Somewhere, A Cocker Spaniel Puppy Plays With Kittens In Heaven

I don’t post videos of Cocker Spaniels much anymore Since we retired from breeding Cockers eight years ago But I want to share this cute video with you today Of a brown and white girl named Reese
that joined our family 14 years ago. This is a cute video that I shot back then
when Reese was only about three months old. We had taken her with us
on a vacation to my sister’s farm. And they had a couple of new kittens! Reese and the kittens
were so cute as they played together. And it’s cool to see how gentle
they were all being with each other. Kittens and puppies…
Man, it just doesn’t get any better than that! Three years later, after Reese was all grown up… She became part of our breeding program And had a litter of puppies of her own. Back in those days
we had built a place for our mother dogs
to whelp and raise their litters. We called it “The Puppy Palace”. And we put a webcam in it
so people on the internet could spy on the puppies. People weren’t the only ones
spying on the pups, though! The father of the pups was our boy, Dodger. After Reese had that litter of puppies… We discovered that she carried a genetic eye disease, and… We retired her from breeding
after just that one litter. We ended up giving Reese to our friends,
Gail and Wayne McMorran. That was ten years ago And Gail and Reese made a very tight bond
that only got stronger over the years. My wife and I have remained
very close to Reese over all these years. If Gail and Wayne went on vacation
we’d babysit Reese over here at our house. And when we go on vacation we drop our dog, Morgan, off with Gail and Wayne and Reese. So, now let me explain
the reason that I’m telling you this story… The reason that Reese
is very much on my mind right now. Reese has been living with Cushing’s Disease
for the last couple of years… And I’m sorry to say that she passed away this week. We’re gonna miss Reese
and obviously Gale and Wayne are suffering a big loss. I won’t be thinking of the Reese
that had Cushing’s disease, though. The Reese I’ll remember
is that three month old puppy
playing with kittens up on the farm.

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