Teacup poodle back to Hong Kong(Brownie).mpg

Hello everyone welcome to our video blog.
We are YouLong Breeding Center from Taiwan The ONLY professional breeders specialized in poodle breeding, ranged from Toy, Teacup, Super Tiny Teacup and the world’s smallest Pocket Teacup Poodles available for sale. we also provide one- on-one online chat in English, Mandarin and Japanese for your convenience. please give us a call on +886 (country code) 975-785-398 for further English assistance.

5 thoughts on “Teacup poodle back to Hong Kong(Brownie).mpg

  • people have various reason of owning a pet, and for some they treat their pets like their own children, so do i, i dont think taking me children to the doctor when they really need it is a waste of money!

  • @marilyn01 it was brownie's first time entering our photo studio, it's perfectly normal for puppies to seem a little anxious when switching environments

  • Hello
    This is Emily from You-Long poodle breeding center .
    Thanks for your inquiry.
    We do have some good quality teacup for you to choose.
    Just want to make sure your location to confirm that we can send you the puppy or not.
    Please let us know the International Airport which more near to you.

    PS. It would be more convinience if you have cell phone which can use whatapp,Line,viber
    Please add me or provide me your number if it’s ok,my cell is +886 975785398
    Thank you^^

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