Sleep Story and Guided Meditation for Adults: A Puppy Adventure

Welcome to Michelle Sanctuary’s. You are
listening to a hypnotic bedtime story and guided meditation: The Puppies of Heaven
Hill. This talk down will take you on a mental holiday in the rolling hills of a
mountainside retreat where you will embark on a summer’s day adventure with
puppies. I am Michelle and invite you to subscribe if you have not already so you
may easily find your way back for future listening. Now find a place that is safe
and comfortable for sleep, where you may bed down for the night and get cozy. And as you are snuggling down you may
take a deep breath in and then sigh it out, letting it all go as you find your
belly falls and shoulders relax. And inhale as your belly rises and then let
it all out in a great big yawn if that feels right. You are now free to unwind
without any judgment. Free to yawn and release anything you may be holding from
the day if you would like. You may even clench your fingers and
toes tightly as you inhale one last time and then release as you exhale, melting
into your bed now ready to embark on a much needed and deserved escape. With
your eyelids heavily falling upon your tired eyes you may visualize that you
are seated in the back of a town car as your hired driver is guiding you through
a verdant mountainside landscape. Looking out of the window you see lush
wildflowers and shades of ivory and pink and red and violet growing along the
shoulder of the road. You relax against the leather seat as
your head is cradled by the headrest. Letting go as the vehicle gently turns
on a dirt road beneath a canopy of evergreen trees. With a window open you
feel the breeze against your face. The air is so fresh and purifying each
breath feels as if you’re being cleansed with cool water. It’s hard to remember
the last time you felt air so clean and fresh. The canopy of trees overhead opens
up to rolling emerald hills of lush grass in a valley nestled between
snow-capped mountains that cut against the cornflower blue skies set aglow by
the late morning Sun. You look out to the pastures to witness
a trio of goats playfully skipping around a herd of grazing swiss cows a hand-carved wooden sign reads “Welcome
to Heaven Hill Farms.” As your driver guides you over a small wooden bridge,
crossing over a metallic blue babbling brook, you continue past a stone barn and
the main farmhouse feeling as the pure air continues to welcome you as you
inhale and sigh out in contentment. Feeling the relaxed bliss that comes
with the beginning of a holiday the driver pulls up to a small cottage
located near the gently flowing stream And it is made of stone with a white
wraparound porch and rocking chair. You instantly notice a pack of five puppies
that are running in circles and tumbling in the grass before your rented cottage
where the friendly proprietor awaits. Your arrival the puppies are boisterous
and carefree untethered and leashless and just witnessing their splendor
allows you for a moment to realize you are untethered and free to explore and
do whatever you so desire on this escape. The car comes to a stop as you take your
small carrying bag and thank the driver. As you exit the car, the owner of heaven
Hills comes to greet you and help you with your bags. The playful puppies are suddenly
intrigued by your arrival and come running and circling at your feet,
sniffing your shoes and softly whimpering in an excited greeting. The
proprietor tries to shoo them away but you are smiling and insist the puppies
are welcome to come close this interaction is the very reason you chose
to go on a holiday at a farmstead. You bend down and allow the puppies to
lick your fingers as you pet their downy fur making eye contact with each one and
feeling an instant connection the driver gives a gentle wave before taking off
and the proprietor takes over guiding you up the porch steps while carrying
your bag The puppies trail behind you and wait by
the front door as all five of them sit in an obedient line watching for your
permission to enter. The owner opens the door to the quaint cottage placing your
bag on an entryway bench can you look around the space to see a comfortable
bed next to a stone fireplace as bed is covered in a hand stitched quilt The windows are open and a gentle breeze
brings a fragrant aroma of fresh grass and lilacs the owner points to a wicker
picnic basket and folded plaid blanket in the entryway, explaining that a lunch has
been packed for you to enjoy if you are feeling hungry and that the property is
yours to explore at your leisure. You are eager to get outside and stretch your
legs and look to the eager puppies with their tails wagging beneath their fluffy
bottoms trembling and excitement and obediently looking for your guidance as
their pack leader the owner explains this is the first
time the puppies have bonded so quickly to a guest and you express how
delightful it would be if they could all accompany you on your afternoon
exploration the owner smiles and notes that of course you may enjoy all that
heaven hills has to offer and to feel free to treat this sanctuary as it is
your own. You take the picnic basket and blanket and exit the cottage as the
owner says goodbye and that you should reach out if you need anything at all. The puppies still waiting on the porch
look to you as if you are in charge and you smile waving them on. You decide to
follow the bubbling stream and the puppies follow eagerly running alongside
you as one tumbles and rolls an enthusiasm
before regaining her balance and catching up. You are beneath the lush
trees that line the stream, choosing to remove your shoes and place them on a
side compartment of the basket so you may feel the cool earth beneath your
feet You decide to dip your toes into the
fresh stream feeling the wonderful, chilled water that contrasts the warm midday air.
