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(acoustic music) – Hi, guys! It’s Jordan and guess what today is. It’s Logan’s birthday! Yay! So I am deciding to throw a birthday party for my dog, Logan. He is turning five years old. Five. I can’t even. Like, time flew so fast. So I have a lot of
supplies behind me here. But I’ve realized I’m
missing a few things. Like, I still need to
make Logan’s birthday cake and I need to get a cake
for us humans to eat because I want some cake, too. And we also need to get some
candles to put on the cake, well on the human cake
’cause we don’t want Logan to, I don’t know, get
hurt with the candle. And we also need more wrapping paper! Look at this. I ran out of the last wrapping paper. Let me show you. We have a lot of gifts for Logan and I just used the last wrapping paper so I used this bag and this was the last of the wrapping paper. So now it looks like we have to go to the store and get some more. So I guess I’ll see you guys at the store. (gasps) We are here, you guys. Okay, so I’m at the candles, I found Logan’s birthday candle. So we’re gonna put this in the cart. (laughing) – [Woman] And there’s wrapping paper and little balloons. – Perfect, okay. So we’re also gonna get the wrapping paper and everything that we need
here at the Dollar Tree. – [Woman] There’s also
these little balloons or there’s big balloons up front. – I say we get both. Little and big balloons, honestly. This is so cute, look. – [Woman] This one has four. If they only had one more candle. And a stem. – Yeah. Alright guys, we decided to skip out on the mini balloons and instead, we just got this little balloon weight for the helium balloons and we got a lot of wrapping paper so this
time we won’t run out. And now the only thing that we need left is to get the helium balloons from the front of the store and we need to go get a cake for us humans to eat and ingredients to make Logan’s cake. So let’s go to the other store. Alright, we got the stuff that
we need from the food place. So we got two cakes because
we couldn’t decide which one. Plus toppings for the cheesecake. Peanut butter for
Logan’s cake plus apples. His cake is only four ingredients so that’s all we needed to get. Alright, let’s go back home. Alright, guys! So we made it back home now and now it’s time to wrap
all these presents, you guys. I hope I got enough wrapping paper because I just realized
that there’s not that much wrapping paper in those little rolls. So let me show you some
of the stuff that we got. So we got Logan a lot of
toys and different things. And he also has this
little birthday bandana which is so cute. We also got a ton of treats for him. He also has some little toys. This is gonna be actually a cake topper for the cake that we got
for the humans to eat. And we’re gonna wash it and put it on top and then give it to him after
we wash it once it goes off. It’ll just be a nice
little cake decoration. (squeaking) And it’s squeaky. We got him this really cute shirt. It says hashtag hangry, which, you guys, I don’t know if you know
this but in our family we use hangry, the word hangry, a lot. So this is super funny. He also has a lot of different little toys that he’s gonna get to play with. So I’m really excited. Let’s wrap all the gifts. Alright, guys. So we took a break from
wrapping Logan’s presents and now I am going to make Logan’s cake. So I have all the ingredients here. It’s a four ingredient cake. So it’s gonna be super simple. I’ll let you guys know how I do it so in case you want to make
a dog birthday cake, you can. So what we did is we took an entire apple. We made sure the seeds
and the stem were out because the seeds are really bad for dogs but apples are actually
okay for them to eat. So we took an entire apple,
finely chopped it up, and that’s going in the bowl. Next, I’m taking three
tablespoons of peanut butter and I’m adding it to my mixture. Jealous. Alright, so three tablespoons. Oh man. I’m just gonna go with the hands. Okay guys, the next ingredient is one egg. So let’s crack it and put it in the bowl. I’m not gonna go for the
one-handed egg crack today. I’m worried I’d get shells in there. Alright, so there we go, there’s the egg. And the last step is to have one teaspoon of baking powder and then we’re supposed to mix that all together
