The Cow Is This Dog’s Mom? (Part 1) | Kritter Klub

A dog and cow? The dog sleeps on the cow’s back, and gives kisses to the cow DTR (define the relationship) The color of their fur is also similar The dog has lost its dog instincts Dogs don’t normally go to cows This dog is an exception. They even eat and drink together Finds refuge under the cow uwuuuu What are we going to do with you? Come here~ I’m your owner, and I’m feeding you Only likes the cow The dog has been living in the barn for 2 years Rookie’s mom died not long after giving birth The cow raised Rookie on her behalf The cow became a mother to Rookie They’re always together The cow leaves the barn? Where are you taking her? Distraught over the loss of his mom What will happen to their relationship? To be continued..

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