Show Tech+: Magic Texturizing Powder & Pigment Sticks | TRANSGROOM

Hello, I’m Kitty from Show Tech. I’m very excited to show you our latest products. I have personally worked two
years to create these sticks. These are the Pigment Sticks and this is
the Magic Texturizing Powder. The pigment sticks work just like a lipstick. You can put them up and down
and they are very soft in use. Look how much they come off. And then the powders you just need to shake. And there’s a sifter in here, so no more mess! Just shake and take the powder
with the brush and put it on the dogs. We have five browns, different kinds. We have white, light gray, dark gray and black. I’m just going to demonstrate
you how the product works. Just take a little bit of chalk helper, put it in your hand, rub it
nicely all the way even and then nicely put it on the dog’s coat. What does it do: this sticks to the coat, it’s very easy. And then when it’s stuck we’re going to
take the powder with the sifter. We’re going to take it with our brush. Now the powder sticks to the brush and
now we’re just going to put it in the coat. This is going to create more texture, more volume and it’s going to be easy for grooming. Chalk helper, just rub it in your hands and rub it in the place where it’s necessary. You can do a bit more. Okay. Now take the stick. I’ll put a bit of chalk helper and just rub it on the head. A bit more. And just use the stick. See the difference. So for grooming without any messy
fingers and messy hands use the Show Tech Pigment Stick. Thank you for listening, this was Kitty for Show Tech. Bye!

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