and put it in the pan and stick it in the oven. That’s at 350 degrees
Fahrenheit for 20 minutes. Ta-da! That’s the mixture, that’s Logan’s cake. That was actually really easy,
it only had four ingredients. Okay guys, so I realized
I messed up the recipe. Once I realized that it was
just purely apples in the bowl. So you’re actually supposed
to have six tablespoons of peanut butter and two eggs and this is what it should look like. I put it in the pan. So that’s still a lot of
apples but now it’s time to bake it for 20 minutes
and it should rise and became a little mini cake which I’m so excited. So let’s add it to the oven
and wait for 20 minutes and in the mean time, I’ll finish wrapping up my presents. Alright, guys, so the birthday boy and the party guests have
arrived, a.k.a. the fam. (laughing) So we’re all here and ready to party. The decorations are all set up. The presents are wrapped,
the cake is ready. We’re ready to have a celebration. – [Man] Let’s party! – [Jordan] Let’s go, woo! (cheering) – [Woman] Logan’s birthday! – His fifth birthday, that’s crazy. – [Woman] Oh! – Did you get it? Sure enough, he’s chasing the balloons. – [Woman] He loves balloons. (laughing) (barking) – [Jordan] Let’s see, we’ve got to put on his birthday bandana. Alright, so for Logan we have his little birthday bandana all ready. That we got for him this year. It says, “It’s my birthday!” So we’re gonna put that on. Logan, come here. You want this? What’s this? It’s your birthday. Logan, are you so excited? I think Logan knows what’s
going on but not really. He’ll know for sure once
we pull out the presents. He’ll be like, oh, I get what this is now. He loves opening up presents. Alright, there we go. His birthday bandana. It’s my birthday! Okay, so say we start off
with some party games. So the first game is
don’t let the balloons touch the floor slash Logan
pops all the balloons. (laughing) (barking) ‘Cause we have the balloons here and we try to play don’t let the balloon touch the floor but Logan just likes to chase them and pop them. So that game is already in session. Go, Logan. – [Boy] I taught Logan how to play. (barking) – This is one of his favorite games. (balloon popping)
(scream) He loves balloons. Logan, you want it? You want it? Okay, ready? Don’t let it touch the floor. Are you ready? (laughing) He’s ready. Get it! Woo! (boy shouting) Woo! (barking) Oh no, he’s on the couch. (laughing) (barking) Go get it Logan, go get it. Get it, Logan! (barking)
(balloon popping) – It made air, he got that mid-air! Okay, we have one balloon left. We got this. Ready? (barking) Logan’s like pass it to me. Pass it to Logan. Get it! (yelling) (balloon popping) (laughing) He’s like it touched the floor, that means I pop it.
– You got them all, Logan. – Logan, good job. – Good job, Logan.
– Good job, yeah! Do your secret handshake. Ah, he did it. Good boy. Okay, we’ll open presents later. We have one more party game to play. Alright, we put the party hat on Logan. He’s so cute. I can’t, oh he’s like. I’ll take it off, he doesn’t like it. Okay, I think it’s time to move on to party game number two. So, this party game is Under Which Cup. So we’re gonna place a treat
under one of these cups and then Logan already knows what to do. And then I’m gonna shuffle them around and Logan has to pick out which cup he thinks has the treat in
it and if he gets it right he gets the treat! Are you ready to play, Logan? Alright, so I’ve got the cups here. So I’m gonna take one of his treats. He loves these treats. We’re gonna put it underneath this cup. Oh, don’t look. No, no! (laughing) – I got him. – I’m gonna shuffle it around really nice. And see if he can use his
sense of smell or his sight. He broke the cup. – He knows which one it is. – To see which cup. Alright, find the cup. (laughing) Did you get it? He knows it’s that cup. Oh, did you get it? Where’d it go? (laughing) I don’t think he got it. He got the right cup. Where’d it go, Logan? – It’s gonna be under this cup. – Alright. Logan, which one do you think it is? Oh, there you let go of the treat. (laughing) Logan is so excited. – [Ty] Which one is it? – Which one is it, Logan? – Do you think you know, Logan? Alright, concentrate. Okay, go find it. Oh, is it the middle one? No!
