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Freedom. What does it mean to be free? Unrestricted travel? Or, the right to an opinion? The legal ability to bear arms? Nah. We haven’t been free for 10,000 years.
Modern technology is useful, though, and no doubt we needed the indentured servitude of
farming and industry to achieve what we’ve achieved. But as we head towards
the complete automation of the workforce with management usurped by algorithms, we
have to ponder the social implications. How do we live without work? How do we
buy food and water? Do we need a universal income? Possibly. Probably. But I
thought it better to learn how to live properly; to rediscover the forgotten
skills of our ancient ancestors, while
simultaneously enjoying the phenomenal technological benefits of humankind’s
temporary industrial internment. And what I found was the happiness I’d been
missing. Perhaps more accurately; what WE’VE been missing. The novelty of daily
adventure. A break from the juvenile cycle of civilization. You see, we never mature
while in thrall to a state, like a pet dog denied its natural habitat.
We never achieve adulthood. We’re forever the puppy, the toy poodle in the socialite’s
purse. We never become the wolf. Pffff f*** off, goddamn! F****** flies, man! F*** off! Where was I?
Bloody flies attacking me! Oh dear. Once I get in the sunshine I
should be alright. They tend to hang out in the shade. Got some sunlight coming up
over here. There we go. the way I found to grow was to become
what we were; to do what we evolved to. To experience the world first hand – to heed those
ancient desires cemented in our DNA by millions of years of nomadic foraging,
and embrace our human nature. Our real human nature.To travel and see
how the world is. Flying or driving removes the most vital element of
travel, which is the journey itself. Such hermetically sealed trips between
destinations become a location checklist. But we don’t really experience their
significance without understanding what’s in between. Highlight reels don’t
tell a story, the journey is the story. Without that, the meaning is lost. You may
as well watch it on TV.

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