The Hiding Place Evangelical Movie Based On Corrie ten Boom Book

Fellow Hollanders The lights have gone out over free Holland We have only two weeks ago There was a free nation of men and women caught up in a cherished tradition of Christian civilization There is now the stillness of death oppressed Threatened watched on every side by a power that would tear out all old from the soul of man The unhappy people of Holland can only pray in silence for those who have lost their voice, but not their hope or their visions in the struggle against the onslaught of barbarism I apologize for the intrusion They’re collecting all radios I can see that policeman assisting them you do what we must Get it Very The cabinet looks as if it’s a bear in the works, yeah 1886 You know watches clocks, my father is watchmaker And grew up in those workbench And look what you’ve grown into But district nothing well 1895 Magnificent but you should’ve seen their bus when it’s getting in way some people treat a punch. No – grandpa tenbu when the children of Harlem 26 of March 1935 get it on Any other house no, no I Don’t want anything too expensive Seven jewels in a Swiss factory, but all German immigrants. It’s 42 guilders. I Will not doubt it around this house and do nothing You see you could have it engraved or you could order it in a white gold and if I go to 60 You shouldn’t be here I’ve come for my star Therefore choose you don’t have a J on your identity card. You could get it for me If we all wear them, they wouldn’t know the difference between a Gentile and it you Go home, please Go home I will fam I start and I won’t take it off until God tells me to take it off the God of Abraham and Isaac, oh my god to Turn around Good morning, isn’t it miss Denbow? The watchmaker shop Then boom bracelets dance. Yeah, you came for I read you I Wrote to my father. I told him about your shop who it was boys Finally being allowed to torment that man They are young Dutch Patriots. He was hurt to make public statements derogatory to the life and our Fuhrer They are expressing their indignation Patriots Are these children I teach a class about God I used This will be the last one Thanks to your new directive concerning unauthorized meetings miss Denbow The measures are temporary Once all this is over when all that has been restored then all the Aryan peoples will live together as brothers in our life Mainly together as brothers only in the kingdom of our Lord nowhere else May we go Children cheering some cookies. Yeah, Ron comes running for the cookies. I I need not be able to be read you for a while, but Jesus will still be there Always watching over you You see did have Jesus be like is empty You can do nothing But then Jesus built us it is love Then we are fool now We can do anything We can’t do anything Nothing serious pastor little bit dirt, maybe let’s be losing five seconds a day Well, I’m here it really would be most helpful yeah good He’s been wearing the Jewish star Stubbornness is the child of pride and pride is the first of the seven deadly sins That’s became about it. So I need to be back at the church by 1:30 Yeah, we need milk for him not so good Lord, you don’t tend to keep it You can’t It’s illegal You could be arrested he’s beautiful The Lord must have sent you here you live in a country be safer. It’s Impossible I Have my own family to think of We have lose everything for that child Where would my church be a shepherd? No, but The pastor has decided it is the law and Christians must obey the law For the sake of one Jewish baby, well you reporters pastor if the really must and I only does Cory We are meant to obey the law of the state If it does not go against a higher law of God Lastly I want me to take off my stuff I will not And we will keep the child As a Christian I am sorry than any man must suffer No matter who he is What his race? The Jews who gave us the Bible and our Savior It is on your heads I pick up my watch tomorrow would they? God forgive him. We did not mean it. How can that man? Call himself a Christian If a mouse lives in the cookie jar that doesn’t necessarily make you look good But we do have milk you should go to the car carefully Lastly if we had a ditch farm girl and a person Berenice in the same bed Moses in the basket, please Organized, it’s not the first time We are away station today Get this from last minute gentleman just before the occupation not a ditch we do what we can Mr. Nassif will not be satisfied until he is not a Jew left in Europe They have touched the apple of God’s eye. Oh I hate coffee. You can teach anyone in vote for the Lord He might have felt the important thing is to get our little fingers up here do we have mystic state a certain gift Okay, son I’ve involved with you under way And that occasionally excuse so far we haven’t done too badly and of course it is The Dutch farm girl Did you get anything the carbon from the base basket if you hold it up to the night you can just make it out Thank you Do you see further we have a contact in Dagestan for office? He gives us a deportation lists whenever he can all right go her God bless you kick steady it one-handed Every day now, they send 400 