– No! Oh, he knows it’s that one. Did you get it, Logan? Oh, he got the treat. He likes the cup, though, still. – [Jake] What happened to the treat? – [Jordan] I don’t know. He ate the treat but now he wants to just play with the cup. Alright, let’s play one more round of that and then I think it’s present time. No, cake time. Okay, are you ready, Logan? Are you ready? It’s gonna go under this one. Ty’s gonna shuffle. Which one is it, Logan? Ty just lifts up the cup. He’s like it goes here. – [Jake] I know which one it is. – Me too. – [Jake] And Logan does too. Ready? – Alright, Logan. – [Jake] Go. – Oh, he thought it was the middle. And the side one again. But it’s really this one I’m pretty sure. (laughing) Logan, it’s the last one. Oh, he got it. (laughing) Yeah, Logan. (cheering) You got it, good job. – I was a good shuffler. – Now it’s time for cake! – Cake! (cheering) – Okay, let’s start off with Logan’s cake. And ta-da! Here is Logan’s doggy birthday cake. – [Woman] Oh, it’s cute. – [Jordan] It’s so cute. So basically I finished baking the cake and I made the icing out of peanut butter. I just iced it all with peanut butter and then I put on some last minute doggy biscuit decorations. Are you ready for this, Logan? I don’t know if he’s ready for this. We’ve all got to sing to Logan. Ready? ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Cha cha cha ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Cha cha cha ♪ ♪ Happy birthday dear Logan ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ Alright, Logan, ready for this? – [Ty] Cha cha cha, aya, pizza. – [Jordan] Here ya go. Happy birthday, Logan. He’s a big five. – [Ty] He’s eating it. – [Jordan] He’s five years old. – [Ty] He’s savoring the taste. – [Jordan] I’m surprised
he hasn’t gobbled it yet. He usually does not savor his treats and he just goes ahead. Oh, there he goes. (laughing) He got a biscuit. Woo, Logan! Is that so good, Logan? Oh, he’s gone for the entire big biscuit. Oh, man. Logan you’re doing so good this year. The last few years, he
just gobbles the cake in like five seconds. You’re doing so good. He’s learning to savor his treats. (laughing) – [Ty] Before he swallows them. (laughing) – [Jordan] What’d you get? Ah, okay guys. While Logan’s eating his
cake, I think it’s time for us to eat our cake. Look at this! Ta-da! We have this cake plus the cheesecake. So we’re gonna light the candle
and blow it out for Logan because Logan can’t blow out candles. – [Woman] Chocolate cake
and cheesecake, yum. – Yeah, and the decoration, oh wait. (squeaking) It’s a squeaky toy! (laughing) – [Woman] It’s a dog
toy on our human cake! – Ah! Okay, everybody blow it out. Ready? Three, two, one! – [Woman] Woo! – Ah! (chuckling) – [Woman] Oh my goodness. We just about gave Logan a
second cake which he cannot have. – There was almost a
tragedy on his birthday. Alright guys, we finished up our cake and we had to take some
of Logan’s cake away because we didn’t want him
getting sick for his birthday. We only let him eat a little bit. And so now it’s time for presents. So Logan, are you ready? (pig oinking) What’s this one? I think we’re gonna
start off with this one. – I know what this one is. – Oh, I gave him it, I gave him. – Go get it, jump up. – I got him that one. – Come on. – I got him that one. (laughing) – Get it, Logan. What is it? – I gave him that one. – Logan is now a master
at opening up presents. After five years, he’s got it. Presents at Christmas,
presents at birthday. He understands presents now. What is that? What did you get? (pig oinking) What is it? Get it, Logan, get it. The thing is, he’s a
really slow present opener. – I’m the one who gave him that. – Yeah, Ty picked out this gift. (pig oinking) (laughing) He takes forever. What is it? What is it, Logan? What’d you get? Let’s show. It’s a pig squeaky. A pig squeaky toy. (pig oinking) Oh, he wants it. (laughing) Here you go, pupper. Here you go. Okay, who wants to pick
out the next present? – [Both Boys] Me, me! – Okay, oh he’s going for it. This one might be one of his favorites. Let’s see. Oh, he’s opening this one fast. – He caught it. – What is it, Logan? – Oh, I see what it is. – [Ty] I see. – Come over here, come over here. Show us what it is. – Dream Bone! – Oh, Logan you’re so cute. What is that, huh? Is this your favorite? Oh, Logan. Dream Bones! Logan loves Dream Bones. This is his favorite
treat in the entire world. He gets it after he has a bath because he doesn’t like baths. Logan, what’d you get? I say we go with … (pig oinking) I say we go with this present next. Logan, do you want this one? Go get it, go get it. Open your present. (laughing) What is it? Oh, this one is something he can wear which I am so excited about. I showed you guys earlier. – He’s sniffing it. – What is it? What is this? He just walks away, he’s
like it’s not a toy, it’s not a treat, it’s not for me. Look at that. It says hashtag hangry. Alright, let’s put it on. Logan, come here. Let’s put it on. Okay, we’ll put it on him later when he’s not distracted
by all these toys. (pig oinking) Alright, pick out the next one. That one?
