The ‘Full House’ When D.J. Almost Starved Herself To Death

(crash) (slow gentle theme music) – [Narrator] Kimmy invites
D.J. to a pool party to celebrate her 14th birthday. D.J.’s concerned because unlike Kimmy, she’s
insecure about her body and won’t feel comfortable
in a bathing suit until she looks like this insane picture on the
cover of a made-up magazine. D.J. says she only has
two weeks to get skinny, and the diet starts now by
throwing these cookies away. She asks Kimmy how she stays so thin, and Kimmy demonstrates. It’s a casual mix of waste bins
and watching what she eats. D.J.’s taping half naked
models to the family fridge when Becky comes home. She says looking at these models is thin-spiration, to stay out of the fridge. Aunt Becky tries to tell
her about healthy food she can still enjoy. D.J. says she’s not trying to
think about any food at all. Becky says what really matters is keeping junk food out of the house. Uncle Jesse shows up
with a huge box of cake. D.J.’s not phased by the cake, and announces she’s going to enjoy this delicious and savory
water-pop she made herself. Jesse’s doing wedding research, and got enough cake samples
to murder a diabetic pothead. They invite D.J. to
join the frosted feast, but she says she’s fine sucking
this ice cube on a stick that even kids in third
world countries might see and say, “Yeah, no.” Michelle goes ham on that cake. D.J.’s frustrated, she only
lost half a pound in two days. Jesse says all she needs to
do to lose weight is work out, and they can all go to the gym and work out as a big family this weekend because that’s a normal thing
families do all the time. Danny makes D.J. a sandwich,
and tells her to eat up because they’re about to hit the gym. D.J. says she’s skipping lunch, and asks Kimmy if she wants the sandwich. Kimmy says it’s a ham sandwich, again, and she’s been eating her
lunch for three straight days, and doesn’t want another ham sammy. Stephanie overhears the sammy talk, and adds D.J.’s also been
skipping breakfast and dinner for three days straight, and doesn’t understand
how she’s still alive, on account of you need
to eat things not to die. D.J. promises to eat her sandwich, then promptly feeds that crap to the dog. D.J. says Comet is lucky because dogs don’t have
to wear bathing suits. Stephanie makes this face because she realizes
her sister is a dummy. Stephanie busts D.J. for
lying about the sandwich, and D.J. lies again, saying
Comet snatched it from her. Steph busts her for lying a
second time about the snatching, and when D.J. says she wasn’t
lying those last two times, Steph busts her for lying a
third time about the lies, which honestly feels a little nitpicky. D.J. tells Steph she has one week to look good in a bathing suit, and after that week, she’ll resume eating. But in that time, when D.J. will certainly
die from not eating, Steph has to pinky swear
she won’t tell anyone about her plan to starve to death. Steph reluctantly pinky sears to keep this slow suicide a secret. The fam goes to the gym, featuring a plethora of oiled
up muscle heads and women with thin strips of neon fabric
wedged up their assholes. D.J. wants to know the
best way to burn calories, those things she hasn’t had in days. Danny points her to a bike, and tells her to start slow at level one. D.J. does not have time
for that level one nonsense and takes that shit straight to level seventy god-damn five, what you know about it. The guys go with Michelle
for a cute B storyline. It’s Michelle doing cute workout stuff in cute workout clothes. It’s a real cute pallet cleanser from the harsh reality that a 14 year old they bailed on is about
to drop dead upstairs. Meanwhile, D.J. hits a new machine like she’s dying of cancer,
and this thing has the cure. Becky tells the guys to
join her in aerobics class. They say no way because it’s 1990 and (scoffs) aerobics? Until they see some of those women with fabric in their booty cracks and decide they’ll give this
aerobics a thing a fair shake, ignoring D.J. in the corner, about to have a goddamn heart attack. Aerobics class is whatever, who cares. The guys just post in the
back and look at butt cheeks. The aerobics teacher moves
these perverts to the front, and they start flailing around because they’re out of shape. It’s hilarious if you
have no sense of humor. Stephanie says D.J. has to
see this very bland spectacle. D.J. says she’ll be right there, and falls down faster than a
folding chair in a hurricane. She says she’s okay, and
just got a little dizzy because she overdid it. It meaning everything
except eating anything. Stephanie is sad her
sister’s about to die. D.J. comes down, saying she’s well rested, and nobody’s buying it. Joey said he made chicken parm, and invites her to taste the sauce. D.J. says she can’t taste the sauce because she just brushed her teeth, even though she definitely didn’t because toothpaste would
borderline count as food. D.J. starts yelling because she’s hangry, and says she’s going to dinner at Kimmy’s. Stephanie stops her because she realizes a pink
swear isn’t legally binding. She reveals D.J. hasn’t
eaten in three days. Her family warns her that
what she’s doing is dangerous because she’s riding a bus with no breaks to Crankyville that
ultimately will drop her off with her dead mom in hell. Danny runs after D.J. to console her with a boring story about
how he had body issues when he was young because he’s tall as
shit and lanky as hell, but it doesn’t matter, because your real friends
will like you no matter what, at least at this age before they start picking
friends based on things like who has a car, who has drugs, and who’d like you’d maybe
eventually sleep with. Danny makes D.J. promise she’s going to eat healthy and exercise. Then he takes her hungry ass downstairs. So what did we learn today? Food isn’t just some shit that’s stopping your
fridge from floating away. You actually need to eat
it in order to survive, and if you don’t eat food
for several consecutive days, you’re going to majorly fuck
your shit up, and maybe die. But if you know people around
you are watching their weight, don’t eat cookies out of
the trash in front of them or taunt them with a cake buffet or drag them to gym full
of impossibly fit extras when all they need is a gentle reminder that everyone’s miserable all the time, and the only thing you
can ever do about it is shove chicken parm in your mouth with people you care about. And if you see your
deliriously hungry sister talking to dogs about bathing suits, don’t wait until the brink of death to save her life because
her designated guardians will be too busy looking at butt cheeks to realize something’s horribly wrong. See you next time on a
Very Special Episode. (bell rings) (hinge creaks)

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