Jews from Amsterdam Central Station We reach those we can Do we know anyone? No, please I I I’m sorry to inconvenience you There’s a gentleman I’ve seen yes we Had no place to professor even everybody knows the University all the Jewish teachers Good morning again professor. I apologize for the intrusion. Mr. General, please But that’s a but you towards the honor of asking the blessing Adonai Eloheinu melech ha’olam hamotzi, Lechem min Haaretz How fortunate and Beth had big feet yes 19th August 1885 father’s name that Jan boom s ba nada boom Cornelia her maiden name Miss Timbo if we are stopped I I could never pass this you Professor Xena, there are no ifs in God’s world. He brought you to this house and he will see you get safely away This is every turn professor stay close to me Dear My quarry can’t read I Need your father’s health You should have seen professor. Zina getting into devote caffeine sputter attending him like he was Queen Bellamy now boarding the yacht You take you are enjoined is a little too much Joey Oh God He kept it patrols away He sure to save a piece of cake for villains friends. Yeah very mysterious someone events us to meet Letting they let me say when you told him about professor’s agent. This is not simple some game you play when the mood strikes If you become involved in this work People were forced to trust you with their lives. I told you villain We gave you my papers Vetoed it out, very carefully and did he questioned him? Was he supposed to sing? Soprano? No He was going to have the claims he trolled Excuse me Taking someone out of thin air How did you know you could trust him? I knew the man And then you were too Lord. He told me You are the master of this house The master of this house Demands that we opened the door to anyone knocks They cannot afford to ignore anyone who seriously engages narvik, whatever denied us Perhaps you will allow us to assist your efforts Thank you for the delivery, mr. Smith For emergencies They have a contact at exchange but you can never be certain that the line is not tapped But you would be expected to develop your own sources But let’s contact you here with me. Oh wait anyone else good better If you know half of Harlem If you have friends everywhere your lady Knowing them is one thing knowing their political views God knows and even asked him to lead the Appreciate your concern mr. Slurring If you’re not the most likely candidate But since there is a need we must do what we can to meet it People have every kind of reason for wanting to work in and around excitement, perhaps Mr. Slurring Leah passed the age when excitement is of any major concern in our lives truthfully I’d rather do anything else I’d like to close the door and never open it again until his whole hideous thing is over That’s me My Lord Jesus Tells me to open the door to whatever comes To give his love in whatever way I can And I would listen to his voice not lying Can you pass inspection I Mean it kind of take It is your old room and this and Anna’s room and and abets room and without rear rooms at seven and if you share a bed if we have to look So our hotel is ready for guests not good What do you do if the guest star becomes? You would have a visitor a young snit Actually two hands over a hundred years ago. They were joined together This is one in the front is two rooms deep and one room mind you wanted to that Here is three This is mr. Smith, mr. Smith may not some Smits and Amsterdam And I tell you that he’s come to inspect a house Oh a building inspector to had officers on Patrol Java he is not a building inspector and his name is not Schmitt Excuses papa, we must look at the rest of the house Mealtimes that’s a watch always baskets that stays It need to be as high as possible it allows for the best chance to reach a safe place – belonging But make certain the mattress gets turned favorite click aficionado feeling forum spot on the bed Sleep soon I do You see there is a distinctive lock you can always sell since that book Boom Freezing such beautiful wood My father made the case at least once oh, he spent months building it polishing I Is just a shell it needs a complete set of works What price will you be asking? Well, we’ll take someone’s to be ready Name a good price examined it even LP I like the clock. I can’t afford the best it has no Choose a piston boom I’m Betsy. How many times do you have to be told take the sign out of the window when it isn’t safe? Oh I’m sorry grandpa. Look You read our electric meter for years he started us in a Bible class. Yeah milk paint hate LC Consta, I know her name, you know, I just had to source out a few faces She must be in her twenties. I heard yesterday Have you d Frank you had some unexpected company There’s still baby in a man now last night a couple Oh Juice, mr. Constant Why’d you tell me There are only three of us left at home now my father my sister and me And I ration cards, but just not enough All Russian girls are checked Accounted for and it doesn’t different please Yeah, yeah anyway I Should not have asked you I don’t perhaps you can advise me the food officer to trench was robbed last week Remember come and shop If it