Signs My Puppy Has Parvo!

What are the signs my puppy has parvo? You mean parvovirus. That’s tough, because
it is like cholera in dogs. I do not know anything about cholera except
that there’s a book called love in a time of cholera. I fail to see how that could be the least
bit romantic. Both viruses cause lots of diarrhea, dehydration and even death. I’ve heard of parvo killing dogs. It is worse than cholera, in some ways. Dogs
can get it by eating another dog’s poop, licking the butts of other dogs, walking through it
before licking their paws and any other way they could ingest the pathogen. I thought parvo was limited to puppies. Puppies are like toddlers — they get sick
all the time because they put everything in their mouths. And they are the most likely
to get sick as a result. What are the symptoms? Aside form vomiting and diarrhea, they may
have stomach pain. No bloating, though, since that is a symptom of worms. How high of a fever would the puppy get? They may or may not have a fever. How can I tell if it is parvo versus something
else? If it might be diet related, switch foods.
Make sure the pets are taking their deworming medicine. I have trouble getting them to take deworming
medicine. Bacon cures a lot of ails. Can the vet tell? Sure, and they can get a rapid result using
a blood serum test. I’d hate to have my dog get a shot, I mean
blood draw. And vomiting and pooping and maybe dying is
somehow worse than a needle prick. I just hate hurting them or forcing them to
do something. Uh, maybe the lack of boundaries like keeping
your dog from eating poop or letting them walk through others poop is how they got it
in the first place. And I’m pretty sure the puppy prefers a swat on the nose over throwing
up for two weeks.

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