She Warned Strangers Not To Stroke Her Service Dog. Despite Warning They Didn’t Listen

[Music] that’s verse presents girl warned strangers not to touch her service dog but it was too late one thing you are allowed to touch is that like button on our videos in fact we’d love for you to touch that like button every time you see one of our videos but go ahead and do so now thanks also be sure to subscribe and click that notification bell that way you don’t miss any of our future videos service dogs are amazing creatures these intelligent animals are able to take care of people and in many cases they save the lives of their owners if you know anything about service dogs you know that they cannot be treated like a typical dog they cannot be pet by strangers and they should not be fed people food well the girl in this story had a service dog and she warned strangers not to stroke her service dog despite the warning they didn’t listen to her Healy a Shore from Texas had a service dog for a variety of reasons she was suffering from epilepsy ehlers-danlos syndrome postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome reactive hypoglycemia and gastroparesis she also had asthma and is allergic to several things despite all of those limitations hailey was still an active student at her high school not only was she a dancer on the varsity drill team she was also a member of the student council due to her deteriorating health though she had to cut back on some extracurricular activities due to her medical flare-ups she had to take classes online and that put a huge damper on her social life in 2014 she was given a service dog named Flynn he was just 11 weeks old at the time when Haley got him she was able to get around much better outside the house her service dog was adorable however you couldn’t really call her lucky for having one in order for a person to qualify for a service dog they have to be disabled to a point where it’s impossible for them to function at a normal quality of life without help from the dog Healy had to spend thousands of dollars on her service dog and it took two years for the dog to be trained Haley and Flynn have gone everywhere to there since she was brought home after training he also plays a huge role in her everyday life when Haley needs a door opened Flynn does it for her if she needs her parents he goes to get them his most important job is to be a medical alert dog that means that before she has a seizure Flynn will alert her so that she can prepare for it because Flynn has so many life-saving responsibilities he cannot get distracted at all unfortunately in 2015 a man distracted Flynn when Haley needed him the most she was at her father’s workplace when a man gave Flynn some unwanted attention when the incident occurred Flynn was only 7 months old and he was still in service dog training school he was wearing a vest at the time and the vest had patches all over it to let people know that he was a service dog and that he should not be touched or petted when Haley saw the man petting Flynn she told him to stop but it was too late the damage had already been done seizure alert dogs have a general time frame between when they alert the owner and when the seizure occurs Flynn often gave Haley a 10-minute warning that would give her enough time to get her medication or to get to a safe place so that she wasn’t injured during the seizure because the man took Flynn’s focus off of Haley though he missed the first signs that she was in danger when Haley spoke up and Flynn focused on her it was too late she didn’t have the ten minutes that she thought she did she quickly had a seizure and everything went black which she finally woke up Flynn was on top of her and her father was holding her head when she fell she got a rug burn on her face from the carpet fortunately she wasn’t seriously injured during the incident things could have been much worse though she could have hit her head hard on the floor resulting in brain damage while she wasn’t seriously injured this time it did give her a chance to get her story out there so that others would understand that as much as they loved animals they could not touch a service animal just one simple temporary distraction could mean the difference between life and death Haley got lucky this time however she cannot take the chance of something like this happening again she says that she understands people think her dog is adorable in sweet but she can’t afford to let the dog get distracted one lighter distraction could cost Healy her life she posted her story on Facebook to help people understand how important it is to leave a service dog alone within the first few days of her post it went viral Healy was happy that she accomplished what she was hoping to do she got the word out and she was sure that she would not need to worry about another person in her life touching or distracting her service dog subscribe for more [Music] you

100 thoughts on “She Warned Strangers Not To Stroke Her Service Dog. Despite Warning They Didn’t Listen

  • Used to say a simple world like great work dog to service dogs but now I won’t do anything plz don’t hate I’m only young and I have a service dog to so it love to let the dog know they are da bomb

  • I read a story recently that went a good bit worse, and almost ended with the service dog dead.

    Similar run-up, but while the owner was unconscious, the dog moved to render aid and the guy who was distracting he dog panicked, called animal control and reported the dog as attacking the owner. The owner woke up to see animal control officers dragging the dog away in restraints, while a cop was nearby with a drawn gun.

  • Where I live, the vast majority of service dogs are " emotional support" animals not meeting the requirements claimed in this video .

  • Someone may be watching this, and they have petted or distracted a service dog. If anyone reads this comment, and you have distracted a service dog, please grow up.

  • Its rude how people think that they are entitled to be able to touch any dog whether the dog is in charge of being able to save a life or not

  • Service dogs should have cameras mounted on them. If the owner dies or gets injured because someone distracted the dog, then the culprit should be sued. Money makes people behave.

  • I always have to tell people not to pet my dog and that she is working but about 5 seconds later someone else is petting her i mean it come on can’t people read the big patches on her vest saying WORKING K-9 DO NOT PET it so annoying

  • People, teach your children not to touch support animals.
    Stop being selfish and raising the future criminals of the wirld

  • Service dogs are here for a reason. That is to help people with special needs. That man should’ve looked at the vest before giving the dog attention. He seemed to think that a little unwanted attention wouldn’t hurt. But every second counts

    Edit: Ok I’m not tryna be rude when I said special needs, I’m bad at English-_-

  • This lady legit just picked my dog up and said it was so cute and then started to walk away with her without realizing or something like that and then I told her and she said fine be that way you are so rude and I was like you just picked my dog up and was about to take her home I’m not being rude I’m just being normal.

