The Clues: Fox | Season 2 Ep. 11 | THE MASKED SINGER

[music playing] Performing as a character
based strictly on my voice rather than who I am is
a joy that I don’t think I’ve had in over 20 years. The anonymity that the mask
gives you is so freeing. It’s a chance to prove to
myself and to the people who don’t know that I’m not
to be slept on as a vocalist. Richard, that’s his name. No, it’s not. FOX: Making it to
the semi-finals is the greatest gift I’ve
gotten in a long time. It’s been the glue that
has connected all the parts of my career and given
me a sense of wholeness I’ve never had before. Connected all the parts,
so dancing, singing, acting. This mask has been the
great equalizer for me. And I’ve come too far
to take it off now. [cheering]

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