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Hey there Tiktakers! We are very happy to celebrate our channel
Draw the Life TikTak has reached the 500thousand subscribers! Yep, it’s been a year and a half already
since we started this project with the video of the twins Lisa and Lena! Since then, we have shared many many draw
my lives of characters, mythology, TV series, curiosities and a loooot of terror, with the
spooky videos of our ScaryTuesdays! We wanna thank you for all your support, comments
and messages sending love throughout this whole time, you are the best! Without a doubt, we’ll keep working hard
to publish new content. And to celebrate this great achievement, we
have prepared a very special video were we will introduce to you two characters we are
sure you’ve seen in many occasions: Tik and Tak! Do you wanna know more about their story and
how they ended up in our channel? Stay tuned, we’ll soon reveal the mystery! Thanks again for always being there, we are
really touched! So before we get too emotional, here is a
new terrifying video. Hope you enjoy it! The first time I met Mary in person was in
the summer of 2007. Her husband Terence set the date up. In the begining, Mary agreed, I was just an
inexperienced writer searching for ideas for a novel. When I got to their house I couldnt see Mary,
she had locked herself up in her room. Terence and I stood in front of the room’s
door. She talked and I took notes. Even tho I couldnt see her, I knew she was
crying. Mary talked without making any sense about
her horrible nightmares. I decided to leave, I didnt want to bother
her. Her story was very tough. In 1992, she was working as a software developer
for an important company. That was the year she found the image smile.jpg
and her life changed forever. Mary was one of the 400 people that saw the
picture, but she was the only one who talked, openly, about the experience. After the event, she could barely leave her
house and she had to quit her job. It was in 2005 that I found out about the
existence of this picture through internet forums that talked about paranormal cases. Lots of people knew existed, the
creature that, supposedly, appeared in the smile.jpg picture. Mary was the most mentioned victim in all
conversations. The other people affected have remained anonymous…
or maybe they disappeared. Actually, there was no credible information,
all the phenomenon was focused on a picture that cant be found anywhere. Tho there were many imitations and fake copies
around in forums and through chain e-mails. Witnesses stated that, once you see it, you
suffer, immediately, a sudden epilépsy attack and a severe anxiety. All the supposed victims gave the same description
of the picture: a creature that looked like a husky, in a dark room, lit only by the flash
of the camera. The only detail they could see clearly, in
the background, is a human hand – the hand isn’t holding anything, but it seems alive. The dog has shiny eyes and a big gloomy smile,
showing two rows of teeth, very white, very straight, very… perfect. When you see it, you suffer an epileptic attack
and you never forget it, the dog comes to the dreams of the victims that have seen the
original picture until their final days. After the failed interview with Mary, I decided
to keep researching, but everything led me to a dead-end street. A year after, I received an email from Mary
that got me totally by surprise: I’m sorry about my behavior last summer. See… I’ve had nightmares about every
night, for 15 years. I know this might sound absurd, but it’s
the truth. In my dream, I can’t move. Y can’t talk. I only look ahead of me, and the only thing
I see is that scene in the picture. I see that hand. And I see that dog. He tells me something. He tells me I have to share his word – show
his picture. I didn’t understand it. Where was I to get it from? Soon after, I got a floppy disk in a mysterious
package… I didnt need to see what was inside. I already knew. I considered my options, carefully. Who should I show it to. If that was faithful to his word,
I would sleep peacefully again. But… at what price? What would the consequences be for those people
that saw it? I decided not to do anything. For 15 years, I hid the floppy disk. All these years, invaded my dreams. I ignored it. I ignored his request and it’s been a torture. When we set up the interview, I thought about
giving you the floppy disk – I didnt know you I and you were so desperate to know more
about But I saw you arrive through the window and
I couldnt, I locked myself up in the room. I dont want anyone to suffer as Im suffering. Please, stop your research before it’s too
late. Sincerely,
Mary. Mary died not long after I received that email. I talked to Terence, her husband, and he told
me had burned the floppy disk. He told that, while it was melting, it sounded
as if it was growling, as an animal. I have to admit I wasnt very sure how to react
to all this. In the begining, I thought it could be a practical
joke. But just in case, I decided to stop my research. Soon after, I received another email. Hi, I found your email in forums about smiledog. I saw it and it’s not as bad as people say. Here’s a copy. Spread the word 🙂 I was paralyzed. I felt I was going to pass out. The email came with a document attached, of
course, named smile.jpg. I thought about downloading it, it was probably
a fake picture. And even if it was true… how was it even possible that a simple picture
could cause a curse? I really wanted to see it, I’d been searching
for it for so long… If I saw it, I’d know how to get rid of
the dog. I thought that, if I made a video about,
I could use the picture as evidence. Anybody who saw the video could see the forbidden
picture. But… assuming the picture is authentic…
was I, really, gonna risk all those lives, only to save myself? Could I do such a thing..? Yes, I could.

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