he open it the try the made
her famous right here was the texture she rubs one then circles the other that
squeezes the middle and and I wrote my comment is still there
I’m sure I’m gonna see I’ve never done this before it I gotta find the comet as
it should be right on top and there it was see two months ago once again
fantastic job the shots starting at 28 seconds maybe a little yeah I saw that
and we’ve put it to like burlesque music now and stuff like like the paper girl
is a channel I think we had a bargain to it me now we didn’t know for like um
what a month or so yeah we were joking and teasing all time we didn’t know her
husband was doodles by Doug who’s in here all the time we didn’t know they’re
husband and wife they thought we’d know it’s hilarious was so she told the late
were like shocked you could see it on the live stream or like this where these
people are like mm-hmm sexy these college material oh yeah cuz both my dog was the first
person to ever do something for us and he did this live stream and made us his
first live stream he actually did oh that’s oh I want one yes we had a pillow
with three buttons one of those like he a big knitted ones and exactly was
telling I don’t know some crazy story that night and I gave her the stink eye
I guess so she got up and paper hello in its place and of course the exam you
fashion wrapped it in a scarf and a hat and glasses replace yourself with that
so I went got my daughter’s five foot monkey put it in my place and then we
closed the show that way so that’s why it’s our faces into those two things
from that night is so funny just like that we have a character from our Six
Flags Oh but I loved it because it was one of our
first times to the amusement park yeah guys if you don’t know um I had a little
swag when I was younger um yeah no experience I had a nose piercing right
here I might look like Tupac who’s like my biggest Idol when I was younger and I
wanted to do sure that’s 100 I said the truth 200 like oh no no no don’t grab
that one Oh is there glare why am i why am I putting a bunny right there
Oh stylin man thanks you look so nice though in that pictures yeah yeah um
actually it was actually free one of them heart rings Huggies knit yeah
that’s right that’s original right there can you see there’s the lights a big
rock girl these are so amazing I gotta wear a wig for a week man how am i
amazing right now please my kid think of me do you know
that when I proposed to eggs India was spur the moment in Saskatchewan and we
stopped because the sketch was the flattest province in Canada it’s
connected in North Dakota and I stopped in the middle of nowhere through miles
of when he call off all fund and I got down and proposed to her with a ring
that I made out of tin foil yeah it was pouring down rain and we’re standing so
romantic yeah I would love to see that in the money link to a YouTube video Edisto oh that’s almost all weird that’s
so cute like that he’s the guy that of course Jana I put it in our like in the
in the ring box yeah you’re not gonna live when you got
back in that car you know you grab those snowballs and you’re like we had we
ended up only get alleged that what 2,000 old ten or something like that we
only got married in 2014 and yeah we had a Viking wedding in Iceland oh my god
you guys there’s bragging right now you guys is strict bragging on us we had a
we had a wedding in a courtroom a courtroom well it almost ended that way
for a long time we made a change the law I didn’t want to get married again I
didn’t want to I felt that it doesn’t I don’t know I I was against it and I’m
Catholic and I don’t really for my religion enough I would have to pay for
an annulment and blah all these things and I’m like either but then her mom
died and then like she was an only child living in Canada she’s 29 she’s got no
more family because her grandparents parents are all gone yeah and I love how
real good realness I love like this laughing and then I don’t know where we
get real and I love that like that just kind of zactly all the time how it goes
that’s exactly how it rolls me I love that thank you it’s real I guess exactly
you can like just think about him boom you know I never thought of it till you
said it at that moment I didn’t even realize like kind of transitions so
oh no that doesn’t exactly I don’t think that’s exactly what we do it’s like jump
from boom boom and that’s exactly I love that yeah because we could show emotions
can change so quick and you just being laughing so hard about something and
then like literally break it down something awesome like that it means a
lot to you and yeah together I mean it’s all parts of like making the best of the
moments you know and our moments and good moments as well and yeah so that’s
but that’s why I decided to do it fine and she tricked me – a little bit I
gotta give her credit she said didn’t you always wonder what Iceland and I
said yes and she said well what if we got married there Iceland is beautiful
right it’s nice I’m like all green it is moss like there’s no more
Greenland is ice right isn’t like ice here sorry I told this woman that before
remember that yeah you then you told this woman that and I believe you you
did believe me miss healthy now the fourth grade told me bad
all right see you can take three curves away from your fourth-grade cursor good
self says in this comment I asked him early on our our live stream I said
about I don’t know who which one of you guys was in our live stream but um are
they gonna make me I think I make me cry honest and good in the comments like
told you they’re gonna make you brought your surprise guest that you haven’t
