SURPRISING ADLEY with a PUPPY!! (Hiding a Pet Dog in her Room) and backyard fun playing a new game!

– He has a cute, furry, little bum. I love it!
– Can I see? – [Shaun] Who, me or the dog? – You!
– Aw! Jenny loves my cute, furry bum! – Whoa, whoa–
(rolling boom) Whoa! Whoa. Good job, way to get me an
opening freeze frame, buddy! – Hey look, watch this! – Look what Adley can do,
now, she’s big enough! (audience applause)
She can wobble all by herself now, vlog! – [Jenny] Woo, no hands! Awesome!
– Woo, that is so cool! And guess where we’re going? I got an email that a surprise showed up today in the mailbox, and Adley’s gonna love it!
– (yells) I see it! – There it is! Look, do you know what that is? – [Adley] It’s a YouTube box. – [Jenny] We’re switching
spots, Adley’s in the car. You get to hold this,
I can’t even see you! (Niko screams) (Shaun hollers)
And Niko’s doing the one-wheel! – Niko, good job, buddy!
– Good job! – We’re going home to open
(yells) your surprise! She fell asleep! Hey, wake up!
– Oh, no! – Hey!
(cartoon punching) (Jenny laughs)
Wake up! You hold it?
– I bet it– – Let’s go!
– I bet it’s gold! – Oy!
– I bet it’s gold! – What if they accidentally
gave us a diamond one? – (laughs) Or a purple one? – Oh, a purple one would be so cool! – Or a pink one! – Ooh, a pink one.
– A rose gold, yes! – [Adley] Or a– (Shaun gasps) A trail!
– What? – [Shaun] What the, who did this? – We were literally gone five minutes! – Let me see. (Shaun spits) It’s dog food! – [Jenny] What? – Let’s follow it! – [Jenny] Okay. – All the way over here! – Oh?
– Upstairs! – Oh, my gosh!
– What? Who do you think did this? – I don’t know! Ooh, oh, no!
(glass shatters) – Whoa. – Oops!
– Who ever did it is really messy.
– Here, you wait right here, we got to go–
(glass shatters) You wait right there, we
got to go figure this out. You think it’s upstairs? – Yeah, ’cause the trail says it is! – [Shaun] Did you do this? – No, I was with you the whole time! – [Adley] It’s to my room! Whoa!
– What? (Adley whines)
– What? – [Shaun] What? – Hi! – A doggy?
– A doggy? – [Shaun] What the heck? – [Jenny] What is there a dog doing in your room?
– What? (giggles) Hi, little buddy! – I think this is Samantha’s dog. – How did he get in your room?
– What, who’s dog is this? – I think it is! – [Shaun] Hey look,
he’s eating the treats! He probably knocked all the treats over. Doggy!
– Crazy! – I think we have to have this dog now. (Shaun laughs)
– Should we keep him? – [Adley] Yeah! (parents hollering)
– He’s getting you! – He’s getting you!
– He’s getting you! (laughs) Hey, I’ll save you!
(Adley giggles) Hey, hey, buddy! I saved you! (Adley and Shaun squeal) – Hi! Niko, what do you think?
(Adley screams) (Niko whines)
(Shaun gasps) – Hey! (laughs) – [Shaun] What? It’s Nick! – [Jenny] Is this your dog?! – It’s our dog! – [Shaun] This is your new dog? Hi, puppy! Adley, this is Nick’s new dog! (parents awe) – Do you like him?
– We were wondering how he got here!
– He likes me! – He does!
– He does like Adley! Look at this! (laughs) (Adley squeals)
Holy cow, I like this dog! You’re a crazy, buddy!
– Oh, my god, she’s so cute! – Yeah, where do you get the
dog, and what’s his name? – [Shaun] Does he have a name yet? – Not yet, we need help.
(Adley screams) (Shaun screams)
(men laugh) – [Shaun] This is the cutest dog! Okay, what kind of dog is this? – Mini Golden Doodle. – A mini?