happened no and just record Clark until I was there I’d have to be tight and ganked How many cars do you need 100 I know someone who might do it Better not send us anyone wider than me We ask your blessing on his hiding place Like something to eat that’s nervous yesterday. Thank you No, we’re not But not at present but they come and they go let them stay gone the line here just the way Teacher and chief Cantor Who is this man like Isaac They have a new guest This is my father. Mr. Temple. Nobody sees mr Weinstock my own stuff nice to meet you Tendo God willing and the accommodations proving suitable I will be staying with you until this nonsense is over. You are welcome. I double my Let’s see, oh my friend Jana needs a place to stay for a while He got away from the transport by noon tomorrow. We’ll have new identity papers All Germans the Nazis and Betsy is it young? Cory mr. Weinstock refused kitchen duty again he has to study Cory he’s already being upset today. He found out we called him SC behind his back Maybe it’s his great dignity. You should be flattered. He reminds us of ask our mentor Jim Tyler scholar He said we should have at least called him your seats rules are rules Do I stop my sister tells me did you ever excuse I am Thirsty refused to work on Saturday because that was the seventh Then you refuse to work on Sunday because that was our they arrest I was simply trying to pay respect to the practice of this house Well, today is Tuesday. Tell me mr. Baum why you have found it necessary to give me a nickname You’ve called us a simple such is the kind of name. You give to a pet cat As a guest in your house and I no longer entitled to respect we are taking completely after subject However, seems to give you both satisfaction. Please have the courage to use the name to my face what I see, I see Italy Beautiful combination of you Abbadon boom you are a most singular man for such a great man. There must have been a great woman Now this is not exactly a song is more a Blessing it’s it means may God bless you May he protect you and me his face shine upon you I Did not ask to be born at you I’m sick of being expected to bear the burden of suffering for the entire and Because my mother’s name was Stein so you will be another Esau selling your birthright For a mess of pottage don’t want your great Judaic heritage, honey. Don’t want any part of your dog comes over It is no easy thing to stand in the palm of On quarry All these numbers, what did he mean different things instructions mostly instructions for that? Well, it could be a pilot down somewhere. The numbers could be coordinates for picking him up Or maybe for blowing up a Nazi supply train things like that sabotage He could have blood on her hands For Holland, does that make it right? Thanks Elin killing Whatever helps hold on this right need the message on carry, they’re waiting That could be like the disease over Thank you for being so prompt I’ve heard a great deal about you about your work. I’m afraid it is my father’s there to watch me Your other way You mean the children We’ve had to defend the class, mr. Bourne Many of us were in no position to publicize our feelings or a great sympathy visit Italy People call your house God’s underground Are you trying to track me sir? Using the name of the Lord is not today If you got a trap you would be down the hall talking with the Gestapo They still don’t know further Why did you send for me? I? Want you to pass this man’s name on to your friends Pretty Businessman he betrays people to make a stop you’re going right. It is 75 guilders ahead Just pass it on they’ll take care fee If I could do that you asked if I be the same is killing you myself I Can only put him in the hands of the Lord And ask our Lord to reach his back The demon Saturday I would assume you could do anything Santi You and I very much like stubborn tough determined You still don’t do your share of the work It’s a mess, I am awesome. So I Did you know this I Have a wife and small son Precisely I do not choose to expose myself They got away At least an I think they did I’m not like the others making sympathy insurance You know so little about each other busy yourself with our needs surely you have some needs of your own It’s people like us Mr. Bond raging torrents have the Stabbin jaw No turrets I Might say my life has been born till all this Antilochus Was marriage never considered from the daughters temple Metal was always unwell, she was told she could not bear children. So she chose not to marry You I Had a young man But I was not cut from side enough cloth for his family I liked grace Still I was the first woman to be licensed to watchmaker in Holland And you have your father And you have your religion? As if enough Mardan enough God has been good to me. Yes Yes And I think I saw he’s going back I will pray see your family Don’t think that you will get me to peel potatoes miss Denbow Mr. Booth yeah My name is all young folk Came all the way from Emily You have a watch that need to repair I need 600 girls Contacts I don’t understand She’s been arrested she’s Jewish It’s a narrow money There’s a policeman will arrange everything for six I