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Hi guys! We’re Gabrielle and Chad And this is Saige. Today, we’re over at Cool School for The Story Circle That’s right, and we’re gonna read The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Are you ready? Once upon a time there was a little boy named Terry. He was a bit of a terror. In fact he was called Terry the Terror. “Ah ha ha ha.” He would kick and scream any time he wanted something— At the toy store, “I WANT IT I WANT IT!… I WANT IT!!” at the Ice Cream shop, “I WANT MORE MORE MORE NOW NOW NOW NOW!” even at the grocery store. “I DON’T WANT CEREAL “I WANT COOKIES!!! WAAAAAH! COOKIES! “I WANT COOKIES!” And with everything he could have ever wanted at his fingertips he was a pretty bored boy at that! “Ho hum…” “…Bored!” Bored boys often get into trouble, and boy did Terry get into trouble! He would take cupcakes from the baker’s window. He would let chickens loose from Old Mr. O’Brian’s chicken farm. “Woo-hoo, woo-hoo! Ha ha ha! Run, chickens, run!!” And worst of all, he would run up behind Old Mr. Hackel and scream “BOO!! “Ah ha ha! Ah ha ha! Boo!!” which didn’t matter much because Mr. Hackel couldn’t hear too well. “Ehhh?” Luckily for Terry, the townspeople were very patient people. The baker learned to make one extra cupcake every morning so that she wouldn’t be short for the customers. Mr. O’Brian trained his chickens to come to his call, so that if they got loose they would come back. [blows whistle] And Mr. Hackel still made Terry help him across the street. Life went on as usual, and as usual Terry got bored. One day when he was out in the woods tearing leaves off trees and splashing in mud, Terry came up with an idea. “Hey… “I have an idea! “It’s genius! “Everyone will totally flip out, and then I’ll laugh so hard! “Ha ha ha ha! Oh this is gonna be great! The next morning, when everyone was getting ready for Terry to come tearing through town… he didn’t show up… The baker said: “That’s weird… I have one extra cupcake today.” The farmer called for his chickens [blows whistle] but they were already there…staring at him. Mr. Hackel just stood by the corner waiting. “Huh???” Well, after an hour went by, people started to worry. And just then, Terry came running into town screaming: WOLF WOLF WOLF! Hey everybody there’s a wolf! There’s a wolf run for your lives!! WOLF WOLF WOLF WOLF! HELP! HELP HELP HEEEELP!! THERE’S A WOLF HELP!!! The baker quickly slammed the shutters so fast her cupcakes splattered everywhere. Old Mr. O’Brian ushered all of his chickens inside of his maximum security chicken coop and locked the doors. Everyone in town scrambled to their houses and stores and locked them up tight, leaving Terry laughing in the town square. “You silly SILLY people! There’s no wolf! “You fell for it! HAHAHA…. “Oh that was almost too easy!” [continues laughing] “Huh???” Everyone in the town was upset. Old Mr O’Brian’s chickens were so upset; they didn’t lay eggs for three days! But Terry thought it was all extremely funny. After things got back to normal, Terry began to feel mischievous again. “Hey… “I wonder if they would fall for it a second time…. “Ha ha ha ha! Oh, we’ll find out!” And so the next morning Terry called out from the woods… “WOLF!! WOLF!!! “WOLF WOLF WOLF, HELP!!! “HELP, WOLF!!!” [starts laughing] “Uh, I mean HELP!!” The baker and Old Mr. O’Brian squinted their eyes and looked off into the woods, and just then Terry came limping out of the woods with his shirt torn, and dirt all over his face. He was really going for a Daytime Emmy Award this time! Everyone began to panic, because THIS time it HAD to be real! The baker slammed her cupcakes in the window, Old Man O’Brian cooped up his chickens, and everyone ran inside. Everyone except Terry, and well, except for Mr. Hackel… but that’s just because he couldn’t hear all the fuss. “Eh???” “You fools! You silly SILLY people! “There’s no wolf! “You fell for it AGAIN! HAHAHA “Twice! That’s two!” [continues laughing] “Two to nothin’, me you! Ha ha!!” After a few days things got back to normal. Terry wasn’t allowed to go into town anymore. He was grounded for three whole weeks, [sighs] One day Terry was playing in the yard and guess who showed up… A real live wolf! “Hellooooo” “…What??” “Wo- wo- wo- WOOLF !!! WOOOOOLF!!!! “Heeelp wolf!!!” “A hungry wolf, that’s me!” “WOLF WOLF! HELP, REAL WOLF!! “REEEAL WOOOLF!!!” In town, the baker heard Terry crying. “Is that for real?” “Oh, that’s just Terry the Terror, at it again. “I am NOT falling for that THIS time.” And Old Mr. O’Brian heard Terry crying: “Don’t worry girls, it’s just Terry the Terror at it again.” And Mr. Hackel, well, you guessed it. He didn’t hear anything anyway. He didn’t even look up from his crossword puzzle. “Eh???” The whole town ignored Terry yelling, because they knew it MUST be a trick. And then the wolf ate Terry!  In one bite! “Mm, that was a good little boy!” Luckily for Terry, the SAME wolf also ate Little Red Riding Hood’s grandma, which turned out to be too much, and he threw them both up… “That is just wrong… that is just WRONG!” “….Who’re you???” Terry ran home and told his parents, who had a hard time believing him. But one thing Terry knew for sure, he was going to be a VERY good boy for the rest of his life… The moral of the story is don’t trick people— especially when it comes to safety— always tell the truth, don’t hang around wolves, and don’t scare chickens if you were hoping to have some eggs. The end. Thanks for watching! You can check out more the The Story Circle right here at Cool School! Click right here for the whole playlist, and be sure to subscribe! Bye!

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