Show and Tell | Puppy Dog Pals Puppy Playcare | Disney Junior

One, two, three, it’s…♪ Playtime with
your Puppy Dog Pals ♪
♪ Playtime with your
Puppy Dog Pals ♪
-I’m Bingo!
-I’m Rolly! -Both: And we like to play!
-♪ In the yard ♪
♪ In the doghouse
every single day ♪
♪ It’s Playtime with ♪♪ Your Puppy Dog Pals ♪Bingo/Rolly:
(barking) -Keia!
-Ready to play? -Keia? (gasps)
-Whoa! (sniffing) -Keia: Hey, guys!
-Both: Aah! Have you ever heard
of show-and-tell? -No.
-Nuh-uh. Well, we had show-and-tell
at our school today. That means when we finally
go to puppy playcare, we can have
show-and-tell, too! Cool! Um… What’s show-and-tell? It’s when you show your
friends something from home, and tell them
why it’s so special. I’m looking for something
so I can practice. -(both gasp)
-Let’s go find something we can show
and then tell about. -We’ll be back, Keia.
-Bye, guys! ♪ ♪ We need to find something
worth showing everyone at puppy playcare
and telling them about it. -(toy squeaks)
-Like my favorite bouncy ball! And my favorite chew stick,
Sticksworth! Of course, that means I could
also bring his trusty sidekick, Sticksworth Junior.
But that’s all I need! These sticks– (gasps)
Ooh, and the socks! (gasps) And deely-bobbers! I can’t pick
just one thing, Bingo! That’s it, Rolly!
We should bring all our favorite
things! Come on. -(ball beeps)
-(playing electronic melody) I like this song! (vacuum whirs) (vacuums whir) -(guitar clangs)
-(water gurgles) ARF:
Whoa! We did it, Rolly! Ready to practice
show-and-tell with Keia? You bet I am! We just have to get those
two last lucky marbles. (laughter) (vacuums whirring) -(rumbles, pops)
-(Hissy screeches) (burbling) (meows) (whirs) -(Hissy shrieks)
-Aw, chew toys! How can we practice
show-and-tell if we can’t bring all
of our favorite things? What if instead of
bringing everything, you each pick one thing
that’s very special to you? Good idea,
Hissy! (gasps) Let’s bring Bob!
He’s very special. Except he has to go to work. If we can’t bring Bob… (gasps) I have an idea! ♪ ♪ Hey, Keia! Bingo and I
finally figured out what to bring
for show-and-tell! I’ve brought something
that’s very special to me. And I’ve brought something
very special to me! Both:
My brother! Aw. I love it!
And guess what? I figured out what I wanna do
for show-and-tell, too! Puppy pouncing! Both:
Puppy pounce! (laughing)

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