Streel – Newfoundland and Labrador Language Lessons

Streel is someone who looks like they haven’t taken the time to… how do I say this… dress themselves properly. Or comb their hair, or anything really. They look like they just got out of bed and they rolled out of the house, and they’re walking wherever and you can spot them a mile away. Most parents would be able to relate to the word streel, because your kids walk out of the house – and you go “Oh seriously you’re going out like that?” They look like – kids automatically when they start getting dressed by themselves, they look like streels Oh I’ve definitely looked like a streel. I’ve been known to go to the grocery store looking like a total streel, yeah. If you get up on Saturday morning, and you know, you don’t feel like getting a shower just to go to the grocery store. So you put on your yoga pants, and you put up your hair, and put on your sunglasses, and hope nobody sees you. But somebody in the parking lot is probably looking at you, going “gosh, what a streel”. Grocery stores are full of them. Yeah.

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