confronted in years that’s right oh you still have a little Johnny says that
he’s your son father exactly I’m holding the paper here in my
hand with the test and the results are ready you are not the fire you’re
definitely cleared 100% not the father’s so if you love this boys are like oh it’s the meanest event ever that woman
isn’t waiting for it to be like I need him to be the father he’s like yeah Ben
told you that this is my sixth time in this show finally this is got a stick and they’re like you can’t deny those
ears and those eyes those pimples ready are screen shots you’ve never seen
nothing you never it’s such an abuse of people’s basic
like dignity on those yeah yeah 100% yeah under it sounds like did you tell
this woman that you were five nine when you first met you told her you had a
great hairline did I really did and it’s like they like you have none of that yes in this bag I have the lips the lips
are here magic in stones calm told me they were coming in the mail and
actually he told me about the magic insoles and I think it was only two
months in and he his magic insoles were like giving out I ordered his next pair
for him that’s one that’s on my way of loves me I see like a about order for
you or she thought was way too short and she was like listen I need you about
five nine I couldn’t wear like I would have to wear these bulky shoes you know
like I couldn’t wear like he has shin splints he’s like oh my shins hurt and
he’s always complaining about I’m like those magic salt
I had a warm in like ten years like no like six years six years but like
stilling I like back then I wouldn’t but now it’s like I’m so open to this I
would tell everybody now but it’s so funny I can’t she’s got about it I went
on a website said how do I get tall okay and then magic insults as club that was
like twenty five dollars you can have five nine yourself tomorrow I’m like
great can we ship it tomorrow and in this I
used to worked out like that too like I know joke I we go to gym and like I
would like squat with it on his body I used to be not buying it yeah that’s
crazy then again you get women women have
everything glued onto them from aisle ashes push-up bras everything goes like
thirty percent real you know you don’t know what’s coming off them at the end
of the day and that’s okay that’s all great and if a guy
he’s like what a weird guy you have big eyelashes girls yeah you
try to get taller so you got like big extensions girl I remember that on the
show you were refresh Prince of bel-air yeah where he’s looking yeah he’s locked
in the room they’re so sick going to their dad or something and he’s with the
girl he wants to marry and they have an earthquake and they get locked in the
basement and they started fighting and then she starts pulling stuff off of
they should pull her nails off and she said oh you ordered open the juices you
said you’d do it you got the nails he goes who you want nails take these and
she holds them all and by the end is severed his hand he’s got eyelashes or
nails or hair Kate doesn’t do like any of that like it’s I don’t do any of it
just because my new makeup obviously but like just a makeup I just didn’t grow up
being able to do it or having the finances to do it so it’s like this I
don’t know I’m not used to it I’m not like girly girl my by like the 99-cent
makeup why everyone’s like saying the name-brand stuff from Sephora I’m like
I’d like to try it someday when you guys were younger was there anything cool
that you couldn’t get like when you’re younger like say like there was
something one of you always wanted and all your friends had it like are the
clothes or something else there’s no that one thing that you’ll never forget
that you couldn’t get Hey well he’s nd grew up like just coming out like I see
the Soviet time so things were pretty rough over there that was a time when
nobody had really any like you could even buy your own house back then it was
issued by the state mm-hmm owning something of it basically you have like
a million things in your listing right gave me a gift of 24 cans of coke that
was like the best day ever because we weren’t able to buy it and he was a
truck driver at that time so he I guess I don’t know somewhere and or training
in a barter with somebody and then bought me yeah brought me as a birthday
gift like 24 cans of coke and mm-hmm remember that and the other one
was my when my mom went to study she was a nurse so she went to study to Denmark
for three months and I lived with my grandmother for three months for that
time and she all my students like in the school they were different like higher
levels so to say she would join international scale and most summerlin
or well they always had these like like great dolls you know that their parents
brought in from somewhere and we couldn’t afford it obviously so mom
brought this doll that could talk like you press the button and she could talk
more like a Barbie doll and I thought it was so awesome because nobody else had
it hoping god no with the coke thing I was like that’s amazing how like
somebody can value something like that yeah I know we think of coke just as
coke like let me as crackers bad boy open right now it shows when you
appreciate something like that yep oh yeah definitely because we you know in
especially in my firstly like you know seven eight years you know when was the
more like independence and and Soviet times kind of all mixed together there
was very little available in the shelves it’s not like you couldn’t buy it it
just wasn’t there and my I like my mom was more of this they remember that it
was telling me that I was there too but I was like little but they used to stand
