Smartest Dog Breed in the World – Border Collie Facts

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pardsa200sl276slmult1f0fs22lang9 This dog breed was named after the place they flourished
on. They were originally bred in Scotland and flourished on the border between England
and Scotland.par ldblquote Collierdblquote is a Celtic word
which means ldblquote Sheepdogrdblquote and because of their presence on the English
and Scottish Border they were initially called ldblquote Border colliesrdblquote . par
The secretary of international sheepdog society, ldblquote James Reid” was highly responsible
for naming this breed as ldblquote Border collierdblquote in his letters to colleagues
and friends. par par
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Border collies are considered as the smartest dog breed in the world. These ldblquote Scottish
sheepdogsrdblquote are highly intelligent and smart. They can recognize & differentiate
among different commands. Border collies are considered to have the conscious of a toddler.
They are supposed to be kept mentally stimulated or they will easily become bored. par
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Border collies are known for their two distinctive features.par
=>The eye Andpar=>Crouching. par
Border collies have an intense eye stare called ldblquote The eyerdblquote . Also known
as ldblquote the herding eyerdblquote It helps them to control, intimidate and move
the flock in the desired direction. Border collie may also give you an intense eye stare
when you have a delicious treat in your hand.par Border collies exhibit a cat-like position
called crouching. They have a space between the tops of their shoulder blades which help
them to put head low to the ground. Crouch position helps a border collie to move swiftly
and herd the livestock with proper realization.par par
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All border collies are considered to be the descendants of one popular stud dog called
ldblquote Old Hemprdblquote . Old Hemp started herding the sheep at 6 weeks of age and had
a unique style from other sheepdogs. Old Hemp was quieter and less aggressive than the other
dogs of his kind. Because of these unique features, Old Hemp became a famous Stud dog
and fathered more than 200 border collie pups. par
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par Border Collies may be the smartest dog breed
in the world but they are also very difficult to train. They are very smart and learn commands
quicker than the other dogs. If you donrquote t have time for proper exercise and mental
stimulation then probably you should look for other dog breeds. Their high intelligence
level demands that they should be trained before they develop any bad habits such as
barking, nipping or whining. par par
par Border collies are the best herding dogs and
they were specially bred for herding. Because of its intelligence, quiet nature, intense
eye stare and crouching position it can effectively move the flock in the required direction.
In an early show of sheepdogs, border collies were able to move the flock in the required
direction by receiving only hand gestures and whistles from owners. They have such a
strong herding nature that the US border collie club warns that these dogs can start herding
your kids considering them as a flock. Children should stop playing with them when the dog
starts nipping them on ankles. par par

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