Speed paint of my followers dog (wild) (crazy) (absolute mad lad)[CC]

Hey! It’s me, I’m back, on my own channel. I made a post saying I wanted… mm that sounds weird, “I wanted your selfies”, ugh. I made a post saying if you want me to draw you or your pet in a video, then send me your selfies or pictures of your pets, and it was gonna be a mess I’m not an artist I haven’t
taken art since year 9 which is 8th grade I was 14 or 15 and then my school said I wasn’t allowed to take it anymore. They weren’t gonna be good I was gonna spend like 5 minutes tops on them, and I was gonna try make it funny. One of the first responses that that got was this, from dreamer-in-time-26: That was a sad story! So I was like, ok, I’m still gonna do the other video I’m still gonna Hopefully get through everything you sent me… that might be a bit optimistic but we’ll see. I’m still gonna do that, I wanted to give this dog her own video and do it well. And I also really didn’t feel like being on camera yesterday because it was just one of those days everything is bad. What I’ve done… painted it, sped it up so you don’t have to watch me paint for an hour and I’m probably going to throw my voice in there over the top just because I’ve got a lot to say, I’m gonna hand over to Yesterday Katie and probably see you at the end, so have fun! So yeah! That’s the painting done, I’m pretty proud of it to be honest, like I said, I’m not an artist so I think this was… this was an achievement for me. I know this video wasn’t everybody’s cup of tea I guess
but if you did watch it to the end then I hope you have fun! That’s… that’s that and in some point this month I will be doing the other painting video so subscribe if you don’t want to miss that and keep an eye out if you sent me a picture because I will really try and do them all. But for now, thank you for being here with me on this very hot day because the UK is melting as we do every summer. Every summer we’re like Oh my God there’s going to be a heatwave
gonna die and then we’re not prepared for it and then the next summer it happens again and again when are we gonna accept that we have seasons?! Lost my cool… no pun intended. I don’t have anything to say to end it and leaning in feels a bit awkward now that I can’t just zoom in quickly, so um… just gonna end it here. Thanks guys! Sike, bye!

3 thoughts on “Speed paint of my followers dog (wild) (crazy) (absolute mad lad)[CC]

  • You’re incredibly good at this for someone who hasn’t done art since year 9???

    Also I’m very upset I didn’t see your request, if you ever do get around to filming another one I’d love a painting of my dog Charlie❤️❤️

    Also honestly that painting is amazing

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