in lines for something for hours not knowing what they’re standing for and
they could have been standing there for six hours for toilet seats you know yeah
yeah you know my grandma my grandma my grandma mom my grandma my mom was
adopted in Germany right so she grew up in think that you know the Holocaust and
a lot right so basically my grandma would tell us stories you tell her the
same stories like she was so poor that like her family is so poor that all she
wanted was the banana peel in the trash that she would just eat the white out of
the banana peel yeah and like she would just walk by like the bakery every
single day and she’ll just think I’m their head like I want them so bad and
then all she had was a banana peel like a rotten like even if it was rotten like
a banana peeled that’s what she would eat what they’re like that’s all she had
and it was nuts like nowadays like I’m crying about not getting a whole
wah-wah you know I’m saying it’s the truth it’s funny but so true bits like
big come on really want that hoagie at Wawa and I’m crying about it but my
grandma grew up in that time where it’s like I just wanted a banana peel that’s
all yeah it’s unbelievable how he like wouldn’t on the first year I went to
Latvia that’s what blew me away was Christmas there and it was so
unmaterialistic and so much about spending time and so little money like
value put into buying expensive gifts and tons of gifts it wasn’t trying to
smother a tree it was practical and I’m thinking to myself this is what I waited
my whole life to see like where it was really about what it should be just
being together not going broke over it not hearing about the rest year oh did
you like your hundred needy dollar shoes do you enjoy your on intend or attack
you know it was just more but just because we didn’t grow up like that you
didn’t really wanted it either you know yes of course everybody wants something
this and that sometimes you know and your phone and you wear that but at the
end we even now we don’t really do that because that’s not how we grew up when
you get confused sometimes oh yes we’re told that with the the whole Christmas
and stuff cuz we didn’t have all them gifts and so forth so sometimes get too
out of control yet too out of control and we regret it later on especially a
bank account hit but like yeah you’re a great little because I feel like we we
spoil our kids too much because listen like everything that we didn’t get and
now we’re trying to catch up you know I remember making Christmas lists and
wanting this one German Shepherd dog and unblown furniture it was you know we’re
in 90s in the US was like the hot thing oh yeah that was the cool thing that it
was like three years in a row just writing the same two things on there and
wanting them so bad and never getting them that when they write that list I
tried to get those top two things because of it yeah because of that
memory but then I regret what I actually want to teach them and then I get comfy
used and what I actually want to do do I want to give it to them or do I want to
teach them these values and I mix them up yeah you know you know I tried the
stories like this make me think and I better reevaluate my choices I mean you
know the main thing I think is the core values that you are asked have everybody
gets their slip off the same as with the dance right do you want me tell ya Suzy
on the student Channel I’m sorry my bad no yes Suzy channels talking about her
mother yeah yeah yeah I was gonna say the Suzy channel says something like the
hormone like these stories on my grandma would tell me about that like you know
the Germans like she literally would high like you know I don’t know if I can
say that on you can cuz you’re telling a story she would actually like she was
German but she would actually hide them like they were they were on their side –
it’s not a toy it’s you know and there’s nuts these stories on my granny used to
tell me when I was younger and all this stuff it’s just most horrible stories
you will hear in your entire life and she just doesn’t want to talk about as
much but like sometimes it’ll come out when she’s angry or something like this
or like you know what buh buh buh buh in a new hearing back oh my god
so I can’t watch tonight some goosebumps it’s like no like you know in these
stories that my grandma’s had tell me or an insane like um she would tell me all
these things about like Santa Claus over there like st. Nick and oh my they would
haunt me for the rest of my life i guy was like oh my god the other year when I
was traveling in Europe I went to Auschwitz oh no it was one of the the
hardest things I’ve ever seen in my land I mean hard I got to walk in and walk
out at the end of the day it’s not like it was my pain but and and people asked
me like what was the hardest thing to see you know in other words you can see
the wall like for the firing range all that’s in there all the things that
happened you walk inside the old gassed the old chamber is still there and stuff
to me the worst part was it sounds weird was the end of the tracks because as you
know and railway tracks are those big Stoppers if they’re in like freight
yards or something mm-hmm it was the end of the wine
and to me that just kept hitting me how much of can you stand at one part where
you’re in the dirt track and you’re right there where they decide if you
went left or right if you lived or died was right on that spot in the walk and
just seeing that in thinking you know you the Fate and how it went was so
decided so mechanically yeah only and there was nowhere else to go you know
there was a big fortified gate on one front where the train came in and then
