Taliban fighters ‘capture’ military dog

This video, that was posted on a pro-Taliban
website, shows footage of what is said to be a military dog that was reportedly captured
during a battle between Taliban fighters and US forces. The narration on the video says that the battle
took place in the Ali Nagar district of eastern Afghanistan’s Laghnam province, and during
the conflict mujahidin fighters killed six American troops, seizing some weapons and
the dog. In the video the dog can be seen to be wearing an equipment vest and is surrounded
by armed men, who show various weapons and gadgets to the camera. The narration also
says the dog’s name is Dagarwal which means Colonel. A NATO spokesperson has confirmed
that a military working dog did go missing on an International Security Assistance Force
mission in December 2013 – but it remains unconfirmed whether it is the same dog in
the video.

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