STRANGEST Animals You Did Not Know Existed!

Animals are pretty amazing. Their antics, beauty, ferociousness all make
us marvel at the wonder of nature. But then there are a few animals who are simply
so different that they make us think if God was playing a practical joke! Lets take a look at some of the weirdest animals. 22. Axolotl. Considering that they look straight out of
a comic book designed by a stoned artist, there are also other weird things that the
axolotl is known for. Its common name, the Mexican walking fish
might give you a clue! They are actually small salamanders found
near Mexico city but considering that it is an endangered species, you might spot many
of them. The axolotl can even regrow its limbs, has
lidless eyes and comes in white and black colours! 21. Yeti Crab. Crabs are generally associated with their
red claws. But the kiwa hirsute, or the yeti crab, was
discovered in 2005 and they actually have fur on their legs and claws! And although it might not be related to their
fur, but they are almost blind. And the hair is not all for show either. It contains filamentous bacteria which helps
remove the poisonous minerals from the waters where it lives! 20. Anglerfish. These fish are ugly, to say the least. But they are also very smart. They have a small protrusion in the head which
they wiggle about to attract other fish which think of them as bait. And then the hunter becomes the prey as the
anglerfish proceed to kill those fish! Also they are kind of bi-sexual in nature. When observed, it seemed as if the anglerfish
had parasites attached to them but further inspection revealed that the parasites were
in fact remains of male ceratoids! 19. Pangolin. Anteaters and armadillos are both fascinating
creatures. Imagine if they ever had a baby together! That would look like the pangolin. It is an oddly shaped mammal with a protective
keratin shell and is the only mammal known to have one! Which is what unfortunately makes it a very
rare and unique catch for traffickers and sadly, the pangolin is today a threatened
species. 18. Frill neck Lizard. When you think of dinosaurs, lizards are actually
the one animal which come pretty close to them. And it seems evolution obviously forgot a
few things when it was working on the frill neck lizard. Also known as the frilled dragon, this lizard
has a large amount of extra skin around its head which are supported by long spines of
cartilage. And when the lizard is threatened, this skin
flares out and makes the lizard look pretty dangerous. And not just that, when it is running at full
speed, it runs on 2 legs which makes it look even more alarming! 17. Dumbo Octopus. Perhaps these octopus were inspired the Disney
flying elephant as they have ear like fins protruding from their heads. It kind of makes it look cute but they are
not easy to spot. They are extremely rare and found mostly at
extreme depths in open ocean, unlike other octopus. Their skin is transparent, but they can make
it flush at will and that adds to their intrigue factor! 16. Angora Rabbit. Looking at these rabbits, you would really
wonder if there was extra fur lying around which they decided to put on! The angora rabbits have very long and soft
hair, and were very popular pets among the French royalty in the mid 1700s. And as they really have very good hair, they
are also reared in some places to make wool! 15. Tasmanian Tiger. Is it a dog? Is it a tiger? Take your guess! Or well, you might not be able to as the Tasmanian
tiger became extinct in the 20th century. These animals belonged to the Australian continent
although they had been extinct from everywhere except the Tasmanian island even before Europeans
came into Australia. Since then, the gradually decreasing habitat
and hunts have made them extinct! 14. Platypus. Of all the creatures in the world, perhaps
no one will be able to match the weirdness of the platypus. It is technically a mammal but lays eggs and
stays mostly in the water! Not to mention that they have the bill of
a duck on their face. Which is the reason why scientists think it
is an important link in evolution and why it has appeared as a mascot for Australia
on many occasions! 13. Narwhal. When you think of whales, you generally do
not associate them with tusks. That is until you meet the narwhal, which
is a type of white whale. They are instantly recognizable because of
their long and heavy tusks which can be up to 10 feet long and 22 pounds heavy! Since its natural habitat is in the Arctic
sea, scientists believe that the purpose of the tusk was to break the ice but turns out
that is not the only purpose. The males with the longer tusks get to mate
more often! Guess size does matter! 12. Leafy Sea Dragon. If you see a drifting sea weed, you might
want to think twice about picking it up because you could end up with a leafy sea dragon in
your hand! It has green, orange and golden hues on its
body and is covered with leaf like appendages which actually serve as a good camouflage! They have no teeth or stomach and feed exclusively