those big Stoppers like it was just nowhere else to go yeah it’s that is
like it’s horrible and they’re like my grandma’s never want to talk about it as
much because of all those horse snorts she wants to just like literally keep it
she’s 96 now so she’s like literally she does not want to talk about these things
she doesn’t want like she’s like like even when I was younger I always watched
that movie that I Schindler’s List you should never let me watch that movie she
would never let me watch that movie she would like even it was just I seen it
but I mean even though was such like I such a move just a movie she wouldn’t
let me watch any of that stuff she wouldn’t let me learn about it she was
like I don’t want you talking about that around the house and everything it was
nuts I almost respect my grandma my grandma’s
such a strong woman a knight oh yeah that woman is like like my heart like
honestly like when the things I hear about like my mom with the prison-house
yet the Lib it worship where she was North Carolina after that I was always
worried was that was just my grandma that’s it like she’s like everything to
me well I’d see her down the rabbit hole I was writing so grateful for where I
live exactly you know we you know we have a lot to be grateful because a lot
of people put up with a lot of hard things that we’ll never even dream I
mean we can talk but like I said when I went to Archer it’s not like I can say
it’s my story I just seen it for a couple hours till probably you don’t
know all you do you do you feel an eerie like where the beds were and all that
you get this sickening feeling in your stomach and almost still smell it the
floorboards and that but died there that was I mean that’s the reality of it see
is one thing what went on there is a completely different other thing I mean
one of the worst atrocities mankind has ever seen went on at this place
it’s it’s my mother I think I know no cop that generation really was able to
to go on afterwards you know Bibles remorse that being there optimists
afterwards grandmother you know German like going yeah no matter what
personality or with you I think it’s it’s quite amazing how the whole
generation were able to survive now and we worry about these things like these
little things in the you know United States of America again anywhere else
and it’s like trust me it was way worse back then okay you guys you guys are
worried about gas prices right now yes exactly exactly you nailed it right and
I mean that’s normal like as much as like even when somebody dies you know we
always say oh I’m gonna take life more valuable II and I’m gonna do but let
life kicks in and it’s normal to worry about these things we have to cuz it’s
day-to-day it’s part of the human process but there is these moments where
we think of these at large atrocities that puts everything into perspective
and say I should not worry about that a little you know back off somebody who
has it there’s always some but it’s important is to have the reality what is
your situation you know it doesn’t mean that it’s worse or better just because
it’s different do you still feel what you feel the same as negative it’s just
the reality grip and mindfulness of the situation that you are in yeah I’ve
never told this to and I never said this on here before I’ve been kind of
wondering if I should even mention it for a while now because it’s kind of
come up a couple of times but I look at my mom my adoptive mother she had five
miscarriages and then adopted me oh wow and then had my said she carried them
full-term sorry there were like stillborn or yeah and then they adopted
me and then and my sister so my sister and I are only 11 months apart because
of that and then she goes through all of that and then I live in a small town in
a great country that’s safe and all that in a town where you never have crime and
when I was three my uncle through marriage was blamed for burning a big
cottage that was owned by fishermen and the morning of the trial he was supposed
to go and he never showed up and when they went they lived about 500 feet from
my parents I was when they went there they had
yeah he was dead my three cousins were dead and my aunt was dead all five of
them even the dog was dead in this town of like 280 people where you’d never had
a shooting I don’t well maybe one accidental one in the past and I think
it’s hard to take – it gets hard to accept yeah I like that it must be so
much harder except does he like this how could this happen you know I mean yeah
well that’s it it doesn’t even make sense I think to this day my mother
still can’t fully registered it or ahead and I’m looking or thinking like like
like how did she go through it and still keep any amount of sanity to raise us
like I I still don’t really have the answer to that because my mother was the
oldest child out of seven so that was her little sister on top of it and you
know I don’t know where she kind of found the strength to pull through it I
don’t know she’s religion she’s not religious like you know she’s not
knocking on doors or anything and just she has a strong faith I’m probably
jealous or cuz I don’t have that so much I not saying I don’t believe I don’t
know what I believe but I I don’t know how she got through it I don’t know I shouldn’t talk about a much like like
that’s like the same thing with my grandma my grandma was like I remember
she told me about something before like a doctor or something how are you like
how are you accepting how you’re living and I remember my grandma she always
tells me it’s like story I’d like the hundreds of the same exact store bed
she’s always like I do remember always being like I mean I thought that’s the