  • My cousin has Epilepsy and he has a service dog (Blue) he's a Doberman and we were at the store one time getting snacks and this woman and her kids just come up and start petting the dog!! And my cousin kindly asked them to stop and they didn't so I said "YOU CAN'T PET A SERVICE DOG-" and this woman has the nerve to call me rude and I mean you shouldn't teach your children it's alright to pet service dogs you could potentially put someone in danger doing that-

  • There’s a girl in 8th grade who ether still has, or used to, have a service dog and bring him/her to school. That was just a story hope you enjoyed!

  • I teach my kids not to touch animals, especially service ones, because of situation like this. It'd be one thing if the animal wasn't a service animal yet still ask the owners if they could pet them.

  • We're not allowed to pet service dogs. When I was 19 years old, I saw my friend Grace with a service dog in school and I said, "ooh doggy! Can I pet it?" And my teacher said, "you can't pet the dog. It's a service dog." And then I saw my friend Cody with a service dog. My teacher told me that I'm not allowed to pet it. And even my friends told me that. But then, Cody let me and everybody else pet his service dog.

  • I don’t get why people don’t understand the word no especially if the dog is also wearing a vest they aren’t wearing it to look cute it’s there job and it is a life threatening situation to distract a service dog

  • To the selfish idiots that touch/try to distract service dogs. Think of them like doctors, when a doctor is working you do not distract him! DO NOT DISTRACT THE DOGGO WHEN HE"S WORKING!

  • i wouldnt pet a service dog…
    on flip side i wonder why alot of pet dog owners assume you want to pet their dog and walk them over

  • Just wanna say fuck you to all the people who say my service bird isn't allowed (i'm allergic to dogs and the bird can do SO much more than a dog can)

  • This is over exaggerated you say "she had to qualify" and "thousands of dollars" you can get literally any dog and train it yourself and I mean any dog can be trained and you can save supposed "thousands" by getting a trainer after as for 2 months of training around here it's 200 dollars

  • I have seen many service animals if I want to pet or give attention to the dog I always ask permission from the owner before

  • One of my models brought a friend to a shoot. He had a freindly dog who was clearly marked Service Animal. I told it that I couldn't pet it because of its job and the owner was fine with it. I have seen service dogs on buses etc that people pet without asking. I myself always ask everyone if their dog bites and is it ok to pet them. It's just common sense.

  • i ask people if i can pet their dog regardless. You don't know if the dog is skiddish or has been abused or if its even been updated on its shots. Some people are just so inconsiderate.

  • I'm glad I saw this❗I had never thought about it before so I reposted it on Facebook so hopefully it will spread the word some more⚠️🙏⚠️🙏🙏🙏


  • Ok? I didn't come here for her life story i came here for an awkward video of some asshole touching someone's service dog!

  • I was out at a restaurant once and the booth adjacent to us had a man with a service dog, he was casually enjoying his meal and the dog was lounging on the floor when some lady with like 4 kids between the ages of 3-7 came into the place
    And they just surrounded the dog and started petting him and laying on him and what not , and this was a German shepherd, so it was pretty big. The man told the children off saying “please don’t let my dog, she’s a service animaland I would appreciate if you asked me first” he looks at the mother who is on her expensive I phone, who in return does nothing! And just shrugs. The kids start being rather rough with the dog so it growls becuz one kid pulls it’s tail, than the mother goes and tells the manager that the dog is unsafe and should be removed aswell as the careless owner!

    That’s all I saw before we left the restaurant, but I wonder how it ended.

  • It’s doesn’t matter it is service dog / regular happy doggo, U CANNOT PET MY DOGGO WHEN I WALKING?! U distracted her n my dog hate to be touch by strangers!! Imagine the strangers just touch ur head? U like it hooman?? Then don’t!!

  • i thought everyone knew not to pet service dogs and ask before petting someone’s dog! do their parents teach them anything?

  • Ik how this is like in winter 2016 someone mistakes my asthma inhaler as a mini fog machine when i needed it I had a asthma attack someone called my local hospital and I was rushed to VCU children’s hospital I was turning 6 at the time

  • I remember I was in Walmart and my little cousin saw a cute service dog. I simply told him to stay away, and that the dog was doing his or her job. Luckily he did listen.👌🏼👌🏼

  • My mom also has P.O.T.S. syndrome. It has to be worse than hell to have anything she has especially along with that.

  • My service dog stays at home cause of this and I get so stressed without her I’m so dumb why can’t people just stop touching service dogs cause then I could keep her with me

  • Are people stupid look at dog if it doesn't have vest on ask is that service dog if they say yes say ok an move on

  • Dont fricking pet ANY animal without owner petting you to! Animal can be agressive and can bite or even attack you! And then the animal is put down, becouse YOU decided to be brat!

  • Seeing eye dogs are highly trained. They should be the only dogs allowed inside restaurants, businesses, and planes. The public should not be subjected to having to be exposed to an animal that bites and carries fleas. I will not eat in a restaurant that allows dogs. What happened to health codes? There have been several instances of dogs attacking someone on planes. It's not up to non-dog owners to understand dog behavior and act in accordance. Dog owners are some of the worst pet owners. They let their dogs bark at night keeping people awake. You go to their house and they let the dog jump all over you or else repeatedly bark or growl and act in an aggressive manner. You can't even visit without keeping one eye on their dog because it might try to sneak bite you.
    The rest of us aren't required to put up with your mutt. Your emotional support dog is emotionally upsetting to some others. Stay at home with your dog if you can't handle going out without it.

  • Why do people not understand that you have to ask before you pet a dog whether it’s just a pet or service dog you have to ask.

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