– Mini Golden, (gasps) You want a Golden Doodle! Jenny’s been wanting a
Golden Doodle forever. How old is he? Should we go pet him?
– 10 weeks. – [Jenny] Little ears! (awing) – [Shaun] He has red hair like you! – Hi, hi!
(both giggle) – [Shaun] Doggy, what you want your name to be?
– Do you have any ideas for Nick and Elise? – I don’t know! – Well, that’s a horse.
– Spirit the dog? No! – We could just call him Alyssa! – What?
– Alyssa? – Yeah! – It’s a boy though.
(Niko whines) That’s a girl name. – Tiger. – Hagrid?
– Tiger? Hagrid? You wouldn’t name him Hagrid. Hi, Tiger!
– Simba! – [Shaun] Simba, I like that name! – Do that name!
(men laugh) – Simba! Alright, guys, give these guys some help. What should we name this dog? Hit the comments. Hi, doggy! Do you do tricks? – [Elise] He can sit. – Sit.
(comic buzzer) – Oh, Nick! Yo, this is actually perfect timing! Check out what we got in the mail today! Be right back, here’s the vlog. (men grunting) ♪ Ta-Da ♪
(all cheering) It’s your guys’ Play Button! – Oh, my Play Button.
– This was earned by Jenny, and Adley, and Nick. – Yeah!
– Good job, guys! This is perfect timing! You picked the perfect time
to raid our house, Doggy. Adley, do you know the
Space Station’s secret how to open boxes?
– Yeah. (punches thud)
(all giggle) – Yeah, you punch it! (grunts)
(punches thud) – [Adley] Oh, guys, we
could open it right here! – [Shaun] Oh, right there in the plastic? Ooh, Nick has keys! Good idea. Maybe the dog could bite it open. (gasps) The dog’s excited! Adley, what if the dog
eats your gold Button? (Adley giggles)
(men laugh) Your very first gold Play Button. (victory music)
– Oh, my gosh! – I see that it’s purple.
(Nick laughs) – Holy cow!
– She wanted it purple! – That is like gold! – That’s so cool!
– Let’s take it out! (plastic crinkles) It’s a mirror! – [Jenny] It’s going to look
so good in my office, Adley. – [Shaun] Whoa, that is awesome! – [Jenny] What does that say? – It says, “A, for Adley.” – So cute!
– Good job! What’s that? – [Jenny] That’s to make
the package smell good? (all laugh)
– I don’t know what those are for.
– It’s in sock or shoe boxes all the time.
– They’re in everything. (Jenny gasps)
– It’s like, beef jerky stuff. – [Jenny] Oh, no. – He fell asleep.
(all laugh) – [Shaun] Adley, this is so cool! Good job, girly!
(Jenny cheers) – Woo!
– Woo hoo! – [Shaun] Babe, good job. (comic slap)
Adley, good job. Nick, good job.
(comic slap) Oh, he’s gonna get you! He’s gonna get you! (playful upbeat music) (Adley screams) Ah, he got you!
(dog barks) He’s going on the, (yells)
he’s on the trampoline! – [Nick] Wee! (Shaun laughs) (playful upbeat music) – [Shaun] (laughs) He got you! Are you a skateboard dog? – Doggy! Doggy! Doggy! Aw, he doesn’t want it.
– You don’t want the toys? (chuckles) Hi, buddy. – I wanna hug, buddy. – Well, this is just exciting.
– Can I go play with the dog? (Shaun laughs) (Adley giggles)
– He’s gonna get you. (playful upbeat music) (water streams) Good job! – [Jenny] Ooh, look at that! Good job!
– Good job! – [Adley] There, puppy! – [Jenny] He likes it! Good job, Adley! – So, Olive and Koopa kind of suck, and they don’t play with other dogs so they can’t play with the puppy, ’cause they just don’t
play well with other dogs. That was so nice!
– Food! – [Shaun] Adley, you’re like a dog mom. – Ah, belly!
– Where’s your belly? – [Jenny] I see your belly! (Shaun laughs)
I see your belly! (Adley squeals)
(Niko grunts) (heels squeak) – Ooh.
