Service Dogs 101

[Music] Have you ever had questions about service animals but you were too afraid to ask a handler you saw in public? Here are the facts. Service dogs are trained to perform specific tasks for people with both physical and metal disabilities. but emotional support animals provide just comfort for those with mental disabilities. Phone. Thank you, Buddy! Well that was a cool trick! Can Colby do that? That would be cool, but no. He’s an emotional support animal. Not a service animal. So he’s not task trained. oh, well that makes sense. Thanks for clairfying. Unlike emotional support animals, service dogs are allowed by federal law to accompany the handler anywhere that the general public is allowed. Hey buddy, you’re so cute. Can I pet you? Oh, please don’t. He’s a working dog so if you pet him then that would distract him and he wouldn’t be able to alert me. Okay. Well, ya’ll have a good one. Service dogs are trained to assist just one handler with specific tasks. Emotional support animals do not have any task training. But are still used to assist just one handler. Hey, can your dog get me my phone? No. Sorry. Ah come on. I saw him get it for you earlier. He only gets my phone as part of his training and for emergencies only. He only completes tasks based off what I need. He’s not here to get your phone for you. Ah, but I’m so comfy. Sorry. Not sorry. There is no national registry or certification for service dogs or emotional support animals. Um, excuse me. Does your dog have papers? Because dogs aren’t allowed in the cafe. Actually real service dogs don’t have papers. Legally there are two questions you can ask me and those are, ‘is your dog required because of a disability?’ and ‘what task or service has your dog been trained to provide?’ Okay, is your dog a service dog because of a disability? Yes. Okay. Thank you! that’s all I needed to know. Here’s how you can help. If a service dog ever comes to you without their handler, please follow them as their handler might be at risk. Share this video and educate your friends on the difference between service dogs, and emotional support animals. Finally and most importantly, never fake a service dog because it puts real service dog teams in danger. [Music]

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