Tasting Oat Milks (dog in video)

[Jaclyn] Robin, what are you doing? I’m just scrolling. [Jaclyn] Okay. I like oats. I have a ton of oat related items, here, I’m going to try them all and tell you which brand, specifically, you
should or should not boycott. Just kidding. You can see all these brands but this is not intended to target specific brands except for Oatly, I love Oatly
only, that’s the best one, you should get that and nothing else. Disclaimer, there’s lot
of brands in this video but I promise you I’m not
being paid by any of them to include them in this video, especially the ones that
I end up saying taste bad, I don’t see why they
would pay me to say that. We’ve got, yeah. Got a yogurt, yogurt, yogurt. Perfect Cuppa, this isn’t oats, this is just tea ’cause most of the time, I consume oat milk in tea beverages, so, I can make some tea and see how each of them compare, more stuff in here, we’ve got, you already know, your boy is going to have
a preference for this one, y’all already know it, look,
I’ve got an Oat Milk tattoo. It looks kinda lonely,
so I think I wanna add, at some point, like a table and put some, like, oats and some, like, ingredients like how to make a tea,
so I got a steaming mug and maybe a teapot, maybe
like a little spoon, there, maybe a pot of flowers, you always need a pot of flowers to look at
while you drink your tea. You got some cereals to try with the milk and they’re also oat
themed, Friends Bunnies. Aw, I like him, look, he looks nice. [Jaclyn] He’s a choco chimp. He’s a friend, he’s cool and nice. So, yeah, this is gonna
be a very biased video ’cause I know that I like Oatly, only. There’s also oat coffee,
I haven’t, honestly, tried coffee very much, I tried it once when I was 12 on a boat
in Germany and I hated it. I’ll try and do this
mostly blind, I think, ’cause I have my friend
Jaclyn behind the camera, hi Jaclyn. Hello, I think I’ll get you, Jaclyn, to prepare the thing so that
I don’t know what it is. And I might be proven
wrong, I might find out that Oatly isn’t my favorite
but I highly doubt it. I’m not sure what all
these oats are gonna do to my digestive system, I’ve never tried to consume this many oats all at once, so, we’ll see, I’ll let you know later. This is Jameson. (laughing) Oh, baby boy, stop nibbling me. Hey, Jameson, hey Jamie, sit. Jamie, listen to me. [Jaclyn] I’m sorry. Hey, Jamie, will you– Jamie. Son of Jame! I wanna ask you a question. Will you help me make some tea? ‘Cause I don’t live here and you do and you probably know where
things are better than I do. He says yes. Americans are weird, no
one ever has kettles. At least electric kettles, do
you have an electric kettle? [Jaclyn] No. Why, what’s wrong with you? [Jaclyn] I don’t drink
tea, I drink coffee ’cause I’m American. Okay. Mugs, I found them, fixation,
okay, I like this one. Jamie, do you think this one is good? Yeah, yeah okay. PSA, I heard that lots of teabags aren’t actually recyclable,
so if you drink tea a lot, I recommend you do loose leaves but this will do fine for now. I’m assuming you can boil water in there but I don’t want to ’cause I’m scared. Do you have, like, a here kettle. [Jaclyn] I have a pot,
I have zero kettles. [Jaclyn] I am disappointing you. You really are actually, you’re on thin ice right now, Jaclyn. Its okay, I’ve been in Airbnb’s
where they only have pots and I’ve had to settle. He’s so excited about it. (gas popping) I’m gonna fill your home
with gas, if that’s okay. Ooh, yes, oh it smells great. Smells like gasoline. *burp* Oh my God, did he just gag? [Jaclyn] He just burped. [Robin] Snacc [Jaclyn] Wow.
