(Crainer) Thea? Yes?? What are we doing today? We are buying my family a puppy! Are you excited? Yes! Do you promise you’re not gonna take a puppy home? See, Bobby wants to know too. See he’s like “I’m gonna be the only dog in your life.” No he won’t. I don’t think he does I think he just wants to be alone and have all the food for himself. and wants to play with his snake (Bobby: PLAY WITH ME!) (Joyful music) So this is gonna Be a little bit different guys, this is a different kind of vlog because today was a crazy day right, Thea? Yeah. So we’re gonna narrate it for you as the video goes on because we didn’t actually record that much record that much because well, it was kind of like private and we didn’t really want to record too much of the reactions and everything like that but today and you guys will see it we bought a puppy for Thea’s family. It was Thea’s idea. Her mom and the family has wanted a puppy for a long time. They found the one they wanted so we went and got Thea’s mom. Well first actually we did the intro like we normally do roll it. (Both) Hey guys! Thea here and Crainer and today’s special day! You guys already know why but Thea’s actually getting her family and brand new puppy. They’ve been talking to her about wanting this puppy and Thea was like you know what Christmas is soon Two months or so, right? Yeah. So i’m gonna get you guys a puppy! So today we’re gonna go out with her mom To see the puppy and then her mom is gonna decide whether she wants it or not and then Thea here Yeah, we’re pretty sure they want it. We also just wanted to vlog about it, too because it’s cute. Hi Bobby! (Bobby: Hi, Dad!) What are you doing? He always does that whenever I record. I think he just wants to say hi to you guys on camera are you happy, now? Bobby, Bobby why is it always when i’m filming your a brat? (#savage) So we’re gonna go pick up Thea’s mom Mom, now then we’re gonna go buy some dog stuff and then we’re gonna go look at the dog What’s the name of it gonna be I think I’m not sure but I think it’s Stitch. Like Lilo and Stitch? That’s so cute, that’s so cute! Let’s go get it and then we got my mom at her place yeah we had to pick her up of course because she had To approve the puppy first here she is (Thea’s mom) Honey! So after we got her mom we drove for like an hour to get to the actual place where the puppies were now We rolled up into the place, we looked at the puppy, her mom and Thea fell in love with the puppy Instantly and I wish I did too it’s a really cute puppy I wish I had recorded like all the other puppies because they were assaulting my shoelaces like they were treating it like an all-you-can-eat buffet it was really freaking crazy but So she saw the dog She almost cried this is the clip you guys are gonna see well basically the clip you guys gonna See is after we went and accepted and paid for the puppy and then we sat in the car and I asked Thea, mom if we couldn’t record her reaction to the puppy, so here it is Look at that! He’s, so cute he’s so adorable I’m gonna cry What do you think the kids are gonna say they’re gonna be so Crazy wild when they see him I think Mila is gonna cry when she sees him yeah I think they’re all gonna cry cry party yeah he’s really cute and his name is gonna be Stitch that Stitch and he’s eight weeks old right he’s eight weeks old yeah So cute Now, after that we of course had to go back and surprise the rest of her family now here’s the thing the smallest sister Her name is Kaylee she had no idea that her mom was gonna bring home a puppy she knew that they were gonna get one for Christmas her mom had told her that they weren’t gonna get it for Christmas and not right now right yeah So she had no idea however the big sister knew and everybody else knew that it was coming home tonight today tonight what the crap my saying except except Kaylee now I want to explain something real quick because Kaylee really wanted to be in a video for a long time so i expected her to be very happy about the camera But as soon as the camera would put it it was put in her face she got extremely like nervous right Kaylee you want to be in a youtube video wanna be youtube video You don’t want to be in the video Kaylee oh? Yeah, so we had this plan that we were gonna go in and you know show kaylee that we were recording a video and basically like distract her a little bit while her mom was getting the puppy from the car this is his little brother now the problem here was that She was so
distracted by the camera in like overwhelmed by that that when her mom came in with the puppy she was still hiding behind the covers and then with the mutt with her mom showed her the puppy she was like Like she was, so much in shock now you guys don’t see in this video because of privacy reasons but after what you see she started crying so happiness like (Crainer’s little kid cry) puppy it was seriously that bad well good I guess well anyway you know what Here’s, some few clips of the puppy and also eventually and she gave the courage to actually say thank you and everything In front of the camera so you guys could see she was actually happy about which she was I promise okay nobody gets upset about puppies no So yeah you know the rest of the clips that we got it’s kind of random but enjoy (joyful music) (joyful music) Are you vlogging (joyful music) Are you happy you didn’t seem very happy right after the clip you guys saw she actually cried I was really happy she was just kind of shy for the camera right Kaylee are you happy – tc are you happy Kaylee You’re also happy Mira said and it wasn’t gonna be a dog so she said I don’t want it What I don’t want you to be disappointed but she said it was a dog but then it was a dog oh and, he was smaller than I thought yeah, you look bigger in the photos right yeah so how happy are you? SOOOOOOOO happy thank you I love you both very much we love you too So that was all the clips we actually got from today i hope it all made sense it was kind of like it all over The place blog because i didn’t want to blog too much neither didn’t Thea We just wanted them to be happy but we also wanted to record it because let’s be honest if you didn’t vlog it did it Even happen bro But yeah guys thank you so much for watching thank you for allowing us to be able to even buy her Family a puppy that’s very nice of you guys you’re the best Savage Sandwich Squad and we’ll talk to you guys hope you’re still happy Kaylee bye if you guys want to watch a video on my channel from yesterday click right here And if you want to subscribe to me click right here if you want To see our video from yesterday click on this box right here and if you haven’t subscribed to our channel click right here! (Both) Bye guys, love you!


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