way of life you know I mean like that I thought that’s how you like that was it
it was like there’s so much better out there and like she just told me a story
when my mom would actually like three months ago my mom likes with the Prince
he said that story to me she’s like I just thought I mean there was a time
when she always your piece the same stories over again so it’s like and she
just told me story against Al just my doctor told me like this is that’s not
the way of life that’s how I thought it was
what’s amazing are the strength of the human birth in the human when I can
survive and actually move on from it so I wonder though earlier was talking
about that that’s about early when we’re talking about like you know how are you
so are you so positive you so those things way
things past in like if you had that rough life you already know how there’s
so much worse yeah like back then now ahead you just
gotta just glide ahead yeah yeah that’s true I wonder sometimes like you know we
all have these vision you know how life should be and not that everybody wants
white picket fence but just symbolically talking you know you know kids family by
picket fence to dogs everything is great everything is sunny but then the more we
get to talk with people like friends family you know even now with youtubers
the more you understand that no they really has that yeah nobody has it
everybody has things some awful things that they go through some maybe worse
the other nobody has that ideal life everybody you know every single person
every single person is chatroom a guarantee has had a moment in their life
that it was so bad for them they didn’t think they could even get past it and
they did they did get past it and they’re still living and they’re still
going and they’re still like just struggling those old short like this
little side of things that happens you just shrug them off and keep going
what’s important is a choice after going to handle it how you’re gonna move on
and you could potentially affect someone’s life afterwards being there
for them if they’ve been through something totally the same
maybe just a little bit I know that white that’s that’s that’s where I hated
Facebook so much because Facebook was a great way to rejuvenate that my life is
perfect routine that’s what you want we never had Facebook well my tea was
horrible for that like it was so great at Rye Creek creating that whole white
picket fence crap you know yeah you know the big smile in front of our house and
all that stuff there’s because there the pain is never celebrated it’s always the
good times mm-hmm people look at them and get envious and think their life is
going bad and why can’t I be happy like them not realize it’s one photo in one
end of one minute it’s not their life mm-hmm I don’t want to be there was even
the conditions starting to come out from it they’re even like lately calling it
the text books and they their facebook syndrome because of
yeah yeah they tell you everything there bill thank you so much for being with us thank you guys you know I mean you’re so
you are so open this is awesome you shared with us link seriously I really
appreciate you guys opening up to this was like a normal conversation I loved
it it was like literally like you’re right across the table 4 cups of coffee
and I didn’t know I drink that much coffee I’m looking like one to balance
for your numbers it’s nice too because you know usually on chat I’m looking
down at my phone and you think what other people I was a little bit but I
was lost in you guys I wasn’t even paying attention to how I was sitting or
how I looked cuz usually I care a lot about how I look on camera and I’m
probably like because I’m I was lost in everything you guys were saying was real
I think if it’d be a real with my full hand good soul wife said – it’s hard
with the troll trying to get real here and I’m like
yeah you know like hey guys look like that
don’t bet no one that speaks a lot for the personality that you guys are
amazing people like it’s so good to get to know you guys tonight
I can’t thank you enough for your time and everything has been absolutely
awesome and yeah vice versa and thanks for having us on
oh yes gods but we always say in between the chat and the guests were only like
20% of all this we just opened a forum you guys are the ones who make it so we
owe it all to you guys and if you ever make your way to Montreal or yeah sure
check out that that maple in a wish list of my Amazon stuff already put that vlog
a bigger my amezaiku thank you there you go see team effort
Oh take dollars but I guess if you use a little bit all you guys are amazing so
looking forward to your plugs yeah as well keep it up
you inspire a lot of people thank thank you guys so much and as we say with the
couples we’re thinking about maybe before we go on the holidays this summer
maybe having one night where we bring up back some of the couple guests and all
kind of like have a panel of the couples again you know I will not have a troll
hat man hopefully not hopefully I do not bet nobody else and I was lying on the
side in case it never hurts okay I know what did a completely part with yeah
I’ll be face painting next time like Josh you look like a tiger it’s like I
know it back down with a bet I get a victor Rick from the corn life and a
couple of couples of the bike okay you guys so much have a great night Barry
yeah yeah we’re the sailors right yeah you guys yeah always 11 11 make a wish
alright guys I wish for you where in the troll wig hi guys have a great night of
Thank You Oscar I love you guys thank you so much for like opening up amazing amazing guys to all your family on