– This one. – Okay, Logan, what’s this one? Let’s open it. Turn around. – He’s like I want my presents. – What is that? – [Ty] I actually don’t know what it is. – This one I’m so excited for. – [Ty] Oh, I know. I know, I know. – [Jake] Alright, I don’t know. – [Jordan] Oh yeah, by
the way, did I mention I’m wearing my Logan socks today? In spite of Logan’s birthday. They’re Logan socks. What is it? What is that? – [Jake] He’s trying to get it out. – Oh man. – What is it? – This is exciting. Look at that. – [Jake] What is that? – It’s an elephant. – It’s an elephant chew
toy and it’s for tug of war so he’s supposed to grab on this end. Here, grab this. He doesn’t want to. Grab that. And then we’re supposed to grab on this and then we can play tug of war. We spoiled Logan for his fifth birthday. He has so many presents and toys. – Oh, he’s picking the biggest. – [Jake] I picked this toy. – Oh man. Logan, what’s in there? What is in there? What’s in there? Find it, doggy, find it. (laughing) He’s all the way up, what is it? What’d you get? What’s in there? What is it? Woo! Yeah! More treats! So these treats are different
because it’s supposed to be food flavored. So this is supposed to,
it’s like soup bones. It’s supposed to taste like that soup. And this one’s supposed
to taste like this soup. And that one’s supposed
to taste like meatloaf. So it’s supposed to be all human flavors. – I know how this is good or not. – I kind of want to try one. (laughing) – I know how this is good because– – I’m weird, I’m like these are, it’s so weird, I kind of want to see if it actually tastes
like chicken noodle soup. I guess I’m eating dog food today. Or dog treats. Hopefully it’s actually good. Oh no, it doesn’t look good. – Yeah. – [Ty] Oh yeah, I’m not gonna have one. – Oh, don’t eat that side, Logan. Okay, this is what it looks like. – [Jake] Split in half. – It doesn’t smell like
chicken noodle soup. (groaning) Alright, let me try it. Oh no. (groaning) Here you go, Logan. Oh, that’s not chicken noodle soup. I need to go rinse my mouth, I’ll be back. Alright, I’m back. I’m not gonna try that again. Dad, do you wanna pick
out our next present? Grab the two black ones. – [Ty] These? – [Jordan] The two black ones? We going for a double whammy. Are you ready for this, Logan? – [Ty] Which one, which
one, which one, which one? – Go for both! Go get it! Go get it! Look at that! Go get it! – [Jake] Oh no, he better
rip up the other one. – [Ty] This one must
have a treat or a toy. – [Jordan] Should we open up this one and find out what this one is? Let’s do that. – Oh, it’s treats. (laughing) – And more treats. – Oh, yum. Okay, so this was Birthday Cake Bites. More treats for Logan. – They’re like a cake. – Yeah, it’s like. – You should eat them. – You should eat them this time. These are mini birthday cakes for Logan. Oh! – It’s some more bones. – Yeah! He loves his treats. I think Logan’s ready for another double whammy present time. Logan, are you ready? You wanna get it? Go get it. I feel like the dad off of
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs that’s like, “Happy birthday, son.” (laughing) Oh, he got a little mini birthday toy. That’s so cute. What’s this one? – A turtle. – Ah, it’s a turtle. (laughing) A turtle toy, go get it. Logan, do you wanna
open up your last gift? – Which one, which one, which one? – Oh, he wants to open up that one. – Okay, we’ll open up this one for him. Here, Jake, grab on. (yelling) – This one’s hard to tear. – [Jake] I got it! I got it! I got the toy! – Ah, it’s a hedgehog. – It’s a new one. – Ah, that’s cute. Logan, what did you get? What did you get, buddy? (hedgehog grunting) Oh, Logan. – [Ty] What’s that? – He’s had Nylo toys
before but does he have a dental chew Nylo bone? Now he does! Logan, look at that? Alright, guys. I hope you enjoyed this video. That was Logan’s big birthday bash. Comment down below, do
you guys have birthday parties for your pets if you have any? Let me know because we
always have a birthday party for Logan every year. He gets super spoiled. Thank you guys so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, give it a big thumbs up, subscribe, turn it from red to gray, and I’ll see you all next time. Bye! – [Jake And Ty] Bye! (upbeat piano music)

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