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hi everyone this is Kelly Swift with sweetiepie pets many of you may recall uh patio I posted on my channel about a year ago about puppies in the extreme stages of hypoglycemia this puppy has low blood sugar and I did find her like that one morning in the mornings is actually the time when this condition is the most common because generally a puppy will go all night long without eating and if that was you know six hours or eight hours or ten hours that’s gonna make a difference on a little tiny one to two pound puppy it really can’t go that long without eating or else’s blood sugar will be affected hypoglycemia is serious but it’s also treatable just make sure that you have your tube of nutri Cal handy at all times because you never know when your puppy’s gonna have hypoglycemia and it may never have hypoglycemia that would be the best but just in case you want to have Tom brand-new Trek health make sure to use the link in my description below and by like five of them like seriously you never know when you’re gonna need it the Tom the brand is tasty and they enjoy it so it’s not a problem getting them to eat it but do keep in mind that Miuccia Cal is a supplement and it’s not meant to actually replace their hard kibble if they’re in the extreme stages of hypoglycemia I recommend grabbing the puppy and the Nutri Cal and rushing to the vet because in extreme stages of hypoglycemic shock time is of the essence just making me in laughs in the later stages of the hyperglycemic shop a puppy becomes completely unresponsive and actually its muscles will start to clench up and usually its jaw will clamp shut and you actually can’t even open its mouth to get the name Kelly you have to sort of cry and smell open and force it in I did talk about that a little bit in my prior video and I showed that you can’t bring a puppy back however I fail to show her after which I should have because within an hour she was up and walking around and doing great but if I had waited and let her suffer like that she probably would have been gone within an hour in later stages a puppy in hypoglycemic shock will be unresponsive their muscles will become rigid and they may be drooling and they may feel stiff to the touch often they look like they’re having a seizure and all I can share with you is my own experience and dealing with that for me it’s really important to stay calm if I find my puppy like that I get the Nutri calc doll up ready on my finger and I’d pick up the puppy in my other hand and in some cases I do have to pry the jaw open if it’s clamped shut and then very carefully I place a dollop inside their mouth I just sort of smear fingertip full on their tongue and then leave them be and let them relax for few minutes I will share a personal story of a time that I didn’t think I would need any musicale and I was so glad I had it on hand so it was Thanksgiving Day about two years ago and my husband was putting the turkey in the oven and as he was putting it in the oven he sort of tips the pan a little bit and some of the turkey juice spilled out on the floor now we have an older or grandma dog her name’s Tina you may have seen her in someone life and Tina doesn’t know what salmonella is so she went over there and licked up the Jews before I could clean it all up and she got salmonella poisoning and it was Thanksgiving Day and all the vets were closed so she was okay for a while but she just basically had an upset stomach and wouldn’t eat she basically just wouldn’t eat because her stomach was upset now even though she is a healthy adult dog she’s only about four pounds and she can’t go very many hours without eating so she did start to get low blood sugar within a few hours of getting salmonella poisoning and then not eating any of her own food when she has an upset stomach just like any dog or any human for that matter we don’t want to eat any food because nothing smells good or tastes good everything is just sort of rejected by the body and at that point with a small dog if it’s rejecting everything or if it’s throwing up or just refusing to eat you’ve got to maintain the blood sugar level with neutered health so on that Thanksgiving Day about two years ago I was really really happy that I just happen to have my cow on hand and my Tina is fine I just gave her nature Cal every two hours a big dollop of it until she finally regained her appetite and she came out of it just fine she had lost a little weight but she was fine I saved myself a vet’s appointment because I knew that that’s what it was I knew that she just needed to maintain her blood sugar until she could fight off the salmonella poisoning so the moral of the story is that if you have a small dog you basically have to make sure that they are eating every couple of hours because they really just don’t carry enough energy on their little frames to sustain themselves for long time spans without food this is when you really need to have a to remove Tomblin brand-new tree Cal is the best brand that I have found or you can click on the description uh uh it’s a week if you’d like to buy the Tomlin brand new trick he’ll if you’d like to buy the Tom and brand-new cacao like I use you can click on the link below in the description or you can buy animals feed stores new to Cal is not just empty calories it has protein fat vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A b1 b2 b12 D and E it has omega-3 omega-6 and nine fatty acids folic acid calcium and potassium and most importantly it’s a quick source of calories when your sweetie pie appears to be lethargic so the next question is how much nutri cal do i give her here so the next question is how much new tikal do I give her depending on the size of the dog I place a little dollop on my finger I like to think of it as toothpaste on a toothbrush depending on how much how lethargic she is I’ll give her more or less this might be for a puppy that I felt was already in the stages of hypoglycemic shock it’s probably about a quarter teaspoon now if I had a puppy that was not in shock yet but I just wanted to prevent low blood sugar from happening I would give less so I would probably give about a pea-sized hoo-wee about that you can see the difference it’s super stinky and super sticky so just be prepared whew however the puppies like it they don’t seem to notice that’s with the Tomlin brand though he tried to use the GNC brand I could have to force it in her mouth because she doesn’t like it but you like basically it’s a great way to get your puppies to kiss you you can just stick a little bit on your nose if you want another thing to consider is they can get low blood sugar level just from having to compete for the food if there’s other dogs in the family sometimes one particular dog may be more aggressive than the other dog and will basically guard the food bowl and not allow the other one to eat so you need to be aware of all of your pets all of the interactions that they have with everyone in the family to make sure that each one of your pets is getting enough food and nutrition you

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  • l can't take my puppy to the vet because it cost too much So NOOOOOOOOOOO 😭😳😭😭 it's too late for my puppy 😭😭

  • Will a puppy cry if a puppy has low blood sugar? Does it cause pain? Does low blood sugar cause low platelets?

    My puppy has been sick since Nov. We have been crying a lot. She has seen 6 different doctors in two different hospitals…they can not find anything wrong with her. She has been thru many tests, blood work, xrays, even a very expensive CT scan…everything negative.

    They did discover she has low blood sugar and low platelets. But, no doctor has been able to pinpoint why her platelets are low…what is causing that.

    We miss our sweet 3 lb puppy who is 9 months old TODAY, but she is not with us to celebrate. We live in GA, I had to fly my puppy to UT (I flew with my puppy, dropped her off and turned around immediately and went back home to GA). My puppy is there to see another doctor to see if they can discover what is wrong. I left her there with a friend of mine, a breeder.

    I appreciate your answering my questions if you know the answers. We are so worried for our baby girl.

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