[Robin] Jesus Christ. (groaning) You see, if we had an electric
kettle, this would be done by now and we would
have finished the video and I would be going home. Just a note for next time. If we weren’t already friends, I personally would never return. Except maybe for Jameson. You guys like golf? [Jaclyn] Is this, like,
instructions on how to golf? Uh huh and then you go
and then you’ve played it. [Jaclyn] But when do you get the ball? You don’t. [Jaclyn] Oh, okay. Water is done. (excited bleeping) Just so no one thinks that I’m cheating. [Jaclyn] No cheating. No cheating here. (excited bleeping) Wow, okay, first of all,
look at this poor mixing job. It’s gross, what’s it doing that for? This aint my boy Oatly. Look at that, disgraceful,
they’d never let this happen. This one’s pretty good, that’s pretty good, a little bit grainy,
these, I think these two are the best mixed, that’s
the worst mixed one. Look, it’s like bubbling, I’ll
go for the worst one first. See if the taste makes up for it, oh my God, that’s so appalling. Okay, well that’s cold,
tastes okay, honestly. Very oatmeal-y flavor. It’s not a bad flavor too,
it kind of tastes the same. That one’s okay, it’s kind of, it tastes kind of thin. I think this one’s the best one. I’m so scared, which one is it? [Jaclyn] Its Oatly. Yes!!! Thank God, okay, which one was which? [Jaclyn] So, it was, the owl one was– [Robin] I had a feeling
that would be this one. [Jaclyn] Then the
pink mug was the Oatly.
[Robin] My man. [Jaclyn] Then the
second one was Planet Oat. And then the first one was– [Robin] I’ve always
that this brand was like, if there was none of this,
I always get this one. – [Jaclyn] It’s close enough? – Uh huh ’cause it mixes the best, the mixing is a big decider for me. Like, I think, if this one mixed well, this would taste really good
’cause it’s quite creamy, honestly, but it just doesn’t mix. That’s the issue. On the back of this, it says, everybody regardless of spiritual beliefs, birth country, race, gender,
sexual orientation or color of their nail polish is of equal worth. [Jaclyn] I back that. I mean, yeah — (laughing) [Jaclyn] Is this because
I don’t have a kettle, you’ve done this? Yes. [Jaclyn] Okay. So, now we’ve got some yoh-gurts, or some yuh-gurts, whatever you wanna say. And they’re actually not all oat, so, we’ve got a bunch of
different alternatives and I’m gonna see if I can guess which one is which, we’ve got coconut, this one is almond, this one is soy, this one, oh, this is
also coconut, that’s fine. Cashew, wow and this one’s oat, so, I’m gonna see if I can
taste the difference. Let’s just jump right into it. [Robin] Yes. Just poor the yogurt
directly into my hand. Wow. Smells like strawberries, can’t tell what alternative it is yet. Hm, it’s pretty good. I can’t say I have any idea what this is, it might be soy, I don’t know,
my guess is soy, immediately. Am I right? Wow, I got it, okay. Next one, goodbye. Smells like vanilla,
looks like jello. Wibble, wibble, wibble. Bit wobbly, what the heck. Ooh, yeah, smells like vanilla. It’s like pudding. I guess either almond or oat,
I’ve never had oat before. I never had, like, oat yogurt before. Neither of those? [Jaclyn] Cashewgurt. Cashewgurt, I never had that one either. Very interesting, I totally even forgot that cashew was an option, next one. Aggghhhh! This smells, this smells like soy as well. I think it’s coconut, yeah. Got it, I’ve had coconut, I think, coconut yogurt is the only
one I had and also soy. Thank you coconuts. Okay, ready for the next one. Why do you keep putting
the yogurt end in my hand? Smells like a berry flavor,
that’s like, wild berry. Tastes pretty almond-y, is it almond? It’s not? What is it? Oh, this is the oat one. I can’t say I like it that much, honestly. Okay, last one, I think
last ones the almond one but I– [Jaclyn] You have two more. Oh, two more, okay cool. Tastes like it has barbecue sauce in it. Is this almond? [Jaclyn] I guess I don’t really know, it says plant based, no
fruit, no sugar added. Oh, coconut water, coconut cream. I don’t like that one,
it tastes like they put, like, the hairy outside