– Whoa! That was an aggressive tickle.
(Jenny sighs) Nick, you picked a cute dog, good job! So how big is this dog gonna get? – About this big, I think? – [Shaun] That’s perfect! Elise, I’m so happy for you, dog mommy! (Elise chuckles) – [Jenny] Niko, don’t run! He’ll get you!
– I think he wants, let’s show him my toy room! – [Shaun] (laughs) I don’t
think he plays with toys, he’s just a doggy. He’s just like Niko. Is that weird that he’s
chewing on a dog toy? Should we put that in the vlog? Is that weird? Kids can chew on dog toys?
– Yeah. (Niko screams)
Probably more chewed than our dogs chewed on them.
(Shaun chuckles) He has a cute, furry, little bum, I love it.
– Can I see? – [Shaun] Who, me or the dog? – You.
– Aw! Jenny loves my cute furry bum. Whoa whoa whoa! Whoa! Good job, way to get me an
opening freeze frame, buddy. Good job!
– Oh, come on, let’s go pee! (Jenny grumbles)
– Good news? They’re Ruggable rugs. That, we can just wash it out. This isn’t a sponsored
video, but in the future, we’re going to show you a
sponsored video for these rugs, ’cause they’re really cool. Look, you can take this bottom
part off, (imitates whip) and then just wash the top part. They’re these new rugs that
Jenny’s kind of obsessed with. – I am.
– See? That’s why we got them, so dogs can pee on them.
– It’s the only way to go when you have a dog.
(Niko squeals) – Exactly. She’s like, “Babe, these rugs are amazing! Get me a sponsorship with Ruggable!” I was like, “Alright,
I’ll put Trav on it.” And Trav nailed it. – [Elise] Stressing me out a little bit. (Adley squeals)
– Don’t step on it! – (chuckles) This is chaos. We’re gonna play with
the dog for a minute, and then back at you for
more Best Day Ever stuff. We got fun plans tonight. No peeking. (gasps) Where’d it go? Where is it?
– It might be, it’s behind you. – [Shaun] Where? Ah, it was in my shirt? – Yeah! – [Shaun] What is it? (comic yank)
– It’s a hand. What?
– What? Your very first baseball glove? (gasps) And mom has one? – Let’s play! – [Parents] Let’s play! – [Shaun] Adley, did
you know this is mom’s favorite thing to do? – Yeah.
– Ooh, I’ll play catch with you everyday. – Can dad throw our balls? – Dad doesn’t know how to throw balls. – [Shaun] (laughs) Guess what? Mom’s better at throwing balls than I am. – Adley, I’m gonna be the one to teach you about sports here. – I know!
– And I’ll be the one to teach about Space Stations, and stuff. – No, you teach me about golfing! – [Shaun] Golfing? I don’t know golfing. – How about dad teach you about snowboarding and skateboarding? – [Shaun] Yeah! – [Jenny] Can you squeeze
your glove like this? – [Shaun] Can you squeeze it? Ooh, good job!
– Ooh, we got to work that in. How you’re gonna catch the ball,
I’m gonna throw it to you– – And then, catch
– And then, (Shaun laughs)
you’re gonna hold it, and then when the ball
gets into your mitt, you’re gonna squeeze! Watch the ball go in your glove! (parents awing)
Close! – [Shaun] Try again! (Adley giggles)
– A glove. – Are you excited?
– Okay, now move your hand right now, move your other
hand, and then when it’s coming, hold it in there!
– Hold it in! – Yeah!
– Yeah! – Ooh!
– Oh, that was so close! Okay, now throw it to mom! – Hiya!
(Shaun cheers) – [Shaun] Hey, how are
you so good at throwing? – ‘Cause I have big muscles.
(Jenny laughs) – [Shaun] You do have big muscles! – Ready?
– This is my hat! – That’s not a hat!
– I used to do that, too! – Aw, this is the cutest thing ever! So for reals, in case anyone doesn’t know, Jenny’s a killer softball player. That’s how I met her, she played softball for the college we went to, huh, babe? – Mm-hm. – Alright, let’s get this POV.
