Squish – Newfoundland and Labrador Language Lessons

Squish would mean something is not straight. Out of alignment If you hadn’t properly hung a picture it’s probably squish. Now I’m straight. Now I’m squish. The first time we ever put up a basketball net in the driveway, unfortunately it was squish. We were always building cabins when we were kids. We had woods behind our house, we’d go out on trees and build a cabin and that was always squish. Skateboard jumps, they would have been squish. Shop class, birdhouse… squish.

9 thoughts on “Squish – Newfoundland and Labrador Language Lessons

  • I recall "squishwise" when I lived in Clarenville, as in "He built it all squishwise." It meant, "He did a terrible job of building it, everything was misaligned, nothing was square." Interesting how a single word can convey so much meaning!

  • as a child if you were swinging on the swings at the park, and the person was pushing you, was pushing you "lop sided". you would say, "knock it off your makin me go squish b'y, gees"

  • He missed that you can "squish" something. Like when all the seats in your car are taken but you need to get another friend in. You squish'em in. And then the driver would always ask how they are doing and everyone would reply that they are squat πŸ™‚

  • Also means when you are jammed between two objects ….you were squished in your seat on the plane between two chubby people….."you're squishing me"

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