Silly As Eating Poop, But Puppies Have Something Special To Be A Therapy Dog (Part 2) | Kritter Klub

Dog owner : I have to raise them as therapy dogs We who aspire to be therapy dogs They eat well and digest so fast Hey hey hey! Omg! Ate the poo?! No matter how I see it There’s no answer.. The pups can be controlled to some degree What? / Control is possible to some degree Are you sure about that? Where is the controller~? Tada~!ha Come here~ Okie~ *cutenes overload omg* Isn’t it amazing?! They can be controlled, right? I just need this (a snack) Nah, I’m not interested in it.. Yeah right.. “Can be controlled to some degree” Hey! What are you doing! Hurry, come in Jeez, okay Can they be controlled? Yes hahahahaha (Yeah right) Gotta use the ultimate method.. The lethal technique is~ If I turn off all the lights they sleep Sleep! Was it effective?! Meaningless #Total fail A hot mess… So.. What the hell is going on? Why did you lock yourself in? Because I want to put them to sleep(I need to live too) If you have such a deep meaning.. I need to rest for a bit too Let’s live together^^ After a while.. Zzzz…zzz…. They are asleep? Yes Come out Mission accomplished How long does the peace last? How long does the peace last? If it’s quiet 2 hours Freedom~! NOOOOO Who coughed! Dude.. LET US OUT We had enuff sleep Let us out plz~ Okay, whatever.. Will they be able to become good therapy dogs? Yes, I think they are sufficiently capable On what grounds though.. (Their mom)is a therapy dog Been active for 4 to 5 years already Found out Mom is a therapy dog To people who need psychological treatment She helps with recovery and stabilization of emotional function An active therapy dog But.. Maybe we don’t act like her! But I’m so proud of my mom!! Lemme show you what talent is The pups may get surprised by seeing this See how fast the recovery speed of the pup is throughout the test Therapy dog talent test Will the pup be surprised? The puppy isn’t scared all Does the pup really have the talent.. ? Suspicious.. I will press on the paw I am going to purposefully give an uncomfortable sensation Hmm…Why so? We just gently pet the dogs but (Depending on the patient)they might even get pinched or bitten A therapy dog has to endure such situations too.. When I press here hard.. I pressed it really hard Perhaps the pup doesn’t have a pain spot? / That’s not it lol You try pressing it PD, it’s unfair. Sorry Try my patience, hooman The pup really doesn’t react Because this pup has a really good talent Just admit it We are talented doggos The puppies might be young and immature now but as they continue to grow I will try hard so that they can become great therapy dogs 🙂 Hey puppies~ Let’s meet again when you’ve become mature

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