– Wee! – [Jenny] Other hand,
other hand, other hand! (slaps glove)
(Shaun giggles) – (grunts) How do I get in? Apparently, I have fat
hands and they don’t fit in gloves.
– Eyes over there, feet together, and then
when you’re, and then, one foot to daddy, step, throw, okay? You try it now. – Step, throw.
(Shaun screams) (Jenny cheers)
– That was a good throw! – That was so good!
– Got it! Okay, I’ll throw it and then you catch it, ready?
– Like this. Oy. (Shaun yells)
– Ooh! – [Shaun] That was close! – [Adley] I get to throw it! – [Shaun] Oh, you’re gonna
throw it with that hand? Okay.
– Yeah. Step, throw! – Whoa!
– Whoa, holy cow! – This hand is stronger than daddy’s. – [Jenny] (laughs) Really? – Okay, ready to catch it, girlfriend? You ready to catch the ball? – Yeah. – Okay, here we go. – Hiya.
(parents cheering) – [Jenny] Yeah, Adley! You did it!
– Good job! – [Jenny] Good job! – Step, throw!
(Shaun gasping) – That was really good, Adley!
– That was a really good throw. – Dad, you should’ve caught that!
– Are you like, proud or what? – You should’ve caught that.
– I can’t catch as good as her, she’s better than me! – [Jenny] That was such good throw! – Throw! (Jenny cheers)
– (grunts) I caught it! – Good job, guys!
– Daddy! – Yes, I did it! (cheers)
(Jenny cheers) She’s like, proud of me,
’cause I learned after her. – I’m so proud of both of you!
– Yes! – Hey, cool hat! – Oh, thank you!
(all giggling) – My game is, I can’t
tell you, it’s a surprise! – Oh.
– Oh, so we don’t know what the game is?
– Yeah, so you guys got to close your eyes. – Okay.
– Close your eyes, guys! – Okay. – Close them until I get the surprise! – This is spooky.
– Are your eyes closed? – Yeah, are yours?
– Ow, don’t touch me! Should we be supervising whatever she’s doing?
(Jenny giggles) Maybe I’ll just peek through the vlog, I’ll just point the vlog, and
then I’ll look at the vlog. – Close your eyes!
– Oh, here she comes, here she comes! Where are you? Adley, where are you? – [Jenny] I heard her. – No, no! (giggles)
– Ah, there you are! – You can’t move!
– I hear her! – You can’t move!
– I can’t move either? – Open them! – (gasps) What?
– Whoa! – [Shaun] Baseball? What are we going to do? – We’re playing baseball. So, I go first, and then run it. – Okay.
– And then, you go first, and run it, and then, you go first, and run it.
– Okay, I’ll put the bases out.
– Okay, play ball! (parents screaming) Hurry, get her, get her! She’s safe!
– Okay, mommy’s turn. – Hey, batter batter batter batter, swing, batter batter batter! Ow, ow!
(Jenny giggles) (Shaun panting)
Oh, she’s safe! Get back here. Hey! You just won. – I got points!
(record scratches) – Good job! – Did that hurt, hon’? – (chuckles) Yeah, a little bit. (parents scream) Hey, you, get over here! No! Are you safe?
– Dad didn’t have the ball, go to the second one! – Ah, I need the ball! (Jenny cheers) Where’d she go? (yells) (Jenny cheers)
(Adley giggles) You stinker!
