You’re watching Bully BadAss TV, Youtube’s
best channel for dog lovers. The Bantam Bulldogs enjoying an explosion of
popularity worldwide. The increased interest in the breed, over the last several years. Is do in part
to the public becoming more aware of the Bantam Bulldog’s improved health over today’s standard english
bull dog. The Bantam Bulldog has its origins in the english bulldog and until very recently was
known as the English Bantam Bulldog The original miniature bulldog that the Bantam was bred to recreate is a healthier structurally correct miniature bulldog. Referred to as the toy bulldog. Toy bulldogs are believed to have been used
in the development of the Boston Terrier and the French Bulldog. The Bantam Bulldog’s origins trace back over a hundred years but the dog is not widely recognized an official breed. In 2002 United Canine Association recognized the English Bantam Bulldog now officially named the Bantam Bulldog
and began recording registrations the UCA describes the perfect Bantam Bulldog
as a short to medium in a height, with a square looking head and strong muscular body. The disposition should be brave and loyal the temperament is to be steady and dependable. The Bantam Bulldog should not have the same breathing activity limitations of some of the modern Bull Breeds. The UCA standard list
the Bantam Bulldog’s height to be between nine and 15 inches for females and 10 to 16 inches for males. The UCA list the weight of the breed, from 18 to 39 pounds. The lifespan of the breed is 10 to 14 years.The Bantam Bulldog is extremely rare but more breeders and owners are
discovering this wonderful little bulldog. Unlike many of todays so called mini Bulldogs that are
based on an unhealthy runts or genetically inferior breeding stock. The Bantam Bulldog has been carefully thoughtfully and selectively bred. Only healthy exceptional examples of the original foundation bull breeds will be used in the primary development of the Bantam Bulldog breed.


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