on mysidopsis shrimp and the good news is that the Australian government has actually
given them a protected status since 1982! 11. Glowing Sea Turtles. Shiny and glowy things are always amazing
to look at. And while there are some animals which are
known to produce a glow from time to time, a recent discovery revealed a fascinating
new turtle. It was the first glowing reptile ever found
and biologists think that the bioluminescence is a way for them to communicate with each
other! 10. Glass Frog. Many of us might have spent time dissecting
a frog to see what its inside looks like! Which might be what prompted the Diane’s
bare hearted glass frog to evolve. These frogs are a recent discovery and the
most startling fact about them is that their underside is translucent, so you can pretty
much see all of its organs with the naked eye! Although you will have to have a 20-20 vision,
because these guys are just about an inch long! 9. Sunfish. When you go fishing, you probably hope to
get a nice big catch! But you might just have a little more on your
hands than you want if you happen to catch the sun fish! They are the heaviest bony fish in the world
and can weigh around 2 tons! Try reeling that in! The fish is found mostly in temperate and
tropical waters around the world and true to their love for fish, the Japs, Koreans
and Taiwanese consider the sun fish a delicacy! 8. Saiga Antelope. Found mainly in Russia, Kazakhastan and Uzbekistan,
you might be forgiven for thinking that this antelope has a major disease. The Saiga antelopes have a large and flexible
nose which kind of looks like a snail is sitting on their face! But this giant nose helps them filter out
dust and regulate temperatures as well! Unfortunately, over 120,000 saiga antelopes
were found dead recently because of an epizootic illness. 7. Gharial. Looking at this creature, it might look like
someone was trying to make a crocodile and forgot what it was supposed to look like when
it came to the head. The gharial is a large reptile that has a
long and thin snout, but don’t think that that makes it any less dangerous. There are 110 teeth in that snout and it is
estimated that only 235 of these creatures are alive today, and all of them in the Indian
waterways! 6. Red Lipped Batfish. If you ever want to see what an angry fish
looks like, just do a search for the red lipped batfish. They are found mostly in the Galapagos islands
and they look like a child painted a lip on them. No wonder they look so angry! And that’s not the only thing weird about
it. They also have a horn and are usually found
walking on the ocean floor rather than swimming! Guess if you got it, you should flaunt it! 5. The Bush Viper. If you happen to find yourself face to face
with the bush viper, you would be easily forgiven for thinking you are having some sort of alien
dream. These snakes are found in the trees of Western
and central Africa’s rainforests and they can actually change the colour of their scales
to match the surroundings and become very hard to spot. Thankfully, they live very far away from human
settlements usually which is actually a very good thing because their poison is very dangerous
and fatal to humans with no known antidote! 4. Aye Aye. Gross and disgusting will be the first words
that will come into anyone’s minds as they look at the aye aye. These animals are found mainly in Madagascar
and they are primates, which means that they are closely related to us! The tail of the aye aye is longer than its
body and they have large eyes and ears and are found on the top of trees, and never really
want to come down from them! They are also pretty sensitive to sound and
use echolocation along with tapping trees with their fingers to figure out where insects
are by sound! 3. Streaked Tenrec. So what would you get if a porcupine ran into
a crazy hair designer? The streaked tenrec! These little creatures are found in Madagascar
and are actually mammals covered in spines. Except that the spines are yellow which kind
of makes its very intriguing! Oh, and they also make insect like chirping
sounds for some reason! 2. Okapi. So if you were making a zebra and kind of
got tired mid way through the stripes, you would get an okapi! Although they make look like a cross between
a zebra and a horse, the okapi are actually related to giraffes and are found in the Congo
region. In fact, so weird is the okapi that it was
thought to be a myth until it was discovered by scientists in 1900! Okapis are known to
prefer solitude and they communicate by making sounds we can’t hear. Which is a good thing, considering that they
are on the verge of extinction! 1. Aardvark. Put in parts of different animals like the
kangaroo’s tail, pig’s face and rabbit’s ear, and you get an aardvark! Found mainly in sub-saharan Africa, the aardvark
are nomadic, following ants and termites, making holes for homes along the way which
get turned into nests for porcupines and warthogs, once they abandon it! Have you ever seen any of these weird animals? Do let us know what it feels like to see them
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