don’t deal this Yet you’ll need a place to hide Someone is calling for this they didn’t our mister His life has been taken it’s for a bright. Oh you are impossible Please women Tina are coming. You can come down the meter and use the steam kettle I Felt it today the Lord would have us read from Romans chapter 8 What then we can separate us from Chrysler Can hardship or calamity? confess acute or abuse If we are hungry or poor or in danger or threatened with death, does that mean that contest is ratted us? No Despite all this we have overwhelming victories who Christ who loves us For I am convinced that neither death nor life Nor the powers of heaven nor the powers of Hell itself can keep God’s love from us Nothing in the world as it is For the world as it shall be in the forces of the universe All creation will ever be able to separate us Yes, I’m sorry we are closed until two o’clock mr. Boma I have an appointment with your system booster I need the money. No Yes, of course I don’t know what you’re talking This must stop There’s been no wrong done in this house then what are you doing with all these ration cards feeding an army What does it say in that book of yours about obeying the government hmm there comes a time when we must choose between God and man Keep moving Only six God Give me your word, you will behave yourself and you can’t die in your bed old man Where you belong if I stay behind I will open my door to anyone who knocks why Sheila My sister she needs a move on Feedback, ow, you’re having to worry typhus Yesterday since I saved appoint here my brother my family So I Spirits you can pay me and you start getting mail So 25 husband 15 cigarettes 100. Most anything gonna get me a Bible It’s keep it’s safe now Still in prison, that’s all we know Mama make a coverlet on my bed. It was you know true so a painting by the mirror The wardens bakery fresh Have done wonders don’t that I don’t credit Lord bless this angel Bless you You can last you’re doing that praying the only way to live here mister hate Hate can put you in a worse prisoned in this I had been three years in this hole. I worked my way to a position To get two swine who betray to me I’m cold It seems reasonably Pleasant I’m sorry Now you with your violation of the rationing rules We’ve got these extra Russian coats Sometimes they just appeared What you mean? appeal Pushed on did it all sometimes they were handed to me in the market by a Mr. Smith, mr. Yun Smith Activities My sister and I held Bible classes Until such meetings were forbidden And we worked with retarded children. Oh Excuse me, how would you work with them? You taught him about God? What a waste if you wanted converse, she only one normal person is worth all the hearts in the world The eyes have got one simple child Nidhi worth more to know I watched America’s daughter Perhaps But I know he keeps me always in his sight you actually believed it I believed that you are in his sight too lived in it Tell me miss general, how can you believe in a God who lets an old man die in prison? His body forgotten somewhere in a pauper’s grave I’ve had it I Understand he was taken ill after about 10 days. He was taken to a hospital in the hague. Unfortunately, there were no beds available He seemingly died in Holloway some failure of organization Under such circumstances when no one claims the body it is difficult to trace I Know when my father is lieutenant Mr. Bond, oh You had news from home I’m just making a shower You have given us your word and hidden it to everything Now open up a way for us to get it to the gates of hell No Elizabeth Next It’s not a rest Roll-call 4:30 every morning seven days a week Tomorrow assignment to work details Also Cantwell report to sick Paul Will say better be sick you Will receive 1/2 pound of bread 1/2 liter of soup a day one small observation upon which your life depends There’s only one road to freedom Did Somebody objection Wasn’t said You’re not the only one surprised to be here I thought I would be working at a relocation Center Refugees The supplies are extremely limited An accurate record is essential. I know my favorite hospital service kind of nurse once First you that is why other side here a network. I thought your face into the work You are never to touch the things in here so vitamins hand killers yeast winning I Have the only key to discover Clever you will find it as I often forget to lock up. I Hope you understand 666 85 I’m thankful for every moment. We can people get big Middle East I down tonight Has to be a plan according I Want to be grateful for your life How is it it’s a hospital easy through your temperature has to be all 104 to be admitted that’s There’s a guard in the laundry then get on the bed full price. What is she won’t read rations, so don’t cut too much What do you want air or lice? Learn to love the Daleks the guards won’t step foot in this life spit past the door we can do anything Why did he keep us so long Stays under train the Lord seemed to promise My voice Consisted of pinking only small dots of Blending was achieved by placing dots of different colors next to each other And then from a distance the two colors appear