Singing Dog Leaves Simon Cowell Confused! | X Factor Global

What is your name? My name is Diana, and this is Jazz! We are a duo. Johnston [Coos] he doesn’t say She sinng maybe good yes, she started [dying]. I’ll just be clear here. [you’re] telling me that you and Jazz are a Duo Lastly [chiming], okay? Okay, how long have you been a Duo for? she’s seven in august how [old’s] [no] not how old she is how long have you been a duo for seven years But it wasn’t for the minute. She was born [boy]. [she] yes, [she] sang when she was born All right, and do you think that the chart is missing something like the two of you? Yes? Yes, what are you going to sing I will survive Okay, good luck. Thank you, simon Hey, Jazz there First I was afraid I was petrified kept thinking how can I live without you by my side I? Spent so many nights thinking. [how] you done me wrong and I grew strong face I should Your dog doesn’t sing does it? She can’t say simon you bounce around with her what she was singing to get away, no So start to simon she as a singer, there’s no, Jew oh It’s just you holding at all on a single family diana. I’d be happy [if] the dog even barks give me anything Dog ,woman and Simon???X Factor Global I’d be – oh. No you [look]. You know what just yes, or no no, oh Sign, why are you saying? Danny Utley just looking forward to this honey [a] long change danny. Yes Or no, just when you think this show cannot get any weirder um It’s a no from me, but my dad You know stories. You know what put him on the floor take him for a walk be normal. It’s the moat

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