of the coconut in it. You know what I mean? [Jaclyn] They shaved the coconut and then put it right into the yogurt. Uh huh. [Jaclyn] Yes. I don’t like that very much. [Jaclyn] We’re gonna leave that behind. Oh, its like, grainy. It’s not good. [Jaclyn] Oh no. No, it isn’t very good,
I don’t like that one, is that almond? [Jaclyn] That is almond. Yeah, I don’t like that one very much. [Jaclyn] And then this was
the first one I gave to you, that was the first one that
you thought was strawberry, it’s actually peach. Peach, mango, I think this
one was my favorite one. He likes it. Wow. Wow, is that good? (laughing) *slap* I’m gonna try some chocolate
milk, now, just for fun. Usually it’s not involved
in my morning routine but I’m gonna try them,
see which one is better. Oatly does have chocolate milk but it’s not available and
I know that one’s very good. Okay, get some glasses. I love this shrimping guy. [Male Voice] He let him lick the fork? Wow, what a lucky little dude, good boy. Did you get some nums? Did you get some nums, are you excited? Are you always about to get nums nums when you can’t deal with it it, his brain’s short-circuiting,
are you having a meltdown? What are you even looking at? I don’t think you even
know what’s going on but you’re excited. [Robin]: I love Thurston. I love this cat, first of all. His names Thurston. He likes to yell. (loud meowing) – [Male Voice] What happened to the vent? Where’d it go? Where is it? (loud meowing) Where’s the vent? (laughing) He doesn’t know where
it went, leave him alone. Different colors, first of all. This one’s darker and this one’s lighter. That initially makes me think this one is the dark chocolate one because there’s only
one dark chocolate one. Smells good, smells good. Tastes like chocolate, that’s good. This one’s, like, more chocolate-y. Even though this is dark chocolate, this is, like, sweeter. They’re both, kind of, equally creamy. I don’t know if I’m particularly
partial to either one of them but this ones more chocolate-y. I think this ones the Oat Yeah and this ones the Planet Oat, am I right? Yes. [Jaclyn] I have napkins. That’s fine, I have a sleeve. Oh, Chameleon, oh yeah, Avery
told me that they made this. (laughing) It smells kind of terrible and bad. (laughing) No, I don’t like it. Tastes like I just put a
whole bean in my mouth. I don’t like it. So, I’m just gonna close
out this video now really ’cause there’s nothing left to review, I’m just gonna eat some cereal, I’ve never tried vanilla milk in cereal, so, this will be a fun snack for me. I’d like to say thank you to Jaclyn and Zack for buying me
all of these delicious, oat-related products and
I also wanna say sorry to Jaclyn for leaving her with all of these oat-related
products and cereals. I try it. Tastes almost like soy milk. Is there a game on this? I want to play a game.
Look! I’m represented. [Jaclyn] Look at you, there you are. Wow. Where do shimp– Where do chimps sleep? [Jaclyn] In trees? – Yeah, they make a nest
of leaves, in tree tops. That’s cute as hell,
how do chimps get food? [Jaclyn] They pick them from the trees? Chimps make their own tools, like stems and stones to crack open nuts. So smart. Do you play games with your friends? You personally? [Jaclyn] Me, personally, I’d say, yeah, sometimes I play games. That’s correct, when chimps are bored, they play games too, I wanna find out more about what kind of games they play. I want to play a game on it. [Jaclyn] What’s on
the inside of the box? Cereal. [Jaclyn] No, there’s something
written inside the box. Look inside the box for games. Okay. [Jaclyn] Okay. I’ve been convinced, I’ll do it. [Jaclyn] Oh my gosh. Oh, it teaches you how
to draw a chimpanzee. Can you find the right tool? Look, your dog bited me. These games suck, thank you for watching, I’m sorry if you don’t
like chewing sounds. Or drinking sounds ’cause I’m sure that’s what’s in this video and
if you do like chewing or drinking sounds, I’m happy for you. That’s all, that’s it, I’m full. I’m gonna go into an
oat coma now, goodbye. You wanna say goodbye? Yeah? Aw, what a nice boy, what a nice boy. What a nice boy, oh, what a nice boy. (laughing) Okay, thank you.

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