blended You’ll find Rome Oh Jesus knows everything we feel he promised that one to ‘try get together in his name Leave would have been separated by so much And they see the truth Jesus in each one of us night in this darkness You’re great storehouse of love forgiveness for Jesus do not hold is placed order child I hold France what of poles came in last night? Sky is so peaceful Your political stump with anything to do with trash The old trash Come for different Help the weak be patient with everyone do not repay even for evil Always rejoice play constantly give thanks in all circumstances for This is the will of God in Jesus Christ and to the mindless the bird sounds so comforting In this place its mockery God didn’t make this place Mended but he has power she’s all you could stop them Unless of course, he’s a sadist. Oh, no, he’s not. Oh Then he’s impotent. You can’t have it both ways, my dear You see what’s around you we see another world just as real our life with God every day It gets deeper and stronger you Think that you can’t exist side by side, but we know they do we live dumb broads It’s enough knowing that there’s so much done moving from nothing to nothing But you must believe you were gone smells that stench from those chimneys and refuses to do anything If only you could know his love I Am Maria project First violinist of the ball. So Symphony Orchestra deep your God will this But he cannot answer All I can say is That the same God you are accusing can and lived in the midst of our world Who’s beaten? And he’s marked And he died on the cross Then you did it for love For us and why do you think you were God of love send you here? To obey Him if you know him, you don’t have to know why You should use a broker Then you put those fields aside for grading and you weep degree For you you forgot the eggs Sorry, don’t shut me out, please You know, you can only give it to Jesus do you think I haven’t read Every Nazi in his place he can’t be more than what we are Only Jesus can free us from ourselves from whatever happens Sister you can’t protect me you mustn’t I can Take this Love in its place Jesus so many things I do not understand Do not let me go man I said what? They have a pregnancy in 2018 of 1800 pregnancies are transferred to experiment Thank you About you two You know Cory, yeah, we’re going to be free before the new year The Lord showed me in a dream you’ll see The prisoner is being transferred to the hospital prison 667 three zero request permission to accompany her sister What is the count? Rock 2014 rock 21 Sweden Rock 22 6 net go on Rock 23 clear there should be more count again Thank you for take the Lord Yeah, just not so cold here to blink Suffering does not mean that God has stopped loving us Sometimes they have to accept things. We do not understand This is the system Glory you must look. Otherwise, you’ll never know I Must go They must tell people That nope it is so deep that He is no deeper still If you believe us He talked about heaven actually already being said No one would wish her back Rita for Betsy great for all of us We know that our earthly bodies don’t we have now it will die Must be changed. There are heavenly bodies, but will not die But we live forever and then the scripture will be fulfilled Death is swallowed up in victory so my dear ones Since future victory is sure Strong and steady Always abounding in the work of the Lord We know that our labor in the Lord Is not in vain As it would be if there were no resurrection And this is the good news The Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures and that he rose again just as the prophets had said Forgot so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that anyone who believes in Him shall not die But has eternal life The following prisoners will come forward will stand by for selection and pick up six six seven zero zero six five four zero six six six seven one eight Six six six nine eight Six six What you said I’d wanted Evelyn team And ass like ask he knows just us God you squid you Yes, Connie, I’d like to die When you and I go to monster them When do I give you your ticket? Just before we get on the train? So we’re dead When the time comes how wise Heavenly Father will give you all the strength you need Prisoner six six seven three zero ten. Boom Cornelia First Pretty seat there’s no certify that all treatment received during her Christmas has been adequate and humane No accidents, illnesses ladies. Have a good sign Years later it was learned. My release came through a clerical error what you might call a mistake Not long after I was set free women my age were put to death Yes, I am Corrie ten Boom if I 80s now Several questions remain but they are not to be feared Our Heavenly Father holds all things in his hand even our questions And for myself in the years since a reference book the Lord has sent me to some 60 countries and I have told to anyone who would listen Nope, it is so deep that He is not deeper still With Jesus Even in our darkest moment the best remains And the very best here to be I promised my sister I will tell it and I tell you You you

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