It allows you to suddenly feel alive and invigorated as you splash the water upon
your face and taste the slightly metallic water that lingers on your lips The puppies take this as their own cue
to tumble in the shallow waters and play pouncing upon the smooth rocks as they
splash one another in bliss. They each take a fresh drink lapping up the water
with their pink tongues and the clumsy female pup that lags behind is a bit
scared to come along. You reach down to pet her and offer encouragement and with your kindness she suddenly has courage to run ahead and for a brief moment you
think of someone who may have encouraged you at some point in your life and
helped you recognize your own abilities to try something for the first time or
to get over your own trepidation. And the special memory makes you feel warm
inside and reminded that in this life You have been noting how good and
carefree you feel you watch as the puppies continue to explore with their
own natural curiosity and realize you to feel quite curious in this new
experience and landscape walking along the moss that grows upon the smooth
stone shore of the stream you feel as if your feet are being gently massaged as
you balance noting how naturally balance comes to you and sensing how this
physical balance took time to develop and so too has your ability to develop
an inner emotional balance. You take this time to appreciate your decision to work
towards inner balance and prioritize your need for a mental escape the stream
continues to flow forward and you look as it cuts into the rolling brilliant
green hills and meadows continue beyond where your eyes can see and amid this rich greenery our hills of
wild lavender like a blanket of purple and as you inhale you take in this
beautiful calming fragrance and as the land opens up into this rolling splendor
your puppy friends release their boundless energy, running ahead and
tumbling and playing as they encourage you to come along. Now is your time to
learn from them as you laugh and remember what it felt like the first
time you ever rolled down a hill. The grass is soft and plush beneath your
feet and you look upon the hills for a perfect place to picnic you follow the
puppies up the next incline of a hill and realize they have chosen this
hilltop for you so you unfold and extend the blanket feeling as it gently falls
to the earth, billowing in the soft summer’s breeze that is redolent with
lavender. And overhead, birds fly chirping in their own bliss as you look across
the meadow and see a doe with her young baby feasting on the fresh grass. You sit upon the blanket as puffy white
clouds float above setting a perfect temperature as they cover the Sun whenever you feel too warm and as if set to a timer to your inner rhythm they
disappear when you long to bask in the sun’s warm light. And how nice it is to
feel physically and spiritually and emotionally content right now. You open
the basket and find fresh fruit and your favorite beverage in a bottle along with
your favorite lunch selections. You remove the food as the puppies begin to
sprawl out on a blanket and whimper as they beg for a treat. You remove a bag of carrot sticks an
offer one to the shy girl puppy before giving to the rest of her siblings and
notice how her confidence is increasing with your simple acts of kindness. And as
the puppies blissfully chew on the carrot, you enjoy your lunch and beverage
and watch as the breeze blows the tall grass and rows of lavender hypnotizing
you as your eyes lightly blaze and make the fields appear like a watercolor
painting and as your hunger is satiated you listen to the sound of the
continuing flow of the running stream behind you and the velvety grasses
blowing in the summer winds. You put away all the remnants of your lunch pack
neatly in the basket. One of the puppies brings over a smooth stick and
encourages you to throw it. You playfully wind your arm back and
tease the eager pups as they jump up and clumsily try to stand on their hind legs you throw the stick feeling it take
flight in the air and feel a similar freedom within your muscles. The stick
lands across the hill and all five puppies chase after it as you take this
time to appreciate how far away your thoughts from earlier now are and how
more relaxed you feel since beginning this mental escape. and for a few rounds you throw the stick
and play with the pups until you sense they are growing tired of the game and
so too you feel a desire to lay down beneath the summer skies and take a nap. The puppies pile around you on the
blanket and begin kissing your face another laying in the crook of your neck tickling you and sending a wave of
goosebumps to rise on your skin and you hear the sound of your own laughter pure
and spontaneous it causes the puppies to be encouraged to lick your face all the
more and tumble on you in this fun exchange in the most picturesque valley. You run your fingers through the soft
fur of the squirming pups that roll over one another and tumble exposing their
bare pink bellies so you may scratch them and the puppies begin to lay down
around you and sigh and yawn exposing their sparkling white teeth and you to begin to feel tired and
primed for a nap as you yawn along with them, laying down on your back with your
hands nestled behind your head as you inhale and exhale. Feeling heavy upon the
soft blanket and cushiony grass, you look to the white-capped silver mountains that
embrace the valley of rolling hills and lavender in a jagged hug. Watching a
shadows from the floating cumulus clouds appear across the vista and nestled in
this safe solitude cuddling with your newly made friends you allow your eyes
to watch the clouds overhead as your lids begin to fall heavily upon your
eyes and they flutter a few times as you try to take in this beautiful
environment one last time before you fall into a restorative nap. And each puppy finds a nook or cranny
along your body to curl into a ball or sprawl out into a comfortable sleeping
pose feeling as they each sigh and relaxed their breathing you to allow
your breathing to relax beneath this blanket of warm Sun ready to let go to
unwind to drift towards sleep Taking in how soft this moment is. Feeling the soft fur of the puppies
against your bare skin the softness of the grass below and the soft winds that
dance across the blades of grass and your blanket like a gentle whisper. The softness of your muscles as they
melt over your tired bones and joints. Letting go drifting towards Technicolor
dreams that will enchant you and carry through this feeling of being safe and
cozy and on a perfect holiday resting down on the fertile earth you inhale and
exhale. Drifting, weaving mentally between the comfort of the plaid blanket
and the bridge that crosses over into sleep. This happy to and fro before you
completely surrender to sleep and all the puppies are in a deep slumber around
you. You feel the gentle pulse of their heartbeats noticing how much your own
heartbeat has slowed down as you let go going deeper and deeper further down drifting and inside you feel a warm or
like the summer’s Sun in the sky. It is radiating from your solar plexus, warming
your torso and all your inner organs healing you within as you inhale and
exhale. Serene and grateful plugged into the moment. Satisfied, at peace and you
may rest. Snuggle down and cozy as fatigue takes over as you let go I am going to count you down to this
place a restorative and beautiful dream filled sleep. 10, 9, 8, 7 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Finding release, finding peace, finding
sleep, Good night.

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