Stolen from Broward family 2 years ago, Cedar is finally home

well a happy homecoming for a South Florida family who lost their dog about two years ago the furry friend ended up almost on the other side of the country but now the whole family is back together local 10 News reporter Rory Ramos is live in Southwest Ranches with this lovely reunion hi Roy how’s it going Alex talk about a great ending to what would have been a sad story this family thought that they would never see their pet German Shepherd again that was until they received a phone call that not only had she been found but she was on her way home after two years of not seeing each other this beautiful German Shepherd named cedar was reunited with her family the Petersons embracing their pet with open arms after they said she was taken from their home in Southwest Ranches not long after they got her kids were crushed we hired a private investigator and we searched all over the neighborhood after weeks of searching proved to be unsuccessful they began to lose hope and came to terms they would never see their beloved pet again two years later the Broward County Humane Society said cedar was found by a marshal in Hugo Colorado it was almost difficult to believe after two years of the dog being missing they said the dog was rescued from a ditch and taken to a local veterinarian clinic where she was scanned for a microchip that traced her back to the Peterson family that ship was linked back to of that office in Davie Florida and they remembered her and were able to connect with the family thanks to a flight from wings to the rescue cedar was flown straight home and family members tell us that cedar seems to be fitting in just well with the rest of the family if you’re wondering if cedar remembered their family members well that’s something they tell me they didn’t think twice about I don’t think dogs forget they’ve you know not much different from humans when you come right down to it and the Petersons tell me that the next step is to get cedar to a healthy weight as for the Broward County Humane Society they say one of the most important things for your pet is to get them microchipped it’ll only cost you about twenty dollars here in Southwest Ranches Roy Ramos local 2 News and well worth it

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