Surprise Cavalier King Charles Spaniel gift!

Hello, I’m at my auntie’s surprise 80th birthday
party. I’ve drawn a picture of her Cavalier King
Charles. And I haven’t met her dog yet, and I hope
she likes it, I hope it looks like her dog because I’ve only drawn it from photos that
I’ve seen, so… That’s my dad. Waiting for his sister. Okay, she’s here for the surprise. I’m speechless. Makes a change. Oh, that makes a change. Hello everybody. I don’t do enough for everybody, to have presents. Well I tried to, even though I haven’t met
her yet, it’s inside. I tried to draw her. So hopefully it looks like her. Oh, how wonderful. Yeah. So, have a look inside. Oh, I can’t. Oh, I can’t. Have you done this since you’ve seen the photos?
Yeah. I hope it looks like her. Oh I can’t wait, this is going to be lovely.
I hope so. Oh, it will take pride of place on my… Oh that’s lovely. Thank you. I hope it looks enough like her.
Hey, everybody. Hold it up. Oh that’s good. All… by hand…
It’s brilliant. “By Douglas Rickard.” It is lovely. Has it made the grade?
Yes! That is wonderful, thank you. Oh, that’s lovely. And it’s her birthday on Tuesday.
Oh, is it! And a pink ribbon. Oh look, have you seen this!
Yes. Oh. That’s the correct way isn’t it. Jam first, cream on top. But it’s the Cornish way, this way. Oh. It is.
That’s the Devon way, what your mum’s doing. But it makes sense really, but it don’t look so nice. No it doesn’t.
No. I think cream on top’s better. Yeah. I do.
Because I think, it gets mashed up, you lose the cream, don’t you. That’s right.
Because it goes into… your scone. Yeah but it’s supposed to be, spread the cream on instead of butter and then the jam on top. And I don’t think it looks as nice. So you two’ve done it the right way. And you’ve done it… oh, I’ve taken the cream away from you. They’re both wriggling. Good job I’ve got trousers on. And there she is. Darcey. Dressing up the presentation of one of my
tiny two and a half by three and a half inch ACEO cards can make a big impression, whether
it be, by just having it mounted with a mat and tying a ribbon as you saw, or maybe you just
might want to find the perfect miniature frame for that dog drawing of mine that you’d like
to gift. Thank you for watching my vlog. Have you had a nice day? Say goodbye to my viewers. Bye, bye viewers.

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