YouTube thank you guys for watching yeah mr. gang came in thank you guys
evergreen bye bye now thank you oh my god I didn’t even realize the time anyway the conversation got going well
guys thank you that was really yeah you see this is it once again oh my
god sticky buds oh I missed you so much oh my god you don’t even know this was
amazing conversation you know literally was ups and downs as we talked about
their life yeah such an easy fast transition from Lobster serious and back
so many season I like life talks I like talks with our guests about life
because you know there are so much more things in common with people around us
than we ever think for sure they’re mostly more things in common yeah and
it’s amazing it’s I hope as far as you guys do for whatever you are doing in
your lives as well most definitely it’s that was the whole
point of this stream when we started was so she said to peel back the onion
layers and get to know people and all new light or get to know new things
about them but tonight was definitely one of those great ones Wow unbelieva
all the time just flew by yeah see but I know I know there’s so many straight I
get you a hundred percent just nice to see you it’s really nice to see you
and the same with us too like you know what I want to keep up with everybody
and I definitely try and some of us we know YouTube one subscribes us and you
don’t see the name much gonna check yours right now and just see because I
haven’t seen any yeah we don’t dress those bells anymore yeah there you go on
No look at on so it’s not oh there we go now we’re all subscribed again I’m so
fed up of YouTube and all this crap I really am sick and tired of it but but
even so like with so many people it’s hard sometimes to keep up but we do try
our best and once again if we ever miss anybody’s video and you really want to
see it on we want to see it just send us in Twitter or I’m gonna put up the
connection for before I forget for you too
their messenger which is a great idea and as usual horribly it was meant it
but I’m gonna send in a link a few guys haven’t joined already I’d love for you
stare at us we’re sorry oh there there I’m gonna paste this in
the window so if you guys haven’t noticed yet please do there’s the link
so we can keep in touch yeah and if you have suggestions for the guest or
there’s any video you wanna share with us message or wait for 30 Tweetup down
the rabbit-hole travel tag video i will retweet it tomorrow
excellent it’s ready to go there and bottle caps did he started his gym today
for his uh because he was in the challenge right yeah i don’t know if he
started yet say it wasn’t on today when i you gotta give him the stink eye and
tell him yeah but ball caps i don’t know what happened to your twitter I couldn’t
find it today I tagged somebody completely random today what happened
you guys thank you so much you’re absolutely fantastic guests can’t say it
enough it was unbelievable really had such a great time and still like these
guys started in February look at their numbers so I have I mean yes we only had
42 in February but we did video before we’ve done all these things like these
guys started like rent out of the box it’s amazing they’re doing so good and you guys you were here you’ve seen that
also go and check them out hi welcome sky here you go we gotta give you you
can’t sit there with a wrench so there you go your Twitter was hacked
by Eastern European organization your three tweets that you just started we’re
half okay well you’re gonna make another one because I like I would have tagged
you in night I still type somebody I don’t know that maybe then I’m gonna be
making a video no but no that’s awful though if that’s true
YP will not allow me to hit the bell for you guys for that sorry oh I try every
time but it gives me in there yeah I know that happens sometimes too and
sometimes you gotta unsubscribe and then subscribe again and then it will let you
I’ve had that glitch before it’s a pain in the ass the main thing for us for our
live streams we are here every day from Monday to Saturday yes six times a week
at 8 p.m. Eastern so even if you don’t get a notification you know you know
still here every day I see other hashtag blue wrench if you seen today we’re
starting to redo our preview video videos our thumbnails we’re gonna be
rebranding the live stream you want to eat blue yes that’s right with a blue
wrench group that’s right so it’s uh I don’t know I want kind of there’s still
live streams but I want to make them I want to change the name up a little bit
make it more like a series so that’s why that’s something I’ve been wanting to do
for a while so and ball caps face book is not nice and safe our sounds face
book what’s hacked yeah real bad there a while ago like it was we couldn’t even
unblock it or delete it or report it like do anything for a long while it
took a while to get it back Facebook’s hurt because you get a lot of especially
older people onto it not you bottle caps for your free compiled my page and stuff
like that not 80 some exactly and they go on there and they click on everything
that’s sent to them so they never they don’t look for viruses if it comes from
this one even though they had me on a messaging like a year and they say look
at this video we took together yesterday they don’t read it they just always
click on everything so that’s why it’s pretty bad there for virus T yeah so you
gonna have to even go to his email and then who are trying to get into his
steam accounts for that so and it was also again from yes Eastern European
country his facebook so you know one or the
other kind of same thing facebook is I don’t like the business messaging stage
