The Mouse Is Revealed As Dionne Warwick | Season 3 Ep. 5 | THE MASKED SINGER

100 thoughts on “The Mouse Is Revealed As Dionne Warwick | Season 3 Ep. 5 | THE MASKED SINGER

  • I hate the mouse went.She was so good and sounds good. She is 78 years old.They should have voted off the taco the song sucked that he sung this week.😯😣😕

  • I thought the Frog was gonna go since they're not really signing, but I was surprised and sad to see the mouse go. Guess the audience is liking performers over legends this season 🤔🤷

  • I think the reason people like Dionne got unmasked is because they were in the middle. They were good, but not as good as a couple others.

    The judges and audience all vote for their favorite performance, and some people might feel bad for the ones who performed poorly.

    If you’re in the middle, people will always vote for the person they liked the best, and not the second or third best. Therefore, Dionne Warwick is out.

  • We don't know if this is more unfair or more incomprehensible. It is so ridiculous. It is completely incomprehensible what happens on the show's stage. Gladys, Patti, Chaka Khan and now Dionne being eliminated without any logic. It just shows us how much these legends are at a higher level than the whole show! It is unfortunate that the best dancers survive in a singing competition, where historical voices that have perpetuated in time, are inferior to the fast steps of young people. Follow Dionne! You and Chaka are already the champions of season 3, after all, among all this season are the only ones who do not need to prove anything to anyone.

  • I thought it would happen on her first appearance. Of all the legendary singers, Gladys is the only one to make it to the finale.

  • I think some of the older legendary singer write in their contract to be out of the game soon. Could be for their age or because their fees are way too high for the show’s budget so the agree on one or two episodes. I don’t know

  • I’m really sad to see Dionne go, HOWEVER☝🏽I kinda started to theorize something! (I love competition shows and read way to into them)😂

    Anyway, I think a legend like Gladys, Chaka, Patti or Dionne will never win because it’s wayyy too obvious. The judges may sometimes mistaken them, but for the most part it’s pretty obvious who they are after the first performance. It’s not a bad thing at all though. It’s just because they’re so LEGENDARY that you can’t mistaken them. I mean c’mon each of these singers have been in the game for at least 40+ years so you’re gonna know it’s them no matter how long they last in the competition. Because of all this, I think the producers will never let one of them win. As great as it would be, you gotta admit it would be a little anticlimactic since at some point before the finale a great majority of the public and some the judges will have definitely figured out who it is. The winner of the show will always be someone who still has ppl wondering who they are (or at least still have 2-3 ppl that they think it could be, but still there’s a little mystery). That way there will always be a bit of a shock value when the winner is revealed (which is what the producers will always want given that this is a show where you sing in a costume the whole time).

    I could be all wrong and there could be no producers manipulation at all. Either way, I’m just going to enjoy every legend that competes on this show until they meet their unfortunate elimination. I mean it’s not like they really need the win for a career boost or anything. They’re already ICON-STATUS anyway. They’re just here to have some fun lol

  • Nicole Scherzinger is on a roll! She correctly guessed Miss Monster was Chaka Khan and she correctly guessed this was Dionne Warwick too! She really has a good ear for guessing these soulful, sultry, powerful female singers correctly.

  • it's not that they're less of a singer. They will always be remembered as the greats. It's just that it's no longer their time and don't appeal to the younger generation.

  • Gladys Knight lasted longer because she did the great strategy of Singing modern songs. Dionne and Chaka kept singing songs younger audiences cant resonate with.

  • I think the problem here is that they are picking terrible songs that don't fit their voice well. This song didn't do her justice at all. She sounded 100 times better last week. I think the older singers all have this problem. They are trying to throw us by singing outside their usual style and it's failing them.

  • I was DONE after the first episode because Wayne sounded better than that white tiger! I scroll & watch these clips to see if I’m missing anything. Absolutely not! They have the nerve to vote off legends !? This has to be rigged!

  • Where are all the idiots saying this was Paris Hilton when they first launch the season 3 commercial 😂🤣💀💀💀

  • It's sad to see legends like this go, but in all honesty people like myself who don't know too much about these kind of performers often overlook them.. I hate to say it but I didn't even know who Dianne Warrick was but now that I do I wish she stayed a little longer

  • Anyone else noticed that all of the BIG legend stars get voted off first? Suspicious, no? I’m guessing the show can only afford to pay them for one or two songs.😂

  • We need bigger audience size and add juries from ppl working in the showbiz, like record producers, singers from previous seasons, musicians, radio hosts, vocal coaches etc.

  • I’m just now watching this episode and anyone that knows music should have been able to tell that that voice is definitely Dionne Warwick! Love her! 💕❤️

  • Anyone else feel the voting system for this show should be based on your LEAST favorite performance of the night instead? I get that might be a tad hurtful to whoever goes home, but that allows people to separate the performance from the performer because the one's getting votes are either the best of the night (Kitty), someone who struggled but should go on (Banana), or someone the audience knows who's under the mask and votes on that (White Tiger). This leaves people like Mouse and Miss Monster who were amazing but not the best out to dry.

    If the votes were for least favorite, it would really cause the audience to think harder on their choices

  • The frog is kevin hart
    His attitude tbe way he moves and talks is 100% kevin hart
    WICH MEANS that the white tiger has to be the rock.

  • I might be wrong but I think behind the mask singer has a behind secret of having the singer conveniently eliminated for there short appearance and for ratings… Just saying.

  • I'm wondering since the show seems to be geared to attract a younger crowd if that is why all these legends are voted off early? Everyone seems so excited to see them after the reveal but are they fans or just doing it for effect?

  • Three seasons now and Dionne Warwick, Chaka Kahn, Patti Labelle and Gladys Knight all great singers haven’t won. That says something. The show is rigged.

  • As i said in season 2 the judges and producers unmask the people who put there competition to shame. patti labelle Dionne and so on should have been in the finals. The masked singer isnt worth watching

  • Thanks for letting me know who won. I fell asleep before the reveal. Considering who the mouse is, it was not her best performance.

  • It was SO obvious, and yet I actually had people lecturing me last week about how Dionne Warwick was too tall to be The Mouse. Sure. Dionne 15 years ago. People, especially women, shrink with age.

  • Wait,
    S1 Gladys Knight (Bee)- 6 PerformancesEpisodes
    Patti LABELLE Flower: 4 Eps Performances
    Chaka Kahn Miss Monster: 3 EPS
    Dionne Warwick Mouse 2 EPS
    What’s Next Season 4 Tina Turner 1 EPISODE???!??!??

  • I love how her and Chaka Kahn were both completely chill after getting voted off before they should. Amazing vocal talents with amazing personalities and grace.

  • It's easy to scroll by videos of reveals when I am behind. Normally, I see nothing that gives it away until I'm ready to watch. However, not this time as you put the name front and center :-/

  • The sound this season is so weird! The commercials sound better than the sound quality of the actual show 🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐🤨🤨🤨🤨😩😩😩😩

  • That episode was HEARTBREAKING. Dionne Warwick getting unmasked. Nicole was fangirling her so hard. I would have probably been the same way.

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