Storytime Wiggles ๐Ÿ“š| Puppy Dog Pals Puppy Playcare | Disney Junior

♪ One, two, three, it’s… ♪♪ Playtime with
your Puppy Dog Pals ♪
♪ Playtime with your
Puppy Dog Pals ♪
-I’m Bingo!
-I’m Rolly! -Both: And we like to play!
-♪ In the yard ♪
♪ In the doghouse
every single day ♪
♪ It’s Playtime with ♪♪ Your Puppy Dog Pals ♪Bingo/Rolly:
“Storytime Wiggles!”
Everybody ready
for story time?
Yeah! We wanna practice
so we can be ready
for the story times they have every day
at puppy playcare. Easy. All you gotta do
is listen to the story and sit nice and still. Rolly:
Still, huh? No problem, except I have the worst case of
the wiggles today. Look at all this energy. I just gotta wiggle! -(laughing)
-(bell ringing) Aah! Phew! Okay.
Let’s do this. Sitting still starting now. -(bell ringing)
-Once upon a time… Whoa! Whoa! Sorry. -(rattles)
-(grunts) Okay, now. Once upon a time… (tapping) (boinging) (bell ringing) (grunts) Gotta stop these wiggles!
Please stop, wiggles. (squeaks) Yay! How do I stop them
till the story’s done? I wanna hear how the book ends, or even how it starts! I wish we could wiggle
the wiggles right out. That gives me
an idea! Rolly, can you bring
me two chew toys and a fuzzy blanket
from the house
as fast as you can? I’m on it! -Here you go!
-Great! I just need a few
more things. I need… (speaking rapidly):
Wood, pillows, blankets,
lights, rubber chicken, scarves, pillows,
bunny slippers, rope,
tape, candles, water… -(laughing)
-Hissy: Wow. And… done! Keia:
Thanks to your wiggles, you had the energy
to bring what I needed to take story time
to the next level! A stage for Hissy
to read from! My wiggles did something
good after all! -Now, how do I get
rid of my wiggles?
-Hissy: Uh, Rolly? I think your wiggles
are already gone. (gasps) They are! Wow, thanks, Keia! By making Rolly run around
and get all that stuff, you cured Rolly’s
wiggles, Keia! -High paw!
-(slaps) Can we start
story time now, Hissy? I’d love to.
Once upon a time, Jerry’s favorite sweater
got a hole in it… And Jerry’s sweater
lived happily ever after. -The end.
-(sighs) I love story time. You guys are
so good at story time. You’ll do great
at puppy playcare. (boinging) Uh-oh. I’ve been
sitting still so long, now I’ve got the wiggles. Don’t worry, Hissy!
We’ll wiggle
those wiggles out. (laughing) -(boinging)
-(laughter) ♪ ♪

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