The Handle: Sod Poodle Madness

My dad actually got to
visit me only a couple weeks ago so it was a
really cool experience to have him here. And he couldn’t believe
that the fans and the town, and I mean whether we
were going out to dinner, or we were at the hotel, or we were with an Uber driver, everybody could not
stop talking about Sod Poodles and how
excited they are, and how many games they go to. And I also had the chance to
have my wife out here as well, and she said the same thing. And they had the privilege
of getting to come watch me play a lot and see a lot
of different ball parks, and they were really
impressed with everything that they’ve done here. And this stadium gets loud, and these fans are
really into it. So a big moment, a
walk off home run, we’ve had a couple of those, a big play, a big strike out, you get that feeling, you get that emotion and
those goosebumps come back. You go out to the metro, you may get out to 350,000, we’re averaging right
around 6,000 people a game. Against Marcus and the
Texas League that have over a million people. Some well over 5 million
people in their markets, and we’re going
toe-to-toe with them. And I think that’s
because this community has embraced this team. You know, they went
through the whole naming of the team thing, they went through the building, they got to see it grow. They took park in
this organizations
build and development, and so they’ve really
taken this team to heart. And this is their
community team, this is Amarillo’s team. (upbeat music)

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