Sony’s robot dog Aibo vs. a real puppy

-Let’s be honest. Nobody really needs an AIBO,
Sony’s new robot dog, but I can’t blame you
for wanting one. This robo-pup is the rebirth
of Sony’s iconic dog, which was put to sleep
in 2006 in a tragic round
of corporate cost cutting. This January, AIBO’s coming back
to the US with much better robotics
and a cellular connection. This puppy recognizes faces
and uses artificial intelligence to learn and develop
a unique personality over time. Just one problem —
this AIBO costs $2,900. How can you justify spending
that much money on a not-so-furry friend? Perhaps we need some
scientific comparison. Meet Lola Beyonc?. She’s an actual puppy,
just 7 weeks old from the San Francisco SPCA. Who’s better — AIBO or Lola? May the best pup win. Okay, AIBO costs $2,900,
but that’s about all. Lola, on the other hand,
costs just 175 bucks, but she’s gonna keep growing. She’ll need food, toys,
vet bills, boarding, training, and more. The American Kennel Club says
the average lifetime cost of a dog is $23,410. What about brains? AIBO’s artificial intelligence
learns through positive reinforcement. Good boy!
Good boy! And negative reinforcement, too. It knows a firm press on the
backside means it’s been bad. Bad AIBO. Lola learns this way, too,
just with more treats. AIBO comes with its own
cellular connection, so it can download
new tricks. AIBO likes belly rubs. Lola does, too. AIBO does not have fur, though maybe that would be
a little too “Westworld”? Lola sheds. AIBO’s computer vision
likes this pink bone. Lola likes putting anything
in her mouth. AIBO can play two hours
at a time before it has to go nap
on its charger. Lola naps most of the day
wherever. AIBO has some impressive
moves for a robot, with 22 joints and one
especially lifelike tail. But it still can’t
really chase a ball. And it sounds like
the Terminator when it runs. Lola, by comparison,
is an Olympic athlete. AIBO would make
an excellent spy. It has two cameras,
four microphones that listen and watch constantly
for your command. Lola would not make
a good spy. AIBO won’t actually pee
on your floor. This is a simulated pee. Lola, well, this is
gonna be a journey. AIBO would be better
if it was also a smart speaker. AIBO, what’s the capital
of Nigeria? That is not the right answer. Lola would be better
if she was a little more chill. AIBO’s an indoor-only breed,
according to Sony. But that means you never
have to take it for a walk. Lola requires regular walks, but you’ll get
in your step count. AIBO can be switched off
when it gets annoying. Lola is for life. AIBO is more affectionate than
any toy I’ve ever played with. Lola has the real thing. Robot pets may be inevitable,
but for now, it’s hard to beat Lola Beyonc?,
even with the latest tech. Sorry, AIBO.

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