messaging like I don’t understand why it can’t be business Facebook Messenger
yeah attached to your page so I don’t have to every time go through these
million steps to get to your message bottlecaps like III hate business page
messaging on Facebook that’s like Twitter although we didn’t
use Twitter for a longest time know exactly acting out something once in a
while but more just to keep it active no not really
you know but yeah so oh you didn’t eat your strawberries and Cool Whip bottle
caps you missed on with that whatever time what’s their diet you I love
especially homemade like when you do yourself oh my god I could need the
whole jar of it I once when I was little rolling homestead hey how are ya good to
see you and wild edibles in Wisconsin give you the full props message because
my host has poor mobile reception oh yeah ours in the middle does too as ever
since the roof was redone in that so I get you on that one yeah here and then
receiving voicemail though like yeah phone was on and he was here but yeah
exactly you never know you never know good and on Dexter type school I really
glad to see Polly a blogger as I was telling you in the chat yeah I messaged
them and told them that we were I know she was asking me don’t worry but three
times a day heard from you seen you or anything like they’re blocking their
roads and won’t be able to get out people aftermarket
on the radio and I’m like oh my god Polynesians hugger that’s the other
that’s what happens we go to store talk about ball caps I’m listening it’s what we spend a lot of time
together is there we’re okay no worries well that’s good – yeah and don’t mind
me I’m probably gonna be still asking this question probably next ten times we
do it out of care we do it out of love we do this
I guess the parent side of us as well even though these are even well yeah yeah I’m gonna do it
agent Scott it’s good to know you guys gets more personal as we were saying
it’s not just a channel Polynesian mother for example it’s the first time I
know lips six miles from that place and I you know and and so on again for
everybody else well it is well I mean you guys when you look at it we spend
probably lots of us here spend about 18 hours together you know in a week it’s a
lot of time to get to know you guys we get to know your person all of these so
there is a probably get school up and strong and cool Kip
Phillip Cockrum Thank You Cara actually fill up your if you go back to the Y’s
stream from the other night you were we were playing pictionary and you were one
of the you were one of the ones that I did
yeah always on Facebook now that’s what ball house is doing and I’m definitely
gonna check out your video right after Phillip I apologize like I say for the
delay literally today in the side between the contractors here and
everything I still answered well I hearted and then went and looked in
common on another sweat 50 oh yeah just in the morning oh I had a few minutes I
don’t know I really do try to keep up so thank you and yes it’s 18 hours now you
scared them oh my god I just hope you I hope you
don’t look at it as wasted time guys cuz we really do try to work hard so it
doesn’t roll much love to you too I mean you guys are so amazing you know I
always say that you’re like the wrestlers from the 80s you each have
your own personalities and then over the last couple of months really got to know
them well I mean of course until we talk about here we don’t get to know
everybody fully but we still get a lot better connection with each other so and
it’s fly continued said even when we’re out in the boat like we’ll talk about
stuff and say I wonder what morale capsule think of it all I bet you Suzy
would have a laugh at this you know so on and so forth oh thanks sticky buds I
wondered to people who are listening to that conservation sometimes in the store
how funny it sounds when we start yes keeps on the feed I don’t care I worried
about what you guys think not what no no I agree with you oh my god they change
the layout again I well wild caps you need more with like that what this stuff
I mean I love it but you need more of it the proportions are off yeah we got a
show okay sure yeah it’s amazing it looks great and I have strawberries by
the way and I already pre-cut them and put some sugar on them so it creates
some nice yummy juice I don’t have whipped cream I don’t have to whip up
some homemade vanilla something so here’s what here’s what ball caps is up
to as we speak there we go yum yum so if I
anybody wants dessert you gotta go to bottle caps more whipped cream yeah and
the strawberries are from his backyard he sent before awesome pictures yes sir
that’s true just a second here save one so you can show some of his amazing
strawberries there isn’t it yeah okay I don’t know so I don’t know
yeah that’s bottle cap strap i doesn’t shared it yet because I took him he’ll
be there’s bottle cap strawberries from his backyard amazing I saw so well for
us it’s early remember the B video those were the baby strawberries he says oh
and I just seen your comment on our picture from the plane bottle caps it’s
not the minivan it’s a Cessna what is inside of Cessna and by the way we’re
gonna try and show some images of their planes that we came upon on our Saturday
travels to Ontario I hate shoulders tomorrow when we were talking to mind
about first Christmas and lodge here we head together
well the first one that I was over cuz I was back and forth before that but this
was the first one we got to share there but this is what I want to get Chris’s
haircut don’t want my son Evans of long hair and exam he was fighting me tooth
and nail but this was our first this was our first Christmas together in in
