T.I. & Emmanuel Hudson Trash Talk Nick Cannon 😂 | Wild ‘N Out | #PleadTheFifth

– Let’s get to it , we ready? – Let’s go. – [Nick] Wild ‘N Out. (audience cheering) Get ’em, Chico. Gold squad. – You can have whatever you like. Well I’d like the truth, Mr. Harris. Do you mind if I call you Mr. Harris? It is your name, right sir? You don’t have anything to say? Government, Clifford Harris, correct? Well, I can understand. I only know two Clifford’s,
that’s you and the big red dog. We’re going to keep it moving. We’re going to keep it moving. We all know, you a mogul. You’re one of the greatest
hip hop artists of our times. But, what people don’t
give you credit for, is you are also life saver. You talked the man down
from off of a skyscraper that prevented him from
hurting himself, right? – That could be the case. – That could be the case. Well, since you like
saving things so much, how come you never have
done anything to help save my team captain’s rap career? How come you’ve never done anything? You’ve never done a feature,
you’ve never done a song. Yo, I’ve never ever seen
you in a picture with him. Why have you not helped him? – We on the same team! – I’m trying to get you a
feature from TIP right now, let me work, all right? – What rap career? (audience gasping) – You know what, Mr.Harris? You a bad person, Nick, I’m sorry. – I thought we was cool TIP, damn! – We is, I’m trying
not to incriminate you. (audience cheering) – What’s up, Nick? – What up, Hit? – We we’re supposed to go to the studio last night weren’t we? – Yeah, yeah man. – I ain’t heard from you. So, what was you doing
between 10 pm and midnight? – T-ten, I was I was
getting- I was about to get something to eat and I
was sleep by midnight. – Really Nick? – Yeah. Your Honor, I want to bring out a witness. She said was you going
to let the people know exactly what it was you was about to eat? (audience laughing) – I was about to eat her! (audience cheering) (audience cheering) – Fellow man, what’s going on? How’re you feeling? You good? – Don’t try and be my
friend random white man. (audience laughing) – Noted. Uh, you got a grind won’t
stop, hustle won’t quit, and an acting career
that wishes you would. (audience gasping) Um, I’m no- but, um, but I’m a huge fan- – Nick is over there. (audience laughing) – I just wanted to know, you consider yourself a real G, right? From Atlanta. Do you consider yourself like a real G? – What is that? – It’s- it’s a- – I seen one of them on the movies. – It’s like right after ‘H’ ‘I’ ‘J’ It’s like right before ‘H’ I think. – You ain’t ever been to school
have you, random white man? – I tried… – You’ve been chopping
wood, chasing squirrels all your life, haven’t you? (audience cheering) – You ain’t did nothing,
but your hair all day, huh? (audience laughing) – Chill out. Chill out. – Why is he so mean though?! – Chill out man! – Why is he so mean?! (audience cheering) – Has anybody seen Mr. Cannon? Someone please get Mr. Cannon
in the courtroom, please?! – Right this way Mr. Cannon. Right this way. Right here. Sorry he is late Your Honor. – It’s alright. It’s okay. Mr. Cannon. (audience laughing) You look in tip top shape. This question should be
easy for you to answer. Okay? Which of these 3 things best
describes you last album, White People Party Music? 1. Was it trash? (audience laughing) 2. Was it garbage? (audience laughing) Or 3. Was it just a waste of time? (audience laughing) – Those are the only 3 choices I’ve got? – Are you talking trash Mr. Cannon? (audience laughing) – I Plead the Fifth! (audience cheering) (bell ringing)

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