– Alright! ♪ Ooh ah ♪ ♪ Ooh ah ♪ ♪ Ooh ah, ooh ah ♪ ♪ Ooh ah ♪ (marker scribbles) (pen drops) – And that is my first
sketchbook, or journal, or sketch journalism, sketch journal? I already forgot what I’m
doing, but I really like it. Let me see what it was called. Hold on, this. – [Samantha] What is sketch journaling? I would say it’s a
combination of a journal and a sketchbook, as simple as that. – Combo between a
journal and a sketchbook. That’s what it is, that’s what I’m doing. Normally at night, I listen to music, and just kind of take
notes, plan out my next day, and try and relax a little bit. But, I really love doodling and drawing. I got way addicted to it
during the Snapchat days, when I would always doodle
on Snapchat, and what not. I ran across that, I was
like, “That’s something I want to do.” So, I’ve had this journal that I picked up on one of my travels, ’cause
I was gonna start journaling. We all know I got way too
busy for that (laughs) and didn’t end up doing it. But I’ve been wanting to do
something special with this, and I think sketch journalism
is probably the key. I’ll probably do a page
or two every single night. Did I even show you how cool this looks? It’s all about today, like, vlog, we got the gold Play Button,
Adley hit the baseball, she got her very first baseball glove, the first door in 3.0, that’s a big one. We bridged the gap. We broke down the wall
(comic crumbling) between Space Station 2.0 and 3.0. There’s a doorway there, so
that was significant for me. If I just write down some
significant, fun memories in this, or doodle them down, I guess,
I think that’d be pretty cool. Anyways, why are we even
talking about sketch journalism? I’m sorry, hold on, itchy eyeball. (window wiping)
Doesn’t itch anymore. I’ll tell you why we’re talking about it, ’cause I got distracted. I found this video and
started watching it, but the reason I was watching that video is because of this. This is Skillshare. This is something I’ve been
using for four years, you guys. First found out about
Skillshare four years ago, and I used it to learn how to
doodle and draw on Snapchat, and all this different stuff. I actually worked with Skillshare, and did a sponsored Snapchat, and was like a brand ambassador for them. It is something I believe in. It’s been around for four years, so obviously, it’s awesome,
and people like it. And they hit me up again and said, “Yo, it’s been years and
years, but would you want to do a sponsored video for us?” And I said, “Heck yes,
I love your service. I legitimately used it, so it’s something I would want to promote
and tell people about.” Skillshare, what is it? It’s basically this library of content where you can learn
anything you want to learn, all these different skills. They even have entrepreneurial stuff, that’s something that I wasn’t
as interested in back then, and now I see it, and
I’m like, “Oh, my gosh! I can learn how do this or this.” Business stuff, right? They also have the
creative stuff, drawing. Thousands and thousands of classes. You can get a premium
membership, and be able to watch anything you want, whenever you want. For a year of this, I think
it’s less than $10 a month. That’s really not that much money to be able to learn anything you want. It’s a good deal. I’ve used it, I love it, I
think you guys will, too. Skillshare, thank you for
sponsoring this video. We’ve been friends forever. That was really cool of you guys. Here is a link, or password, or code, for, I don’t know, what did they say? (imitates swishing) “Feel free to offer your
fans a free two months if they sign up with the
link to trial it out.” there it is, if you guys
want to give this a shot, (comic whooshing)
this link right here. Well, I’ll put it in the description, that’s easier for you guys to click. Honestly, guys, two months,
you could learn anything. You might as well try it,
learn a whole bunch of stuff for free, and then keep learning stuff! Or if you didn’t really
use it, then you don’t need to keep doing it, but at
least you got two months of free skills, right? Do it, I highly recommend. Thanks for joining us on
another Best Day Ever. Today was really cool. Can’t believe that Adley was
so awesome at playing catch. That’s a fun memory. Me and Jenny are gonna love that forever. The Play Button! Adley got her gold Play Button, holy cow! She’s only four, and
she’s just crushing it. Just another good day. I love life, and I love that
you guys watch these videos. Thank you guys for watching
the videos, seriously. You guys are awesome. I’m gonna keep making videos for you. My camera’s falling, (slowly) no! (crickets chirp)
Anyways, thanks for watching another Best Day Ever, I will see you guys for
another Best Tomorrow Ever, We got some fun plans,
I’ll see you there, bye! (playful upbeat music) – [Jenny] If you chip a rock– – You’re worried about the rocks, not me? – [Jenny] Yes, I’m worried
my rocks. (chuckles) – Look at this mountain lion! (growls) – Good!
– Wow.

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