Stogged – Newfoundland and Labrador Language Lessons

People sometimes use the word stogged to describe how they feel after eating a lot. Like, I. Am. Stogged.
I couldn’t possibly eat another bite. If you’re stogged your pants are definitely a little bit tighter A nap probably looks really, really attractive. At Christmas the gloves come off.
You are getting stogged. Forget about it. I usually sleep about three times on Christmas day. There’s a big breakfast. Stogged.
Little nap. Get up, Christmas dinner. Totally stogged. Not a chance. Nap.
Later that night we will have a lunch, a light lunch, before going to bed.
Stogged. Out like a light.

21 thoughts on “Stogged – Newfoundland and Labrador Language Lessons

  • The only thing that ever gets stogged is the toilet. When the toilet is stogged, you gotta plunge.

  • I have family down East and you hear these terms and it's so nice to hear them actually explained because you don't want to use them out of context (especially if not from around there). Love this – keep them comin'. And sidenote – Chris is a very handsome man

  • Not only used in terms of fullness, but all things full beyond reproach. i.e. Your plumbing can be stogged, a fuel filter can also be stogged. I use this all the time! Cheers!

  • When I was visiting my grandfather when I was younger and being really confused at how we had breakfast, dinner then supper.
    "But poppy, I thought it was breakfast, lunch, dinner"
    He got quite irritated with me lol

  • Its a word that is used to describe anything that is full. For example, Mike stogged the fireplace til she was chinched wit wood.

  • this guy is just something else! really enjoyed these commercials – especially coming from Windsor, On –

  • Woah…I am moving to NL in a month. You just said lunch and dinner opposite of the way I use them! Very good to know!

  • Dad would “stog” the wood stove full before he went to bed. I’ve seen him stog it so full he had to use the butt end of an axe to slam it in there. He always seemed to get it to fit though 😉

    Pubs/bars can be stogged full some nights and you might say to your friend “let’s check out another place….this one is stogged full”.

    And yes, all our tummies have been stogged ill back home, especial during any kind of holiday meal or over the 2 weeks or so around Christmas. I’be been stogged full of Newfoundland Snowballs (the most delicious confectionary) and I loved it. Lol 😂

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