Latvia hmm feels like a million years ago I yeah I think so no I’m just gonna
be lots of comments with my eyes and your hair yeah I know I know already I
do that I knew that the damn store didn’t have any of the little Shortcake
thing so you can’t make them you make such an amazing cakes I’m sure you could
whip something up quickly like a biscuit type that would take no time yeah guys
that was a long time ago faraway place Oh Phil about is cool okay you only got
five more minutes balance is everything nice try though
you almost got one pass to go Lee well in my time it’s three minutes funny
though yeah I said that to flub in epic but apparently took on his clock it’s
five more minutes and minus three going on it doesn’t make sense we didn’t go on
and eat a clock that’s what doesn’t make sense I’m on time there you go does that
answer it oh yes see from an epic it has a little
bit different yep yes right it’s gonna be exactly see
there were tonal balance with their diet not I do balance with our watch time here this this will pass the time this
was taken in Latvia in an old Soviet outpost let’s me calling Gorbachev to
ask him I asked him if his refrigerator was running if anybody Russian officials
are listening I love the country by the way yep don’t cover myself in the body
mausoleum just turned around and I’m glad you get to enjoy some of our
livestream since the kids got to bed a bit early today I see and you got my
goodness work and kid well kids and then you
still manage to do the video quite energetic today talking down second we
all yeah my not store-bought we don’t have strawberries yes it’s cold it was
actually +9 yesterday I like this I like this it’s raining it’s pouring rain I
can breathe yeah and it’s gonna be raining at least till Wednesday so yeah
I love it no me at least a little cause I know
it’s gonna happen the heat there we can do well that’s why I don’t know I think
with that with like a biscuit type of crust would be good or just to have like
a cocaine is a hell of a drug I love that quote oh you said it’s too late now you’re busted
that’s right take care yourself and so glad for the certain time that you’ve
been with us you’ve really become an integral part of us yeah thank you Delarue and hold my secret isn’t that’s
right cocaine’s a hell of a drug haha what are the five figures saved in the
face why didn’t you share that in while I wasn’t looking oh oh yeah that’s right
eating our wedding cake in the laundromat cafe of iceland yep it was
that place was their actual laundry mat down below here before we go there’s one
last picture this is the first trip in ex Indian I ever took together was to
Estonia this is one of my favourite pictures of the two of us I was 12 I was
built in the 1200s it was an old Viking port
and it’s amazing when we can’t build a building today that can stand a hundred
years and that place is still going it was all built like rugged there’s like
I’d say proxy 24 by 24 inch beams running all along it you know 24 feet
long and that it’s it was all built back then was incredible place and that was
the beer we had and the men got the bigger the women the smaller one and the
men got spices and the women got honey honey was the same ale just placed on
top like the old way of doing it yes there Susie said exhume you doesn’t it
wouldn’t be for Hannah for my color well and and down the rabbit hole did you
tell your sister from us there next time to listen to you and to take you to
Montreal and ball cap still waiting for you to come for next weekend yeah for
Formula one konjo coolest things Donny go to bed
God you’re gone already uh well I better get eggs Indian to bed she’s had a late
night last night her daughter was well we had a busy day yesterday we did a ton
of of her spring cleaning spring summer cleaning it he took a lot of stuff out
of here and then after that our daughter got really sick and had a really bad
night and eggs and he was up with her pretty much the whole night and I’m
going today an understable from school I don’t know where she found the energy to
do all yeah I’m not sure if she’s gonna be asleep I do not so we’re gonna let
her get some rest is anybody live-streaming before we go
because if you are just let her already know have people still here condemn flee
if they want go and check you out yeah you were working though right right
spongebob I forgot see see how tired I am I forgot
that I personally sent you the gift tonight was an awesome stream guys and
you guys were awesome was so good to have everybody here you know was it was
amazing it’s always great to have you and we still drink we a drank mug add
your mug the other well what two weekends ago we had craft your Porsche
yeah years were on and we had I was drinking from that yep
so we loved your mother more get ready to put the Shelf is bought to be put on
here so it’s coming guys it’s coming and we really appreciate everything tomorrow
Tuesday tech talk I’m Eastern if you have any bigger questions tweet them at
me so we can prepare them and if not we’ll just meet you tomorrow right sir
I’m just loving panicky videos will have to leave by 10:00 on Thursday lol yes
because they have livestream we’ll have to cut up short yeah actually in time
and Wednesday we are gonna have beauty and a bird oh that’s gonna be really
good yeah night shame on Thursday guys and you’re not gonna believe what he is
studying this is gonna be amazing well yes so stick around and we’ll see
you in our live streams this week six times a week come on it’s Saturday 8:00
p.m. Eastern take care guys love you have a great night
cheers and keep creating bye guys

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